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Saturday, April 30, 2022

Beauty Essentials from P&G Beauty and Olay up to 50% off at Shopee's 5.5 Brands Festival

Treat yourself to these must-have beauty essentials from P&G Beauty and Olay and enjoy up to 50% off during Shopee's 5.5 Brands Festival! 

A perfect time to hoard our favorites! After all, who can resist these really good offers? 

Anyway, let me share with you some P&G items on my cart that you shouldn't also miss this sale!  

1. Head & Shoulders Cool Menthol Anti Dandruff Shampoo Trio - Say hello to the World's #1 Selling Anti Dandruff Brand that will help you stay dandruff and itch-free for up to 72 hours. 

Something that I can personally attest to since only Head & Shoulders has helped me with my itchy scalp and dandruff concerns. Aside from being effective, it is also very refreshing since it is formulated with menthol extracts for a lasting cooling sensation that feels really good. 

What are they saying about the product? 

  • Really refreshing for the scalp and hair. 100% removes dandruff after 1 wash.
  • It is very bubbly. One pump is enough even for long hair. 
  • Smells great and is still fragrant even after sweating. 

2. Safeguard Pure White Body Wash - There is no such thing as an overprotective mom as we just want our family to be safe and healthy. We understand that just seconds after washing, germs can get back on our hands and body. Thus, we are happy to know that Safeguard Body Wash not only removes 99.9% of germs but continues to protect after washing. 

What are they saying about the product? 

  • The body wash is very effective.
  • It has a soft and smooth texture. 
  • Skin feels soft after taking a shower. 
  • Smells really nice. Freshness overload. 

3. Olay Skin Regenerist Power Duo -  This set includes the Micro-sculpting Cream, Olay's most advanced and award-winning best-selling Regenerist anti-aging cream, and the White Radiance Essence Dropper, which provides dual whitening action for natural and luminous fairness.

As soon as Day 1, you can immediately notice results such as the reduced appearance of lines and boost hydration. The skin feels smoother and brighter. 

By Day 14, expect a noticeably firmer skin, and skin elasticity to be improved. 

By Day 28, Olay Regenerist Micro-Sculpting Cream can help reverse the appearance of up 10 years of wrinkles. 

What are they saying about the product? 
  • Effective. Makes skin plumper and moisturized. 
  • Helps me prevent pimple breakouts
  • Has a mild scent.
  • Soft and smooth. Easily absorbed by the skin and non-greasy. 

Enjoy big discounts up to 50% off when you shop at the P&G Beauty and Olay Official Store during Shopee's 5.5 Brands Festival! 

Score a wide assortment of brands at unbelievable deals with 50% off Brand Bundles, 10% off daily, and Free Shipping with ₱0 min. spend only at the Shopee 5.5 Brands Festival this April 26 to May 7! 

Friday, April 22, 2022

Hot for the Summer? No Thanks, Stay Chill With These Juice Recipes Instead

Oh sweet, sweet summer. We love it, but don’t we all love to hate it sometimes, too? While there is nothing quite like this season in the Philippines, we all have to admit that it can be pretty challenging sometimes, especially with the scorching heat!

But why be against it in the first place? We say, start embracing it! There’s definitely no shortage of good things to appreciate during these sweltering months—case in point: fruit shakes and smoothies which seem to just have an extra dash of magic in them when enjoyed during this season.

Whether you’re planning to stay in and cool down or take a trip to the beach, everything gets so much better when you have a delicious, healthy drink in hand. Need ideas for the best summer drinks that can quench your thirst? Get your juicers and blenders ready for the recipes below.

Coco Twist Smoothie 

Perfect for a date in the park

Remember those tasty coconut juices peddled by sidewalk vendors every weekend at the park? You can easily recreate those and add an extra twist to them with this Coco Twist Smoothie Recipe infused with mint leaves and real coconut meat! Bananas and mangoes give this healthy shake natural sweetness while the refreshing coconut water ties everything together.


  • 1 cup coconut water
  • 1 cup coconut meat
  • 1 piece ripe mango
  • 2 pieces banana (saba)
  • 5 pieces pechay
  • 8 pieces mint leaves
  • 3 cups ice cubes


1. Wash the pechay and mint leaves thoroughly. Cut the mango and remove the skin of the banana.

2. Put all ingredients in the Breville blender jug and process through the smoothie function.

3. Transfer the smoothie into the glass and serve.


Tropical Detox Smoothie and Watermelon Lemonade 

Perfect for: A day at the beach

What’s a beach getaway without cradling a refreshing drink in your hand while sunbathing by the sand and waves? The Watermelon Lemonade is the perfect thirst-thirst quencher with its extra fizz while the Tropical Detox Smoothie is ideal for those who want something healthy but delicious still.


Watermelon Lemonade


  •  0.5 piece Yellow Watermelon
  •  1 piece Lemon
  •  1 cup Soda Water


 1. Peel the watermelon and lemon.

 2. Process the fruits using the Breville Juicer


Tropical Detox Smoothie



  • 236 ml Almond Milk
  • 236 g Pineapple
  • 1 cup Camote Tops
  • 1 piece Banana
  • 15 g Chia Chaff


1. Freeze pineapple chunks and peeled banana overnight. Chill the almond milk.

2. Wash the camote tops thoroughly.

3. Put all ingredients in the Breville blender jug and process through the smoothie function.

4. Transfer the smoothie into the glass and serve.


Dalanghita Mojito Mocktail Slush and Quick Quencher Juice 

Perfect for: Summer house party

Who says you need to go out to have fun? The Dalanghita Mojito Mocktail Slush and Quick Quencher Juice will bring the glam of summer to your home with their refreshing flavor profiles!

Dalanghita Mojito Mocktail Slush


  • 1 kg Dalanghita
  • 1 piece Cucumber
  • 1 pack Mint Leaves
  • 1 can Soda Water (Schweppes)
  • 1.5 cup Honey
  • 1.5 cup Ice Cubes



1. Cut dalanghita into half, squeeze in dalanghita directly into the Breville blender through the citrus cone

2. Add the cucumber, mint leaves, honey, ice cubes and sparkling water and process through the smoothie function.

3. Transfer the drink into a margarita or mojito glass. Garnish with sliced dalanghita and mint leaves.

Quick Quencher Juice



  • 0.5 piece Pineapple
  • 35 g Squash, Local
  • 1 piece Cucumber
  • 1 piece Chayote


1. Wash all of the ingredients thoroughly. Juice everything and enjoy!


One Pine Day Juice and Lemony Sweet Juice

Perfect for: A casual hangout with friends

Chill and lay back with your friends while sipping on these juices that will chase your thirst away.

One Pine Day


  •  2 piece Apple
  •  3 piece Celery Stalk
  •  1 piece Lemon
  •  15 g Herb, Parsley


1. Wash all of the ingredients thoroughly and peel the lemon.

2. Process all of the produce using the Breville Juicer.

3. Pour it into a glass and serve.


Lemony Sweet Juice



  • 2 piece Pear
  • 1 piece Cucumber
  • 1 piece Lemon
  • 3 piece Celery Stalk


 1. Wash all of the produce thoroughly. Peel the lemon.

 2. Process all of the produce using the Breville Juicer.

 3. Pour it into a glass and serve!

It’s always a good idea to enjoy drinks that you make on your own because you can easily customize the ingredients to suit your taste and health goals, too! 

Fortunately, you can now easily craft your own high-quality drinks with the help of equally top-tier kitchen partners like Breville’s Juicers and Blenders. Breville Philippines’ Kinetix Twist, for example, is a superstar of a blender that can be used to create velvety cocktails and smoother smoothies thanks to its innovative central blades that blend from top to bottom. The Juice Fountain Max, on the other hand, makes whole fruit juicing as easy as 1, 2, 3 with its unique juicing disk. It can even juice whole fruits and can extract up to 30 percent more juice and 70 percent more nutrients according to the National Measurement Institute (2003, 2011).

Jazz up your summer and beat the heat with these tasty and healthy juices that you can make in a cinch. Looking for more recipe ideas? Visit FoodThinkers by Breville for some fresh inspiration! You can also check out their website to find out more about their products or follow their official Facebook and Instagram channels. 

Live your best life with Xiaomi 12 series: Get yours now at this flagship phone’s open sale

Living your best life means having the right tools to help you embrace all your passions. Today’s young and dynamic achievers know with their minds, hearts, and guts that it’s no longer a choice between these experiences and interests. They are all within reach as long as one has mastered the digital lifestyle.

Enable your digital and ever upwardly mobile life with the Xiaomi 12 and Xiaomi 12 Pro, and grab yours today at the ongoing #Xiaomi12Series open sale. Shop now on Lazada and Shopee, or at any authorized Xiaomi store nationwide.

Designed to masterfully capture perfect moments

The Xiaomi 12’s camera possesses a ProFocus feature that allows it to learn and track the algorithm of the subject allowing for a clear capture of a moving subject. Moreover, the Great Portrait Mode and Ultra Night Video makes it a snap to capture spectacular images even in low-light conditions, as it automatically brightens the scene and details in the photo or video. These features make the Xiaomi 12 and Xiaomi 12 Pro among the best camera phones in the market today.

The QUAD speakers with SOUND BY Harman Kardon gives the most crisp, cleanest sound, while the WQHD+ dynamic 120HZ AMOLED display delivers spectacularly clear colors and visuals, providing an incomparable entertainment experience.

Energized to help you get the most out of life

Living in the moment also means being able to perform important tasks efficiently and when needed. From paying the bills to video call meetings, catching up on social media, and recreational activities, these have become more convenient and even fun to do on a smartphone. . This is why the Xiaomi 12 series’ HyperCharge and Turbo Charging features on its battery matters significantly, ensuring that your phone always has the energy for all tasks, whether important or fun.

The Xiaomi 12 series’ wired charger with up to 67W wired charging lets you charge completely and at an unprecedented speed of just 39 minutes. On the other hand, the 50W wireless charging fills the battery in just 53 minutes.

The Xiaomi 12 Series is peak performance smartphone running on Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 processor and has the following key specs:

Xiaomi 12 Pro Key Specs:
  • Pro-grade triple 50MP camera array: 50MP telephoto and 50MP ultra-wide lenses
  • Leading Snapdragon 8 Gen 1: Advanced 4nm processor with 5G
  • All-Around Elevated Sensory Experience: WQHD+ dynamic 120HZ AMOLED display and Quad speakers, SOUND BY Harman Kardon
  • Smart 120W Xiaomi HyperCharge: 50W wireless turbocharging

Xiaomi 12 Key Specs:
  • 50MP Pro-grade main camera: Ultra-wide and telemacro lenses
  • Leading Snapdragon 8 Gen 1: Advanced 4nm processor with dual 5G
  • All-round elevated sensory experience: 120Hz AMOLED display and Dual speakers, SOUND BY Harman Kardon
  • 67W wired and 50W wireless turbo charging: Long-lasting 4,500mAh(typ) battery

Get your very own Xiaomi 12 and Xiaomi 12 Pro, and masterfully capture and share every moment. You may purchase them in official Xiaomi stores and resellers near you or visit their flagship stores on Lazada and Shopee.

To know more about the Xiaomi 12 series, visit

Wednesday, April 20, 2022

You can now pay your SSS and Pag-IBIG fees with ShopeePay

With ShopeePay, enjoy up to 25% cashback when you pay government billers.

Many of us need to pay fees to government agencies for employment, travel, and business requirements. At times, we spend almost half a day or more finishing our transactions—from physically going to the offices, banks, or payment centers to filling out forms and lining up. The good news is that ShopeePay, Shopee’s integrated mobile wallet, has made paying government bills more convenient and rewarding .

If you’re a member of SSS and Pag-IBIG, chances are you contribute and pay dues to these agencies on a regular basis. With ShopeePay, you can now conveniently pay your government bills, including SSS and Pag-IBIG, from the comfort of your home and avoid the long lines at government offices or payment centers. On top of the convenience and security that digital payments provide, you also get up to 25% cashback when you pay government billers with ShopeePay. With this cashback offer, you can reduce the cost associated with your bills and add the amount to your savings.

Aside from SSS and Pag-IBIG, you can also use ShopeePay to pay your dues to other major government agencies such as the:

  • Tourism Infrastructure and Enterprise Zone Authority (TIEZA)
  • National Bureau of Investigation (NBI)
  • Maritime Industry Authority (Marina)
  • SSS - Membership Contributions
  • Pag-IBIG - Membership Savings, Housing Loan, and MP2
  • NBI - Clearance
  • TIEZA - Travel Tax
  • Marina - Seaman's Book, Seaman Certificate
  • Manila LGU - eCedula, eBirth, eHealth, Real Property Tax, Business Permit
In just a few taps, you can easily pay your government bills and receive instant cashback. 

Simply open your Shopee app, tap on "Load, Bills and Travel" select the government agency, and key in your account number or reference number and the amount. Click here for more details on how to pay bills via ShopeePay.

To learn more about ShopeePay, visit
Download Shopee for free through the App Store or Google Play.

Wednesday, April 13, 2022

Shopee, Shopee Xpress partner with brands and charities to aid Taal evacuees

The continued unrest of the Taal Volcano forced over 1,000 Filipino families to evacuate to nearby communities in Batangas last March. With Alert Level 3 still in place, these families continue to spend their days in evacuation centers across the region.

As part of its commitment to better the lives of the underserved, Shopee, the leading e-commerce platform in Southeast Asia and Taiwan, partnered with several brands and charity organizations to provide aid for Taal evacuees.

Shopee Philippines Director Martin Yu said, “As we remain steadfast in our commitment to be a force for good, especially in times when Filipinos need it the most, Shopee will work closely with our partners to help provide immediate relief to the evacuees. Our thoughts are with those affected and we hope that the situation in Taal will recover soon for these families to be able to return to their homes.”

Together with Shopee, partner brands such as Universal Robina Corporation, Colgate, and Monde Nissin, donated essentials such as drinking water and food items to affected residents. Through the help of its Shopee Xpress fleet and volunteers, Shopee transported and coursed donations through the ABS-CBN Foundation for the latter’s ongoing on-ground efforts.

These Shopee Xpress volunteers also helped collate and distribute potable water donated by the Luzon Clean Water Development to evacuation centers in Batangas.

Shopee also invites users to donate to those affected by the taal eruption and other emergencies through its partner charities found on the app.

Users simply need to:

1. Head to the Shopee app homepage
2. Click Load, Bills, and Travel
3. Click E-vouchers
4. Click Charity
5. Choose and purchase the e-voucher of their preferred charity

Users can also contribute to the ABS-CBN Foundation’s on-ground efforts through Shopee’s Scan-to-donate feature. Just scan ABS-CBN Foundation’s QR code, choose the donation amount, and donate via ShopeePay.

Tuesday, April 12, 2022

Understanding what makes the Samsung Galaxy S22 Series the perfect gadget for the Gen MZ

Gen MZ, the combination of millennials and Gen Z, is known for its relationship with technology. It’s hardly surprising, as millennials witnessed the birth of many advances in technology: texting, gaming, the internet, social media, smartphones, and mobile photography. They are the first generation who experienced how it has made the world smaller and has given unprecedented access to information.

Companies have developed a wide range of gadgets, from music players to video game consoles, but among those, smartphones reign supreme as it combines multiple features in one sleek, pocketable device.

Samsung has always been at the forefront of innovation with features that break the rules of what smartphones can do. The techmaker continues to do so with the Galaxy S22 Series - the latest flagship devices that bridge the relationship between Gen MZ and technology.

A generation of multi-hyphenates

Gen MZ is known for the passion projects they pursue outside of work. They also crave the flexibility that allows them to work anytime, anywhere. This combination of juggling multiple projects with a digital nomad lifestyle means that they need a reliable device.

The Galaxy S22 Ultra can help them achieve their day-to-day tasks with the fan-favorite S Pen. Eject it from the bottom of the device to write, sketch or control the phone. Improved latency in Samsung Notes makes every pen stroke feel as natural as ink on paper, making it easier to do work, whether they’re at home or on vacation.

Express yourself

The MZ generation is filled with experts of self-expression. They’ve fully embraced social media and all its products: selfies, TikTok videos, Instagram Reels, and even vlogs. Professional camera equipment is not a necessity anymore when creating content online. A smartphone can simply do just that.

Gen MZs can become their own main character with the Galaxy S22 Series’ suite of cameras. The Galaxy S22 Ultra sports a 12MP Ultra-Wide Camera that captures a full 180-degree radius in a single frame, a 108MP Wide Camera that shoots a shorter focal length to expand the horizontal scope of a scene, a 10MP Telephoto Camera that can zoom up to 100x on a subject far away, and a 40MP Front Camera that enables users to capture picture-perfect selfies for social media. Meanwhile, the Galaxy S22 and S22+ have a 12MP Ultra-Wide Camera, an impressive 50MP Wide Camera, a 10MP Telephoto Camera which also includes 30x Space Zoom, and a powerful 10MP Front Camera.

Its next-level features allow them to express their creativity, at any time of the day. Samsung’s Nightography features also make sure their content always pops, even if it’s taken at night.

A source of entertainment

Gen MZs may be passionate about their work, but they also know how to have fun. Since they grew up with the internet, they use their gadgets to unwind, stream movies or series, play the latest games, listen to music, or read e-books. The Galaxy S22 Series’ advanced Dynamic AMOLED 2X Display that let these socialites watch, play, and socialize even in the brightest conditions.

The Galaxy S22 Series easily transitions from work to play. It comes with Samsung’s most advanced 4nm processor to date, so it can keep up with all the demands of even the busiest multi-hyphenate. The all-day battery, paired with a Super Fast 45W charge,means Gen MZ can stay online from morning to night.

Sophisticated design

Gen MZ is all about expressing their individuality, from the photos they post online, all the way down to their belongings. They want their personal possessions to reflect who they are as people.

Samsung’s flagship smartphones have a sleek and refined look, coupled with a luxurious glass and haze finish. They also come with Samsung’s strongest Armor Aluminum frame that’s built to last. The lineup also comes in a range of colors to further promote individuality. The Galaxy S22 Ultra is available in Burgundy, Phantom Black, Phantom White, and Green. Meanwhile, the Galaxy S22 and S22+ come in Phantom Black, Phantom White, and fun colors like Green and Pink Gold.

The new Galaxy S22 Series is now available in stores at the following prices:

● Galaxy S22 Ultra: PHP 68,990 SRP (128GB) / PHP 72,990 SRP (256 GB) / PHP 80,990 SRP (512 GB)

● Galaxy S22+: PHP 56,990 SRP (128GB) / PHP 60,990 SRP (256GB)

● Galaxy S22: PHP 45,990 SRP (128GB) / PHP 49,990 SRP (256GB)

Users can also take home the Galaxy S22 Series for as low as PHP 1,916.25/mo at 0% interest for up to 24 months via Samsung Authorized Dealers Nationwide and Samsung Authorized Online Store. Citibank cardholders can get up to 36 months installment at 0% interest for as low as PHP 1,277.50/mo. On the other hand, PNB cardholders can get their first installment month for FREE and pay 0% interest for up to 24 months in select Samsung Experience stores and Abenson Stores.

Trade in an old smartphone for the Galaxy S22 Series to get tokens worth up to PHP 8,000 in participating Samsung Experience Stores and Authorized Stores. Customers can also trade in their devices via Globe and Smart to receive a cashout discount worth up to PHP 7,200.

Galaxy users can enjoy 50% off on select cases and accessories via Samsung Members when they upgrade to the Galaxy S22 Series.

Those who purchase the Galaxy S22 Series can also enjoy an ad-free viewing experience with 4 months FREE YouTube Premium and 12 months FREE Viu Premium.

For more information, visit

Safe Samsung Shopping

Health and safety protocols are strictly followed in Samsung Experience Stores to keep consumers and employees safe. Adhering to the guidelines set by the Inter-Agency Task Force for the Management of Emerging Infectious Diseases, Samsung has implemented the mandatory use of face masks and performs frequent sanitation in all stores.

Samsung Experience Stores also has unique QR health declaration codes to promote a safe and contactless contact tracing process. Product demonstrations are done side-by-side instead of face-to-face while keeping the required safe distance of one (1) meter to make sure everyone is socially distanced.

Saturday, April 9, 2022

The State of Tech-Voc in the Philippines

Looking at the state of Tech-voc in the Philippines, we believe that the Tech-voc Philippine style can open a lot of opportunities for Filipinos and perhaps even entice foreign students to enroll in the Philippines. 

We have worked closely with the graduates of the Tech-Voc from the K-12 program and we see both opportunities and gaps that we can address in order to make the Philippines the Tech-Voc Center in Asia. 

We see the potential of our Tech-Voc programs in the country as an effective way to address poverty. In our experience, we worked with a public school here in Bacolod where the students are mostly children of sugarcane farmers. These students have no means to go to college which means that being employed in an office-based setting is a remote idea. 

However, through the Contact Center Servicing course through the TVL track of the K-12 program, the students received the necessary skills and knowledge that allowed them to be gainfully employed in the BPO industry. 

Right after graduation, the students are able to start working immediately and start earning (above the minimum) and have helped their respective families financially. 

We have to realize that a four-year course is NOT the only avenue to attaining a decent lifestyle. The technical field is very, very wide, uncharted, and not yet competitive, which is a far cry from the competitive, dog-eat-dog corporate world.

Is the Tech-voc in the Philippines enough? 

The answer is NO. This is why we partnered and worked closely with them. There was a need to bridge the gap between school and for the students to get employed. There were many areas that we can improve in order to make the program become more effective. 

Here are some of the areas that we believe can be improved: 

  • Framework Revision - Jaime Augusto Zobel de Ayala, CEO of Ayala Corporation, one of the country’s top corporations and a staunch advocate for the importance of technical skills in our society, once expressed that a vocational or technical degree should be given a prominent position in our country’s educational framework. The curriculum should be wider and the accreditation status should be improved significantly so that it will produce young graduates with specific skills that match the market needs.
  • Qualifications of Tech-Voc Instructors and Educators -  As experts in their field of interest, getting a methodology course does not automatically qualify them as trainers. Our partner school has been lucky to have a teacher who had an industry experience of 10 years to handle the classes but we have also seen many incompetent teachers have been tapped to handle the classes of other TVL track programs. 

We have to realize that we can't just have anyone handle the tech-voc trainings. We need people who have actual experience doing the job and who can really share and teach what's actually happening in real life. 

  • Professionalization and Licensing - granting professional licenses to successful graduates would give them the recognition that would elevate their status from merely a tech-voc graduate into a professional practitioner of their chosen skill. Possessing a license gives graduates a sense of pride and achievement. Licensing should be the goal that each tech-voc graduate must aim for because acquiring a license would give them a right to demand a higher salary and compensation for their services.

  • Reshaping Tech-Voc Curriculum vis-a-vis Current Market Demands - It is proposed that the tech-voc curriculum be two tracks: meaning the courses offered can either be service-oriented or product-oriented. 
Product-oriented tracks are designed in order to alleviate poverty and provide income-generating projects to barangay folks like stay-at-home moms, out-of-school youths, drug dependents, seniors/retirees, jobless folks, and surrenderees. Some of these product-oriented tracks are called cottage industries and can be done in the backyard or in a factory for SME. 


Please note though that it is crucial for the implementors to consider the market demand especially for these cottage industries. I have seen a lot of skilled weavers or handicraft makers but has no idea on how to sell or market their products. Thus, it doesn't make a difference in their lives.  

The training package for this track must include: Salesmanship/ Entrepreneurship, managerial, marketing and bookkeeping. These livelihood trainings are best for barangays and provincial training through Barangay Kasanayan para sa kabuhayan at kapayapaan (BKKK) set by TESDA. TESDA will also provide for the necessary tools and materials as well as equipment for this skill training. 


The Service Oriented Sector/Industry are the following: 

The above mentioned are all professional tracks and require a high school diploma as a basic requirement. Tech-voc service-oriented profession is not just a simple trade and all service-oriented tracks will be identified by specific specialization based on the industry qualification.

President Rodrigo expressed in one of his speeches that the Build, Build, Build program is delayed because of the lack of workers. We are lacking in experts in carpentry, welding, and other technical skills. We have a lot of jobless because they are not qualified even in vocational, especially construction.”

As of now, joblessness and lack of experts in vocational and technical skills is really a big concern,thus, it would be good if we have an institution such as TESDA who will take the lead and be responsible for this. 


If our TVETs follow global standards and are just competitive with that of our Asian neighbors, there will be fewer OFWs because TVET graduates can establish their own businesses and can get better-paying jobs locally.

TESDA should be independent of other government agencies in terms of providing technical-vocational training and education. However, other agencies can complement because agencies like DepEd, help in the basic education of children, while DOLE and DTI give assistance in the employment and livelihood programs respectively.

Good, high-paying jobs await qualified tech-voc grads. If only they’re given proper incentives, multisectoral support, and a supportive policy environment, the tech-voc track can also be a viable alternative for young Filipinos who wish to lead productive lives.

We may still have a long way toward strengthening our tech-voc ecosystem in the country, but with a little help and support from the government, industry, and academe, we are making crucial inroads that lay the foundation for the future. As we promote tech-voc to the youth to undergo tech-voc training, we hope that tech-voc professionalism and licensing will soon be implemented as well.

Hopefully, in the coming years and decades, the state of tech-voc education in the Philippines would further be improved so that when we ask Filipino children what they want to be when they grow up, we hope many of them will also answer that they would want to take the tech-voc path and become a carpenter, a forklift driver or a farming technician. And by then, these children would no longer be laughed at or looked down with the career choices they’ve made.

Friday, April 8, 2022

When developing tech leaders, a global perspective is key!

Over the last decade, technology has radically changed the way businesses all over the world look and operate. Accompanying this meteoric change among businesses is the need for different leadership traits.

According to Forbes, key traits that future leaders will need to possess include the ability to embrace technology and employ a global citizen mindset. This mindset includes celebrating diversity and understanding new cultures in order to gain knowledge on how to enter and succeed in new global markets. On the other hand, embracing technology will allow leaders to improve efficiency in the organization. 

Shopee, the leading e-commerce platform in Southeast Asia and Taiwan, continues to instill these fundamental traits into young, tech-driven talent through the Global Leaders Program. 

This year marks its fourth iteration as it continues to mold tech leaders of tomorrow.

The Global Leaders Program is a 2-year graduate program consisting of four 6-month local and overseas rotations open to final-year students and young professionals with up to two years of working experience. 

This Is What Leadership Will Be In 2030 working experience. Participants can expect to receive mentorship from senior management, a rigorous training curriculum under the various Shopee departments, and the opportunity to work on highly impactful projects. And one of the key experiences of the Global Leaders Program is the opportunity to work in different Shopee markets across the region and gain pivotal exposure to the tech industry. Throughout the overseas rotation, Shopee will provide mobility support to GLP Associates to ensure hassle-free overseas accommodations and seamless visa applications.

Karen Perez, Head of People at Shopee Philippines, said “At Shopee, we understand how crucial developing a global perspective is in pushing the Philippine tech industry forward. Through the overseas rotations of the Global Leaders Program, we believe that we can help broaden the horizons of young Filipino talent. We are deeply committed to delivering more opportunities to hone the skills of young Filipino professionals and support the growth of our local digital economy.”

Jan, a GLP associate currently completing her second overseas rotation in Thailand under the Marketing Department, has shared what influenced her decision to apply. “The promise of diverse rotation and regional exposure at such a young age attracted me to the Global Leaders Program. I believe the program brings in many unique opportunities that would allow me to launch my career and create immediate impact.” she said.

For Lance, another GLP associate that is also currently assigned to Thailand, the opportunity to gain regional exposure abroad has provided him with a better understanding of our local situation. He shared, “Being able to live and work in the same company, but in a different country immediately provides me with a new ‘perspective’. This is quite useful because it helps me notice the differences between Thailand and the Philippines in terms of the needs of our buyers and sellers, organizational structure, and working style. These differences helped me strategize on how we can better tailor our solutions or ways of working to fit different local contexts.”

Koko, on the other hand, completed his overseas training in Singapore last August 2021. Being trained abroad gave him the opportunity to grow as both a professional and an individual. He said, “I was able to experience different work functions, roles, industries, and even markets in the short span of two years. I also had the opportunity to take on a lot of responsibility early on in my career, which helped me build confidence in my own knowledge and skills.”

Young Filipinos looking to challenge themselves and drive change in the tech industry are welcome to apply to Shopee’s Global Leaders Program here:

The application period has been extended until April 30, 2022.

Monday, April 4, 2022

Online Prepaid Load Promos at 95% off - Is it legit or not?

Every peso counts! No wonder everyone is easily attracted to sales and promos. It's so hard to say NO to a good offer, much more to something that is given almost for free. :) 

In today's digital world, we see a lot of promotions online and it's just wonderful. We know that this is one way for companies to stay in the game and attract potential customers. A perfect win-win situation that makes us (the consumers) the true winners. 

However, we also can't deny the fact that this also has a downside. There are also many scams happening online luring people to an offer that's so hard to refuse. Then, later on, they find out it is not legit. Thus, we have a saying if it's too good to be true, then it's not true."

So, this makes me wonder - how do we know if it's legit or not?

Let's start with prepaid load promos that can be bought online. Have you seen a promotion that has Php 20 load for only 1 peso? Do you think that it is legit or is 95% off too good to be true?

And my answer is -- Yes, it's legit and I was able to take advantage of this promo. 

Personally, I believe that determining the legitimacy of promotions all boils down to the question - Is the seller reliable and trustworthy? 

In my case, I got it from Shopee. So, I had no second thoughts if it was a scam or not. 

They usually offer discounts on mobile load purchases where you get 80-95% off on mobile load and data. Keep an eye out for Shopee's cheapest load offer at Php 10 for 5GB of mobile data  Just make sure to activate and use your ShopeePay to purchase. 

Sharing with you how easy it is to buy load on Shopee plus, proof that it's legit! 

How to buy mobile load? 

Step 1: In the Homepage Banner, tap “Load, Bills & eServices”.
Step 2: On the Load, Bills & eServices page, select Mobile Load or Mobile Data.
Step 3: Select an Operator:
Step 4: Tap “Payment Options”, you can also redeem & earn Shopee Coins from Digital Products, then tap “Pay”.

As you can see, I was able to buy Php 20 load for 1 peso from two different networks via ShopeePay. :) 

4.4. ShopeePay Sale

From March 27 until April 6, consumers can look forward to more rewarding perks at the 4.4 ShopeePay Sale such as zero transaction fees when sending money and the cheapest load offers. ShopeePay is also giving instant savings with exclusive free shipping vouchers and cashback promotions.

Sunday, April 3, 2022

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Here's what they say about the product? 

"It smells good. Love the lemon scent." 

"I can see the effects in just a few days of using the products. My dark spots have lightened."

"No allergic reactions or no stinging sensation." 

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