Thursday, April 30, 2015

Pet Parenting Summer Reminders

The summer heat is definitely here. Everybody is just posting and shouting out in their social media accounts how hot it is nowadays. Some of us have resorted to inflatable pools, ice cream and cold beverages. 

However, with a warning from PAG-ASA about the heat index may reach up to 39.9 degrees on May 1, Friday. Read more about here. Let me share some Pet Parenting Summer Reminders. 

1. Always make sure your pets have available clean drinking water to avoid dehydration. 

2. Make sure they are not directly under the sun. 

3. If you leave them inside the room alone with no cooling device (e.g. fan, aircon) make sure that you leave a wet towel where they can lie down on. 

4. Give more frequent baths

5. Keep in mind our pets are highly prone to heat stroke.

We must all remember that if we find it hot, so do our pets. Please be responsible owners, share the word and lets go for zero casualty due to heat stroke.

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