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The Medical City and Robinsons Hotels & Resorts take Healthcare and Hospitality to a whole new level

Robinsons Hotels and Resorts (RHR) has partnered with The Medical City to provide a seamless and convenient  healthcare experience for every Filipino with its Hotel and Travel Care Packages. The Hotel Care Package 1 is  recommended to those who plan to have their ECLIA Serological (antibody) test from The Medical City. This antibody  test is a highly sensitive and specific chemiluminescent immunoassay test intended for identifying individuals with an  adaptive immune response to SARS-CoV-2, indicating recent or prior infection. And since the result will be released  within 24 hours, the patient has the option to wait for the results in the comfort of Summit Hotel Magnolia and Go  Hotels Ortigas Center, which is 20 minutes and 8 minutes away, respectively, from The Medical City. For only P4,200 net per person (single occupancy), enjoy an overnight stay in a single room with high-speed Wi-Fi,  international and local TV channels. Packed breakfast is included. Just add P2,200 if you wis

Quarantined for a year (literally!) and how I spent my 2020

It's official! We haven't gone out of the house (literally!) for a year already as of this day. This is because we believe that the most effective way to keep you safe from the virus is to stay at home and avoid exposure at all costs. Since I am considered high-risk and my mom is a senior citizen, we'd like to take the necessary precautions as much as we could.  Since I had been working from home, I had the option not to go out of the house. The only adjustments that we need to do were our grocery, bank transactions, and errands. Luckily, companies and stores were able to adjust immediately and now have online services available thus, it was easy for consumers like me to fulfill these responsibilities through the use of technology and mobile apps . Is this for real?    When I tell my friends that we REALLY do not leave the house, they have a hard time believing and they keep on asking if I was okay and what it feels like to be stuck at home all the time. To answer this ques

Davao City Water District is now available in GCASH

While everyone is encouraged to stay at home, bills payment has been one of the major concerns during the quarantine. Thus, a lot of companies especially utility companies offered online payment services to address the needs of their customers.  Unfortunately, this is not the case for all. There were still some companies including the Davao City Water District that do not have the online option thus, customers are still forced to go out in order to pay while waiting for the availability of online payment options.  But the good news is the long wait is over --->  Davao City Water District will be available on GCASH starting January 26, 2021. This means that DCWD customers can now pay their bills online.   To pay, just open your GCASH app, under PAY BILLS > WATER UTILITIES, and look for DAVAO CITY WATER DISTRICT. Then input the following: Account holder’s name 9-digit DCWD account number Payment amount Working email address Valid mobile number If you don't have GCASH yet,

10 Work from Home Essentials To Improve Your Productivity this 2021

We’re all finding it a little difficult to swing back into the rhythm at work after the holidays. After all, the current work-from-home setup makes it even trickier—you have to deal with distractions such as an inviting bed, loud neighbors, and clingy pets. Still struggling to maximize your efficiency at home, even with months of working remotely under your belt? This new year, use a few key products to make working from home a breeze! Check them out below.  1.  Mumuso LED Desk Lamp  -  Great lighting wakes you up and gets you in the zone—plus it brightens up your face for work video calls. This sleek lamp features three adjustable levels of brightness. 2.  Papemelroti Planner  -  Stay on top of projects and deadlines with a planner. This pocket notebook, which is made of 100% recycled paper, features monthly spreads printed in black and white. 3.  Hydro Flask Water Bottle  -  A tumbler full of your power drink of choice—whether a coffee, smoothie or even just water—will get yo

Maxene Magalona Calls on Filipinas for Herbal Essences’ Plant Power Revolution

With the rise of the plantito and plantita trend last year, Filipinos have definitely fallen in love with plants not just as decor but also as a holistic part of being able to go through 2020.  Now that the new year is here, the need to incorporate the power of plants into your daily habits is crystal clear. Plant-powered products like Herbal Essences have definitely proven their position in the haircare game – with its power of plant-based ingredients and plant power solutions, it can give you the best version of your strands. Herbal Essences recognized how more and more people are taking interest in nurturing plants.  So, to celebrate the powerful impact of plants, not just on the surroundings, but also on how people take good care of their hair, the brand concluded 2020 with the #PlantPowerInEveryShower giveaway. Check out the amazing foliage and poses from some of the best entries for Herbal Essences #PlantPowerInEveryShower giveaway. Alexandrea shared on her Instagram post that