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Is the Government Complaint Hotline 8888 really working?

The National Citizen's Complaints Hotline, also known as Hotline 8888 was launched last August 1, 2016. One will be able to access them via email or call using their home and mobile phones. It is free of charge for PLDT and Smart/ Sun subscribers while there is a Php 5 charge for Globe subscribers. Since I am a Globe subscriber and do not want to incur additional charges, I opted to contact them via email at If you are wondering if our complaints against the government have finally stopped from falling on deaf ears, let me share with you a personal experience with the Citizen's Complaints Hotline.  This is not the first time I had encountered problems with Philpost or the Philippine Postal Service. In 2015, a friend from the US sent me an audio CD. I paid Php 100 for "taxes" but was surprised that my parcel was actually empty. My friend told me that she is 100% sure that she was able to send them but it has simply gone

Where can I apply for online jobs aside from Upwork?

If you have been following my blog, then you might be aware that one of my personal advocacies is to promote freelancing and working from home opportunities especially in areas where there are limited employment opportunities are available.  This is also the same reason why we started the Negros Online Workers here in Bacolod. Anyway, let me share with you one of the newest freelancing platforms which I really love.   In fact, we consider this as one of the best yet unsaturated markets for online workers.  How does it work?  FreeeUp helps thousands of businesses from all over the world hire top talent for their business projects.  As a freelancer, you can offer over 85 different skill sets at the hourly or fixed rate that you set yourself. The most in-demand skills are as follows:  Ecommerce  Amazon and Shopify SEO Facebook Ads Graphic Design Video Editing Sales & Marketing Web Development and Design Content Writing and Copywriting  Account

The Downside of Freelancing - Are you Guilty?

I love working at home. If you have been following my blog, you may have read my story on why we took the leap from the corporate world to freelancing . However, despite the good things and perks of working at home, one cannot deny that there is also a downside to our story.  One of the common health problems of freelancers is brought about by our sedentary life. Without the need of a daily commute, one may just jump out of his/her bed and directly to his/her workstation. Exercise may easily be neglected where walking has been very minimal. Aside from the lack of exercise, having a regular and healthy diet has been challenging. With no fixed schedule, skipping meals then binge on snacks after the shift has been a part of many freelancers' daily routine.  And guess what? I am 100% guilty.  After getting sick and realizing that health is indeed wealth. One must never too busy for a healthy lifestyle. We should never forget that our body needs regular exercise and

Reminders to all Online Workers and Freelancers

Some realizations about life, work, and sickness. :) Do not overwork yourself. Health is wealth. The money that you worked for will just go down the drain once you get hospitalized. Get enough sleep. Lack of sleep weakens your immune system. If you have a weak immune system, everything else follows. Have PHILHEALTH coverage, it helps with the hospital bills. If you can get an HMO, then it's much better. Inform your client, let them know your situation. They will understand.  Be prompt with your tasks, make sure you don't have backlogs. So that in cases that you have a bit of "downtime," it's still manageable. Lastly, build your passive income streams. Find a way to earn even if you're not really "working." There are a lot of options such as financial investments, affiliate marketing, blogging, etc.