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Monday, December 10, 2018

4 Ways to Build Customer Relationships with Email

Last December 8, I had the opportunity to attend a workshop organized by the Negros Online Workers (NOW) about Business Development and Digital Marketing. One of the main points discussed was email marketing and how it can help businesses grow. The speaker mentioned that email marketing still the most effective strategy wherein one can use it to create influence, relationship, and rapport among subscribers and followers. Once this is established, sales and marketing will be easier. 

I have been following global speakers, authors, and coaches such as Tony Robbins, Sha Nacino, James Taylor and Brian Tracy. I have noticed that all of them are using email marketing to reach out their target audiences. What I like about the emails that they send is that these are not direct sales emails wherein they simply ask us to purchase a product or a service but instead, they are focused on sharing their stories, tips, and experiences.

Reading their emails seems personal as if it was sent by a friend or someone you really know and not just from a random digital marketer. Thus, it was no surprise that the conversion rate and sales derived from their email marketing is higher compared to all other marketing channels. 

Thus, if you are also into email marketing, here are the 4 Ways to Build Customer Relationships with Email (Original article published at My Emma)

1. Set goals and map your customer journey.

Consider each decision your potential customer will face on their way to the action you want them to take. 

For example, if you work for a university, your target audience, potential students and their parents, will have several questions to ask before choosing which school to enroll in. Think of it as a choose your own adventure that begins with questions like “Do I want to go to college?” and “How much will it cost?”, “What programs does this school offer?” and “What’s the food like?”. The more you can answer these questions on the front end, the easier your customer’s decision will be. 

2. Make the connection. 

Let’s say someone new signs up to receive your emails. Great! But your work here isn’t done — in fact, it’s just getting started. You want to make them feel at home with your brand and explain the value to them as a subscriber. One of the best ways to do that is with an automated welcome email. 

A welcome email tells your brand story and introduces them to who you are and what you do. A welcome email is the best way to start your customer relationship strong. Not only that, it has 4X the open rate and 5X the click rate of other bulk emails. 

3. Nurture and provide value.

Every good relationship needs nurturing. You set up coffee dates to catch up with friends and call those that live far away, so why wouldn’t you do the same for your invested customers? The best way to maintain a strong relationship is to create an ongoing, customized experience for each subscriber. Email service providers give you the customer insight and tools you need to group them by interest, create content they’ll love, and test the messages that resonate most. 

Customized experiences go beyond the “hard sell” of cold calling and focus on the long-term goal of converting subscribers into lifelong brand advocates. Let’s say your customers signed up for a newsletter about pets. First, you’d start by addressing your subscriber by name and then you’d continue to “wow” them with selections based on their previous preferences. 

This ensures your email is full of customized content that’ll feel more like a letter from a friend instead of just another business ad. 

4. Listen and learn.

The definition of insanity is “doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results,” so let’s stay away from that in your email campaign. Instead of ignoring subscribers who opt out of your messages, be willing to find out why they unsubscribed. Take it as a challenge to re-engage inactive subscribers and customers who haven’t opened your emails in a while and spend time learning what type of content they’d like to receive. 

Create effective tests to understand what’s working, and pinpoint the methods and messages that could use improvement. This will help you scale your efforts and success over time.

By the way, the team at Emma is willing to help you send better emails, they created a video series to equip you with all the knowledge you need to send messages your customers will want to open. In the video, Caroline Matis shares their proven blueprint for strong email strategy. Click this link to watch the video.

Saturday, December 1, 2018

Home based career seminars for Negros Online Workers happening this December 2018

The Negros Online Workers, together with Dojo 8 Coliving Space is holding a series of workshops and talks in Bacolod City this December 2018. JUMPSTART 2019 is a 4-part series of learning events that will help freelancers and aspiring individuals become successful in their online careers. Beginners will learn the basics on how to start their home-based career including basic digital skills while experienced freelancers will have up skill learning sessions.

“This is in line with our advocacy in promoting more earning opportunities in places where there are limited jobs offered as well as to provide support to parents especially women who are not able to work due to family obligations,” says, Ma. Clarice Lao, Founder of Negros Online Workers.

Participants will learn the different work-at-home career options, tips on getting started, and information on where and how to apply. “We would also discuss current trends, pay rates and challenges faced by online workers,” added Lao.

To address the current demand for this new skillset, Karlo De Leon, a Biz Systems Consultant and Messenger Marketing Funnel Expert will conduct the Basic Automation and Chatbot Workshop for experienced freelancers. The workshop will also include bonus topics on Business Development.

Aside from the learning sessions, NOW Talks will be the main highlight of JUMPSTART 2019. Freelancers and aspiring individuals are invited to join on December 16, 2018 to meet the freelancing community here in Negros. It is an afternoon full of inspiration, fun and opportunity to expand your network.  Participants will also have the chance to enjoy goodies from JJC Nutri Treats, and get signed copies of the book, Thank Goodness I Got Lost by Jostine Bulan, freebies from Flip and Color and other exciting raffle prizes from our event sponsors.

For more details about Jumpstart 2019, you may visit: 

This event is supported by media partners:  When in, Sigrid Says, The Blue Ink, Mea in Bacolod and My Metro Lifestyle and sponsored by: Payoneer, JJC Nutri Treats, Flip & Color, Project Ushered and Bacolod DIY Party Rentals

Friday, November 9, 2018

Kids Can Watch Movies For FREE at SM Cinema

Family bonding has never been better. Kids can now watch movies for FREE in SM Cinemas nationwide. 

Get a complimentary movie pass for every movie ticket purchase. Kids 4 feet and below in height can avail of the free ticket. No need for IDs or birth certificates as long as your child can meet the minimum age requirement. 

Here's the list of the remaining movie schedule for the year. Promo is valid until December 4, 2018. 

November 7: The Nutcracker and the Four Realms

November 7: Luis and the Aliens

November 14: Marnie's World

November 28: Ralph Breaks the Internet: Wreck It Ralph 2

So, what are you waiting for? Head now to the nearest SM Cinema in your area. For more details, just check out this link.

Tuesday, November 6, 2018

REX Book Store now globally recognized as official Philippine partner of ASCD

One of the many reasons why we implemented the Digital and Online Tech Advocates Program for Senior High School students is the reality that a lot of school materials and the current curriculum are outdated. There is a huge gap between what is taught in school and what is needed by the industry. 

Thus, we are very happy to know that REX Book Store, a premier learning solutions provider partnered with a global non-profit organization to foster new developments in educational transformation. We believe that learning constitutes many things and an enduring commitment to transforming and innovating on what it means to learn and teach in the 21st century. Gladly, this is something that the country's foremost learning solutions provider is trying to do.

Here's a little background on the recent developments: 

Late last year, REX Book Store was announced as the preferred distributor of publications and services by the Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development (ASCD), a global non-profit organization dedicated to improving how learning and teaching approaches are implemented to help ensure the success of every child through innovative ways of education that challenge, support, and engage them as whole persons in a safe and healthy learning environment.

This year, REX is now recognized by ASCD as its official Philippine partner, providing Filipino educators with a firm and reliable access to award-winning and research-backed professional learning materials and programs which would help them shape today's learners into the Whole Child. REX's campaign for the Whole Child is based on ASCD's research and practices which have gained traction in other developed countries' educational systems, with integrations to curriculums and programs merging and transforming the landscape of education for the 21st century.

In what began as a resource partnership way back in 2010, ASCD has been providing REX with some of the industry's most trusted resource speakers for their internal professional development, fusing new insights and research into REX's publishing practices and holistic education campaigns. From 2015 onward, coinciding with REX's 65th anniversary, the premier learning solutions provider began gradually adopting ASCD's whole child approach into its core philosophy, incorporating the approach's vision with its own mission of providing 21st-century learning tools and solutions that reflects what its maxim "tayong lahat, kapit bisig, para sa bata, para sa bayan" means: a village, a community, helping each other nurture, sustain, and secure the success of children as future professionals who would, in turn, help transform the country into a globally competitive nation.

REX's full-fledged adoption, support, and practice of ASCD's Whole Child initiative and other innovative approaches to 21st century learning has now developed into a deeper, joint commitment to uphold the concepts of holistic education in light of the Philippine government's own campaign to bring its educational system to the next level with the K-12 program. These efforts are part of REX's vision to help produce young learners today who may lead us into the future, equipped with the critical skills they need to contribute a positive impact to society towards global progress.

With over 115,000 members from 128 countries, REX Bookstore now joins the ASCD community in helping transform the world of education by assisting teachers and learning stakeholders, and helping secure the success of each child through progressive values and holistic development. 

Congratulations, REX Bookstore and we look forward to a brighter future because of this initiative. 

Saturday, November 3, 2018

When Your Healthcare Plan is Not Enough

When I started online freelancing in 2014, I tried to make the transition as smooth as possible. For someone who's always sick, that meant getting my own healthcare plan and building an emergency fund. 

Freelancing has its own perks such as having a flexible schedule, unlimited earning opportunities, the absence of daily commutes and enjoying full control over tasks and projects. However, it also meant you have to file your taxes yourself, pay the full SSS contribution (no more employer share) as well as getting your own healthcare plan which unfortunately is more expensive compared to corporate plans. 

Since I was trying to be smart and practical, I thought that I was already safe and fully-covered. Not until I got sick and unable to work for 2 months straight. 

Yes, my healthcare plan took care of my hospital bills and medicines, however, being unable to work meant no income for me. I was able to get my sickness benefit from SSS which is way below than my regular income and it is not enough my monthly bills. It was such a rough time for us financially. 

Because of this experience, I realized that our healthcare plans are not enough. We should also consider other HEALTH PROTECTION PLANS such as a Hospital Cash Plan. It is an insurance plan that provides cash benefits not only for hospital confinement but also for ICU coverage, life and disability benefits.

We have to keep in mind that insurance is not ONLY about getting benefits in case we die, instead, these plans also offer security and the living benefits of life insurance. 

YGC Corporate Services Inc. offers several health protection plans such as the YGC Family Protect and the Malayan Family Protect plans depending on your needs. 
  • Hospital Cash Plan
  • Family Shield
  • Malayan Family Protect Plus
  • Card For Life
  • Malayan Family Protect Elite
  • Family Protect Max
One of the most popular and a personal recommendation is the CARD FOR LIFE Plan that provides add-on cash benefits for payment of your annual credit card dues. 

So, what are you waiting for? Check their website for more details. 

Friday, November 2, 2018

4 Important People To Have In Your Life Aside From Your Family and Friends

It is said that we start to remember people and build relationships with others as early as 5 years old. On an average, we meet or interact with at least 3 people a day. So, if we grow old and reach the age of 70, then we can assume that we have met around 71,000+ people in our lifetime. 

A substantial number would be comprised of our family while some become our lifelong friends. Others are simply acquaintances while a few would be the ones whom we build our professional relationships with. 

No matter how many people we meet, here are the 4 important people to have in our lives aside from our family and friends: 

1. Family Doctor -- It is very ideal to have a family physician who knows our medical history. It is very convenient if we do not have to repeat ourselves all over again every time we go for medical consultations. Also, most family doctors feel responsible for monitoring your health thus, they would require you for annual physical examinations and regular check-ups which is very important. 

2. Legal Advisor - Doing things correctly the first time is way cheaper than trying to fix them. Thus, it is a must that we do not allow any errors when making important decisions, especially for our business. By having a legal adviser, we minimize legal risks and cost which will give us the peace of mind when closing contracts and agreements. 

3. Life Coaches and Mentors - Life coaches or mentors are more than just a person telling you what to do. Instead, they are ones who can help us stay focused on our goals and help stir us in the right direction in case we get lost or overwhelmed. They can also help us realize our full potential and what we are capable of. 

In the Philippines, some of the most known life coaches or mentors are Bo Sanchez, Sha Nacino, Francis Kong, Chinkee Tan and Dean Pax Lapid. 

4. Financial Advisor  - Aside from our physical and mental well-being, it is also very important to have someone who can help us take care of our financial well-being and assist us in reaching our financial goals. Though a lot can pose themselves as an insurance agent offering financial plans or insurance, it is very important that we find a financial advisor whom we can trust. 

A good financial advisor is someone who knows their products well and knows how to match the product with the customer's needs --- an important characteristic that I have found from Sunlife Financial Advisors. They are well-trained and do not promise much just to close a sale. Instead, they deliver and bring results when the client needs it most. They also offer Money for Life, a customizable financial planning program to really help clients reach their financial goals.

So, in case you still do not have a Financial Advisor in your life, then look for someone from Sunlife Financial and rest assured you will be taken cared of. 

or if you feel that you can help more people by being a financial advisor yourself, then start a BrighterLife Career. If you are from Bacolod, you can contact Vlad at 0999-8823316 or visit for more details. 

Now going back ---- > Do you already have all these 4 important people in your life? Feel free to leave in the comments section below. 

Thursday, November 1, 2018

My wife was rushed to the hospital... because of her brassiere

I know that it is unusual for a guy to blog about brassieres but this experience is very important and worth sharing in order to help women avoid the same health concern that my wife had a few months ago.  

It was in early February when Clarice started complaining about chest pain. This would last for 2-3 days then the pain would disappear. After a few weeks, she would experience again the pain in her chest and on her shoulders and there are also instances where she has difficulty breathing.  

Fearing that it is something serious and a possibility of a heart attack, we rushed her to the hospital where she underwent an electrocardiogram (ECG) and some other laboratory tests to find out if her heart is working normally. However, her cardiologist said that all tests are normal. 

Then, her doctor noticed some red marks under her bust line. Her doctor suspected that the chest pains were due to an ill-fitting bra. Then, my wife remembered that, yes it is possible that her brassiere was the culprit of her health concern. The chest pains started about the same time she got the new set of brassieres. She was then asked to stop using these bras and observe if the condition persists.

So, guess what --- no more chest pains! 

We realized that it is very important for women to wear a comfortable bra. Other health effects and risks of wearing the wrong brassiere are: 

1. Skin Problems - these can cause scarring or blisters underneath or along the bust line. 

2. Bad Body Posture - this may consequently lead to back, shoulder and neck pain.

3. Lymph Node Problems - too much pressure from tight-fitting bras can close lymph valves and vessels. 

4. Sagging Breasts - the lack of support spoils the size and shape of the breasts making them heavier that can lead to sagging. 

So, where can you get a comfortable bra but with adequate support?

According to my wife, wireless bras are needed for those who have bigger cup sizes since it requires more support. In her case, she needed to avoid using wired bras thus, she was in a dilemma on where to get some comfortable ones but with adequate support. 

Finally, she found one or let's say I found one for her! 

Last February 15, I got an email from Sample Room PH* and they are introducing Uniqlo Wireless Beauty Bra. Its description in the email got my attention "Beauty Soft Wireless Bra stands out as it has no clips, hooks, wires or stress while retaining its sufficient support." Since it has limited samples available, I immediately grabbed a sample for her.

Uniqlo Wireless Bra holds true to its promise. Here's a message from Clarice after trying the Uniqlo Beauty Soft Wireless Bra. 

Choosing the right bra is not all about looking for fancy ones. Lace, net, and underwires are very tempting but women and men who are getting their ladies some lingerie must keep in mind that it is far more important to choose comfortable ones because women deserve to feel limitless. 

So, if you have more questions about the bra, feel free to message Clarice and not me for obvious reasons (haha!) on Facebook at

* About Sample Room PH

Sample Room is the Philippine's first and only beauty, health, and lifestyle digital sampling and review website that combines the service of sampling and digital marketing campaigns. 

Monday, October 22, 2018

StarTech Digital Marketing: Making Your Business Look Great Online

We all know that Digital Marketing is a great part of a business or company especially if you are just starting up. A Company based in Corpus Christi, Texas -- StarTech Digital Marketing opened its doors recently to provide exceptional services when it comes to SEO, Social Media, Digital Marketing and many more.

They believe in being accountable for their work. They run regular reports and rankings as well as showing measurable results and improvements. Having the ability each month to see the results alongside the activities they performed, allows the business to calculate their return on investment (ROI). This, in turn, provides peace of mind since they can be assured of, and that their marketing money is being invested wisely and making a difference.

StarTech Digital Marketing pursues relationships based on transparency, persistence, mutual trust, and integrity with their employees, customers and other business partners.

Learn more about them today! Visit their website:

Follow their Twitter:

Saturday, October 13, 2018

Three PH Laws That You Might Be Breaking

A law is defined as a system of rules that are created and enforced through social or government institutions to regulate behavior.  

As an ordinary citizen, we are fully aware of our obligation and duty to our society. There is no question that we have to pay our taxes and never do criminal offenses such as murder, theft, illegal drugs, etc. We are also fully aware that we need to follow traffic rules and regulations. However, there are some laws that may not have been fully disseminated or perhaps just taken for granted. 

Here are 3 Philippine laws that you might be unconsciously breaking: 

1. Presidential Decree No. 1563 Anti-mendicancy Law (1987) - Any person who abets mendicancy by giving alms directly to mendicants, exploited infants and minors on public roads, sidewalks, parks, and bridges shall be punished by a fine nor exceeding P20.00. 

According to former Secretary Judy Taguiwalo, “We encourage the public to continuously help us in our campaign to reach out to street kids and to safeguard children from all forms of abuse and violence. We need the participation of everyone, including private individuals and institutions. Let us work in solidarity with each other to build safer communities for children and other vulnerable and marginalized groups,” 

2. Republic Act No. 8491 - Flag and Heraldic Code of the Philippines(1997) - Any person or judicial entity which violates any of the provisions of this Act shall, upon conviction, be punished by a fine of not less than Five thousand pesos (5,000.00) not more than Twenty thousand pesos (P20,000.00), or by imprisonment for not more than one (1) year, or both such fine and imprisonment, at the discretion of the court

When the National Anthem is played at a public gathering, whether by a band or by singing or both, or reproduced by any means, the attending public shall sing the anthem. The singing must be done with fervor.

As a sign of respect, all persons shall stand at attention and face the Philippine flag, if there is one displayed, and if there is none, they shall face the band or the conductor. At the first note, all persons shall execute a salute by placing their right palms over their left chests. Those in military, scouting, citizen’s military training and security guard uniforms shall give the salute prescribed by their regulations. The salute shall be completed upon the last note of the anthem.

The anthem shall not be played and sung for mere recreation, amusement or entertainment purposes except on the following occasions:

a. International competitions where the Philippines is the host or has a representative;
b. Local competitions;
c. During “signing off” and “signing on” of radio broadcasting and television stations;
d.Before the initial and last screening of films or before the opening of theater performances; 
e. Other occasions as may be allowed by the Institute.

Read related story last November 19, 2017 about Man arrested for not standing during the national anthem in a movie theater

3. Republic Act 10909 - No Shortchanging Act of 2016 - An act prohibiting business establishments from giving insufficient or no change to consumers and providing penalties therefore. This means that sellers can now be sued for not giving due change or "candies."

Any violation of this Act shall be fined Php 500 or 3% of gross sales for the first offense, P5,000 or 5% of gross sales for the second offense, and P15,000 or 7% or gross sales and a three-month suspension of operations. The fourth offense will result in a fine of P25,000 and total closure of the establishment.

Sharing is caring. Send this reminder to all 
your family and friends. 

Disclaimer: This is not written by a legal expert and may be subject to a different interpretation. This article is written to provide information and reminder to all readers. For any legal problem or concern, consult your lawyer. 

Tuesday, September 18, 2018

Top 3 Online Resources for Financial Education

According to a Standard & Poor’s (S&P) Ratings Services, only 25% of Filipino adults are financially literate. This is actually considered very low and alarming. The good news is there are a lot of efforts in the country to promote financial literacy and thus, we no longer have any excuse not to improve our skills in personal finance and financial management. 

Aside from seminars, books and workshops, online resources have been launched and made available especially for Filipinos. Here are the top online resources to start-off your financial education. 
1. Brighter Life Institute - Open for enrollment since 2014, the award-winning Brighter Life Institute or BLI is an organized learning program inspired by MOOCs (massive online open courses). For this year, BLI rolls out the Moving Up module – a set of lessons which aim to teach families basic financial planning practices and the value of honest conversations about money, even to one’s children.
The Moving Up module takes its cue from Sun Life’s ‘Money For Life’ philosophy, which shows a holistic journey through four different life stages. With lessons spanning from creating a household budget to preparing for future milestones such as a college education, BLI’s latest offering can now be accessed via
2. My Future Fund Calculator - For a glimpse of how an insurance-with-savings product can help in reaching one’s dreams on time, the My Future Fund Calculator is available via Just set a target date, choose a My Future Fund nearest the target date, and pair it with a suitable Sun Life variable life insurance product.
My Future Fund is perfect for families who are preparing for a specific purpose, like a college education or owning their own home.
What’s more, users of the My Future Calculator can get a chance to win P25,000 cash when they share it on Facebook and subscribe to Brighter Life Institute through the Plan 4 Your Fam, Win a Future Fund promo. Full mechanics here.
3. Websites or Blogs
Now on its fourth year, #SINAG invites Filipino bloggers and online journalists to be part of Sun Life’s financial literacy advocacy by sharing and posting about their insights and experiences on money management.
From securing their future to learning about financial instruments, #SINAG is a valuable compilation of life stories and advice from writers who also believe in the benefit of being financially prepared.
Interested writers can send a link of their entry to Full contest mechanics can be found here
Now, we can say goodbye to financial illiteracy and start having a #BrighterLife.

For updates on Brighter Life Institute, My Future Fund Calculator, and #SINAG, follow us on social media via @sunlifeph.

Passion Series No. 1: Helping People #LiveBrighter

If you have been following my other page, The Purple Secretary, you might have noticed my favorite hashtag #makepassionyourprofession. It is actually one of my favorite personal advocacies which I got from the movie, 3 Idiots, and Sha Nacino's MISSION HAPPINESS book. It is the same idea that was presented in Yeng Remulla's book -- START SOMETHING. 

It is all about finding the 3P's in life -- Passion, Purpose, and Profit. Find all these three things together at the same time and this is what we call - The Sweet and Perfect Spot. So, I am launching these series on my blog to share stories and inspiration about how to make passion your profession. We will discuss different career options that you can consider with high hopes that you can also find your own sweet and perfect spot. 

First Stop: Helping Other People #LiveBrighter

Whether we admit it or not, financial illiteracy is one of the major concerns nowadays. You might be able to hear stories about people who used to be really rich but now is left with nothing due to bad luck or bad decisions. Regardless of the reason, we can say that proper financial planning could have made things different. 

Thus, one of the careers that you can consider is to become a Sun Life Advisor, you can help people (passion) plan for their future while enjoying limitless earning potential (profit.) In this way, you can make a positive difference in the lives of others by helping them fulfill their financial goals (purpose.) 

A big portion of the population is still without any form of life insurance and investment. By providing relevant financial advice and guiding them along the way, you can help ensure their security and growth, and help them build a solid future for themselves and their loved ones. 

Here are other reasons why you should consider being a Financial Advisor: 

1. Flexible Time

This job does not require you to be in the office 8-5 instead you get to enjoy flexible working hours allowing you to fulfill your other roles in life. By being able to manage your own schedule, you can allocate your time according to your priorities. 

2. Rewarding Career

Aside from a competitive incentives package, a job well done is rewarded with a trip to local and international destinations, cash bonuses, gift certificates and other exciting prizes. 

3. Work with a Reputable Company

Sun Life is the number one and longest-standing life insurance company in the Philippines. They provide solutions to various financial needs, such as income continuation, education, retirement and wealth accumulation. 

4. Free Training

Whether you are a fresh graduate or an experienced worker, Sun Life makes sure that you are fully equipped with the necessary knowledge and skills to fulfill your role in helping other people. Personal and professional advancement is highly valued in Sun Life. With its continuous learning and training programs, you can reach your full potential. 

Interested to start a #LiveBrighter Career? Here's how you can get started:

1. Join a #LiveBrighter Forum 

2. Attend the interviews/ take the Personality Orientation Profile Screen Test
3. Take the Licensing Exam at the Insurance Commission
4. Finish the Sun Life Training Course
5. Complete the Contracting and Coding Process

For more details, visit

Also, feel free to share in the comments below if you are found your sweet spot or if you are still searching for one. Make sure to follow us on Facebook to be updated with the next Passion Series post.