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Wednesday, April 29, 2015

#DEVANTxAvengers: Do you want to have your own "Avengers" TV?

I am such a huge fan of Avengers. The plot, characters, action and technology of Tony Stark made me fall in love with it. 

Thus, I was so happy when I found out that my two (2) favorite brands teamed up not just to make a statement but to provide consumers the perfect partnership in viewing experience. 

DEVANT frontiers in providing premium quality entertainment experience with its world-class TV collection. The DEVANTxAvengers TV takes pride in the different features that shows the strengths of the world's mightiest heroes. 

  • Captain America is the DEVANT Curved TV - Be unique and in the lead like the legendary Captain America with the new DEVANT 65-inch Curved Ultra HD TV. This Smart 3D TV’s sleek curved style is perfect not only for watching your favorite shows and movies but for a great gaming experience as well.

  • Iron Man is all about Devant's 8.3 MP Technology - If you are fond of high-tech gadgets just like the eccentric billionaire inventor Tony Stark? Devant’s 65-inch Smart 3D Ultra HD TV is the right choice for you! Armed with an 8.3 Megapixel display resolution, a built-in ISDB-T receiver and other amazing features, the techie in you will surely be impressed.

  • Thor shows what 120HZ Vivid Motion can do - One can say goodbye to blurred scenes with this DEVANT 55-inch Smart 3D Ultra HD TV. With its 120Hz Vivid Motion and fast frame refresh rate, even scenes as fast as the thunder from the mighty Asgardian Thor will never be a problem.

  • The Hulk is all about Superb Sound - Hear the Hulk’s roars loud and clear with DEVANT 50-inch Smart 3D Ultra HD TV’s Superb Sound. Its built-in subwoofer produces richer and clearer audio that enhances your viewing experience.

  • Hawkeye's Perfectly Clear Panel - Experience spot on picture display wherever you are! DEVANT 55-inch Smart 3D TV’s perfectly clear panel eliminates ambient light reflection and gives you balanced picture displays even in various lighting conditions and allows you to never miss a scene just like how the unparalleled marksman Hawkeye never misses his target.

  • Black Widow and Devant's 2D to 3D Conversion - Armed with intelligence and amazing fighting skills, the Black Widow is never afraid to join the men in action. Enjoy and immerse yourself in intense action scenes from Marvel’s “Avengers: Age of Ultron” with the 2D to 3D conversion feature of DEVANT’s 50-inch Smart 3D TV. Experience 3D viewing at the comfort of your home with just the touch of a button.

With DEVANT’s great roster of TV collection and the amazing features they offer, one can consider it as one of the best TV brands just like the Avengers who make up a super hero team so powerful they are labeled Earth’s Mightiest Heroes. 

Through this partnership, we can now enjoy the best entertainment experience right at our very homes. You may also follow DEVANT in facebook for updates and promotions. 

To my dear readers: Do you think DEVANT should now be called the Earth's Mightest TV Brand? Share your thoughts. 

Monday, April 27, 2015

How to Spend Your Summer with a Bang? + Giveaway

Things that come into mind when summer is mentioned are waterparks, beach, out of town trips like Boracay, Batangas, Palawan and Puerto Galera or any place where swimsuits, sunnies and sunblock is a must-have. However, last Wednesday, I was fortunate to discover a very unique and awesome experience at Stronghand Shooting Range. 

Stronghand Shooting Range takes pride being known as a teaching range. Mr. Alfred M. Zaballa, Range Officer was very patient and fun while giving us tips and reminders. 

As beginners, we attended the basic course, "The Proper & Practical Pistol" where we were taught:
  • The 4 Rules of Gun Safety
  • How to Handle a Pistol
  • How to Clear a Pistol
  • How to Shoot a Target
The basic course can be completed in one session. Normally, it lasts 1.5 hours with live firing. They also offer Advance Classes which covers fast target acquisition, timed shooting, twin tamps, target traverse, quick reloading and a lot more. Private sessions are also available upon request. 

After the course, I was both excited and nervous to do the live shooting. We used a 9MM HS Pistol. Stronghand is an exclusive distributor of HS pistols. These are very high quality pistols which features grip safety, trigger safety, firing pin block/drop safety, loaded chamber indicators, out of battery safety and a lot more. 

Stronghand Shooting Range has a toxic-free environment. Aside from using toxic-free formulation of ammo, they also have HEPA filter and turbine air exchanger. 

It is also family-friendly. It provides a totally safe, comfortable and fun experience. They have a 180 degree viewing window, seminar room, large and small bays and their staff has an approachable attitude about guns and ammo. They also have a coffee shop and prices are very affordable. 

Learning to shoot in the firing range should be part of your bucket list and here are a few reasons: 

1. It is very accessible. Stronghand is located at La Defense Building 1660 E. Rodriguez Sr. Ave., Cubao, Quezon City. 

2. There is no need to get concerned about swimsuits and beach perfect bodies. You can come in your most comfortable attire. Only ear muffs and glasses are important. 
3. It can also boost your confidence.
4. It is a perfect way to de-stress and say goodbye to your worries and fears. 
5. Shooting teaches us discipline and responsibility too. 

Are you wondering how was my target board? 

If I am to describe the whole experience in one word, it would definitely be "FULFILLING" and so, go ahead and visit Stronghand Shooting Range and have the summer you will never forget. They are open from 10:00AM - 7:00PM from Mondays to Saturdays and 10:00AM - 5:00PM on Sundays. You may also visit their website for more details or call them at (02) 721-7174. 

For ladies, it is best to visit them during Wednesdays because you get 50% off on Range and Firearm Rentals. 

We would also like to thank RMDC, Inc for organizing this event. For more information about RMDC, Inc., you may check their website or visit their office at La Defense Building 1660 E. Rodriguez Sr. Ave., Cubao, Quezon City.

Lastly, I want one of our readers to have this great experience too. We are giving away three vouchers from Stronghand Shooting Range that you can share with your friends. This giveaway will run from April 27 - May 21. 

The mechanics are pretty simple. 

1. Like My Metro Lifestyle's FB page.
2. Like Stronghand Shooting Range FB page.  
3. Share this giveaway in FB. Make sure to tag My Metro Lifestyle and Stronghand Shooting Range. Tag two friends and use hashtags   #iamstronghand #showyourguns. 
4. Comment in this blog post with your name, email address, FB name and link to your shared post. 
5. This is open to Metro Manila residents only. Winner will be announced on May 22. 

This post is brought to you by Val. 

Friday, April 24, 2015

Why Summer is the best season of all time?

Aside from my birthday in May, I love summer because there are a lot of things you can do. The days are long and it's mostly warm and sunny. 

For me, summer means going to the beach, taking out of town trips, BBQ parties and of course, enjoying the outdoors. However, we should never forget about our best summer bestfriend for our skin.

Dermplus Moisturizing Sunblock is the answer to your skin problems this season. It is formulated with unbeatable UVA and UVB filters to protect your skin in the harsh ultraviolet radiation from the sun. Dermplus sunblock physically blocks and reflects light and it also helps heal skin damage caused by over-exposure to the sun.  Dermplus Sunblock is available in different SPFs like SPF 24 that is recommended for morena skin and for indoor use, SPF 35 for fair skin and SPF 80 and 130 for extreme outdoor activities. Use Dermplus Moisturizing Sunblock and worry no more about the harmful Ultra Violet A (UVA) and Ultra Violet B (UVB) rays. 

Wherever you spend your summer, just don't forget our number one sun defense partner.

Dermplus Moisturizing Sunblock is available in all leading drugstores, supermarkets and department stores nationwide. For more information call 817 33 03 or like us on Facebook.

Dermplus Moisturizing Sunblock is a quality product of JLC Miller & Co., Inc., an ISO 9001-2008 Certified Company.

Medicard: A Must-Have for Every Freelancer

Working from home as a freelancer was one of the best decisions that I had made in 2013. I was able to say goodbye to the horrors of everyday commute while earning more compared to my old job. It was a dream come true. 

In May 2014, my fairy tale ended when I got a very bad attack of asthma and needed to see the doctor. I realized I did not have my HMO card anymore which was a benefit from my previous employer. The consultation fee alone was Php 750 plus the tests. I am not used to paying for medical expenses and I just felt it was money down the drain. 

I was thinking, "What if I did not have money?", "Do I have to wait for payday before I can see a doctor?" It is such a nightmare to be sick and broke at the same time. Immediately, I decided I am getting a personal plan from one of HMOs so, I did my research and found out that these plans are not cheap. Definitely worth the investment but not cheap. 

Then, I had to go back to the doctor again for another consultation and at this rate, I realized that I wouldn't be able to save enough to get my personal plan. MEDICAL EXPENSES + BILLS = NO SAVINGS! 

Luckily, I found out about the Medicard RX Health Plus. For just Php 1,100, I am able to get unlimited free consultations with primary care physicians and some specialists such as general surgeon, obstetrician gynecologist, pediatrician, family medicine, general practitioner and general internist for one year. (That's Php 750 savings for me every visit) plus it includes FREE annual physical examination and FREE dental prophylaxis. 

The best thing about it is that I was able to use it immediately upon purchase of the plan (yes, same day!) And since my doctor also required me to have CBC and Chest X-Ray, I also availed the APE so, that I won't have to pay for those tests. So, basically I got the value for what I have paid for the same day I purchased it. 

I have the peace of mind that I can visit the doctor anytime I need to because I can use this card for one year! I am also eligible for 20% discount on all laboratory and diagnostic tests, surgeries, and dental procedures. Plus, these outpatient services can be availed in all Medicard free standing clinics which is all over the Metro Manila. This is definitely a must-have for every freelancer if you cannot afford the full HMO plan. 

It is such a blessing that MediCard, a pioneer and the best HMO in the country for 28 years (Yes, its celebrating its 28th anniversary this May) is providing us with very affordable and quality healthcare. We no longer have to worry in times of medical crisis because they make sure that everyone can enjoy RX Health Plus with no provisions for hierarchy, status and family relationships. 

For more information about MediCard Philippines, you may follow them in facebook, twitter and instagram or visit their website

Interested to get your plan, you may send your inquiry via this link.
About MediCard 

Medicard, the only HMO run and founded by doctors also offers a comprehensive health care program for its members which includes emergency care, hospital confinement, preventive health care, dental care and out-patient consultation services.  Its members have access to more than 40,000 accredited doctors, specialists and dentists in almost 1,000 accredited hospitals and clinics nationwide. It is the first HMO awarded with ISO certification in the Asia Pacific Region. 

Thursday, April 16, 2015

Boost your Creativity at Tuscany at McKinley Hills Summer Art Sessions

Summer is not all about going to the beach, partying and getting a tan. I remember when I was a kid, I spent my summer vacations in ballet class. I believe that summer spent in productive activities is way better than just staying at home and playing. This is the best time to learn a new skill. 

No idea what activities to take? Then, the Summer Art Sessions at Tuscany at McKinley Hills, Taguig is the perfect choice for you. 

Starting April 19, Megaworld Lifestyle Malls in partnership with Manila Workshops will be running a weekend arts and craft workshop series happening every Sunday until May 10 from 1 - 5 in the afternoon. 

What's unique about these summer activities is that the participants wouldn't be cramped in a single location with different classes going on. Instead different restaurants will become the venue for each art activity.

During the media launch, we were lucky to have the mini workshop about the different art activities. 

1. Basic Brush Calligraphy Class - This is something I am really interested since I do a lot of writing and designing for my candy and dessert buffet set-ups. 

I'm learning the basic strokes in brush calligraphy. Wew! 

Mimai is explaining that you can also have your own style in calligraphy.
With Brush Calligraphy, you will learn how to write like this!
2. Basics of Doodling -  I learned that doodling is not just a mere pastime but rather it is already applied in social media, ad campaigns and even team building activities.

Nelz is showing us the basics in character creation.

Sample Doodle - Photo Source:

3. Acrylic and Oil Workshop - At the end of the session, participants would be able to complete a masterpiece that they can bring home. 


Here's a complete list of the art activities available. 

1. Basics of Doodling with WeeWillDoodle founder Nelz Yumul at Lucky Burger Bar. 
2. Basic Paper Cutting by Hey Kessy at Banapple Pies and Cheesecakes. 
3. Basic Brush Calligraphy Class with Mimai Cabugnason at Marciano's
4. Rubber Stamping Class by Manila Workshops at Sophie's Mom. 
5. Acrylic and Oil Workshop by The Artologist at the Sauceria. 
6. DIY Tote Bag Designing Class by DIY Guru Nica Cosio at Sophie's Mom.

So, go ahead and register now by logging on to Manila Workshops at or by calling 0926-6167720.

For Basic Paper Cutting Workshop by Hey Kessy, you may register by visiting

For Acrylic and Oil Sessions by The Artologist, you may register by sending an email to or by calling 0916-6167720.

Make sure that you register ASAP because there would only be 10 slots per workshop. Registration fee is Php 2,000 per session is inclusive of sumptuous dishes and treats, art kits and materials. Everything will be provided and all you need to do is just show-up. 

For more information, you may also call the Megaworld Lifestyle Mall Concierge at 709-0888 or 0917-8380111 or visit 

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

What to Expect During the 8th Annual Burger Day?

Chili's will be celebrating The 8th Annual Burger Day by giving away more than 50% discount on their signature Big Mouth Burgers on April 22, 2015.

Photo Source:

All Big Mouth Burgers except Burger Bites will be available for only Php 175.00. 

Photo Source:

Photo Source:

You may visit them in any of their branches: Greenbelt 5, Greenhills, Tomas Morato, Rockwell, Alabang Town Center, SM Megamall, and Fairview Terraces from 11am-2pm and 6pm-12am. 

See you there and mark your calendars, burger addicts! 

Monday, April 13, 2015

Beat the Heat with a FREE Ice Cream from Dairy Queen

What's a better way to beat the heat other than ice cream? 
If the ICE CREAM is FREE. 

But what's the best way to beat the heat?

Yes, you are reading it right! Dairy Queen is celebrating its 75th anniversary on April 14, 2015 and they are treating their first 75 customers for a free sundae cone.

This will be celebrated as the #FreeConeDay. So, get in line early and claim your DQ treat. This is available in all Dairy Queen stores. 

Happy Anniversary, Dairy Queen! 

Friday, April 10, 2015

Eat All You Can for Just Php 347.50

Sambo Kojin whose famous for Japanese Yakiniku and Korean Barbeque is opening at Megamall soon. In line with that, they have a soft opening promo for their facebook and instagram followers. 

You get  50% off from the regular rate on April 15-17 and discounted rate is Php 374.50
              30% off from the regular rate on April 18-24 and discounted rate is Php 524.30
              20% off from the regular rate on April 25-26 and discounted rate is Php 599.20


The mechanics are pretty simple. 

Just do any of the following:
1. Like Sambo Kojin in Facebook. (
2. Follow us on IG (@SamboKojin) & upload a selfie at our SM Megamall branch with the hashtag #SamboKojinMegamall
3. One (1) like is entitled to one (1) discounted buffet.

*In order to claim the discount, the person must show to the receptionist that any of the above requirements has been met. So, don't forget to prepare your screenshots. 

If you'll be bringing your kids, here are the prices: 
4 - 4'6": P330.00
3 - Below 4 feet: P280.00
Below 3 feet: FREE

For more details about the promotion, click here. 

Be a Goddess for a Day and Be with Nature.

Have you ever imagined yourself become nature's caretaker like a mysterious and enchanted creature living in a beautiful garden? 

Well, honestly, it is one of my dreams since I was a child. I have spent a lot of time in our garden and have fallen in love with flowers, butterflies and anything green. I just find it really beautiful that both my 18th birthday and wedding is garden themed.

So, when I saw this Mobile Home, my heart literally jumped. I would love to stay here. This is way better than staying in the same old hotel room. As a bonus, it is so affordable at only Php 1,500 per night. 

Here at Paradizoo, you can be a goddess for a day and be with nature. 
You can experience watching green picturesque fields together with different kinds of animals.
Feel our ‘Plant Me Home’ experience.
Interact with different interesting animals like llama, camels, miniature horses,  greyhounds, labrador retrievers 
Ride on a cart drawn by an albino Carabao!

Are you as excited as I am? If yes, you can also join us this coming April 18, 2015, Saturday for a Press Conference at Residence Inn Tagaytay and know more good news from us! Truly, Zoomanity group wants you to experience that one great staycation, all-in-one place!

Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Find the Right Suppliers for your Dream Wedding

Getting married is both a dream come true and a possible stressful event. Even though some do not have issues with the budget, majority of the couples today are being very practical. It is not worth to spend all your life savings for this big day. Keep in mind it is just a beginning of a beautiful journey together. 

It is very important that couple start making plans early to avoid the rush. An ample time to canvass, look for the right suppliers and attend wedding fairs is your first step towards your dream wedding.

I DO WEDDING FAIR 2015 is your Marketplace for the Best Wedding Deals. It is a 2-day event that will be held on  May 16-17, 2015 at Megatrade Hall 1, 5th Floor, Mega B Building, SM Megamall, Mandaluyong City, Metro Manila. 

This is an opportunity to meet face-to-face with top wedding suppliers, gather new wedding ideas and find the latest wedding trends available in the market. Over 100 wedding suppliers ranging from Wedding Dress Designers to Jewelry suppliers and Catering Services to Wedding Venues are expected to participate. 

Visitors will be able to enjoy fun activities and entertainment like food tastings, beauty makeovers, view the latest wedding dresses, get freebies and discounts, as well as get the chance to win exciting raffle prizes, with the major prize being a Hammer bridal-ride. (How cool is that to have Hammer as your bridal car?) 

So, save the date and do not forget to register online,
Interested to exhibit? Contact Destiny Dy at

I Do Wedding Fair 2015 is organized by MEDIACOM SOLUTIONS INC., a leading event, trade show and convention organizer in the Philippines. The company is supporting over 80 business sectors in 5 annual trade shows in the Philippines, respectively the Entrepreneur and Franchise Expo, Philippine SME Business Expo, Baby and Family Expo Philippines, Property Expo Philippines and Property Expo Cebu.

Monday, April 6, 2015

Easter Celebration at Fairview Terraces : Was it a Yay or a Nay?

We were expecting heavy traffic last Sunday because of the influx of returning travelers from their Holy Week escapade. Thus, we decided to join the Easter Celebration at Fairview Terraces instead which was very close to our home. 

I have always loved Fairview Terraces however, I was pretty disappointed how things were yesterday. In order to get a pass for their Easter activities at the Activity Center, you need to purchase at least Php 500 non-food items. With this purchase requirement, I decided to buy something I do not really need in order to get in. Claiming the tickets was easy and there was no line since claiming started a few days before the celebration. 

Based on their poster, there would be a fair, craft room, kitchen room and an egg hunting activity. 


At exactly 2pm, they opened the activity center. All kids were given loot bags full of candies. 

We were asked to fall in line however I have noticed that the line was not followed because they allowed people to claim the loot bags even without falling in line. However, we did not mind it. The kids were so excited to get inside. They were offering two activities: cupcake decorating and bunny masks. 

When we got in, you can notice that people were in a rush to get seats. My kids were lucky to find seats while the rest had to seat on the floor because there were not enough tables and chairs. According to their signage, they were expecting around 200 participants each activity but only provided 6 tables good for 24 participants.

Nonetheless, the activity must go on. Here are some few scenes of the Easter Celebration. 

Mommy and Baby bonding. 

This kid is busy decorating his cupcake. 
Youngest participant

Best Bunny Costume
As you can see, almost everyone was sitting on the floor and had no proper tables to work on. Another sad thing was there was a shortage of arts and craft materials. The cut outs were not yet prepared and finding a glue for the cut outs was a challenge. 

Egg hunting was another story. It was scheduled at 3pm. While waiting, the kids, Val and I decided to have a snack first. They said that the egg hunting is not open to public and only those who have tickets can join. By 3pm, we went back to the garden area to join the hunt but unfortunately, it started late. When we arrived, the eggs are not yet ready because apparently, they were not able to secure the place and the eggs hidden early in the morning were lost. They would have to hide the eggs again but I found this useless because we can see them hiding the eggs. 

After a few minutes, there was no clear go-signal that the egg hunting activity has started. We were just so shocked that adults and kids just started running and was "egg picking." Even adults who did not have passes, were able to join. I just felt it was really poorly organized. There was no thrill of finding the eggs. It was more of a battleground for whoever can run and pick up the eggs fastest.

We should have gone somewhere else for the Easter Sunday celebration. The passes maybe FREE but still there was a purchase requirement so, I hope they could have done a better job with it to provide a genuine fun activity for the kids and not just for the sake of saying there was an activity. A short program would have been very much appreciated too. 

How about you? Where did you have your Easter Celebration?