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Sunday, February 26, 2023

Intellectual Property Law Enforcement, Student Academic Groups, Publishers Sign Statement of Cooperation Against Content Piracy

Rex Education hosted a press conference recently, bringing together key organizations committed to educating people about piracy and stopping the illegal reproduction and distribution of copyrighted content.

Present at the event were leaders and representatives from the Philippine Association of Law Schools, the Association of Law Students of the Philippines, the Legal Education Board, the Intellectual Property Office of the Philippines, the National Book Development Board, the Coordinating Council of Private Educational Associations of the Philippines, the National Bureau of Investigation, Association of Administrators in Hospitality Hotel and Restaurant Management Educational Institution, the Philippine Librarians Association, the Philippine Council of Deans and Educators in Business, the Philippine Association of Collegiate Schools of Business, Philippine Association for Teachers and Educators, Professional Criminologists Association of the Philippines, Association of Christian Schools, Colleges and Universities and the Philippine Educational Measurement and Evaluation Association. 

Piracy is defined as the unauthorized reproduction and distribution of copyrighted content, including but not limited to books, movies, music, and the like. In the Philippines, anti-piracy legislation is strengthened by Republic Act 8293 or the Intellectual Property Code of the Philippines which protects and secures the exclusive rights of scientists, inventors, artists, and other gifted citizens to their intellectual property and creations.

The press conference is a part of REX’s anti-piracy campaign, which was launched last September 16, 2022 at the Manila International Book Fair. The primary objective of the campaign is to curb, if not eradicate, content piracy by educating, communicating, and instilling among our colleagues, families, and children a true appreciation of the value of one’s own work. REX’s efforts in this direction are also in recognition and support of the relentless hard work of intellectual property law enforcement agencies in the country.

“We should continue to educate, communicate, and instill among our colleagues, families, and children a true appreciation of the value of one’s own work. In this sense, we are all duty-bearers. But above that, we are Filipinos,” said Atty. Dominador Buhain, chairman of Rex Education. “ Aside from our laws, what also binds us are our values, our sense of pakikipagkapwa, of pagpapakatao, our pride in our own work, and our respect for each other and of each other’s work.”

Over the past year, the campaign has gained the attention of various organizations with similar sentiments. Stakeholders from the education sector, along with consumers and learners, have all come together to express their support for the movement. Above all, there is a call to protect creators and all their intellectual property in all its forms.

“Throughout our rich history, we recognize and respect one truth about what we do: We are able to accomplish so much because of our people. REX has immense pride for the talented and hardworking individuals who pour their creativity, knowledge, and skills in the development of our learning materials, and these are not limited to books,” said Atty. Dominador Buhain, chairman of Rex Education.

For more information regarding REX’s efforts, feel free to watch the “Proud Ako” anti-piracy campaign video that was launched at MIBF 2022. Visit to support Rex Education in its endeavor of protecting the publishing industry.

Friday, February 17, 2023

Book Feature: Bisikleta ni Pepe + Exclusive Interview with Author Dexter Baño Jr.

'Bisikleta ni Pepe' is a creative storytelling attempt for young children is a synergy and a merge of timelines between the lives of an ordinary Filipino student, Jose de Jesus, and the young Pepe Rizal. Through the help of a magic bicycle he inherited from his grandfather, Jose de Jesus was able to traverse through time and understand the life of Pepe Rizal.

This book is written by Dexter P. Baño Jr. who is currently finishing his Master's Degree in Business Administration as a full scholar at Quantic School of Business and Technology in Washington DC. He is also the founder of the first commercial spaceflight company in the country, Orbital Exploration Technologies, Inc. As a community-minded individual, he dedicates every Saturday afternoon to teaching math, arts (painting and sculpting), linguistics, music, good manners, and business to students from low-income households. He is also active in waste management projects at both commercial and government levels. He is a prolific poet, essayist, painter, and sculptor.

His mentor, Pedrito "Bobot" Navarro is an active member and a Knight Commander of the Order of the Knights of Rizal, our country's only official knighthood chartered under Republic Act 646. He is also a member of the Knights of Columbus and many other organizations. 

Sharing with you our exclusive interview with Author Dexter Baño Jr.

1. Can you share with us something about the book that isn't in the blurb?

The main character came from a really poor family.

2. What inspired the idea for your book?

I am fascinated by Dr. Rizal since I was a kid. Having an aunt living near Dapitan became an advantage to me. Every time we go to the province, I always request that I shall visit Talisay to rekindle my admiration for our hero. 

For me, Dr. Rizal is an image of a real Filipino. He has a concept of how the Philippines should function and behave. Most of his teachings still remain relevant today. Now, I found it challenging and I still find it challenging to make Rizal relatable to the younger generation. So I decided to make the story child appropriate by making it a bit creative without distorting history.

3. How long did it take you to complete the book?

Took me 2 years to finish, but 9 years before printing.

4. What part of the book was most challenging to write and why?

Oh, the research process. You need to make sure that all the historical accounts are accurate while ensuring that it is being told in a creative way.

5. What do you hope your readers take away from this book?

We need to learn and embrace the ideals of Dr. Rizal. We just know Rizal as one of our National Heroes and maybe the man on one peso coin. In reality, Rizal became a human. He encountered a unique reality during his childhood. Even though he was brought up in a relatively wealthy household, he experienced pain and sorrow like all of us.

6. If you’re planning a sequel or writing the next book, can you share a tiny bit about your plans for it?

I started talking to many experts for the second volume of this series. I acknowledged the fact that the next part will be more serious and mature. I visited one of my hometowns, Talisay in Dapitan where Rizal also stayed during the last years of his life. This will be more thrilling considering that Rizal was so adventurous during his time. Maybe, the two characters could finally meet. I am still unsure.

7. Where can they buy your books or find out more about you?

National Book Store, Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Google Play Books, Apple Books

Thank you, Author Dexter for agreeing to this interview. We are happy to learn more about you and your book and we are looking forward to the second volume of the series. 


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Thursday, February 16, 2023

BPI supports artists and art lovers anew in Art Fair Philippines 2023

Bank of the Philippine Islands (BPI) is back at Art Fair Philippines 2023 with more support for artists and art lovers alike.
BPI, a staunch advocate of Philippine Arts, supports visual artists through partnerships and art lovers through the provision of greater access to artworks in art events such as Art Fair Philippines, which is coming back face-to-face from a three-year hiatus.

“As we appreciate the value of artists and their works, we also see the significance of collecting and keeping great artworks, which is why we at BPI continue to provide our support as well to art lovers who, time and time again, visit Art Fair Philippines and acquire valuable artworks,” said Jenelyn Z. Lacerna, the Group Head of BPI Unsecured Lending and Cards, Product and Sales.

Art Fair Philippines 2023, which is happening on February 17-19 at The Link in Ayala Center in Makati City, will feature over 60 exhibitors from the Philippines and overseas as the art exhibition celebrates its 10th year. It is co-presented by BPI and Ayala Land, among other corporate supporters.

To promote art appreciation and further boost the local art scene, BPI offers complimentary access to cardholders of BPI Visa Signature, Platinum Rewards Mastercard, Amore Platinum Cashback, and Gold Mastercard.

“At BPI, we consider keepers of valuable art works as art investors, as the works they acquire become part of their investment portfolio,” Lacerna said.

BPI has been the caretaker of more than 1,000 artworks by many prominent Filipino artists, such as Fernando Amorsolo, Jose Joya, and Ben Cabrera. Most of these art pieces are the country’s finest expressions of Philippine culture and are reflective of BPI’s inherent values.
“The kind of support BPI gives to art lovers provides them greater access to exclusive events such as Art Fair Philippines, which continues to showcase the country’s vibrant local art scene and helps Filipino visual artists generate support and reach a wider audience,” Lacerna added.

BPI affirms its commitment to recognize and nurture the country’s artistry and talent through its participation in events like this.

One of the many galleries featured in the art fair is Art Cube, which provides a platform for talented young artists to showcase their works before an extensive roster of art collections. The gallery, which will be located on the 5th Level, Booth No. 5, will feature the works of father-and-son Renato and Guerrero Habulan, showing a glimpse of ordinary people: iconic images of the masses, their dignity amid hardship, and as an inspiration. Renato, a post-war and contemporary painter, is one of the most influential and award-winning watercolor artists in the country. Guererro, a recipient of the Thirteen Artists Awards of the Cultural Center of the Philippines, combines different figurative styles and approaches—from hyperrealism to pop surrealism to the “ready-made” images of silk screen printing.

Also featured in this year’s edition of the art fair includes Celine Lee, who has been recognized for her work, including the Juror’s Choice Award of Merit at the Philippine Art Awards in 2020. She has a diverse portfolio that includes paintings, sculptures, embroidery pieces, and multimedia works that show her innovative use of different materials and media.
Art lovers can also check out the works of Winna Go, a finalist in multiple competitions in 2018, such as the LRT Art Competition, Shell National Student Art Competition, Metrobank Art and Design Excellence Competition, and Regional Winner for Philippine Art Awards. In most of her works, she gathers inspiration from the history of the Chinese diaspora, the richness of the Chinese and Filipino culture, her identity and positionality in society, and the beauty of nature.

“We invite the art enthusiasts out there to come and join us at the Art Fair Philippines and discover the country’s artistry and talent. Check out the many participating galleries that showcase Filipino artistry at its best,” Lacerna added.

For more information, please visit the Art Fair Philippines website and follow Art Fair Philippines on Instagram (@artfairph) and Facebook (

Friday, February 10, 2023

Book Feature: Breaking the Scroll Trilogy + Exclusive Interview with Author Jane Vergara


As a huge fan of Harry Potter and Avatar, I can't help but be excited about this new trilogy called Breaking the Scroll. 

It is about a boy named Kino Amark who lives in Akea, a place where all the citizens have special abilities. However, in this place where everyone has special gifts, Kino is the only one without any. Now, he dreams of being able to fly, and before the moon's turning (the end of the year), he must present his power to the emperor during the Akean Wine Festival.

He is so determined to fly that he crafts wings from all sorts of leaves, but his efforts have resulted in one failure after another. Little does Kino know that his heritage links him to the former emperor, a clan thought to be long gone, and a princess who can make things happen by writing them.

Kino doesn't know that a great destiny awaits him . . . If only he could get past the daily challenges in school and discover that there is a secret that has been controlling his power from manifesting.

With the help of Kino’s friends, Mayo Calo, the super adventurous boy, and Pyper San Diego, the little ghost girl, will Kino be lucky to survive in Akea without any power? Or will the gods finally grant him his dream during the Akean Wine Festival?

This book series will definitely take us through Kino and his friends' adventures and the fate of Akea. Sounds interesting right? 

Here are some of the testimonials about the book: 

"I read the first book online years back and I still remember how delightful the adventure is. Beautifully written and inspiring. Excited to continue on the second and third books."

"If you read the works of JK Rowling, Brandon Mull, or John Grisham, then you know the feeling of reading a book and not being able to put it down because you want to know what will happen next. The same experience happened to me when I started reading this book." 


By the way, did I mention that this book series has been written by a Filipino author? 

Yes, you heard that right! Author Jane Vergara is a Filipino. She is an IT professional and an accountant, who works in a bank. Today, we are lucky to have the opportunity to have this exclusive interview with her. 

1. Can you share with us something about the book that isn't in the blurb?

Breaking the Scroll is an epic fantasy trilogy. I wanted to ensure that the book touches on relevant events in the country even though this is set in a different world. 

2. What inspired the idea for your latest book?

I always wanted to have a special power. Mine was to straighten hair without going to the salon. lol. And from that idea, I thought, what if there's a world where everybody has a special ability? What would that look like? And so I started the Breaking the Scroll trilogy.

3. How long did it take you to complete the book?

It took me 10 years to finish the trilogy. Book 1 was finished in 1 year, but all the editing and preparation to write the succeeding books took time.

Since the trilogy is set in a different world, there's the challenge of world-building. In the process, new characters were also introduced in the succeeding books, and all of them had to have their own arcs as well.

Finishing the book required me to go back and forth with the other books to ensure that there were no loopholes/ plot holes. So after 10 years, I finally decided to publish all the 3 books.

4. What part of the book was most challenging to write and why? 

The third book, Return to Akea, was the hardest one for me to write. This is because I knew that I had to give the story a good ending. Something that will satisfy the readers. I believe that books 1 and 2 were strong, so I wanted to make an even stronger finish.

And that was not an easy thing to do. Add to the fact that I had to ensure all the plot holes were resolved, and the characters' stories were meaningful.

5. What do you hope your readers take away from this book?

Everybody is special. Regardless of the gifts God gave you, you're unique and will always be special.

6. If you’re planning a sequel or writing the next book, can you share a tiny bit about your plans for it? 

I plan on writing stories of the other characters, either as a side-story while all these things are happening, or after all these events in the trilogy took place.

For one, I wanted to explore the love story of someone who died in the book, and what that would have looked like in the afterlife.

7. Where can they buy your books or find out more about you?

My books are available on Lazada, Shopee, and Amazon. If you're on Kindle Unlimited, the trilogy is free to read.

Book 1: Breaking the Scroll -
Book 2: The Dark Unveiling -
Book 3: Return to Akea -

Book 1: Breaking the Scroll - 
Book 2: The Dark Unveiling - 
Book 3: Return to Akea -

You may also visit my website:

I also have a YouTube page where I post interviews with creatives and provide tips about writing. My books are also available as audiobooks on YouTube.


Thank you, Author Jane, for writing this exciting book series. We are so proud to have a Filipino author write a masterpiece like this. We are grateful to have this opportunity to have this exclusive interview with you.  

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Monday, February 6, 2023

Take Your Passions Further with the New Galaxy S23 Series: Designed for a Premium Experience Today and Beyond

Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd. today unveiled the Galaxy S23 Ultra, Galaxy S23+, and Galaxy S23, marking a new era of Samsung Galaxy’s ultimate premium phone experience. Samsung Galaxy's epic camera gives users more freedom to explore their creativity, like capturing truly cinematic Nightography videos with transformative AI. The Snapdragon® 8 Gen 2 Mobile Platform for Galaxy” unleashes premium experiences, including groundbreaking AI, future-ready mobile gaming features, and powerfully sustained gameplay with the world’s fastest mobile graphics. 

On the Galaxy S23 Ultra, an embedded S Pen that many long-time Samsung Galaxy users know and love offer more possibilities for productivity, notetaking, hobbies, and more. All the Galaxy S23 series’ new standard-setting innovations are housed within a striking design that advances the company’s sustainability commitment with more components made using recycled materials than any other Samsung Galaxy smartphone.

“The value of impactful technology is measured, not just by what it enables for people today, but also how it contributes to a better future,” said TM Roh, President and Head of Mobile eXperience Business at Samsung Electronics. “The entire Galaxy S series lineup is the new standard-bearer of trustworthy premium smartphone experiences. We’re on a mission to redefine peak performance by bringing together powerful, lasting innovations and sustainability."

A Samsung Galaxy Camera with More Megapixels and Extensive Creative Controls, From Day to Night

Galaxy S23 Ultra makes it easier for any level of photographer to capture phenomenal content. It offers Samsung Galaxy’s most advanced camera system, tailored for nearly any lighting conditions and engineered to render incredible detail. Improved Nightography capabilities transform how the Galaxy S series optimizes photos and videos in a wide range of ambient conditions. Filming a favorite song at a concert, snapping a selfie at the aquarium, or grabbing a group shot of friends at dinner — users can get sharper images and videos4. Visual noise that usually ruins low-light images is corrected by a new AI-powered image signal processing (ISP) algorithm that enhances object details and color tone.

In a Samsung Galaxy-first, Galaxy S23 Ultra boasts a new 200MP Adaptive Pixel sensor that captures epic moments with incredible precision. It uses pixel binning to support multiple levels of high-resolution processing at once.5 And because selfie cameras are more important than ever to how we communicate today, the Galaxy S23 series introduces fast autofocus and our first Super HDR selfie camera, jumping from 30fps to 60fps, for noticeably better front-facing images and videos.

For users who want the ultimate creative control and customization, the Galaxy S23 series offers a suite of tools that differentiate any photography experience – from the Expert RAW app that enables DSLR-style image shooting and editing, Multiple exposures photo art, to Astrophoto settings that can capture a clear view of the Milky Way

On Galaxy S23+ and Galaxy S23, the iconic Samsung Galaxy camera also gets an upgraded look. The contour housing has been removed, marking a new era of essential Galaxy design that makes the entire series stand out.

Premium Performance Makes Way for the Future of Mobile Gaming

For creators and gamers alike, the desire to push limits and constantly reimagine what’s possible requires technology that outpaces expectations. Together, Samsung and Qualcomm optimized the Samsung Galaxy experience with the brand new “Snapdragon® 8 Gen 2 Mobile Platform for Galaxy”, the most powerful and efficient platform ever in a Samsung Galaxy smartphone and the fastest Snapdragon available today. Meanwhile, on the Galaxy S23 Ultra, a 5000mAh battery powers a larger camera than Galaxy S22 Ultra without increasing the device’s size.

In anticipation of the future of ultimate digital realism, Galaxy S23 Ultra comes ready to support real-time ray tracing as it comes to the mobile gaming mainstream. Users will be able to see noticeably more lifelike renderings of scenes, thanks to technology that simulates and tracks every ray of light. Plus, Samsung Galaxy’s vapor chamber, now bigger19 and on every Galaxy S23 series model, keeps your gaming marathon going.

Designed with the Planet in Mind

The Galaxy S23 series raises the bar for premium technology that can enrich people’s lives and help contribute to a healthier planet. Since the Galaxy S22 series, Samsung Galaxy increases its use of recycled materials from six internal components in Galaxy S22 Ultra to 12 internal and external components in Galaxy S23 Ultra. Galaxy S23 series also has a wider variety of recycled materials than any other Galaxy smartphone, including pre-consumer recycled aluminum and glass and post-consumer recycled plastics sourced from discarded fishing nets, PET bottles, and water barrels. The new S series is the first to market Corning® Gorilla® Glass Victus® 2, offering durability for long-term use and consisting of an average of 22 percent pre-consumer recycled content25. Plus, every Galaxy S23 smartphone comes in a redesigned packaging box that applied paper made with 100 percent recycled paper.

User-Friendly Security and Privacy Enable a Transparent Experience without Compromise

Secure and private experiences are the foundation of the Galaxy S23 series. Every smartphone comes with Samsung's end-to-end Samsung Knox protection, which has received more government and industry certifications than any other mobile device, platform, or solution on the market. The Security and Privacy Dashboard on Samsung Galaxy gives users full visibility over who has access to their data and how it’s being used. With just a glance, it’s easy to see if personal data is at risk and receive simple prompts to change settings for a more secure experience. Users can also decide exactly which applications and programs get access to their data and how it can be used.

More Freedom and Flexibility for Connected Lifestyles

At the core of the Samsung Galaxy S series’ premium experience is the uncompromising innovation of Samsung Galaxy Ultra. But the power and creative capabilities of Samsung Galaxy Ultra don’t stop at smartphones. With the brand new, first-ever Galaxy Book3 Ultra, and the Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra, users can now enjoy the ultimate Samsung Galaxy’s ecosystem.

Across every Galaxy S series model, connected experiences get added benefits. Samsung Multi Control29, which connects mouse and keyboard functionality between a Samsung Galaxy PC and tablet, now extends to Galaxy S23 Ultra, Galaxy S23+, and Galaxy S23 for the ultimate flexibility between devices. Plus, enhanced text usability makes it easy to copy and paste text, like URLs, from one device to another to pick up an activity on another device.

Pricing and Availability

The Galaxy S23 series comes in four nature-inspired matte hues: Phantom Black, Cream, Green and Lavender32. The Galaxy S23 retails for PHP 53,990 for the 128GB variant, and PHP 57,990 for the 256GB variant. Meanwhile, the Galaxy S23+ starts at PHP 68,990 for 256GB variant, and PHP 76,990 for the 512GB variant. Lastly, the Galaxy S23 Ultra is available at PHP 81,990 and PHP 89,990 for the 256GB and 512GB variants respectively. A 1TB Galaxy S23 Ultra is also available at PHP 103,990.

From February 2 until February 23, 2023, customers who pre-order the Galaxy S23, Galaxy S23+, or the Galaxy S23 Ultra through will enjoy discounts of up to PHP 76,000, including a FREE Memory Upgrade worth up to PHP 8,000. They will instantly get the higher memory variant for the price of the lower variant within the same model lineup. Those who will trade in their old devices can also enjoy savings of up to PHP 13,000 on top of their old phone’s residual value. In addition, they will get an e-voucher worth up to PHP 5,000, a 50% discount on the Galaxy Buds2 Pro, and 30% off on the Galaxy Watch5 Series. On top of this, they will also get a FREE 1-year Samsung Care+ coverage worth PHP 5,999, and earn double Samsung Rewards points.

As an exclusive offer, the Galaxy S23 Ultra 1TB will be offered as part of a limited-edition Samsung Galaxy VIP bundle with total savings of PHP 38,000. The VIP bundle includes the 1TB Galaxy S23 Ultra, Galaxy Watch5 Pro 46mm, Galaxy Buds 2 Pro, Super Fast Wireless Duo Charger, Galaxy S23 Ultra Leather Cover, and 1-year Samsung Care+ coverage all for a discounted price of PHP 119,378.

The Galaxy S23 series is also available for pre-order through Samsung Experience Stores, Authorized Samsung Stores, Lazada, Shopee,, and MemoXpress Online. Customers who pre-order through these channels from February 2 to 23, 2023 will enjoy as much as PHP 65,000 worth of discounts. This also includes the FREE Memory Upgrade, additional savings for traded-in devices, 50% off on the Galaxy Buds2 Pro, and 30% off on the Galaxy Watch5 Series.

Friday, February 3, 2023

Viral phone HONOR X9a 5G stocks up due to buzz and popular demand

Great news! HONOR restocks the number of HONOR X9a 5G phones due to high demand from the public.

After the huge buzz from the public and social media on the new HONOR X9a 5G, the leading global provider of smart devices, top-up its stock for the ultra-tough HONOR smartphone due to the high traction of sales and demand from customers.

The HONOR X9a 5G is the first-ever smartphone that was launched this year and successfully gained an overwhelming response from the public, especially the media, celebrity guests, and HONOR fans.

“We are overjoyed to the response from the public talking about our newly launched HONOR X9a 5G. Since we launched the phone last January 19, we are receiving an immensely positive response from our buyers highlighting the durability and premium design of the phone. We will be true to our mission that we will go beyond this year as we introduce more best-in-class products for our customers,” says Stephen Cheng, HONOR Philippines VP for Marketing.

HONOR X9a 5G Pre-Order and Availability

Starting from January 20 to February 3, the HONOR X9a 5G will be available to purchase via all HONOR kiosks and partner online stores: Lazada -, Shopee -, Tiktok Shop and Home Credit.

HONOR fans can finally avail of the HONOR X9a 5G via Home Credit, for as low as Php 661 per month with insurance, Php 765 without insurance, and on a 0% interest installment payment.

Great news for HONOR fans who want to experience the wide array of HONOR products, the leading smart device provider is holding a week-long exhibit in SM Megamall and SM North EDSA – from February 2 to 8, 2023.

And on February 4, the much-awaited HONOR X9a 5G will officially hit the stores and during the pocket events that will be held during the day, interested shoppers can get to experience the viral phone and get FREE Premium HONOR Speaker if you buy from HONOR kiosks and dealer stores until February 5.

Catch HONOR’s exhibit at SM Megamall Upper Ground Floor, Building A and SM North EDSA 4/F The Annex, and get a chance to meet HONOR celebrities plus win exciting prizes.

For more information and announcements, you may visit:

Facebook - (
Instagram (
TikTok: (