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Friday, October 22, 2021

#NeverForget: How to Take Care of your Brain and Memory

Ever since I have read the novel, The Notebook by Nicholas Sparks, one of my greatest fears is the loss of memory. If you are not familiar with the book or the movie,  The Notebook depicts Allie (one of the main characters) as having complete memory loss of her past. She suffers from Alzheimer's dementia which is the most common form of dementia. There is no cure and it gradually worsens over time. 

Sometimes I can't help to think that everyday we are all trying to be the best version of ourselves, live life to the fullest, and be with our loved ones, but what if one day we forget everything? What if we suddenly can't recognize our family and friends anymore? What if we don't even know who we are or we can't even recall our name? 

Honestly, these thoughts scare me. The exact causes of Alzheimer's disease aren't fully determined and as mentioned there is no cure; thus, it is important that we take care of our brain and memory. 

Here are four (4) practical tips that can help take care of our brain and memory:

1. Eat Right 

Having the proper nutrition is important in keeping our brains healthy. Experts recommend eating oily fish rich in Omega-3 such as salmon, mackerel, tuna, and sardines since these can help improve the neurons in our brain and provide better cognition abilities. 

Eggs are also a good source of choline which is known to help reduce inflammation and help promote brain functions such as maintaining memory. 

If you are a chocolate lover like me, you are in for a treat since dark chocolate is rich in antioxidants which is also important for brain health.

Berries, nuts, seeds, and whole grains are also found beneficial for brain health and functions. Fruits and vegetables such as avocado, kale, and broccoli are also said to be good for the brain. 

Aside from these recommendations, we should also learn to stay away from food that is considered harmful. This includes sugary drinks, highly processed food, instant noodles, microwave popcorn, aspartame (which is usually present in chewing gums), and of course, alcohol.

2. Exercise 

Exercise such as walking, running, or swimming is highly recommended to keep your brain healthy. These aerobic exercises can help increase a person's heart rate which means that the body will pump more blood/ oxygen to the brain. 

Experts also say that exercise can help increase our focus as well as help sharpen our minds.

3. Sleep 

Studies show that sleep deprivation and memory loss are closely related since sleep is crucial in consolidating memory. This means that without sleep, one will have a hard time making a memory "stick." 

Lack of sleep also leads to poor focus and performance. It affects fine motor skills and even judgment. No wonder medical experts consider having quality sleep a top priority.  

If you are having problems getting one, try making a routine. Sleep and wake up at the same time each day. 

Avoid alcohol or caffeine before going to bed. 

Blue light emitted from our gadgets/ mobile phones is also said to affect our quality of sleep. Try to avoid using them before going to bed. 

4. Stay Mentally Active 

"Use your brain or else you will lose your brain."

This famous saying is quite accurate. Brain exercises are very important across all age groups. If you are not sure what brain exercises entail, these are simply activities that you can do on a daily basis such as answering puzzles, playing cards, and doing some mind games. 

The best part? You can even do this online. There are many free websites like where you can have these fun and exciting brain exercises. This has been one of my go-to websites when I have some free time or when I am not so busy and I wanted to relax. 

Aside from card games, they also have the hidden objects game - a personal favorite. 

Zuma legend which is super popular in the 90s, Mahjong and many more are also available. There are many options available that can suit your interest.  

Anyway, that's it for now! Never forget what is important to us. Let us start taking care of our brain and memory in these 4 practical ways. 

Thursday, October 21, 2021

Five ways the realme Pad is designed to entertain

realme’s first-ever tablet is launching on October 21 
with an incredible deal exclusively on Shopee

realme, the country’s number one brand for smartphones, watches, and True Wireless Stereo (TWS) for Q2 2021, is set to indulge the realme squad once again with an exciting new innovation to cater to their digital-driven lifestyles.

On October 21, the brand will be making its first foray into the tablet scene with the realme Pad, guaranteed to deliver an all-around no-frills tablet experience to suit every Filipino’s modern needs. It’s the brand’s latest offering as it continues to create a full-circle digital ecosystem consisting of various smart devices including smartphones, laptops, smart audio, smart home, and smartwatch products.

The realme Pad is designed to entertain Filipinos, whether it be at home or on the go, as it comes packed with a variety of features that are sure to suit the market’s digital needs.

Here we list down why the realme Pad is the ideal entertainment companion:

1) It comes with a crystal-clear immersive display.

The realme Pad is perfect for all your entertainment needs as you can enjoy binge-watching your favorite series or playing your favorite games with its 10.4-inch screen with a resolution of up to 2000x1200 delivering a clear and rich display. It also has a high screen-to-body ratio of 82.5% for a more immersive visual experience. In addition, it supports eye protection features such as low blue light protection, black and white reading mode, and dark mode, allowing you to take care of your eyes while studying or browsing through social media especially at night.

2) Its Dolby Atmos quad speakers deliver immersive audio.

Of course aside from display, your entertainment experience will not be complete without outstanding audio. The realme Pad’s audio is definitely tough to beat as it is equipped with quad speakers with Dolby Atmos and Hi-Res high quality sound certification. This means it delivers stunning bass and rich detail, giving you a cinema-like audio experience at the palm of your hands.

3) It can play videos for up to 12 hours.

Battery life is not a problem with the realme Pad as it boasts a 7100mAh super large massive battery, which supports a 65 days standby time, and users can play videos continuously for 12 hours. It also supports 18W super charging so you don’t have to worry about waiting for it to reach a full charge.

4) It’s slim, lightweight, and premium to the touch.

All these powerful features are packed in a slim and lightweight body measuring only 6.9mm thin and weighing only 440g, making it one of the slimmest and lightest tablets in its segment. With this tablet, users can easily indulge in their favorite entertainment platforms whenever and wherever, and be guaranteed comfort especially for extended periods of time. Its aluminum alloy body design also looks and feels premium, complemented by two stunning colorways: Real Grey and Real Gold.

5) It can run various apps smoothly.

When it comes to the processor, realme made sure that the tablet is capable of running apps and performing tasks with ease. The realme Pad comes equipped with a Helio G80 processor and this octa-core processor was born to game, with two A75 cores, up to 2GHz, ARM Mali-G52 GPU and support for MediaTek HyperEngine gaming technology.

Aside from entertainment, the realme Pad also lends well to online schooling, working from home, or even just connecting with loved ones with the tablet’s 8MP HD camera capable of taking clear videos. It also features a 105° ultra wide-angle letting you capture more of your surroundings when you take a selfie or attend video conferences. At the same time, realme Pad also supports Dual Mic Noise Cancellation so you'll always benefit from clear communication when video conferencing or taking online classes.

The realme Pad will be available in two sophisticated colorways: Real Gold and Real Grey, and in three storage variants: 3+32GB (SRP P10,990), 4+64GB (SRP P14,990), and 6+128GB (SRP P16,990) so you have more options to choose from depending on your lifestyle and tech needs.

Starting October 22, you can avail of the realme Pad 3+32GB with an incredible early-bird offer of P2,000 OFF (discounted price of P8,990) exclusively via the realme Official Store on Shopee!