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Saturday, February 4, 2023

Book Feature: Take Me A Hundred Years Back + Exclusive Interview with Author Cam Adajar

Can you imagine what the world would be like in 2122? You might imagine something so advanced and lots of great inventions. Technology is top-notch and fully incorporated into our daily lives. Perhaps something a bit similar to the Jetsons?

But can you imagine what would it be like if all these expectations in 2122 did not happen? The flying cars and other innovations that people expect a hundred years from now did not happen. No technological advancements. No new inventions. Instead, people went back to medieval times because of the massive paranoia that turned the world against science. 

Take Me A Hundred Years Back is a story of a girl who wishes she was born a hundred years back. In her current time, scientists were prosecuted and forced into hiding, including Crisper's (the main character) family. Now, she'll try to change their situation. She envisions a different world by bringing back science to what she thinks is its rightful place. Do you think she'll be successful? 

Anyway, we are excited to have this exclusive interview with Author Carol Anne Marie Adajar, a registered microbiologist, women's advocate, and a graduate of UP-Los Banos. 

1. Can you share with us something about the book that isn't in the blurb?

The book is meant to be a commentary on the current situation in the Philippines regarding misinformation and fake news. 

2. What inspired the idea for your latest book?

I was inspired by all the fake stuff against science like anti-vax and flat earth movements that riddle the internet. I thought, why not write a book that somehow captures what may happen if people would stop believing in scientific principles altogether? 

3. How long did it take you to complete the book?

It just took me around a week.

I had some time off from school because of a thunderstorm and my boredom while checking out the water level motivated me to finish everything.

I'm also quite a fast writer because of the nature of my job as a freelance writer so I also used that to my advantage to finish the book.

4. What part of the book was most challenging to write and why? 

I was torn about whether or not I'll lengthen the book by making something in the latter chapters not happen, so I kind of struggled with it.

Although I chose the easier path, I still had what-ifs regarding this part. hehe

5. What do you hope your readers take away from this book?

I hope my readers can realize the importance of scientific principles in the improvement of humanity. I also hope that they can support the call to increase the salary wages of scientists.

6. If you’re planning a sequel or writing the next book, can you share a tiny bit about your plans for it? 

The manuscript for my new novella is already accepted by 8Letters and I'm just waiting for further instructions. This is meant to be a commentary on the complexities of human emotions.

Aside from this new novella, I'm also writing 2 other stories.

All of these are sci-fi books because I'm trying to build my name as an indie Pinoy sci-fi author.

7. Where can they buy your books or find out more about you?

You may grab a copy of my book in the following channels:

or follow me on my social media channels: Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter


Thank you, Author Cam, for agreeing to this interview. We are happy to learn more about you and your book and we are looking forward to your other sci-fi books. 


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  1. A week is fast to write a book, very impressive. Sounds like an interesting book.

  2. This sounds like an intriguing concept! I would love to read it!