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Friday, May 3, 2024

How to get paid as a Freelancer without a Bank Account? Claim your international remittances at M Lhuillier's

I remember when I was starting out as a virtual assistant, I was still young and was struggling to find my way through the freelancing industry (there wasn't any online VA coaches and mentors yet during at the time.) I had no idea how I would get paid and I did not even have my own bank account; however, I was eager to start my journey through the online world.

After 3 weeks of applying, I was lucky to land a job for a US-based client which meant I need to get everything in place including figuring out how to get paid. Opening a bank account was not an option since I barely had the funds for the maintaining balance. So, I had to do my research and find alternatives on how I can get paid as a freelancer without having a bank account. 

True enough, my client was able to pay me via Xoom and I was able to claim my international remittances via M Lhuillier. It was easy, fast and real-time. I only had to provide a valid ID and the KPTN or a tracking number. 

Months passed and I continued receiving my international remittance via ML Kwarta Padala (even though I already have my bank account) because I noticed that they offered better rates compared to other banks. Since then, they have been my reliable and trusted remittance center. 

To date, they have close to 100 international remittance partners making it easy for senders such as your client or even your family and friends abroad to send money here in the Philippines. Recipients, on the other hand can receive or claim international remittances at M Lhuillier's over 3,000 branches nationwide. 

Here's the list of M Lhuillier's international partners. 

  • Asia United Bank (AUB)

  • At & Services

  • Atin Ito Remittance Ltd.

  • Ayannah Business Solutions Inc

  • Bank of Commerce

  • BC Remit

  • BDO (Banco de Oro Remittance)

  • BM Express

  • BPI Remittance

  • Calsons Remittance

  • Al Ansari Exchange

  • Cash Express Worldwide

  • Chinabank

  • Citi Express Payment Phils.

  • Czarina Foreign Exchange

  • Development Bank of the Philippines (DBP)

  • EEC/Goldstar Philippines Inc.

  • EZ Remit

  • Family Express Canada Limited

  • Fastpay Internationl LTD.

  • Filremit

  • Forex World

  • Friendly Remittance

  • Instant Cash

  • Intel Express

  • Jalandoni Foreign Exchange & Remittance

  • Japan Remit Finance

  • Kabayan Remittance

  • Kabayan Remittance Canada

  • Keb Hana Bank

  • LDV Express

  • LMI Express Delivery (Lucky Money)

  • Lulu Money/Lulu Remit/Lulu Exchange

  • Metro Express Remittance

  • Metrobank Head Office

  • ML Global

  • Money Exchange Spain

  • Money Gram

  • Murillo Travel and Remittance Services

  • New York Bay / Transfast

  • Northern Union Remittance


  • Optimum Exchange Remit Inc

  • Pacific Ace Forex

  • Pay2Home Remittance Services

  • Paypal/Xoom


  • Pinoy Hatid Padala

  • Placid Express

  • RCBC

  • Reliable Peso Remit

  • Remitly

  • Rewire - Research and Development Ltd

  • Ria Financials

  • Signed and Delivered Inc. (also known as GEMINI)

  • Sigue Money Transfer / Coinstar

  • Steadfast Money Transfer PTE LTD.

  • TML Remittance Center

  • Tranglo

  • Transfer To/Thunes

  • Unilink Express Payment Phils. Inc.

  • Uniteller

  • UREMIT Int'l Corp

  • Viamericas

  • Western Union

  • World Remit Limited

  • Worldcom International Communications (WIC) 

How does this work? 

This means that senders can send money to you through these partner remittance centers abroad and then the recipient can receive or claim it at any of the M Lhuillier's branches nationwide. 

How can I claim my money? 

  1. Just fill out the MLKP form and present a valid ID or a ML Diamond Card.

  2. Get your cash from the Front Line Associate.

  3. Get the copy of the customer's form.

The receiver here in the Philippines has the option to receive the money either in Philippine pesos or US dollars (depending on the currency set by his sender abroad).

Not sure if it's ready for claiming? 

The easiest way to track your transaction is to email at Just provide your Tracking Number (KPTN) or Reference Number to the customer service agent.

By the way, M Lhuillier has branches that are open 24 hours allowing you to receive your international remittances fast and quick at any time of the day. This is also very helpful especially in times of emergencies. 

You may check the list of branches via this link:  If you are looking for a branch that is open 24/7, then just use the 'filter' option on the upper right side of the website. 

Tuesday, April 23, 2024

Hemophilia Community Celebrates Success Over World Hemophilia Day 2024

Hemophilia Advocates-Philippines (HAP), a national nonprofit organization for people with hemophilia and related bleeding disorders, proudly announces the success of its latest awareness campaign. Held at the Festival Mall, Alabang on April 13, 2024, World Hemophilia Day brought together about 250 patients, members, supporters, and advocates from across the country in a collective effort to raise awareness for those affected by hemophilia.

Hemophilia is a rare genetic bleeding disorder that affects about 10,000 Filipinos. However, in the 2020 study conducted by the World Federation of Hemophilia, only around 1,600 cases have been diagnosed and registered.

Through educational discussions led by HAP’s medical advisors from the Philippine Children’s Medical Center and Philippine General Hospital, attendees, mall goers, and Facebook live spectators learned more about hemophilia care in the present age. The gathering also highlighted testimonies of how HAP’s partnerships with other organizations created opportunities and positive impact to improve the quality of life of persons with bleeding disorders.

This event also strengthened our efforts to call forth the attention of the Philippine government to hasten the passage of the Bleeding Disorders Standard of Care Bills that have been pending in the House of Representatives and the Senate.

The generosity and compassion displayed by the guest speakers, advocates, and performers including Peter Harbinson a renowned Australian Opera Singer, underscored the importance of coming together to increase awareness and provide opportunities for individuals living with bleeding disorders to lead better lives.

HAP successfully commemorated World Hemophilia Day thanks to the commitment of its volunteers, donors, as well as foreign and local partners including Festival Mall-Alabang, Save One Life, Project Share, Virtualahan, Jollibee, and the media sponsorship by, Cebu Daily News Digital, Pop!, and Be An Inquirer.

The funds raised through donations and merchandise sold will directly support HAP’s initiatives to make information accessible and comprehensive care available at the grassroots level.

"We are overwhelmed by the incredible support we received during this event," said Andrea Trinidad, HAP's President. "Every donation, every step taken, and every conversation had a meaningful impact on the lives of those affected by hemophilia. Together, we are making a difference and providing hope for a brighter future."

HAP extends its deepest gratitude to everyone who participated, donated, and supported the event. Your generosity and commitment to our cause are invaluable, and together, we are creating a world where individuals with hemophilia can live healthier, happier lives.

For more information about Hemophilia Advocates-Philippines and how you can continue to support our mission, please visit or contact our Executive Director Ms. France Alviz at 09955505315.


About HAP:

Hemophilia Advocates-Philippines (HAP) is a non-profit organization of persons with hemophilia and related bleeding disorders, family members and advocates founded on September 17, 2016. We receive humanitarian donations of blood-clotting medicine from non-profit organizations abroad and distribute these to patients for free.

We are committed to advocating for Filipinos with hemophilia and related disorders as we strive to provide Equal treatment for all regardless of economic status, type of bleeding disorder, organizational affiliation and location.