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Monday, May 31, 2021

Movie Review: Disney's Cruella (2021) (Warning: some spoilers ahead)

After months of waiting, finally, we got the chance to watch Disney's latest live-action feature film. If you have been following me, you'd know how excited I was about Cruella. Seeing the trailer actually made me order a Disney Funko Pop Rides - Cruella.  (LOL) 

See my other Disney and Funko Pop Collection on IG:

Anyway, if you are not familiar with the movie, it is all about Estella, a young and genius girl aspiring to be a fashion designer. However, due to the ill-fated situation, she was forced into the streets where she soon meets a pair of young thieves who later on becomes her family. However, when Estella meets the fashion legend Baroness von Hellman and a series of revelations, she embraces her wicked side to become the mad, fashionable, and revenge-seeking Cruella. 

Here are the 5 things we loved about the movie:

1. The movie never had a dull moment. There was no room for guessing what's going to happen next. Instead, it was like they are dropping one bomb after the other. You don't need to worry about falling asleep. 

2.  The movie soundtrack was awesome. it featured songs from Queen, The Rolling Stones, Pink Floyd, Elton John, and a lot more. Here's one from Florence + the Machine. 

3. It celebrates loyalty and friendship. Family isn't about blood. 

4. Cruella had a major plot twist. We did not see that coming. Thus, you have to watch this! 

5. The brilliant character + perfect casting. Cruella was smart, talented, and strong. She is not your typical girl. She has a kind heart but she did not allow others to bully her. Emma Stone played the part really well. Can't help but be reminded of Joker and Harley Quinn.

Now, I know there is one thing that stops you from loving this character. Did Cruella kill the dogs? Did Cruella turn the dog's fur into a coat? Well, let me get it straight. No, Cruella did not kill the dogs. In fact, she adopted them. And that is a reason why this movie is a 10/10 for me.

Just a heads up -- even if this made by Disney, we don't really recommend it for younger kids. There are quite a number of self-dialogues that kids might not appreciate. For those who are young-at-heart, go and watch it. My husband is not a Disney fan but he definitely enjoyed this one. We can't wait for a sequel and see more exciting things from this Disney Villain.

Just like Cruella said, "I am just getting started, darling."

Friday, May 21, 2021

Why Freelancers Need to Start a Blog?

Here are Top 5 reasons why freelancers or online workers should start a blog: 

1. INCOME - You can earn from blogging through sponsored posts, ads like Google Adsense, and affiliate marketing. 

2. INDUSTRY EXPERIENCE - It gives you a better insight into the blogging industry. From there you can be creative on what services you can offer as a Virtual Assistant. Currently, I handle reader engagement for an Australian client who's a blogger. I got accepted because I told them I also have a blog and I am familiar and knowledgeable of what they need because I personally do it for my own blog. 

To give you an idea, some of the services that you can offer include content writing, syndication threads (comment exchanges, follow for follow, etc.), backlinking, etc. 

3. PORTFOLIO - If you want to add content writing to your list of services, then your own blog is the perfect portfolio for you to showcase your skill and writing style. When applying for writing jobs, I simply send them the link to my blog.

4. LINKAGE BUILDING AND NETWORKING - Have you seen job posts about blogger outreach and campaign management? Well, it may be handy to have an existing network of bloggers. Luckily, blogging has allowed me to make new online and offline friends. 

5. EXPERIENCE AND PRACTICE - Not yet an expert? Blogging is a multi-faceted activity. It is the perfect place for you to practice not just your writing skills but also your SEO, social media marketing, graphic design and a lot more. It's the best hands-on experience you can ever have to improve your craft. :)

How about you? Can you share what other reasons why freelancers should have a blog? 

Wednesday, May 19, 2021

PhilCare Bringing First Home Care Telemonitoring Service for COVID-19 Patients

Seeing social media posts like these where families are desperate to look for a medical facility or hospital is no longer new to us. Despite all the efforts of fighting this pandemic, the numbers are still overwhelming as the cases surge once again causing a shortage of medical workers and facilities. 

Sadly, this is a reality that we need to face today. This is not just happening in the Philippines but in many countries around the world as well such as India, Brazil, Lebanon, and even some parts of the US.  

So, what can I do when hospitals are at full capacity? 

For mild or moderate symptoms, you can opt to manage this at home rather than exposing yourself or the patient more to the virus. It also wouldn't be wise to endure the scorching heat of the sun (which will just make you feel worse) while staying in triage tents waiting for your turn to be admitted. We have heard a lot of patients passing away while in the tent perhaps because of cardiac arrest brought by the extreme heat and exhaustion. 

I am NOT a medical practitioner and have limited medical knowledge, how can I ensure I am doing the right thing? 

The good news is -- you can now provide home care and have a doctor attend to them online. 

Amid the influx of COVID-19 patients in hospitals, PhilCare -- one of the Philippines’ most preferred health maintenance organizations (HMO) -- has launched the country’s first-ever service that aims to provide the utmost care for COVID-positive patients without leaving their homes.

PhilCare is now offering
COVID Home Care Telemonitoring, an exclusive online consultation service for members who tested positive for viral disease. 

It allows affected members to receive advice from PhilCare’s Home Care doctors through video call, thus saving them from the need to visit the hospital and from spreading the disease, given there are now more infectious variants. It also saves their loved ones from possibly getting infected.

Based on the PhilCare CQ Wellness Index, which was conducted during the first lockdowns in 2020, seven out of ten Filipinos said that they were afraid to go to a hospital or clinic for fear of contracting COVID-19. Interestingly, nine out of ten said that they were afraid of a “second wave” of the virus. 

COVID-19 cases in the Philippines began resurging last March, a year after the World Health Organization (WHO) declared the pandemic.

Concerned patient-members will need to have with them a copy of their COVID-positive confirmatory RT-PCR or antigen test results to avail of the service. It also has to be indicated whether they have mild or moderate symptoms, or are asymptomatic.

Mild COVID-19 symptoms include the following: 

  • Fever below 37.8°C,
  • Loss of sense of smell or taste, 
  • Muscle aches and headaches,
  • Sore throat or runny nose, 
  • Absence of marked breathlessness 
  • Normal or fairly normal appetite.

Moderate COVID-19 symptoms, meanwhile, include the following: 

  • More troublesome cough than those with mild symptoms
  • Fever of at least 37.8°C
  • Breathlessness during exercise or walking up the stairs,
  • Slight soreness in coughing,
  • Feeling tired, but still able to move comfortably
  • Eating impeded by breathing.

Concerned members may, then, avail of this service by accessing DigiMed PLUS via PhilCare’s website at and clicking “Member Gateway” under the Gateway menu. Members registered in the Member Gateway may then log in, while unregistered PhilCare members just need to sign-up.

1.  Once inside the Member Gateway, members should select “DigiMed PLUS,” then onto “Do Digital Consult.” 

2. Afterward, they should select “COVID Home Care Telemonitoring” to set an appointment with a doctor for a video consultation, then indicate “COVID Positive Telemonitoring” as their chief complaint before confirming their respective requests.

“We recognize how difficult it has been for many of our fellow Filipinos, especially those positive with COVID-19, to get the medical care they need with the emergency rooms becoming crowded and our healthcare system becoming overwhelmed. Our aim for the COVID Home Care Telemonitoring is to help alleviate that burden and provide Filipinos with the same quality of care possible without leaving home,” said PhilCare President and CEO Jaeger L. Tanco.

“The ability for people to engage with doctors quickly and seamlessly through smartphones, laptops, and other gadgets mark a significant shift in modern healthcare. This venture is not just about helping solve health concerns but doing it as fast and as efficient as possible with the technology as the driver,” he added.

The COVID Home Care Telemonitoring is just one of the services under PhilCare’s new Home Care umbrella of services, which includes its Home Care Medical Service and its MedHub Mobile clinics, open to both PhilCare members and non-members.

The Home Care Medical Service makes PhilCare the first HMO in the country to offer services such as laboratory, ECG, chest x-ray, and even COVID-19 testing (RT-PCR and antigen) right at your doorstep.

Mobile MedHub, meanwhile, is PhilCare’s clinic on wheels that aims to bring medical consultation services closer to homes and offices within Metro Manila. Aside from consults, the MedHub Mobile clinics also offer basic annual physical examination (APE), ECG, pap smear, drug testing, and onsite vaccination.

“We are thankful to have launched the PhilCare CQ Wellness Index last year because it enabled us to better respond to the medical needs, not just of our members, but more importantly, of the general populace. The findings of this groundbreaking study on the state of health and wellness of Filipinos amid the pandemic drove us to develop new programs that address their concerns in this crisis,” Tanco said.


About PhilCare

PhilhealthCare, Inc. (PhilCare) is among the top two most preferred health maintenance organizations (HMOs) in the Philippines. It distinguishes itself from other HMOs in the Philippines by advocating wellness as a more holistic approach to health.

This is achieved through PhilCare’s sustainable health plans, groundbreaking researches, and technology-enabled customer experience. PhilCare offers a wide range of health care plans to serve the different requirements of individuals, groups, and enterprise accounts.

From prepaid to comprehensive coverage, PhilCare’s extensive line of products covers hospitalization, out-patient, and emergency healthcare needs across a nationwide network of hospitals, clinics, and physicians.

PhilCare has been conducting Wellness Indices beginning with its pioneering study in 2014, which led the HMO to introduce the very first prepaid health plans in the country. Since then, it has conducted periodic research in an effort to measure the state of Filipinos’ health and wellness.

PhilCare’s commitment to promoting wellness among Filipinos makes it an essential pillar of Maestro Holdings, a grand concord of four of the biggest and respected financial companies in the Philippines. Under the Maestro’s baton, PhilCare joins four of the most recognizable names in their respective industries: PhilsFirst, the first domestic non-life insurance company in the country; PhilLife, one of the most trusted insurance providers in the Philippines; PhilPlans, one of the leading financial solutions companies providing pension, education, and memorial programs.

Friday, May 14, 2021

REAL STORY: It took me 4 years to know the real Lola Remedios

I have to admit it took me many years before I finally got to know Lola Remedios. I see Lola Remedios all the time but being too occupied with my daily grind, I would not even stop. When Lola Remedios is right in front of me, I would look away or shift my attention somewhere else. I am guilty of not seeing Lola Remedios' importance and I had no idea what I have been missing. 

So, it took me 4 years to get to know Lola Remedios and realize why we need Lola Remedios in our lives. 


Before I continue my post and before you call me a horrible granddaughter, let me get things straight. Lola Remedios is not a person but it is a food supplement that I have recently tried. I have seen this in the market since 2017 usually in 7/11 and drugstores but I just ignore it thinking that it's just another food supplement. 

Thus, when I had the chance to try it a couple of weeks ago, I was surprised. 

Here are the 4 things I learned about Lola Remedios: 

1. It's in ready-to-drink syrup form. All this time I thought it's in powder form that you mix with hot water. Instead, you can drink it straight from the sachet.

If you are a K-drama fan, you have seen our favorite oppas taking ginseng from a little red tube. That is exactly how you are going to consume Lola Remedios as well. 

2. It tastes like stay fresh. Remember the small green mint balls that we enjoyed in our childhood? It tastes like melted stay fresh. Thus, you'll definitely enjoy this. Guaranteed no bitter medicine-like taste. :) 

3. Made from all-natural. Lola Remedios is made from natural ingredients such as Honey, Ginger, Mint, Clove, and Fennel

4. It's recommended for sore throats, inflammations, coughs, colds, stomach discomfort, and "lamig." 

The best part? It's very affordable and you get this for as low as Php 10 only.

Thus, if you had been ignoring Lola Remedios like me, it's about time that you get to know Lola Remedios and make it a part of your daily life. 

Sunday, May 9, 2021

Quotes from 'Vincenzo' that will teach you Important Life Lessons

Okay! So, we still can't get over Vincenzo as this tv series has definitely made all of weekends fun and exciting. 

Click here to read our full review.

Aside from the bad-ass Song Joong Ki, there are many remarkable lines and quotes in the series that you'll surely love. Here are the top quotes and lines from the 'Vincenzo' that will teach you important life lessons. 

1. Regret is the most painful thing you can experience in life. 

2. Because the enemy of my enemy is a friend. 

3. The strongest punch comes from behind. 

4. There are things that can only be verified through trust. 

5. The only way to get rid of your anger is by fighting it.  

6. To find a true friend is like finding a treasure.  

7. A smart person knows when their opponent is weak.  

8. Friends are like one soul in two bodies.  

Do you have other favorite quotes from the series? Kindly write them in the comments section below. 

Tuesday, May 4, 2021

Creating a Positive and Educational Online Experience for Kids

The world is changing and it's changing so fast! Due to the global health crisis, the adoption of digital technologies has speeded and has forever changed our way of life. E-learning or online schooling where education is done remotely and through digital platforms is at an all-time high. According to UNICEF, 90% of the countries adopted digital and/or broadcast remote learning policies.

This means that despite the warnings about the dangers of the internet, our current situation calls for the need for us to increase our technological know-how. We can't avoid or refrain our children from using the computer as they need to develop their skills and keep up with the emerging technologies and the changing world. It is imperative for parents and guardians to find the balance between internet usage vis-a-vis the dangers of the internet and the health hazards of prolonged computer usage.

Here are 3 tips on how you can create a positive and educational online experience for kids:

1. Choose the Right Content and Safe Programs

The internet has a mix of both good and bad content where innocent searches online can sometimes lead to not-so-innocent results thus, the Children’s Health Queensland Hospital and Health Service suggest that parents or guardians should maximize the use of built-in safety tools such as parental controls, safe browsing settings, and internet filters. Though it does not guarantee 100% results, it still helps prevent your children from seeing inappropriate content. 

2. Integrate Online Gaming and Education

The recent study conducted by the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) discussed the educational value of video games and how they have helped in developing creativity, cooperative learning, and abilities to solve problems. This encourages individuals to embrace the value of video gaming. Instead of immediately decreasing the screen time of our children, you might as well use this opportunity to provide a fun and educational experience for them. 

In-browser gaming websites such where you don't need to download any software/apps and do not offer in-game purchases or upgrades are readily available online. 

3. Explore the Benefits of the Internet and Develop Relevant Computer Skills

Digital and computer skills are non-negotiable. If you look back 10-15 years ago, having computer skills is an advantage. Today, it is an absolute must-have. They are now considered a skill just like reading and writing. Thus, it is important that we teach our children basic computer skills as early as we could. The more comfortable our children are with technology today, the better equipped they are to face the exciting opportunities they will face in the future. 

Through your guidance, allow your children to explore the internet and help them understand how to use emerging technologies as a key advantage. 

  • Develop his or her online research skills through a scavenger hunt game.
  • Give them opportunities to solve problems and collaborate on projects
  • Bring ideas to life. There are many videos and graphic software websites that are user-friendly.
  • Help them build digital resilience. Empower them to make the right choices and have the confidence to skip or hover over content that they may consider harmful to them.  

Monday, May 3, 2021

K-drama Review: VINCENZO (Warning: Major Spoilers Ahead!)

Netflix's latest hit Korean drama "Vincenzo' just ended and we can't help but feel sepanx. If you are not familiar, this Korean drama series is all about a Korean-Italian mafia lawyer (Song Joong-ki) who visited South Korea, his motherland. During his brief stay, he gives an unrivaled conglomerate a taste of its own medicine with a side of justice.

Just a head-up, the series is not a "feel-good" or something romantic that you'll get "kilig" when watching this thus, it is not recommended if you simply want to relax. Y
ou might even be so engrossed with it that you'll also be angry, frustrated, and pissed off. 

The story was quite common and it did not really have many surprising twists. In fact, many scenes are predictable. However, we just love how bad-ass Song Joong-Ki is in this series and it was "satisfying"  (sorry for the term) to see how justice was served (e.g. how the villains of the story were made to pay for their crimes)

One thing that was instrumental to the success of the series was the perfect casting. Song Joong Ki's baby face was just perfect for the smart, funny, and merciless consigliere. 

Also, the supporting cast was also great. Korea's Cassano Guemga had real chemistry and had surprising stories (talents) on their own. They definitely gave us a good laugh while watching. 

The series had a total of 20 episodes which is more than the usual 16-episode series that we are used to. Unfortunately, the finale episode came a bit short. In the first few minutes of the last episode, Vincenzo's reaction was a bit off and out of character. It seemed that he was so helpless when he just rushed into the scene with no proper plan as if he just let Jang Han-Seo die and Hong Cha-Young shot. It was kind of lame. 

We actually expected a "bigger" ending but I guess because of the limitations of the production there were many parts that did not have proper closure. With this, we just hope that Vincenzo will have another season because we still have lots of questions or things that we would like to see. :) 
  • How does Vincenzo's island near Malta look like?
  • Did he fulfill his promise to be a godfather? 
  • How did International Security Intelligence Agency maximize the guillotine file? Were they able to punish corrupt individuals like Jung In-Kuk and Kim Seok-U?
  • Was the gold shared among other tenants? 
  • What happened to the Babel group? 
  • Who owns Geumga Plaza now? 
And many, many more... 

Overall Rating: 4/5 

Definitely, Vincenzo is a must-watch. You might as well enjoy it with corn salad too *wink*! 

How about you? What do you think of the series? Do you want a sequel (Season 2) too? 
Let us know in the comments section below. 


Sunday, May 2, 2021

Business Ideas To Earn In Your Condo

We are truly in the new normal and there seems to be no more turning back to our old, comfortable ways and lifestyle. Gone were the days people get to go out and mingle with family, friends, and associates, without the fear of contracting the dreaded virus. This health crisis has been sad and depressing to many, but we need to survive through it all. Health protocols are in place but it really isn't the same as before when people can freely travel and do business. 

If you are one of the many who lost their jobs or are simply thinking of ways to earn from the comfort of their condo/ home, here are some ideas that you might want to consider. 

First, which is by far the most popular is to be an online worker/ freelancer such as a Virtual Assistant. Yes, being a VA is a business. You are your own boss, and your clients are your associates. You work hand in hand in making the business grow. Before the work starts, you both lay down a contract or a service agreement just like most consultancy firms do. All you need is a stable internet connection and a dependable laptop or desk computer and skills which can be learned over time and along the way. 

Then, there's the growing popularity of the Food Business. Nowadays, people suddenly became bakers and cooks. And online food selling is on an all-time high. From Shawarma wraps to native delicacies, cookies, seafood specials to elaborate wedding cakes, can now be ordered online. Thus, a need for a trusted partner delivery service provider or rider. 

Then, there are the fun entrepreneurs who are into the Clothing Business. Selling all sorts of clothes, and accessories like jewelry, bags, and shoes, whether authentic brands or pre-loved, factory manufactured sold by the volumes or 'ukay-ukay.' They even sell via Facebook live, showing their wares while in the comfort of their condo units. The younger set and common housewives are also into online selling of beauty products, ranging from soaps, lotions, and toothpaste. 

Many as well became agents, from real estate to cars, and educational plans, pension plans, and condo insurance. Having the time to immerse themselves online, people have become business-minded and eventually became professional marketers as well. 

There is no business like show business. Thus, many Pinoys became online celebrities. Even fashion and showbiz personalities have turned to the power of the internet and became influencers. They have put their celebrity status to good use. Brand Managers of different products have since then commissioned their services to promote different product lines. These influencers do not stop there, they even have invaded Tik-Tok and YouTube platforms, and have since become online content creators monetizing from each of their episodes.

A lot of people have suddenly relied on online selling during the pandemic as almost everything has shifted to digital now. The majority has embraced online shopping and digital transactions creating a huge potential in the e-commerce industry. One does not even have to techie to be able to sell online as there are readily available e-commerce platforms that one can use to sell and promote your products. 

With all these products stashed, many of these budding business professionals have no warehouses, making their living rooms and even their bedrooms their stockroom. All these stocks piled and displayed like a store, these online sellers show these products to their online buyers. There is a danger however in mixing home and business. One must make sure not only for their products' safekeeping but most importantly their safety, that they live with peace of mind knowing their condo insurance is in place to protect against fires, earthquakes, and natural calamities. 

This pandemic has suddenly taught people to rely on their hidden talents and skills they never knew they had. And the best part --- they can do all these in the comfort of their condo. 

Saturday, May 1, 2021

Book Feature: New Normal New Beginnings + Exclusive Author Interview with Mae Gomez

Mother's Day is just around the corner and with the new month starting, it is just right that we feature a book about Moms. 

New Normal New Beginnings is a compilation of inspiring stories from 23 moms as they journey through different phases of motherhood in this pandemic: giving birth, coping with fear, dealing with grief, homeschooling, and many more. 

This book was curated by Mae Gomez, a mom of three boys, an authority member of the Non-Fiction Authors Association, founder of Thrive&Grow Book Publishing, and author of The Joyful Stay-at-Home Mom, a book for moms of toddlers coping with depression. 

Now, we are lucky to have the opportunity to interview this remarkable woman as she shares more about her latest book, New Normal New Beginnings

1. Can you share with us something about the book that isn't in the blurb?

Most of the moms who wrote the book are first-time authors. The book is written by moms, for moms, with a mission to help mothers in need. It supports the Grace to be born Foundation in the Philippines. It is a perfect book to give to moms this mother's day.

2. What inspired the idea for your latest book?

I was inspired by a post I saw on social media, "Despite all that is happening, is there something that you are thankful for today?"

3. How long did it take you to complete the book?

It took me 2 months to complete the book. 

4. What part of the book was most challenging to write and why?

The most challenging part is not the writing itself, but the curation and coordination process - bringing together moms of different backgrounds and belief systems, encouraging them despite their self-doubts, and meeting timelines (As moms, we always have our family duties to juggle with writing.)

5. What do you hope your readers take away from this book?

I hope that readers will be able to realize that as a mother, you can thrive, grow, and be resilient amidst the pandemic.

6. If you’re planning a sequel or write the next book, can you share a tiny bit about your plans for it?

I am writing a book for work-at-home moms.

7. Where can they buy your books or find out more about you? 

If you want a copy of the book, you may reach me through my social media accounts:

Facebook: New Normal New Beginnings Book

The Joyful Stay-at-Home Mom

Instagram: New Normal New Beginnings Book

                    The Joyful Stay-at-Home Mom


Thank you, Author Mae, for agreeing to this interview. We are inspired by your new book project and we truly believe that this message is very important to share with others (especially moms) as we are facing the biggest crisis of our lifetime. Thank you for encouraging us to continue to thrive and grow.

For those who are looking for Mother's Day gift, this book is a great idea!