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Somerset Olympia Makati: A Pet-Friendly Serviced Residence Celebrates Its First Puppy Hour

One of the most common dilemmas of furparents like me is the idea of leaving our pets when traveling. To be honest, I am really not comfortable about leaving Crumpy thus, it's either I bring him along if we get to find a place where pets are allowed or just simply cancel the trip.   So far, we were lucky to find pet-friendly accommodation in Cebu, Kalibo , and Tagaytay. Thus, I was very excited and happy to learn about  Ascott Limited's Somerset Olympia Makati.  Ms. Susan Salcedo, The Ascott Limited Philippines’ City Manager said, “Because there are only a few  pet-friendly properties in the hospitality industry in our country, Somerset Olympia Makati offers a  home for your pets” Aside from offering a home to our dear furbabies, Th e Ascott Limited's Somerset Olympia Makati also celebrated its first Puppy Hour last April 30, 2019.  In line with the international celebration of the pet month, Somerset Olympia Makati celebrated the value of pet o

How to Organize a Block Screening at Citymall Cinema?

Last April 27, the Negros Online Workers, a local community of freelancers based in Bacolod organized a block screening for Avengers: Endgame. It was a random idea that we had since we were having a hard time getting advance tickets for the movie plus we want to enjoy lazy boy seats while watching the 3-hr movie.  Fast forward, the block screening was a success. The tickets were sold out in an hour and we had local companies such as Dojo 8 Coliving Space, Ask Franco Ryu Karatedo, Verde Nua and Lunasterra who became our raffle sponsors. We also had free siomai. And since I am getting a lot of inquiries on how to organize a block screening, here are 4 steps in organizing a block screening at the Citymall cinema.  Step 1: Call or visit the cinema and ask for availability. Check with them your preferred date and time. If screening time/schedule is not yet available, give them an idea if you would like a morning, afternoon or evening screening.  Step 2: Once