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Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Really Cheap Hotel Accommodation - Less than Php 100 per night!

No one could ever imagine that you can get a hotel room for less than one hundred pesos. The big secret - just book in advance. When I say in advance, that's like 12 months ahead. 

I know a lot may happen and we won't be able to finalize everything but getting a hotel room deal for Php 88 per night + VAT which sums up to Php 93+ is something you can't just let go. We also believe that if our trip won't push through -- it is not much of a heartbreak because it is just so cheap. :) 

So, if you are wondering which hotel am I talking about. It's no other than Go Hotels which known to provide affordable and quality service and accommodation. They have branches all over the Philippines particularly Metro Manila (Otis, Ortigas, Cybergate-Mandaluyong), Bacolod, Davao, Dumaguete, Iloilo, Butuan, Tacloban and Puerto Princesa. 

Starting today, July 26-28, Go Hotels is having room sale for Bacolod, Davao, Dumaguete, Iloilo, Butuan, Tacloban for as low as Php 88 per night. Stay period is from October - December 2017. 

We were lucky to book 5 days at Go Hotel Davao for only Php 394+ and also one day in Go Hotels Dumaguete for only Php 93+. Our booking includes the following: 

  • 22-inch LCD TV with cable
  • In-room intercom system
  • Option of two (2) single beds or one (1) double bed
  • Full vanity mirror
  • Two (2) pillows and duvet,
  • In-room safe
  • Bath towel
  • Hot and cold shower
  • Single-use soap and shampoo, and tissue paper.
We completed the booking online and used my BPI e-prepaid card. If you don't have a credit or debit card, you also have the option to book and pay through bank deposit. 
So, book now and let's all have more trips this 2017. 

Monday, July 25, 2016

Now is the best time to shop for Christmas Gifts through Flexi HomeDeals Promo

As a homemaker, my usual christmas wishes include my dream home appliances. Last 2015, I got a new Samsung refrigerator which was perfect for our new home.

Modern Filipino households search for the perfect partners in taking care of our families. Samsung
Philippines offers a suite of digital appliances that makes daily life more comfortable, convenient, and time-efficient for today’s millennial parents. With their innovative features, these appliances are designed to meet each family member’s unique lifestyle needs.

I know that Christmas is still over 5 months away but Samsung’s innovative products are now within reach of more customers with the Flexi HomeDeals promo, which offers flexible payment packages for a limited time.The Flexi Home Deals cover a wide range of models of Samsung digital appliances - refrigerators, washing machines, and microwave ovens.

So, I am now thinking of getting their smart oven or the new top load washing machine. More details about Samsung's innovative products, here.

Through the Flexi Home Deals, customers can choose to avail of Samsung digital
appliances in payment options they are most comfortable with. They can enjoy discounts of up to
P30,000 on digital appliances for one-time cash payments. For those who opt for easy deals on
installment, discounts are also available for payment periods of 6 months, 12 months, and 18
months at 0% interest.

“Through the Flexi Home Deals, we are able to provide customers with the opportunity to decide
how they want to avail of their dream home appliances. We want more Filipino families to
experience the unparalleled convenience and comfort of using Samsung Digital Appliances.

Through this, we can fulfill our mission to be the Filipino home’s perfect partner in taking care of
the family,” said Stephanie Chua, Head of Product Marketing, Digital Appliances.

The Flexi Home Deals promo runs from July 12 to September 30, 2016 at selected Samsung
dealer stores nationwide. So hurry and don't miss out this promotion and get your Christmas wish as early as today.

For the latest news, please visit the Samsung Newsroom at

Friday, July 15, 2016

The Experience of Being Involved in a Road Accident and Life Lessons

Last September 2015, we bought Cheesecake to the vet for another shot of her vaccinations. Unfortunately, on our way home, we got involved in a road accident with multiple collisions. A 10-wheeler truck driving through the Circumferential Road in Bacolod had a brake malfunction that led to a major road mishap involving a total of 7 vehicles. 

Though we are still very thankful that there are no casualties involved. Damage to property was extensive since the truck which carried a heavy equipment/ backhoe had hit a Kia Avanza, Nissan Pathfinder whose tires blew up, a 2-month-old Mitsubishi Montero, a 6-wheeler truck carrying sacks of cement, a motorcycle with a sidecar and our Nissan Sentra. 

It was our first time to be involved in an accident and I had a mix of emotions. There was shock, fear, anxiety, and anger. I composed myself and went down the car. I saw the driver and just looked at him with the facial expression "What the hell did just happen?" He was apologetic and was explaining about the brakes. So, I just let go. We checked on the other cars if anyone was injured then found a way to contact my dad. 

Since I have always believed that everything happens for a reason, let me share some life lessons and realizations I have because of the accident.

1. Always wear your seat belt. I know a lot of us are guilty of not wearing seat belts all the time. Most drivers and passengers only wear them because of the fear of getting apprehended. But I tell you, it makes a difference. I was lucky to be wearing a seat belt during the accident. The impact was strong and without it, I could have hit my head on the dashboard. 

2. Accidents happen in a blink of an eye. Yes, accidents happen very fast and at a time you least expect it. Val and I were happy having a conversation and boom! The damage has been done. It is the same reason why we should never text and drive because your eyes and focus should always be on the road.  

3. Always check your brakes. Driving your car is not all about getting your car to move without problems. It is also very important that we check our cars for our own safety, Make sure that the brakes are working, tires are good and the steering wheel is moving freely, etc. I know that accidents can't be controlled (that's why they are called accidents) but that only gives us enough reason not to drive very fast because the faster you are, the harder for you to control your vehicle in cases of brake malfunction or accidents. 

4. Never drive without your valid driver's license and registration papers. In case of accidents, there would be a traffic investigator who would make an incident report. They would be asking for these documents. 

5. Make sure to charge your phones, I was in a hurry when we left home and forgot to charge my home. I have a measly 20% battery. So, after a few calls and messages, my phone died. Val also did not bring his phone because he said he was with me and wouldn't need to text anyone. Well, during the accident, I did not have a way to contact my dad for help. We ended up asking a stranger to text my dad for me. We also did not have a way to take pictures as evidence that we had to rely on the ones taken by the police. 

It took some time for our car to get fixed. Apparently, the truck who hit us did not have on-damage insurance. So, negotiating with them was a bit hard. Will post updates about our case. The only thing that we are certain is that they are the ones responsible for the damages. How we wished to have owned a dashboard camera so that the negotiations should have been faster with more evidence. On the other hand, I have also realized how important it is to have a comprehensive insurance and not just the TPL required by LTO because once you're at fault, the stress and liability is so extensive.

Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Commuting from Mactan International Airport (Cebu) to Cebu City

With the recent improvements made at the Mactan International Airport, I believe this is the best airport we have in the country. I love the new stores, cafes, and food outlets near the check-in counters and the boarding area. Starbucks, Seattle's Best, Jollibee, and Bench are just a few of them. 

Mactan International Airport should also take pride in the excellent service, security, and ease of travel to and from the airport that they offer. Aside from the regular taxi (white) and the airport taxi (yellow) readily available at the taxi bay, passengers can also commute to and from Cebu's airport through the Mybus service.  

Passengers can pay cash or they can use a reloadable MyBus card which is also accepted in all ePlus partner merchants. The fare from the Airport to SM Cebu is only Php 25. This is way cheaper than a normal taxi ride which averages Php 150 going to Cebu City. Aside from this route, MyBus also has other routes as far as SM Seaside, Lawaan - Talisay, and J-Mall. 

Since I was traveling all the way to Talisay City, I took three bus rides: Airport- SM Cebu, SM-Cebu to SM Seaside, and SM Seaside to Talisay. Actually, there is also a bus that goes straight from SM-Cebu to Talisay which costs Php 40 but the interval of departure is not that frequent. 

One thing that I really love about the SM MyBus is that they leave on time regardless if the bus is full or not. This makes managing travel time easier. You also don't have to walk very far as their pick-up and arrival points at the airport are just near arrival (in front of Jollibee) and domestic departure area. 

This mode of transportation is starting to really get popular since the buses are clean and safe. Please note that they strictly follow bus stops so, you can't simply tell the driver that you're going down anywhere. 

MyBus has a flat rate fee regardless of your chosen stop. They also give student and senior citizen discounts provided that IDs are presented. They also issue receipts which are favorable to those who need to liquidate their expenses. 

This latest addition to Cebu's transportation service is definitely something that we need and perhaps apply in the other parts of the country. I opted not to be picked up from the airport because we now have the MyBus which is very cost-effective and convenient. I believe that an efficient mass transit system would definitely help us in solving traffic problems. 

Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Goodbye Razors, Hello Waxing!

I am one of the "unlikely" who is "balbon" wherein as early as high school, I have been concerned about shaving. In a world where being hairless other than the ones on our head is beautiful. It has been expected that shaving or hair removal is part of our hygiene. 

I grew up using razors which included little accidents of cutting my legs. When I grew a bit older, I was able to discover better ways to remove unsightly hair in my body. 

We should realize that is important to never neglect hair removal. Some might view it as plain vanity, but removing unsightly hair in our body simply shows that we care for our overall looks and we value how people sees us. Hair removal is a lifestyle and it shows how you brand yourself. 

I believe that branding yourself properly will eventually lead to elation. Feeling good about yourself can lead to a more productive life as it boost your confidence resulting to a more productive you.

Here are some pros and cons in ways to removing hair in your body.


Removes hair from surface
Removes hair from the root
Hair grows back in a day
Hair grows back in 3 weeks
Corse regrowth
Lighter and finer regrowth
Done every 2  days
Done every 3 -4 weeks
Skin discoloration
No discoloration
Prone to nicks, cuts and razor burns
no nicks and cuts


France, the place of love and the embodiment of timeless beauty brings to the country a technology of painless and hairless prowess.

Make way for Bella La Peau, a professional hair waxing salon that’s committed to bringing value for money and soothing services. 

Bella La Peau directly translates to “beautiful skin”, hence, one will expect a salon that is dedicated to transforming the image of your skin to near perfection, soft to the eyes and touch.

Belle La Peau uses an exclusive Non – Strip Wax XXX from Singapore and is the sole Philippine franchisee of Wax XXX Academy which trains and equip their treatment professionals at an International level.

Belle La Peau Non-Strip waxes are made out of Pine Tree that are known to be rich in Vitamin A, hence, it helps prevent oxidative stress on your skin which explains the painless treatment. Furthermore, Belle La Peau waxes are warm, clay-type that are non-water based and are less susceptible to infections. 

Get acquainted with your perfect wax

Belle La Peau uses 4 types of wax targeted to match the type of your hair: 

La Parfait Cire Bleau (Perfect Blue) Uses a strong polymer formulation that allows flexibility and is suitable for long course hair such as I your legs, arms, body and pubic area.

La Parfait Cire Rose (Perfect Pink) is a wax formulated from Titanium Dioxide which is a non-irritant formula that enhances skin’s natural protection and is suitable for Ingrown hair and for recently shaven hair.

La Parfait Cire Parfum (Perfect Scent-Orange) is a soothing aromatherapy was suitable for those who regularly wax and it effectively removes soft, short hairs such as in the face and nostrils.

La Parfait Core de RIz (Rice Wax – Green) is a wax formulated with rice from Japan that uses a low temperature suitable for long fine hair.

Belle La Peau has several branches Nationwide, Visit their website:  and like their FB page:; Instagram and Twitter: @BELLELAPEAU to know more about their exciting promo and Hair raising prices.

Monday, July 4, 2016

Gear up for School with CD-R King

When I was still in college, CD-R King had been my number one source for my multimedia needs such as blank CDs, flash drives and even my small computer parts like mouse, keyboard and headsets.

12 years later,  CD-R King is still there to provide students with their back-to-school supplies with a wider range of products but still with the same affordable products.

CD-R King understands every parent's dream to fully provide for their treasured children/students. The necessities required by the academe is more often overwhelming. Thus, Cd-R King perceives the need to provide for parents, students, and the school itself a channel where quality yet affordable supplies can be acquired which they have been doing for more than 10 years.

This is the most basic reason why everyone shifted to the brand and we (Filipinos) are thankful to have an alternative as oppose to the more expensive ones in the market. Giving Filipinos a practical option has always been CR-R Kings vision.

Let me share with you some the products offered by CD-R King.

CD-R King still carries your beloved blank media for as low as Php5.00.

USB flash drives as low as Php160

They also have the most basic back to school neccessitites such as Ballpens for as low as Php2.00 a piece and Mechanical pencils for as low as Php10.00.

You can also buy Bond papers and other paper needs such as Photo and transfer sheets.

As far as gadget technology are concerned, you can now extend battery life of one gadget to another thru Micro USB to Micro USB mobile charging cable.

Get more data space for your Iphone with PQI i-connect.

Schools may also enjoy the affordability CD-R King has to offer:

Entry level projector for small classrooms can be acquired for as low as Php3,800

While bigger area projectors can be obtained for as low as Php9,900

Projector boards are offered for as low as Php2,280

Wireless Laser Presenter for as low as Php280.00

All these and more are available from your One-Stop media provider, CD-R King. Visit their more than  400 branches nationwide for any of your office, home and school needs.

You may also visit their website, for more product listings. Like them on
Facebook for more promos: