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Friday, November 26, 2021

How Samsung Protects Your Smartphones from Cyberattacks

The smartphone has become the center of how we work, live, and play. For many, it has even become the only thing that we bring out of the home, replacing our laptops, wallets, and even house keys.

While we are generally more mindful today of the dangers posed by hackers to our laptops and computers, we also need to recognize that smartphones are prone to cyberattacks as well. Hackers go where the crowds are and right now, that’s mobile devices.

This is why the scam messages and SMS from unknown senders these past few weeks are truly alarming and that’s why it’s never been more important to stay safe. The good news -- Samsung is constantly innovating to protect you and your data against emerging threats.

The billions of smartphones around the world are filled with sensitive personal and business data, providing infinite opportunities for hackers to steal and sell private information. In fact, cybersecurity firm IronNet reported that cyberattacks have increased 168% between May 2020 and May 2021, with attacks on smartphones becoming one of the biggest cybersecurity threats in the Asia Pacific region.

Samsung is committed to keeping users safe and secure, with Samsung Knox providing true end-to-end protection throughout the entire lifecycle of your device. In this article, we explore five potential cyberattack scenarios that could happen when the safety of your device is compromised – and explain how Samsung Knox protects you from these threats, in line with our ethos of placing security at the heart of every decision we make.

Cyberattack Scenario 1: Unauthorized backdoor access

Outside of Samsung, developers routinely create software ‘backdoors’ for apps and even mobile OSes so that they can gain easy access for troubleshooting purposes. However, hackers are able to discover these backdoors, which usually bypass any or all cybersecurity measures on the device in question.

To prevent unauthorized backdoor access, do not download unofficial or unauthorized apps. Downloading software other than what the manufacturer originally installed to gain full access to the device’s operating system could also introduce malware or spyware that leads to unauthorized backdoor access.

How Samsung protects you against this threat: At Samsung, we design, create, and validate every computer chip, every piece of wiring, and every hardware component before using them to manufacture our smart devices in highly secure factories around the world. This chip-up approach gives us control over design, manufacturing, and assembly, ensuring a secure supply chain that prevents unauthorized backdoor access in our devices – resulting in an end product that our users can trust completely.

Cyberattack Scenario 2: Compromised, weak, or re-used passwords

As users continue to create new accounts for digital services, ranging from telehealth services to new ride-hailing and e-commerce platforms, they provide more avenues for hackers to exploit.

An August 2021 survey from IBM found, 86% of consumers in the Asia Pacific admit that they re-use the same credentials across multiple online accounts. This is a poor data privacy habit – just one attack could leave a user’s entire internet footprint vulnerable to hackers.

How Samsung protects you against this threat: Samsung’s devices are equipped with innovative biometric authentication technology, such as Ultrasonic Fingerprint so that access to your data can be protected even if your device is lost or stolen. Known as Samsung Pass, this biometric authentication tool also lets users easily access log-in credentials without the need to remember countless usernames and passwords. To take data protection to the next level, we have also equipped our devices with Knox Vault, a secure processor that operates independently from the main CPU. Knox Vault securely isolates your biometrics data from the rest of your phone, so no one can get their hands on your data.

Cyberattack Scenario 3: Free Wi-Fi may not be so free after all

Free Wi-Fi hotspots are a boon for everyone who needs access to the Internet on their mobile devices for work or play. However, public Wi-Fi services provide an opportunity for hackers to steal data, as the data that you send across the web – such as credit card information for online purchases – might first pass through the hands of a hacker via a public Wi-Fi network.

How Samsung protects you against this threat: For everyday browsing and internet usage, Secure Wi-Fi encrypts outgoing internet traffic and disables tracking apps and websites. It allows you to browse the internet safely on public wireless connections without fear of security breaches.

Cyberattack Scenario 4: Phishing attacks compromising sensitive data

Phishing is a type of attack in which cybercriminals trick victims into handing over sensitive information or installing malware, disguised as links, attachments, or even legitimate apps, on their devices.

Once hackers have access to your sensitive information, they could use it to demand a ransom from you, steal your personal information, carry out other vices, or make purchases with your credit card information, for instance.

How Samsung protects you against this threat: Device Protection in Samsung Device Care continuously scans your device for malware or suspicious activity and alerts you when you mistakenly install malicious apps through detection via the McAfee protection.

Additionally, the Samsung Secure Folder keeps data secure and isolates problematic apps within the folder to keep apps away from users’ personal information.

Meanwhile, when you’re purchasing with Samsung Pay on your mobile device, your card information is encrypted and completely isolated to protect it at all times.

Cyberattack Scenario 5: Zero-day vulnerability

As hackers and cyber attackers are constantly trying to hack into devices, they are always on the lookout for zero-day vulnerabilities. A zero-day vulnerability is a vulnerability in a system or device that has been discovered but is not yet patched. This can be particularly dangerous as cybercriminals target the flaws in a system before developers or the public are aware it even exists.

How Samsung protects you against this threat: Samsung Knox offers real-time protection, always actively protecting your devices against data attacks or malware. This means that unauthorized attempts to access or modify your phone’s core is blocked in real-time.

When users reboot their Samsung smartphone, Secure Boot is activated to detect any unauthorized software and block attempts to compromise the device through multi-layered, defense-grade security. If the smartphone is booted in an unapproved state, Samsung Knox will automatically lock up apps containing sensitive data such as Samsung Pay, Samsung Pass, Secure Folder, or Samsung Health.

Looking ahead to a more secure future

The smartphone has become a key part of our digital lives, whether from home, in the classroom, or even in the office. With new cyber-threat vectors continuously putting us at risk, we need to stay vigilant and play an active role in keeping ourselves and our loved ones safe in this digital world.

Security does not just stop at smartphones for Samsung, as Knox protection also extends to the smart appliances in Samsung’s portfolio for an additional layer of protection. This means that your Samsung smart appliances are protected and secured, whether you are mirroring the video you are watching on your Galaxy device with the SmartView app to the screen on your Family Hub™ or using the AI function on your AI EcoBubble washing machine to calibrate optimal wash settings.

As a Samsung user, you can be assured that you have a digital partner committed to world-class security and privacy standards – keeping you safe while you work, study, and play.

To know more about how Samsung Knox protects your devices from cyberattacks, watch Samsung Knox: Collective Protection or read it at

Shopee Wraps Up 2021 and Introduces its Newest Brand Ambassadors, Dingdong and Zia Dantes, at the 12.12 Big Christmas Sale

Shopee, the leading e-commerce platform in Southeast Asia and Taiwan, closes the year with its annual 12.12 Big Christmas Sale, the most joyful year-end celebration in the region. 12.12 is set to bring a smile to users as they shop from the widest variety of products to reward themselves and their loved ones during the happiest time of the year. Through the 12.12 Big Christmas Sale, shoppers can also spread the holiday cheer to their favorite local businesses, with 2 times more items sold by local businesses this year.

Users can look forward to a delightful celebration throughout the festive season. In the past year, Shopee has brought fun to users with exciting giveaways and exclusive content, recording over 13 billion engagements and views across its social media channels. This 12.12, users can expect even more entertainment and engagement with a brand-new commercial featuring international superstar Jackie Chan and performances by popular K-Pop group Tomorrow X Together. To get into the Pinoy family spirit of the holidays, Shopee also welcomes first-ever celebrity father-and-daughter brand ambassadors, Dingdong and Zia Dantes.

Martin Yu, Director at Shopee Philippines, said, “Every 12.12, Shopee comes together with our users to celebrate the milestones and achievements over the past year. This year, we would like to show our appreciation to all our users for letting us be part of their daily lives. Many more users are now using digital services, and local businesses are increasingly embracing the shift online. We are glad to have been able to adapt to their evolving needs this past year and we will continue to help more people benefit from the digital economy as we head into a new year. We look forward to celebrating the year-end with all our users as we bring smiles to one another this holiday season.”

1. Celebrating the happiest time of the year with the best deals

As shoppers hunt for the best gifts, Shopee is thrilled to bring users the most exciting deals this 12.12. These include:

  • The best promotions: Shoppers can enjoy the best deals for all their gifting needs with deals such as free shipping with no minimum spend, ₱1 Deals, and 10% off daily.

  • Big discounts: They can also get discounts up to 90% off on the biggest Shopee Mall brands:

2. Celebrating the holidays with entertainment for the whole family

Users can also expect non-stop entertainment from today until the big finale on December 12. Highlights include:

Fun-filled 12.12 TV Special: Filipinos can tune in to GMA 7 and Shopee Live this December 12, 10:30pm, to catch Tomorrow X Together, Korea’s hottest rising boy group, grace the stage with a very special performance. Celebrities such as Michael V, Ysabel Ortega, Kate Valdez, Rayver Cruz, Julie Ann Jose, and Andrea Torres will also join host Willie Revillame for a fun and star-studded evening.

Entertaining content from Shopee’s newest brand ambassadors: Fans can catch Dingdong and Zia’s festive new TV commercial, which features the beloved Pinoy Christmas tradition bunutan ng pera, on local TV networks and on Shopee’s official Facebook and YouTube accounts. Users can also check out Shopee’s YouTube and Tiktok accounts for heartwarming videos featuring Dingdong and Zia, wherein they recreate social media challenges, go shopping on Shopee, and more.

Exciting games and contests: Users can win voucher giveaways by joining Dingdong- and Zia-themed games and contests on Shopee’s official Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram accounts. From December 1-12, users can win a total of ₱12,000,000 in prizes from their favorite local celebrities, including Dingdong and Zia, by playing Shopee Celebrity Pamasko on the app. Users simply have to tap on the angpao to win a prize from the celebrity of the day.

3. Celebrating local businesses and culture

Local businesses represent a significant part of local culture and as the need for digitalization increases, Shopee is committed to supporting these sellers and helping them thrive:

Shopee Celebrates Local: Shopee launches ‘Shopee Celebrates Local,’ a special contest to share and promote beloved local sellers. Users can read their stories on the #TatakPinoy page and on Shopee’s social media channels, and vote for their favorites until December 5. Winning sellers stand to win prizes they can use for their businesses, while users stand to win Shopee vouchers. Through the Tatak Pinoy page, users can also enjoy exclusive deals when supporting these sellers.

4. Celebrating wider communities

Through 12.12, Shopee will continue to uplift local communities through its platform. In the spirit of Christmas, Shopee launches the Frontliner Holiday Package to show gratitude for local heroes. Starting December 10, frontliners can avail of this package, which includes vouchers they can use for their holiday celebrations.

For more information about Shopee 12.12 Big Christmas Sale, visit:

Thursday, November 25, 2021

Moms Bond Over Family Nutrition in #AlagangAlaska Nutri-Talks Forum

“Mother knows best” is more than just a saying. From your best friends, to your favorite food, to your hobbies and even your favorite celebrities – your mom knows them all. They may not be the most in touch with current trends or technology, but when it comes to their children, mothers have proven time and again that they surely know best.

This is true for nutrition as well. Because of the pandemic, moms had to wear different hats these past few months – educator, cook, and even amateur nutritionist. And while providing proper nutrition remains a top priority for them, it has become more of a struggle for many moms recently, which is why Alaska Fortified Powdered Milk Drink launched its “Super Sulit Pack” to help make nutrition more affordable amidst the pandemic.

Top row, from left: Celebrity Mom Rica Peralejo and Nutritionist and Dietitian Reginna Emiliene Lat, RND;
Bottom row: Event Host and Radio DJ Mama Emma

During the virtual launch event for Alaska Fortified Powdered Milk Drink “Super Sulit Pack,” celebrity mom Rica Peralejo shared her concerns and personal experiences in providing nourishment to her children.

“The pandemic has made it harder to plan meals for the family. It's difficult because your movements are limited and you can't go out freely to buy groceries personally and think of nutritious food pairings that your kids will like,” Rica said.

“It takes a whole lot of creativity to actually make nutritious foods appetizing to kids,” she answered when asked about how she changed her children's eating habits. “It's all about variety at the end of the day. Children want to taste and experience different things, which is challenging for moms. Before, we could go out and eat at places that offer a variety of nutritious foods, but now you have to do it yourself at home...You have to consider things like plating, the set-up of your dining area, just so it would be a different kind of experience from day-to-day.”

Rica also shared her experience in encouraging her children to drink milk. “Actually, milk is one of the easiest things to give to our kids…Sometimes it’s overwhelming for moms to think about what nutrients we can add to our children’s diets, so thankfully we already have milk drinks with the additional nutrients that our kids need. Milk is honestly a godsend for me and for moms because of its affordability, nutrition value, and of course, its kid-approved taste,” she said.

Nutritionist and dietitian, Reginna Emiliene Lat, RND, also joined the virtual launch event to share her experiences in providing nutritional advice to low-income families, which became even more challenging during the pandemic.

“Families are experiencing job loss during the pandemic, with some not having sufficient income to provide proper nutrition for their children,” she mentioned. “But despite these challenges, moms are not ones to compromise on health and are devoted to ensuring that their children get the nutrition they need.”

“So with a few tweaks to their diet like adding fruits and vegetables to their food to ensure balance and variety to their meals, and including nutritional supplements and nutrient-dense drinks, they can make sure that their family can get the nutrients they need while staying within their budget,” Reginna said.

While children are still in their early stages of development, proper nutrition is essential in keeping them healthy and building the foundation for their future. Which is why Alaska Fortified Powdered Milk Drink remains committed to nourishing Filipino families and helping children grow with “Lakas at Talas.”

Containing protein, calcium, vitamin C and vitamin D for “Lakas” (strength) which helps with body development, and choline, iron and iodine for “Talas” (sharpness) which helps with brain development, Alaska Fortified Powdered Milk Drink is a delicious drink that kids can enjoy every morning, paired with a healthy and balanced breakfast.

Moms and media attendees share a toast of Alaska Fortified Milk to show their commitment to affordable nutrition

“We know that Filipino moms are faced with the challenge of providing nutrition for their families within their limited budget. They have a lot of things to consider and prioritize, and they make these decisions every day. True to Alaska Fortified Powdered Milk Drink’s mission and purpose of bringing affordable nutrition to Filipinos, we are here to answer to every Filipino mom’s need with our most affordable milk pack yet – the 300g ‘Super Sulit Pack’ for only PHP 70 – to help give their children the added nutrients they need and foster the ‘alaga’ they deserve,” said Mark Henry Camacho, Brand Manager of Alaska Fortified Powdered Milk Drink.

Alaska Fortified Powdered Milk Drink 300g “Super Sulit Pack” is now available until December 2021 in Shopee, Lazada, leading supermarkets, grocery stores nationwide. 

For more information on Alaska Fortified Powdered Milk Drink, visit and

Wednesday, November 24, 2021

Patient Summit to Strengthen Connection of Non-COVID-19 Patients with Doctors

Based on an SWS survey of 1200 adults across the country, 91% of Filipinos fear contracting COVID-19. Due to fear of contracting COVID-19, non-COVID-19 patients deferred preventive and routine health check-ups. Honestly, I am one of those who failed to go back and see my doctor again.

This is actually very risky since neglecting our health issues may actually worsen our condition. The good news is both COVID-19 and non-COVID-19 patients battling any of the Philippines’ top chronic non-communicable diseases can now resume regular consultations with their doctors via various means.  

This issue will take focus on the upcoming Patient Summit on Friday, November 24. It is a free interactive virtual event organized through the collaboration of the Philippine Alliance of Patient Organizations (PAPO), Mercury Drug Corporation (MDC), and Boehringer Ingelheim (Philippines), Inc. 

The Patient Summit aims to address the pain points patients encounter during the COVID-19 pandemic when seeking medical attention for diseases that remain deadlier than the virus, namely heart diseases, cancer, stroke, diabetes, and pneumonia.   

According to a report by the Philippine Statistics Authority, in 2020 alone, 100,000 Filipinos died from heart disease, over 60,000 from cancer, almost 40,000 from diabetes, roughly around 35,000 from pneumonia, and 25,000 from hypertension. 

Event attendees will get to learn the various technologies and guidelines healthcare professionals and facilities are adopting to make patients of chronic non-communicable diseases feel comfortable seeing doctors once again. 

The Patient Summit will happen on November 26 at 4pm. Those who wish to attend can watch it live on the Facebook pages of Philippine Star or Mercury Drug Corporation.

It is about time that we take control and be more resourceful in taking care of ourselves. We cannot continue to postpone or neglect to address our health issues because, in reality, the virus is not yet going away soon. 

Sharing with you the event page, should you be interested to attend. Just click GOING to let them know that you're joining. 

This is an initiative of Kumusta Dok, an advocacy that aims to empower patients to reconnect with their doctors during the new normal and to increase awareness of the risk factors, signs, and symptoms of the top causes of mortality in the Philippines, which includes heart diseases, cancer, stroke, pneumonia, and diabetes. The program also gives tips and updates on the channels available for patients to strengthen their partnership with doctors throughout their health-seeking journey. It shares efforts being done by healthcare facilities that ensure the safety of patients and healthcare staff. 

How Fighting the Money Taboo Protects Your Financial Future

It is often considered rude or embarrassing to speak openly about money matters. Local and international articles and financial experts have discussed this “money taboo” and found the main reasons behind this dilemma.

First, people are afraid of being judged—either they are thought of as a bad provider if they admit they’re struggling financially, or they’ll be judged as "mayabang" if they talk about their financial gains.

Another reason is that they’re afraid of people asking them for money or that people’s friendship or affection will only be based on greed: how much people can get from them. These are valid fears. right?

But research has shown that the refusal to discuss money within the family and the lack of trust and communication between parents and children—especially when it comes to money talks—can result in financial losses.

When parents are not able to properly discuss something as important as managing money, children fail to learn such essential skills—and as grownups, they would be more prone to making wrong decisions on spending, saving, and investing.

Help your child grow up without being hampered by the money taboo. Discuss finances as part of the family conversation. Depending on the age of your child, you should discuss, in an appropriate way, the family’s expenses: payments for rent, utilities, tuition, groceries, etc. Discuss them in a way that helps your child appreciate the value of hard work and of earning money and spending it wisely.

Then you can talk about income, salaries, allowances, and how important it is to stick to a budget and to put away savings and investments. Talk about how all these go together in making your family financially secure now and in the future. When these financial conversations happen regularly, as ordinary family talks, it does much in reducing the power of taboo over your family’s financial assessments and decisions.

One family conversation you should look forward to with your child is their first savings account. Opening your child’s own savings account is one of the first steps in teaching them financial skills. You can visit the online product page of a kiddie savings account like BDO Junior Savers and discuss what a savings account is and why a person would need one. Go through the requirements and explain to your child the steps involved in opening the account.

The next topic would be what you and your child could do to grow the savings account. Teach your child how to put away savings from his or her allowance to be deposited in the account. You could then discuss and set up a Junior Savers Plan where money can be transferred automatically into your child’s account. This can be done by enrolling your child’s account in your BDO Online Banking account and setting up scheduled ‘Send Money’ transfers from your account to your child’s account.

Money is too important to avoid talking about. A proper discussion of finances within your family ensures wiser financial decisions and a better future for your children.

Saturday, November 20, 2021

Maximize Your 13th Month Pay with ShopeePay

Your 13th-month pay is just around the corner, and as much as you want to enjoy the fruits of your labor and check out everything in your cart, it’s best to be wise about spending your hard-earned money. 

With ShopeePay, not only can you save more, but you can also enjoy big rewards while embracing the season of giving. Here are three tips on how you can make the most out of your year-end bonus with Shopee’s integrated mobile wallet, ShopeePay.

Be on the lookout for the best deals for big savings

Filipinos start the holiday shopping season as soon as the -ber months hit. If you’re thinking of saving up for holiday gifts to your friends and family and you're on a budget, why not check out ShopeePay’s ₱1 Deals? Get your aunt a Christmas basket from Puregold or your nephew delicious treats from Potato Corner, Bonchon, Candy Corner, and Goldilocks. If you want something useful or educational, National Bookstore has some great finds, too. Want to give load to a student doing online schooling or reconnect with friends and loved ones via video phone calls? Load up using ShopeePay and get up to 10% off on load and promos from all networks.

Pay your bills ahead of time -- and get cashback too!

With the busy holiday season up ahead, being able to save time doing errands is a big help. With ShopeePay, you can conveniently pay for all your monthly bills with just a few taps on your phone. Not only that, you can even get up to 25% bills cashback for Electricity, Landline, Internet, Water, Postpaid Mobile, Credit Card, and TV Cable companies such as Meralco, Maynilad, Globe, Smart, PLDT, BPI, and over 60+ ShopeePay partner billers.

Cash in for more cashless transactions

Other than Christmas gifts, we also need to take care of other responsibilities this holiday season; like buying load, paying bills, and even buying groceries for our holiday festivities. ShopeePay makes it easier to go cashless when checking off our Christmas to-do list, as users can now cash in their ShopeePay wallet for free via InstaPay! You can cash in instantly from your bank apps such as RCBC, Metrobank, BPI, Chinabank, Unionbank, and more. Even better, until December 5, 2021, you can skip the added fees when you get up to ₱25 cashback on your InstaPay fee*.

Though it can be tempting to buy all the gifts to treat ourselves and our loved ones, it’s important to keep in mind that we should be practical on how we spend our money, even with our 13th-month pay. With ShopeePay, not only can you enjoy greater savings, but you can also look forward to plenty of rewards. Activate your ShopeePay now and experience seamless online transactions when you Buy Load, Pay Bills, and Scan to Pay with ShopeePay. 

How to Cancel Globe Broadband Unli BB Bundle? Oh, it's such a nightmare!

If you got a Globe Broadband plan a 1-2 years ago, you probably at see a promotion - UNLI BB BUNDLE included on your monthly bill. If you have no idea what it is, it is a special promotion/ add-on from Globe that allows you to call Globe and TM numbers for free using your landline.

Most plans have this special promotion free for two years (24 months) after which you will be automatically billed Php 99 per month. I believe this is actually a good deal if you are making a lot of calls to Globe and TM however if you think that you do not really need it, then you may want to cancel this to avoid that extra Php 99 charge on your Globe internet bill. 

How to cancel the Globe Broadband Unli BB Bundle? 

Before the new normal, we simply have to call the customer service hotline to cancel. However since Globe's customer service hotline is not available anymore (let's say it's hard to get a hold of a live person), the best way to contact them is through their social media pages.

TIP: If you send them directly a private message, more likely you'll end up with a chatbot which is not your goal. So, it might help if you send them a message then make sure to leave a comment on their posts too and from there they might send a reply and ask you to continue the conversation via private messaging. 

In my case, after weeks of trying, I have finally chatted with a live person and was advised to answer this online form.  

Here's the link to the Google form -- Just fill this out to file a request for your unli bb subscription removal. Based on their instructions, once you're done answering all the needed details, kindly submit it and free your line and their support team will keep you updated regarding your concern.

Here's a bit of a warning! Answering the form doesn't mean that your concern has been resolved. You have to follow up and ensure that it has been removed if you don't want to be charged extra. 

In my case, the promised turnaround time of 24-48 hours to process my request was not true. No one from their support team contacted me too. 

I had to answer the form multiple times after making a follow-up since it was still not processed. I guess this is the sad reality of Globe customers. Getting help from customer service nowadays is really challenging. 

Let me share our detailed experience of this very simple request. 

It was October 6 when finally, I was able to get hold of a live agent. I was really happy because I was running in circles with their chatbot on Facebook messenger. I thought that finally my concern will be resolved. I made time to report before the new billing cycle so, that I don't need to see extra charges on our bill. 

After more than a week (October 15), since I never heard anything from Globe, I made another follow-up.

After another week had passed, I still did not hear from Globe so I made another follow-up last October 22. This time I was already frustrated but the agent said that he will expedite the process. Well, let's see. I decided to wait longer and extend my patience. 

So, after almost a month (November 20) -- I still did not get call nor my concern was resolved.  I have no choice but to follow up again for the 3rd time. 

And guess what? Here's what the agent told me. 

So, yes, it is such a nightmare! I feel that I am on a dead-end now but have no choice but to wait for the next update. 

Since I never heard from Globe ever despite their promises of a callback, I decided to seek help from the National Telecommunications Commission (NTC) and sent them an email. 

I was happy that I immediately received a reply from NTC. They asked for more information about my concern and said that they will act on it accordingly.

True enough, I received a call from Globe's head office last December 24. They said that they received my complaint through NTC and they are willing to assist me. After 72 hours, I already saw adjustments on my account, and finally, the UNLI bb bundle has been canceled. 

In a nutshell, Here's How to Cancel Globe Broadband Unli BB Bundle? 

1. Contact Globe Customer Service via Facebook Messenger. Answer the online form that they will give you. 

2. After 48-72 hours, follow-up and check if it has been canceled. If it is still not resolved, try for the 2nd time (yes, we are understanding and they deserve a second chance!) 

3. Follow up again in 48-72 hours. If still not resolved, file a complaint in NTC. 

Our government agencies work and they can be contacted easily online.
There is even no need for you to go to their office. 

To report or file a complaint, you can just email NTC at

P.S. This may not be the best way to have your Globe customer service concerns get resolved but this is the only way that worked for us after the 3-month ordeal and multiple follow-ups.

How about you? Do you have any experience adding/ removing paid services with Globe? How was your experience? Feel free to share on the comments section below.

Tuesday, November 16, 2021

BDO, voted by Filipino consumers in Reader’s Digest Trust Brands Awards

FILIPINO consumers have once again voted for BDO Unibank as a brand they trust, according to the results of Reader’s Digest Asia’s survey on most trusted brands. 

This vote of confidence led to BDO receiving Platinum Trusted Brand Awards in the Bank and Credit Card Issuing Bank categories, and Gold Trusted Brand Awards in the Personal/Consumer Loan and Investment Fund Company categories—all for the 2nd straight year—during Reader’s Digest Philippines Trusted Brands Awards 2021.

Platinum Trusted Brand Awards are given to top-performing brands that achieve the highest score in their categories, while Gold Trusted Brand Awards are presented to brands that score substantially higher than their closest competitor. 

All awardees have been voted by regular consumers from the Philippines, Singapore, Malaysia, Hong Kong, and Taiwan. Reader’s Digest Asia tapped market research company Catalyst Research to get more than 8,000 respondents to name the brands they trust the most across 50 product and service categories, and rate their trustworthiness and credibility, quality, value, understanding of customer needs, innovation, and social responsibility.

“For the brands themselves, trust matters when it comes to weathering a crisis, and ultimately, trust is built on the traditional foundations of quality, consistency, honesty, and delivering on your promises,” said Reader’s Digest Asia editor in chief Louise Waterson. “In terms of the current situation, with this pandemic, that also means getting proactive and reaching out to your customers like never before. It’s very much about maintaining a relationship with that particular individual.”

BDO has been consistently identified by Filipino consumers as a trusted brand since 2010 when it received Gold Trusted Brand Awards in the Bank and Credit Card Issuing Bank categories.

TRUSTED BY FILIPINOS. For the 2nd straight year, BDO Unibank won Platinum Trusted Brand Awards in the Bank and Credit Card Issuing Bank categories, and Gold Trusted Brand Awards in the Personal/Consumer Loan and Investment Fund Company categories in Reader’s Digest Philippines Trusted Brands Awards 2021. In photo is Rafael Ayuste Jr., BDO SVP & Head of Trust and Investments Group, who accepted the awards during the virtual ceremony. 

“Receiving these honors during unprecedented and challenging times is made even more meaningful,” said Rafael Ayuste Jr., BDO SVP & Head of Trust and Investments Group. “We are grateful to our valued customers for their unwavering trust and loyalty. Consumers can count on us that our We Find Ways’ service philosophy will remain constant and evident in the way we serve them by providing the best banking solutions to match their needs.”

Monday, November 15, 2021

Book Feature: Distorted Purposes + Exclusive Interview with Author Morgan Douglas

After reading Dan Brown's Deception Point, I fell in love with suspense thrillers and science fiction books. This is why we got excited to hear about the latest book, Distorted Purposes. 

This is about a sudden mass shapeshifting event that happened around the world. Where human beings were instantly transformed into indistinguishable blank figures.  The story starts by describing this phenomenon happening in the small fictional college town of Calbury, Pennsylvania. Where a group of individuals was spared this fate for reasons unknown to them as they set out to find answers to this problem. What Grace, Danny, Jacklyn, Henry, and Cam uncovered was a heinous plan devised by two government officials who finally brought everyone back to their regular selves after being discovered. Using the People Morphing Plan they extorted world leaders by the threat of changing them back into “bubble figures,” via an enhanced computer. The goal was to manipulate humankind into making positive strides in various human rights and other issues such as climate change. None of this could stop two thieves from stealing the blueprints to the technology though.

This thrilling book is the debut album of Author Morgan Douglas from Portland, Oregon. 
Today, we are blessed with this opportunity to have this exclusive interview with her. 

1. Can you share with us something about the book that isn't in the blurb?

The people who fall victim to the mass shapeshifting event are still sentient despite the fact that they are blank figures. They are able to communicate to others in their vicinity via electrical frequencies.

2. What inspired the idea for your latest book?

During my last year in college, I went to a class discussion after being up all night at the hospital. I was so tired that I am not sure if I just temporarily fell asleep or just daydreamed the image of a human-like figure emerging from the ground and sitting in a desk chair.

3. How long did it take you to complete the book?

It actually took me 2 years to finish writing the book.

4. What part of the book was most challenging to write and why?

I find the middle section of the book the most challenging to write because I had to reveal the reasoning behind this People Morphing Plan. Coming up with an explanation and providing the moving parts of this was the most time-consuming part.

5. What do you hope your readers take away from this book?

I hope my readers will find a sense of adventure and joy in reading a book with this bizarre concept.

6. If you’re planning a sequel or writing the next book, can you share a tiny bit about your plans for it?

I am currently working on a sequel. After one of the two thieves decides to take drastic measures to experiment with the technology blueprints that they stole and replicated. Manipulation of this device as a way to threaten to use it if their demands for money are not met does not work at first. They do however get the money they want but at the cost of starting a war.

7. Where can they buy your books or find out more about you?



Thank you, Author Morgan, for agreeing to this interview. We are happy to learn more about you and your book and we are looking forward to its sequel. 


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Thursday, November 11, 2021

BDO Reminds Clients to Ignore and Delete “Deactivation” Emails

Happy Singles Day! Are you done shopping? I am so happy and excited as there are so many great deals and offers available. Honestly, it's so hard to resist when you can complete your purchases with just a few clicks. 

Anyway, as we make more digital and online transactions, we'd like to encourage you to be responsible and careful as well. 

BDO Unibank reminds clients that they will NEVER send a warning message about account deactivation as banks do not deactivate accounts via email, text, or call. Moreover, they will never urge clients to click on links that lead to websites asking for personal information to verify their identity and prevent account deactivation.

BDO continues to advise its clients to do the following steps to outsmart scam messages:

Check the email sender’s address. Scammers can change the sender name but not the email address. If the email sender’s address doesn’t end with, it’s a scam email.

Double-check a link before clicking on it. Using a computer, clients can point their mouse cursor at the link to reveal the website address. Using a mobile device, clients can “long press” a link to see a preview of the web page it goes to. Remember, BDO will never send links to a web page asking for confidential information.

Be wary of the message. Scammers alarm clients by informing them of an unauthorized transaction using their bank account. They will include details such as the total amount as well as the date and place of purchase. BDO assures clients that it will never send this kind of message via text message and email.

BDO encourages clients to report suspicious incidents to or get in touch with its representatives by logging in Messenger and looking for BDO Customer Care with the blue verified checkmark from Facebook. Clients may also call its hotline at 8631-8000 or email BDO at

Thursday, November 4, 2021

Shopee Launches 11.11 Big Christmas Sale, its Biggest Sale of the Year, with Unbeatable deals and Nonstop Fun

The 11.11 Big Christmas Sale becomes the ultimate holiday shopping destination with promos such as ₱1 Deals, free shipping with no minimum spend, 10% off daily vouchers, and giveaways worth over ₱12,000,000

Shopee, the leading e-commerce platform in Southeast Asia and Taiwan, kicks off its annual 11.11 Big Christmas Sale, the most anticipated shopping festival in the region. The 11.11 Big Christmas Sale headlines a year where more people and businesses use the platform to connect with each other. In fact, the number of sellers and brands on Shopee surged by 60% in 2021, while 1 in 3 shoppers at its recent 9.9 event was new to the platform.

The 11.11 Big Christmas Sale, which ushers in the year’s busiest shopping season, presents Shopee’s greatest selection of deals, fun, and entertainment for everyone. To add to the festive mood, users can look forward to the widest variety of discounted products from over 25 categories and unbeatable promos such as ₱1 Deals, free shipping with no minimum spend, and 10% off daily. With such an irresistible line-up, the number of new buyers on Shopee is expected to peak further during 11.11. Brands and local MSMEs stand to benefit from the increased traffic, supercharging business growth and scaling their online presence.

International superstar Jackie Chan also returns with a fun commercial for the 11.11 Big Christmas Sale. After his 9.9 commercial met with viral success by garnering 435 million views online, the action-packed sequel sparked excitement for all users as well. Fans can catch the commercial here:

Martin Yu, Director at Shopee Philippines, said, “Christmas holds a special place in Filipinos’ hearts. During this season of giving, Shopee Philippines hopes to make this year’s festivities even more memorable for both our users and sellers. As the holidays approach, we aim to bring more joy to shoppers and help them save more on things they love by curating the best deals. We’ve also pioneered efforts to expand our digital ecosystem to help more consumers, businesses, and communities access and benefit from e-commerce. We invite everyone to join us in making this the biggest and most impactful 11.11.”

1. Biggest growth opportunities for businesses

The 11.11 Big Christmas Sale will act as a springboard to accelerate growth for businesses on Shopee. In 2021, more than 8 million new local shops opened on Shopee. With a growing base of shoppers and more marketing tools provided by Shopee, 11.11 will give brands and MSMEs greater visibility to maximize demand. Businesses with an offline presence can also participate in 11.11 through ShopeePay and Shopee’s digital products feature.

  • Exclusive deals from leading brands on Shopee Mall: Shoppers can look forward to exclusive deals from top brands such as Xiaomi, POCO, realme, Samsung, Nokia, Vivo, DJI, PerySmith, Deerma, Coocaa Home, and Bata Philippines.

  • More offline deals from brands: Brands also stand to generate more in-store traffic through promotions from ShopeePay. Users can turn to ‘Deals Near Me’ to check for special in-store deals from brands such as Puregold, National Bookstore, Fully Booked, Power Mac Center, The Generics Pharmacy, Family Mart, Lawson, Olympic Village, Shoe Salon, Potato Corner, Mary Grace, Bonchon, Papa John’s, Siomai House, and Fruitas Group of Companies.


2. Upsized variety, deals, and entertainment for the holidays

Shopee is committed to helping more shoppers access the benefits of e-commerce, especially during the busiest shopping time of the year. To encourage more people to try shopping online, Shopee introduced initiatives such as special welcome gifts and vouchers for new shoppers, with over 5 million welcome gifts across the region redeemed since the start of the year. Throughout 11.11, shoppers can look forward to an unbeatable range of more rewards and deals: 

  • Rewards for first-time shoppers: As they start their e-commerce journey, new and first-time Shopee users can look forward to a free welcome package, bills cashback, free shipping, 100% off vouchers, and ₱1 deals with their first purchase. 
  • Gift guides for easy holiday shopping: Users can enjoy a quick and easy holiday shopping experience with Shopee’s Christmas in our Carts gift guides. They can get discounts up to 90% off on a wide range of branded gifts and bundles, from the latest gadgets to luxurious personal care items. They can also check out Shopee Mall for 10% off Mall vouchers, special deals on holiday gifts, and vouchers from their favorite brands.  
  • Bigger deals across different categories: Shoppers can discover the best deals on everything they need at 11.11 Big Sale. Highlights include 1-for-1 Deals, Early Platform Voucher Hunt, and Mega Midnight Sale, covering the widest range of product categories. They can also look out for themed sales such as the Big Sports & Outdoors Sale on November 4, Big Fashion Sale on November 5, Big Groceries & Pet Care Sale on November 6, Big Mommy & Babies Sale on November 7, Big Shopee Mall Sale on November 8, Big Electronics Sale on November 9, and Big Vouchers Sale on November 10.  
  • Exclusive Shopee Mall discounts from the biggest roster of brands: At the 11.11 Midnight Mall Exclusive Sale from 12MN to 2AM, shoppers can enjoy huge price drops and exclusive bundle deals. Throughout the sale, brand sukis can also enjoy discounts up to 90% off on leading brands in the country:  
  • Secure and convenient shopping with ShopeePay: Users can shop with greater security and enjoy better deals when they pay with ShopeePay. They can also now enjoy a free, instant, and more convenient way to cash in from their bank apps via InstaPay. Until November 7, users can cash in via InstaPay and get up to ₱25 cashback. 

The 11.11 Big Christmas Sale will also spark more joy with the big finale on November 11:



  • 11.11 Big Christmas Sale TV Special: NCT 127, one of today’s hottest K-pop boy bands, will delight Filipino audiences with their chart-topping hits at the 11.11 TV show on November 11, 9:30-11:30pm on GMA 7 and Shopee Live. Filipinos can also look forward to appearances from top local celebrities such as Jessy Mendiola, Aira Bermudez, Rocco Nacino, Klea Pineda, Andre Paras, and Gil Cuerva. Lastly, viewers stand a chance to win prizes and giveaways worth over  ₱12,000,000, including two new house & lots and a brand-new car.

For more information about Shopee 11.11 Big Christmas Sale, visit