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Top 5 Hair Problems and Suggested Solutions

It has been said that the hair is a person's "crowning glory." May it be long, short, curly, or straight, the hair plays a major part of one's identity and character. It is the main reason why it is given due importance and the strong need to take good care of it. However, no matter how much we give our best, hair problems still arise.  Here are the Top 5 Hair Problems and Suggested Solutions:  1. Hair Loss or Excessive Hair Fall  - This is one of the most common hair problems experienced by both men and women. This is attributed to a variety of causes such as stress, pregnancy, too much vitamin A, lack of iron and protein and in serious cases, autoimmune diseases such as alopecia and lupus. Certain medications and chemotherapy are also known to cause hair loss.  Suggested Solutions: Depending on the cause, one can consider these solutions to address the problem: For stress, having enough sleep is helpful since sleeping allows hair to r

Tax and Estate Planning Is Important to Everyone

They say that the only thing that's constant is death and taxes. A few days ago, I was able to read an article about the family who is struggling and fighting over with their inheritance. There was no will left by the husband/ father and the beneficiary written on his assets may have not been updated. In this scenario, it was named after the decedent's sister and not the surviving wife and children. They also have some issues in terms of transferring the properties due to the cost and taxes involved.  We can all say that it is not easy to lose a loved one and problems like these are certainly not welcome. According to experts, these scenarios could have been avoided if proper estate and tax planning was made.  Tax and Estate Planning may not be exciting but it is important and practical. This is not just for wealthy families but also for middle-earners or investors who are very keen in planning their family's future.  Some of the reasons why you should cons

Tips on How to Find the Best Car Deals

Sponsored post Buying a car can be an emotional roller coaster. Excitement, anxiety, and anticipation can be overwhelming and may lead to regrets and bad decisions. T hus, here are 7 simple steps to follow if you are planning on purchasing a new car.  1. Identify your needs and budget - With the different make and models, one may have a hard time choosing the car to purchase. Some of the things that you should consider are the following:  What is the purpose of your car? Is it for personal, family or commercial-use?   Where will you use it? Is it for city-driving, off-road, long-distance travel?  What is the size of the car? Do you have ample parking space?  How many seaters do you need?  Do you prefer automatic or manual transmission?  You can easily narrow down your search by visiting a reliable car dealer's website such as . Maximize their filter and search tools to help you out.  2. Review future costs, maintenance, and

Stress, Hair Loss and Unproductivity - How to win against it?

I admit I was so stressed for the past few months. Work, family-related concerns and personal issues had taken a toll on me that it started to affect my productivity.  Striking a life balance is not an easy task. It requires hard work and dedication which sometimes can be strenuous or even impossible to achieve. It led to immune deficiency. I started getting sick which later on, caused other parts of my body to get affected like I had an unnatural amount hair loss. I started reading about hair loss caused by stress and found out that at its peak, our white blood cells attack no less than the follicles, thus causing alopecia. What’s more, anxiety could drive your hair into a prolonged resting phase, which is called  telogen effluvium .  Since this is very alarming, I decided to take action.  Here are some natural ways for us to destress : 1. Get enough sleep.  Never underestimate the power of sleep. If you feel that you are over your head in dealing with anxieties,

Lookna – Helping Legit Business Reach Their Potential Customers

In a perfect world, you would have an unlimited budget to market your business in order to find new customers and increase sales. You could buy lots of online and offline advertising, run promotions to build traffic in store and online, and launch a proactive public relations campaign to increase your product or brand's visibility and awareness. But this isn't a perfect world. Realistically, most small businesses and even many mid-sized firms have more great ideas on how to peddle their wares than available resources.  So where do you start if you are looking for more customers? Learning to generate new sales leads is an essential skill for an entrepreneur. In Lookna , we'd like to make things easier and fair. Forget the old ways of research and composing of ads in limited characters. We provide a simple and straightforward listing that shows important information about your business such as your business name, address, operating hours & more. We also aim

Gas up for only Php 10/ Liter on July 11 at Phoenix Gas Stations Nationwide

Phoenix Petroleum Philippines is celebrating their 10th listing anniversary with the biggest sale ever. On July 11, 2017 from 10AM-12NN gas up for only Php 10/ liter.   Promo is applicable for cash and credit transactions. PO and bulk transactions are not included. The use of drums and/or liquid containers is also not allowed. Promo is not valid in conjunction with other promos. List of participating stations: SOUTH MINDANAO R Castillo, Davao City Tierra Verde, Sasa, Davao City Damosa, Davao City Gmall Toril, Davao City Lanang, Davao City Cabantian, Davao City Acacia, Davao City Matina, Davao City Apopong, General Santos City Bulaong, General Santos City NORTH MINDANAO Mabini, Cabadbaran City  Ampayon, Butuan City  Upper Carmen, Cagayan de Oro City  Tagoloan, Misamis Oriental  Hagkol, Valencia, Bukidnon  Mercedes, Zambanga City  Tablon, Cagayan de Oro City  Gusu, Zamboanga City  Tetuan, Zamboanga City  Puerto, Cagayan de Oro City VISAYAS