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Friday, May 20, 2022

Fortify your AlphaKids' immunity with Promil. Get huge discounts up to 30% off this May 20.

Fortify your AlphaKids' immunity with Promil. Don't miss out on deals up to 30% off and exclusive bundle offers from Promil this May 20 only on Shopee's Brand Spotlight!


This is a growing up formula milk scientifically designed for children aged 3+. The NutriGift System™ is now specially formulated with MOS+ which helps double your child's immunity**, along with higher DHA levels plus AA, Choline, carotenes, selenium, zinc, and 37 other mind and body nutrients to nurture the gift!

It contains:
  • Selenium, zinc, carotenes plus MOS+ (Milk oligosaccharides) to help double your child’s immunity
  • 4x more DHA* (14.9 mg/serving), AA, and Choline to help support the child’s mind/brain function
  • Iron, iodine, folic acid, vitamin B12 to help with better energy production and blood health
  • Lutein and vitamin A are essential for eye function
  • Calcium, vitamins D, and K contribute to the formation and maintenance of bones and teeth
*vs. previous PROMIL(R) FOUR formulations

**MOS+ = Milk Oligosaccharides, study conducted among infants

Here's what other moms say about PROMIL® FOUR with its NUTRIGIFT SYSTEM™
  • My son is a Promil user and he grew up strong, energetic, and healthy. 
  • We really love this milk and my daughter has been using this since she was 3 years old that's why she's very smart and healthy.
  • This milk is amazingly part of my son's healthy growth. We love Promil. Worth every penny. 

The best part? You can get the best deals today. 

[33% OFF] BUY 3 GET 1 PROMIL® FOUR Powdered Milk Drink for Over 3 Years Old 2.4kg

[34% OFF] BUY 3 GET 1 PROMIL® FOUR Powdered Milk Drink for Over 3 Years Old 1.8kg

[25% OFF] PROMIL® FOUR for Pre-Schoolers Over 3 Years Old, Bag in Box 7.2kg (2.4kg x 3)

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Thursday, May 19, 2022

Pros and Cons of Living in Chicago

After New York and Los Angeles, Chicago might be the next big city that you think of in America. Like any big city, there are pros and cons to living in the Windy City. From traffic to weather, there are some challenges.

However, there are so many great perks to living in a city like Chicago. If you are considering a move to Chicago, you need to think about your own list of pros and cons and if the positives outweigh the negatives. If they do, you can move forward with relocating. Consider the following pros and cons of living in Chicago:

Pro: Attractions and Activities

As a big city, Chicago offers many exciting activities to enjoy. From amazing museums, such as the Art Institute of Chicago and the Field Museum of Natural History, to some outstanding theaters to take in a show, like Chicago Theater and Steppenwolf Theater, there are plenty of attractions to keep you busy in Chicago.

If you are a music fan, you can also revel in Lollapalooza and the Chicago Blues Festival. Chicago is really a destination for culture, the arts, and attractions.

Con: Climate and Geography

Chicago is known for having long, cold winters, which can be difficult if you are used to a milder climate or even a less intense winter. Due to its location on Lake Michigan, Chicago has winters that can be bitterly cold and windy. There is also always the chance of snow.

The landscape of Chicago can also be a con, depending on your preferences. Chicago is very flat, which can be off-putting if you enjoy some novelty in the geography where you live. People who love the mountains may find Chicago to be too flat for them. Weather and geography are two things to consider if you are deciding on a move to Chicago.

Pro: Cost-of-Living

While you might think that since Chicago is a large city, the cost-of-living would be on par with other large cities, Chicago is actually relatively reasonable when it comes to cost-of-living. So if you love living in a large metro area, but don’t like the price tag that comes along with it, Chicago may be the city for you.

Housing, in particular, is affordable in the Windy City. This is an extra bonus if you want to plan a move to the city, and luckily, there is an abundance of Chicago apartments for rent.  

Cost-of-living is a major factor in deciding which city to move to, and Chicago definitely has this factor in the pro column.

Con: Traffic

As with almost any large city, the traffic in Chicago can be a hassle. Specifically, your commute to and from work can be long in the Chicago traffic. Consider what your daily commute would be like and if that commute time is reasonable for you.

As with any city, there are pros and cons to living in Chicago. The weather in Chicago can be challenging in the winter, and the traffic can be bad. However, to balance those cons, there are amazing attractions in the city, and Chicago has a comparatively lower cost-of-living when it comes to large cities. All of these are factors to consider when planning a possible move to Chicago.

Wednesday, May 18, 2022

Experience the anti-aging effects of Retinol with Vibrant Glamour! Enjoy up to 75% off this May 18

Experience the anti-aging effects of Retinol with Vibrant Glamour! Check out Shopee Beauty on May 18 to avail of up to 75% off discounts!

Here are some products that you shouldn't miss:

VIBRANT GLAMOUR Natural Retinol Anti Aging and Whitening Face Cream 30g - Vibrant Glamour was the first to discover a method for stabilizing retinol, combining it with ingredients like Vitamin E to make it safe & effective for daily use. This Anti Aging and Whitening Face Cream contains 2.5% pure Retinol which helps combat the five visible signs of aging: wrinkles, fine lines, uneven skin tone, rough texture, and loss of firmness. Increases skin elasticity, promotes collagen production, and stimulates skin cell renewal. This is also suitable for all skin types.

What are they saying about the product? 
  • It is effective. Used it at night and woke to a fresh and smooth face.
  • Smells nice. No strong smell
  • It feels soft and smooth

VIBRANT GLAMOUR Skin Renewing Double Retinol Face Serum 30ml Double Retinol, This serum has clear superoxide free radicals that not only can help reverse photoaging, but also accelerate skin self-renewal, inhibit the formation of wrinkles, promote collagen synthesis, fade fine lines, help the corneous layer update and brighten skin tone for delicate and firm skin. 

What are they saying about the product? 
  • After two weeks of use, the skin feels much firmer, and fine lines are also improved. 
  • The texture is very moist. No greasy feeling at all. 
  • This product is good. It can be easily absorbed and no irritation or rashes
Indeed, from skincare to makeup, Shopee Beauty has all your needs! Enjoy the most exclusive deals up to 90% off, new launches, exciting offers from your most-loved brands, and free shipping with a minimum spend of ₱499! 

You can also visit the VIBRANT GLAMOUR official store 
via this link: 

Monday, May 16, 2022

Best in Pinoy blogs recognized in 1st BDO Blogger Awards

The BDO Blogger Awards honors bloggers and influencers for sharing useful information, insights, and positivity with their followers and viewers. The awards honor bloggers’ contributions not only in spreading awareness about the bank’s advocacies but also in initiating important public discussions for a more financially-inclusive industry through content creation.

The Awards feature two segments: the recognition ceremony, which awards the top-performing content creators in terms of the quality of content they published online from 2020 to 2021; and the content creation contest—a thematic activity that challenges participants to come up with unique and creative ways to talk about various topics.

This year, BDO challenged participants to discuss the bank’s innovative digital solutions, which served as an alternative option for clients to perform their bank transactions, especially during the height of the pandemic.

And we are happy to share that yes, My Metro Lifestyle is one of the winners of the Content Creation Contest! 

We'd like to thank my family, friends and of course all of our readers and followers who have been so supportive. 

It is such an honor to be part of these top mommy bloggers who also won the contest. 

By the way, click the links so, you can check out the winning entries. :) 


Berlin Domingo of Momi Berlin and Reylen Castro of Made it Through Mum 


Maria Sigrid Lo of Lovingly Mama and Ma. Clarice Lao of My Metro Lifestyle


Ruby Caberte of Pinay Mommy Online

Aside from the Content Creation Contest, other awards go to... 

Digital Storyteller of the Year Award 

Mary Lorraine Llorin of Super Momma Blog

Excellence in Digital Engagement 

Lally Gonzales of Lally Reflections (3rd place), Berlin Domingo of Momi Berlin (2nd place), and Reylen Castro of Made it Through Mum (1st place)

Influential Blogger of the Year

 Mary Lorraine Llorin of Super Momma (3rd place), Reylen Castro of Made it Through Mum (2nd place), and Berlin Domingo of Momi Berlin (1st place)

Special Award for Exemplary Initiative 

Ruby Caberte of Pinay Mommy Online (5th place), Lhyzie Bongon of Life with Lyzie (4th place), Roselle Toledo of Snapped & Scribbled (3rd place), Sylver Sy of Iconic MNL (2nd place), and Richard Mamuyac of The Newsmakers blog (1st place)

BDO’s Online Advocate of the Year

Fitz Villafuerte of Ready to be Rich was named 

As bloggers and content creators, this recognition definitely inspires us to work harder. Many of us started blogging as a hobby and personally, there are many times that I ask myself if I am just wasting my time or if I am doing the right thing. This definitely gives us the reassurance that what we do has meaning. Thank you, BDO for inspiring us to make a difference in this world one content at a time. 

Content Creation Excellence. BDO Unibank virtually staged the 1st BDO Blogger Awards to honor bloggers and influencers nationwide for starting relevant discussions online about financial inclusion through creative content creation.

About BDO Unibank, Inc.

BDO is a full-service universal bank that provides a wide range of corporate and retail services such as traditional loan and deposit products, treasury, trust banking, investment banking, private banking, rural banking, cash management, leasing and finance, remittance, insurance, cash cards, credit cards, and online and non-online brokerage services.

BDO has the country’s largest distribution network, with over 1,500 consolidated operating branches and more than 4,400 ATMs nationwide. It also has 16 international offices (including full-service branches in Hong Kong and Singapore) in Asia, Europe, North America and the Middle East.

The Bank also offers digital banking solutions to make banking easier, faster, and more secure for its clients.

BDO ranked as the largest bank in terms of total assets, loans, deposits and trust funds under management based on published statements of condition as of December 31, 2021. For more information, please visit

Did you know that you can use ShopeePay to send money to any bank or e-wallet for free?

We already know how easy it is to send money online—all it takes is a few taps on your phone and you’re done. Convenient and ideal, right? Yes, but only if you’re sending money to someone with the same bank account or e-wallet as yours, or else you need to pay extra fees. That’s not very practical so we’ve got a solution for you. 

Did you know that ShopeePay, Shopee’s integrated mobile wallet, actually lets you send money to any bank, e-wallet, or Shopee user for free? Yes, no hidden fees because we want to enable all Filipinos to fully enjoy the benefits of sending money online.

It’s inconvenient to create and maintain multiple apps just to avoid additional transaction fees. 
To minimize the hassle, all you need is ShopeePay, which is part of the Shopee app—simply activate and verify your ShopeePay account. With ShopeePay, enjoy free and instant bank transfers with 40+ banks and e-wallet partners, including the country’s major banks like BDO, Bank of the Philippine Islands (BPI), Metrobank, Security Bank, UnionBank, and more. With this integrated service, you no longer need to jump from one app to another to make your fund transfers.

Watch the video below to know how to send money for free with ShopeePay.

On top of convenience, ShopeePay also makes sending money more fun and exciting through promos where you can qualify to win rewards and cash prizes. Get the chance to be a ShopeePay Milyonaryo—register at this link, send at least P50 to any bank, e-wallet or Shopee user for a chance to play and win up to P1,000,000 on Shopee Live. In addition, be sure to check in during ShopeePay Happy Hour so you can win up to 100 coins daily when you send at least P50 to any Shopee user.

Activate ShopeePay now and start enjoying its benefits. To learn more about ShopeePay, visit Download Shopee for free through the App Store or Google Play.

Friday, May 13, 2022

Discover what you need for whatever summer adventure at the Shopee May 15 Payday Sale!

Enjoy summer while it lasts and get shipping discount vouchers, 10% off vouchers, and 100% Bills Cashback when you shop this May 15 Payday Sale

Say yes to new adventures and enjoy the great outdoors before summer ends. This May 15 Payday Sale, get-up from your chair, try new activities, and explore a change of scenery that’s a good break from all the stress of work. Be well-equipped for whatever thrilling adventure awaits you when you check out these payday deals:


Invite your loved ones to a fun picnic under the sun

Spend some quality time together with your loved ones while appreciating the beautiful summer weather. Before heading out, complete your outfit with a pair of Birkenstock Sandals that have a Lightweight EVA sole to keep you comfortable throughout the day. Pack all your meals in Home Gallery’s Lunch Bag Set, Its two-way handle design makes it easier for you to carry your delicious meals. Don’t forget a trusty Coleman Picnic Cooler that will store your drinks to beat the summer heat.


Push yourselves to a challenging hike in the mountains

It’s a good time to go back to hiking or finally try it out if you haven’t yet. Equip yourself with the heavy-duty GoPro Hero10 Camera and capture memories and scenic views to share with family and friends with its 23MP resolution for photos and 5.3K video quality. Break in your new PEAK Hiking Shoes on your next hike, as it has a durable outsole to help plant your foot firmly amid any type of terrain and under all weather conditions. Store all your hiking essentials neatly in this Under Armour Outdoor Backpack.


Be one with nature when you go on a relaxing camping trip

Unplug and recharge by taking in the serenity and calm of nature with a camping trip outside the city. Enjoy the view and hours of conversations with your companions while sitting in a lightweight and durable Coleman Foldable Chair. Maintain the ideal temperature of your favorite beverage when traveling to your go-to campsite with the Klean Kanteen Insulated Tumbler. At night, have the Firefly Portable Fan by your side with its multiple speed control settings and battery life that can last up to four hours. 


Work on your cardio and fitness by biking in the city or in a nearby trail

The bicycle boom which started early in the pandemic continues now that more people are out and about. Bring these LUEASPY Biking Sunglasses anywhere you go as they have UV400 coating to block harmful UVA & UVB rays when you bike. Safety is a number one priority for cyclists. Consider the LUEASPY Cycling Helmet that has a protective covering lined with high density EPS. Lastly, check out West Biking’s LED Bike Light with its battery capacity of 700mAh and a brightness of 80 lumens to keep you safe even during rides at night.

Elevate your summer adventure without breaking the bank. Pay with ShopeePay and get 30% cashback on your hotel bookings at EstacioUno Boracay, Quest Hotel Tagaytay, Solea Palm Resort Mactan, Mithi Resort and Spa Bohol, White Breeze Palawan, and more. You can also utilize ShopeePay when paying shared vacation expenses - send money to your friends for free, plus win rewards and cash prizes. Register at ShopeePay Milyonaryo, send at least P50 to any bank, e-wallet or Shopee user for a chance to play and win up to P1,000,000 on Shopee Live. Watch out for ShopeePay Happy Hour to win up to 100 coins daily when you send at least P50 to any Shopee user during happy hours.

Don’t let your data run dry while on vacation to keep your social media feed updated. Load and data packages from major telcos are discounted for up to 50% off on May 15. Leading up to payday, participate in ShopeePay Fridays this May 13 to get a chance to win P50,000 by simply liking ShopeePay’s official social media pages. But before you get caught up in your travel plans, make sure you’re all settled. Get up to 100% cashback on participating billers such as Meralco, Maynilad, Globe, Smart, PLDT, Cignal, RCBC, and Metrobank when you use ShopeePay this May 15. With these rewards from ShopeePay, you can already start saving for your next getaway.

For more information on Shopee’s May 15 Payday Sale, visit:

Thursday, May 12, 2022

Epic standards few months after: A look back on what makes the Samsung Galaxy S22 and S22+

The Galaxy S22 Series was released early this year to bring content creation to the next level. Despite the several smartphones released since then, the Samsung Galaxy S22 and S22+ continue to be the golden standard of smartphone innovation with their epic features.

The Power of Dynamic Cameras

Cameras are a key feature when it comes to content creation. It’s what brings memories to life. But a struggle for creators is capturing epic content in low light. The Galaxy S22 Series will surely excite everyone with its unique Nightography features that bring low-light photography to life. This makes escaping to the city, stargazing, and photoshoots possible and more epic even after dark.

Made to Power through the Day

Every gadget-savvy’s dream is to have a smartphone that can keep up with their daily usage. With the Galaxy S22 and S22+, their activities can be sustained without interruption. This is made possible by the first-ever 4nm processor and advanced AI and ML processing that helps users power through their epic activities every day— from smoother filming, faster editing, and the ability to do more in a day than ever before, the Galaxy S22 and S22+ have got creators covered.

The Galaxy S22 and S22+ not only break the rules of power, but it also breaks the rules of time with an incredible battery that charges fast and lasts. Just a 10-minute charge with its 45W Super-Fast Charger lets you record over an hour of videos so you can capture take after take for your reels until you get it just right.

Sustainably Conscious Design

With so much power, users might expect a bulky, inefficient device. But the Galaxy S22 and S22+ break the rules of design with eco-friendly power made from sustainable plastic, wrapped in a sleek design. These devices are made out of 20% recycled ocean-bound plastic. The most epic device is taking conscious steps toward helping the environment while still providing a high-quality gadget for its patrons. Plus, it offers a bold statement that matches every personality type, whether it’s the fun-looking Pink Gold or Green or the elegant Phantom White or Phantom Black. It also utilizes a clean and sleek look from the symmetrical polished frame to the finishing touches of the monochromatic camera.

The Galaxy S22 and S22+ are the perfect partners for every creator who loves to play, transform, and capture their daily epic activities. The new Galaxy S22 Series is now available in stores with a starting price of PHP 45,990 SRP (128GB) for the Galaxy S22, while the Galaxy S22+ starts at PHP 56,990 SRP (128GB).

Customers can now take home the Galaxy S22 or S22+ for as low as PHP 1,916.25/mo at 0% interest for up to 24 months via Samsung Authorized Stores Nationwide. Citibank cardholders can get up to 36 months installment at 0% interest for as low as PHP 1,277.50/mo. On the other hand, PNB cardholders can get their first installment month for FREE and pay 0% interest for up to 24 months in select Samsung Experience stores and Abenson Stores.

Trade in an old smartphone for the Galaxy S22 or S22+ to get tokens worth up to PHP 6,000 in participating Samsung Experience Stores and Authorized Stores. Customers can also trade in their devices via Globe and Smart to receive discounts worth up to PHP 6,000.

For more information about the Galaxy S22 Series, visit

Safe Samsung Shopping

Health and safety protocols are strictly implemented and followed in Samsung Experience Stores to keep consumers and employees safe. Adhering to the guidelines set by the Inter-Agency Task Force for the Management of Emerging Infectious Diseases, Samsung has implemented the mandatory use of face masks and performs frequent sanitation in all stores.

Samsung Experience Stores also has unique QR health declaration codes to promote a safe and contactless contact tracing process. Product demonstrations are done side-by-side instead of face-to-face while keeping the required safe distance of one (1) meter to make sure everyone is socially distanced.

To find the nearest Samsung Experience Store, visit

Wednesday, May 11, 2022

Newest Garnier Vitamin C Ampoule Serum launching on Shopee this May 11

Say hello to brighter, glowing, and spotless skin with Garnier! Don't miss out on the Newest Vitamin C Ampoule Serum launching on Shopee this May 11 only on Shopee's Brand Spotlight!

Discover the latest products, exclusive bundle deals, and exciting discounts from your favorite brands at Shopee's Brand Spotlight!

Do you have a major milestone or event coming? Do you want an instant flash bright effect look? Are you trying to get rid of hyperpigmentation and skin unevenness? 

If you answered yes, then the Garnier Bright Complete Vitamin C Ampoule Serum with Niacinamide is just for you. This is clinically proven to reduce hyperpigmentation and brighten skin. Instant flash bright effect look after 1st dose, and in just 6 days, hyperpigmentation fades with visible reduction in dullness, unevenness, dark spots, and dark eye circles.

Wait! Is that even possible? How does it work? 

Garnier Bright Complete Vitamin C Ampoule Serum with Niacinamide inhibits melanin production and reduces tyrosinase and oxidation.  It disrupts melanin transfer to keratinocytes and reduces melanin production.

Amazing right? So, if you want to try out the Newest Vitamin C Ampoule Serum, you can enjoy up to 20% off when you order. Just click here to order.

Anyway, here are other products that you shouldn't miss: 

Garnier Bright Complete Vitamin C Serum 15ML - Formulated with 30x* more Vitamin C, this can easily brighten and fade dark spots and acne marks in as fast as 3 days. 

This is actually one of Garnier's most loved products and is approved by more than 100,000 Filipinos. 

What are they saying about the product? 

  • Super nice and no sticky feeling. It is easily absorbed by the skin. Very effective. 
  • After a week of usage, I was able to see improvements on my face already. 
  • Fresh fragrance. smells clean. 10/10 for me! 

NEW Garnier Bright Complete Vitamin C Anti-Acne 3-in-1 Cleanser - Fights acne-causing bacteria with salicylic acid. 90% of users have used this and already see visibly less acne and acne marks. Aside from visibly reducing acne, it reduces excess oil and deeply cleanses your skin. ​

What are they saying about the product? 
  • Effective! Smooth and glowing skin. 
  • Feels clean after use. 
  • Love the smell. It smells good. 

Garnier Super Glow Sampler Kit [BRIGHTENING] - Skincare Trial Set 

The perfect skincare regimen includes all of Garnier's all-time-favorite products
  • Garnier Bright Complete Vitamin C Serum 7.5ML
  • Garnier Bright Complete Brightening Day Cream
  • Garnier Bright Complete 12HR Cream
  • Garnier Bright Complete Brightening Night Cream
  • Garnier Bright Complete Foam
  • Garnier Bright Complete UV Matte Sunscreen

One thing that I really love about Garnier is that they offer sampler kits because they understand that being "hiyang" in a skincare regimen entails trial and error. Through these sampler kits, they took care of the first step in establishing a consistent skincare regimen which is discovery (a.k.a. finding the suitable products for you) without the hesitation of buying so many full-size products only to realize it's not for you. 

Now, it is just so easy + convenient since you can simply get them on Shopee while enjoying additional freebies and discounts. 

Here's the link to Garnier's Official Store -

Don't forget to catch Garnier's Newest Vitamin C Ampoule Serum up to 20% off and more exciting deals on May 11 only at Shopee's Brand Spotlight! 

Puerto Princesa: Paradise Regained

The Royal Treatment at Puerto Princesa

With safety protocols firmly enforced, Puerto Princesa is poised to again welcome tourists with open arms. In recent years, the highly urbanized city and tourist haven has been paralyzed by the Covid-19 pandemic, then pummeled by Typhoon Odette. But it is now on the road to recovery---as spectacularly as its scenic, romantic and gastronomic attractions.

“The tourism industry is the lifeblood of Puerto Princesa, along with agriculture. Almost 15,000 people directly or indirectly benefit from tourism. In varying degrees, most of the recent construction and development projects are related to tourism: hotel-building, parks, cruise-ship ports, street lights, roads, and many more. Unfortunately, some of these have been on hold since the onset of the pandemic,” discloses Demetrio “Toto” Alvior Jr., the city tourism officer.

The Royal Connection

Puerto Princesa, the capital of postcard-perfect Palawan, sprawls across 253,982 hectares of captivating coastlines stretched over 106 kilometers. Due to its strategic geographical location, it has sufficient depth to allow ships of all sizes to anchor, earning a reputation as a “Princess of Ports,” or in Spanish, “Puerto Princesa.”

There’s no contention that Puerto Princesa is one of the country’s greatest pleasures. A holiday destination universally beloved by travelers, beach-combers and trekkers; a bustling business center with a rural allure; a provincial vibe with modern amenities; and a clean and green city recognized for its lush forests, fresh air and frontier character.

Rising Above Covid-19

The city of Puerto Princesa has been struggling to get to its feet since the outbreak of Covid-19 in early 2020. The lack of tourists, which is the main industry, has forced hundreds of tourism-related businesses to close, leaving thousands of tourism workers unemployed.
“The public-health crisis forced them to find alternative sources of income, which was made more difficult because of the restrictions of movement due to several lockdowns,” Mr. Alvior reveals. “One factor of low tourist arrivals is the fluctuating number of Covid cases, which in turn affects the determination of quarantine requirements and national government intervention policies.”

Today, Puerto Princesa is experiencing record lows in terms of economic losses, losing around P5 billion a year for the past two years from potential tourist receipts.

“The City Tourism Department has been strengthening its social media campaigns to encourage local tourists to visit local attractions, in a bid to boost much-needed revenues to the ailing tourism sector,” a cautiously optimistic Mr. Alvior says. “We have one important wish in the City Tourism Department, and that is to prioritize the aids for the Typhoon Odette-affected tourism industry here.”

The goal is to regain the city’s glory as an eco-tourism capital. “Our 2022 goals are full restoration of all the tourist attractions affected by Typhoon Odette such as the completion of the construction of the cruise-ship port and other man-made tourist attractions. There will be wide, extensive, and aggressive promotions of Puerto Princesa to the local and international market.”

The Last Frontier
Puerto Princesa has a plethora of tourist spots. But many tourists who visit the city put the Puerto Princesa Subterranean River National Park, one of the New7Wonders of Nature, on top of their list. As the jump-off point for exploring the world-famous Tubbataha Reef, the city also hosts a fair share of adventurers.

“Since the Covid-19 outbreak, we have never ceased to hope that the future will be better. This year 2022 is no different. And while what we want is a full recovery, we cannot afford to be careless when taking big steps. As we begin to truly understand the gravity of the situation, we also come to realize that our moves must be consistent with the bigger picture such as the national situation,” Mr. Alvior says.

Since February 10, the city has been happily welcoming more visitors once again, hoping that the arrival numbers will soon be back to pre-pandemic levels. In this initiative, the tourism department shares the privilege with the private sector.

“While the government is the administrator of the State, the private sector is the bloodline. The government and the private sector are two inseparable factors for Puerto Princesa to prosper, and more importantly, to recover,” Mr. Alvior says. “The key to recovery is to enable and support the private sector to keep or resume their business operations. When it comes to the city’s biggest partners, apart from government agencies, it is the collective impact of small-business operations.”

Puerto Princesa maybe “The Last Frontier,” but the City Tourism Department is confident that it will always be the first choice of every traveler. 

Friday, May 6, 2022

Huawei Band 6: A SMART Choice for a Budget-Friendly Smartwatch

Do you get bored wearing the same old watch, over and over again?
Do you need to monitor your vital signs?
Do you track your daily workout routine?

If yes, watch this video to find out why getting a SMARTWATCH like Huawei Band 6 is indeed a SMART choice.

Initially, I thought that smartwatches are expensive, a luxury, and unnecessary. After all, I already have my favorite regular watch. Little did I know there are so many things I can do with my Huawei Band 6. 

What are the features of the Huawei Band 6? 

  • It has a 1.47-inch 64% screen-to-body ratio glass AMOLED LCD display which is a great change to the Huawei Band series.
  • Dust-resistant and water-resistant up to 5 meters.
  • It has a clear 194 x 368 pixels resolution and features a full-screen touch + side button
  • Weight is approximately 18 g (without the strap)
  • Bluetooth: 2.4 GHz, BT5.0, BLE connectivity

What can we expect from this smartwatch? 

S - Stylish

The Huawei Band 6 is available in 4 different colors, Graphite Black, Forest Green, Amber Sunrise, and Sakura Pink.

Though the body of this device is plastic, the matte finish makes it looks like real metal. The face of your Huawei Band 6 can be changed using the Huawei app in case you don't want to wear the same watch over and over again. There are so many choices and you can simply pick one based on your style, mood, or choice.

Just like the face of your Huawei Band 6, straps are also interchangeable which you can purchase separately. By the way, the original strap is made of skin-friendly, UV-treated silicone rubber. 

M - Monitoring

Though the Huawei Band 6 is not medical-grade equipment and cannot be the basis for medical analysis. It can work as an early warning device, it gives us an all-day estimated measurement of our Heart Rate and Oxygen level in our blood.

Heart Rate
The Band 6 heart rate monitoring results also gives a +/- 3 difference from the medical-grade equipment. It may not be that accurate but knowing your heart rate zone is a smart move before starting your workout.

Experts say that a 20 to 25-minute cardiovascular exercise while maintaining your heart rate zone produced much better results in losing weight and increased cardio capacity than working out for more than one hour without a heart rate target.

Huawei Band 6 will show you your heart rate to ensure that you are in your target zone.

The SpO2 monitoring feature of this device is not for medical use. Based on the multiple tests we conducted, the Huawei Band 6 has a +/- 3 difference from the medical-grade oximeter.

Stress Test
Use the Huawei Band 6 Stress test to check your body's reaction to your everyday challenging tasks or pain-staking demands. 

Activity and Workout Monitoring
Check the number of steps, distance, or calories burned during indoor or outdoor running, walking, or biking. Monitor your workout record to see if you are close to or within your goals.

Sleep Monitoring
Set your sleep hours goal and allow your body and mind to recharge with style. Good sleep makes you alert and refreshed when you wake up. 

Calendar Cycle
The calendar cycle is also available in Huawei Band 6. Unfortunately, it requires a Huawei Mobile Service Core 4.0 or a later version to make it work.

Breathing Exercise
Use the breathing exercise feature of your Huawei Band 6 to help your lungs increase your oxygen levels. Just press the button on your Band 6, swipe, and follow the breathing pattern to help you breathe better.

A - Affordable

If you are looking for a budget-friendly smartwatch, the Huawei Band 6 is for you. With its various functions and uses, it is worth every penny. 

R - Rechargeable and Long Battery Life
The Huawei Band 6 is rechargeable and may last up to 14 days depending on usage. Using its fast-charging magnetic thimble, this band only takes 90 minutes to fully charge.

T- Tactical and Other Features

Text Messages
Check and read your text messages using your Huawei Band 6. No need to get your phone and be distracted from your workout. Your Huawei Band 6 will vibrate every time you receive a text message.

Unexpected power interruption? No worries, Huawei Band 6 has a flashlight feature. It may not be as bright as the real one, but it’s powerful enough to let you see in the dark.

Phone Finder
This one is our favorite. If you lost your phone to a pile of papers, books, gadgets, etc., the Huawei Band 6 has a phone finder feature that can help you. Because of this feature, you don’t need to turn your room upside down to find your phone. All it needs are a few taps, and your phone will sound, helping you find it.

Music and Volume Control
Control the music on your phone easily. Adjust the volume and change the song playing on your phone using Huawei Band 6.

Using your Huawei Band 6, you may also check the weather forecast in your area.

Stopwatch / Timer / Alarm
Huawei Band 6 has a stopwatch, timer, and alarm feature. So, if you want to know how fast you can do a task or you want to wake up on time without disturbing anyone. Huawei Band 6 can help you.

How to Order? 

It’s about time to live and work smarter. Let a stylish, multi-functional, affordable, and reliable tool like Huawei Band 6 help you stay fit and healthy as you go through your everyday activities. 

You may order your own Huawei Band 6 via this link:


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