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How Essential are Essential Oils?

Essential Oils have been around for many centuries. For ages, many cultures around the world rely on the reliable uses of essential oils for many of man's ailments and conditions. From Africa to Asia to Oceania to Antarctica, essential oils have been permanent fixtures in many home medicine cabinets. It really isn't a medicine, but wise 'medicine folks' in the rural areas around the world have been known to use it as an age-old alternative medicine and therapy. In the Philippines, a growing herd of believers and users have been observed over the years. But since time immemorial, essential oils have been known to be used by "Mangagamots" or "Manghihilots" (medicine men and women), whether for massaging or traditionally called 'Hilot' or touch therapy. I think this also how the word "oilbularyo" was coined.  With essential oils, a wide range of uses would come to mind. Such as remedy from snake bites, relief from bee stings, high feve

National Bookstore Warehouse Sale is now available in Lazada and Shopee

The National Bookstore Warehouse Sale was one of the events that I look forward to every year when we were still residing in Metro Manila because of one main reason --- the discounts are crazy and real. I would even allocate one full day to shop and just go through piles and piles of good stuff offered at around 70-90% off.  They offer not just books but office and school supplies, toys, crafting supplies, stationery, and even computer accessories. So, when we moved to Bacolod, this one of the things that I truly miss. Photo credit to Now, the good news is NBS Warehouse Sale is now available in Lazada and Shopee.  Yes, you read that right. You can now shop for these sales items online. Please note that this is different from the National Bookstore's Flagship Store.  Here are the direct links: NBS Warehouse Sale on Lazada NBS Warehouse Sale on Shopee Please take note that items may sell out fast so, you might have to check out really quick.  Of cour

5 Disney-Themed Activities To Do with Family at Home

We know you miss Disneyland as much as we do and this is why we are going to share with you ideas and activities that will blow your blues away.    The best part? This is free and you can do this in the comforts of your home. So, without further ado,  Let's get started!  1. Be a Castle Architect - Pick up your scissors and design your own castle. Just download this free Disney printable from HK Disneyland. You can pick between a simple castle layout or an advanced castle layout.  Grab your castle guide here   2. Brush up on your Coloring Skills - Disneyland has a lot of free printables of coloring sheets featuring your favorite Disney characters. It includes Disney princesses, Pixar characters from Toy Story and Finding Nemo as well as our classic Disney favorites.  Download the free printables here 3. Binge-watch on Disney shows - Disneyland Paris has been organizing watch parties since December last year and you can enjoy watching these magical shows at home.  Watch the Disney

Book Review: Sunsets are Sonnets and Other Poems by Alvin B. Cruz

Have you experienced feeling empty, but you don't know what you are missing? Was there a time that you feel down and alone but can't properly explain what is happening? Are you someone who is silently grieving and lost? This book, Sunsets are Sonnets and Other Poems will help you find the right words to express how you feel. The book features 30 poems – old and new that talk about the 3L's: life, love, and loss. It was written by Alvin B. Cruz, a writer, professor, and communication consultant. He is an inveterate traveler and has lived and worked as an English teacher in the United States, Japan, and the Maldives. His earlier poems were published in The Philippine Graphic and more recently his poetry at Wales Haiku Journal . Through the poems and the traditional Japanese haiku in the book, the author was able to paint a picture of the realities of life that teaches us a valuable lesson on dealing with loneliness and pain. Each poem is unique and rooted in different exp

Disney Songs That Will Empower and Inspire Every Dreamer

Walt Disney is known as a pioneer of animated films. He is also the creator of famous cartoon characters such as Mickey Mouse and the man behind Disneyland and Disney World which we consider to be the happiest place on earth. His works represented imagination, optimism, and success inspiring individuals to dream and to work towards achieving that dream. He is someone who was creative and was constantly innovating. He was not scared to push the boundaries which has been one of the key factors to his success. One of his famous quotes is something that I hold on to. I even have this written on our bedroom wall to remind me every day to pursue my dreams. "If you can dream it, you can do it."  - Walt Disney Throughout the years, Disney has been producing movies and songs that are aligned with these values as they continue to bring happiness and inspiration to individuals all over the world.   Thus, let me share with you some of the Disney songs that will surely empower and inspire