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What is a diary?

I started having a diary when I was 10. It was a simple notebook where I share my thoughts and ideas. As a little girl, I have always wanted to write the highlights of my day. This includes both happy and sad incidents.  As I grew a little bit older, my diary became my secret keeper. I spent writing about boys, crushes, after school dates and a lot teenage stuff. From a simple notebook, I opted to have one that is more secure -- a journal with lock.  Now that I am 30ish, I still have a diary but in a form of a planner. It is journal of the things that happened for the day featuring important events and highlights. It is a place where I keep reminders and notes that may come in handy in the future. My diary also has a lot of stickers and clippings. I also write inspirational quotes in my diary. What is really the purpose of a DIARY?  A diary is important avenue for self-expression. It is like a friend that you can share everything with 24/7. There is no judgement.

FREE doughnuts to make your day sweeter from the SM Mobile App

SM Supermalls is bringing back its  “ Download  &  Win ”  in-app mobile game and sweetening the deal by giving away  3  Original  Glazed®  Krispy  Kreme  doughnuts  each to 100 unique SM Supermalls mobile app registered users every day from April 30 to  June 30, 2016 .  Embedded within the SM Supermalls Mobile App, “Download & Win” was the first digital scratch card promotion in the country. Its launch during SM Supermalls’ 30th Anniversary was marked with the giving away of exciting prizes such as free mobile data, free Spotify, Facebook, Games, Unli-Call and Unli Text every day for the entire month of March. The celebration resumes this month with a shower of doughnuts! And joining can’t be simpler – just download the mobile app and get a chance to win.  Upon signing up in the SM Supermalls mobile app, you will receive a digital scratch card on the app. Scratch off the gray area to find out if you won. Get another shot of winning the next day until the end o

PRESS RELEASE: Duterte reaches out to foes, calls for national healing

DAVAO CITY – Presidential frontrunner Rodrigo R. Duterte on Monday extended his hand of reconciliation to political rivals as he called for national healing following a bitter campaign in the race for the presidency that saw all candidates throwing mud at each other. “I would like now reach my hand to my opponents and let us begin  the process of healing,” Duterte said in a well-attended press briefing at The Royal Mandaya Hotel, where he went straight after casting his vote at the Daniel R. Aguinaldo National High School in Matina. Although acknowledging that the exchange of innuendoes is part  of the election process in the Philippines, he admitted that the mudslinging during the campaign period was very intense and virulent. “Let us begin to forget, and let us be friends,” he said.  The 71-year-old local chief executive is contesting the  presidency against administration candidate Mar Roxas, Vice President Jejomar Binjay and senators Grace Poe and Mirriam Santiago.

Letting The Dogs Out At The Spa

If you are like most pet owners, your dog is a member of the family. Treat your furry friend to a few hours at a pet spa in Plymouth MI . While there, the pet can receive a bath with luxurious products that leave the coat soft and shiny as well as other special services that will make your dog feel loved and relaxed.  A pet spa is more than just a place where you can leave your pet so that you can go on vacation or if you need someone to watch your pet while you're at work. This is a facility that takes the time to get to know your pet in a way that makes it comfortable. You don't have to worry about who is taking care of your dog as the staff is trained and qualified to work with animals of almost all breeds and sizes. Staff members will make sure your dog is settled before doing any kind of work on the skin, coat or nails.  When your pet is at a day spa, there is sure to be a lot of fun with other animals. It offers a way for the dog to get out of the house and away from

Vote on May 9 and Get Rewarded

May 9 is another big day in our country's history. It a chance to exercise our rights to suffrage and choose a leader that we believe is best for our country with hopes of a brighter future. 2016 Elections is so huge that there are a lot of Election Day promos and discounts available.  Regardless of the candidate you will be supporting, don't miss out on these special privileges for all voters.   Get these by simply flashing your dead nails.. (hahaha. kidding.) Just show them your voter's ink to take advantage of these election day special offers.  1. Tenya Philippines Promotion:  Get 20% off on your total bill just by showing your your voter's ink. Branches: All Tenya Branches  (BGC Stopover, Market! Market!, SM Southmall and SM Megamall) Terms and Conditions apply.  Source: 2. Racks Promotion:  Get 1 large side dish for FREE (minimum purchase of Php 500) Branches: All Racks Branches This promo is not valid in

Book Review: Mommy Loves You Just The Same by Teresa Dumadag

Have you ever heard stories about older kids wishing that their new baby brother or sister be back in their mother's womb? Well, I have and it happened within my own family. I am the youngest of the 3 siblings and with a 6 and 8-year gap. They said that my brother was a bit jealous and wants to stay as the "baby" in the family even though he is already 6 years old. He kept on bugging my mom to put me back where I can from. Well, it's funny but true. So when I found this upcoming children's book by Teresa G. Dumadag entitled Mommy Loves Me Just The Same , it reminded me of that story. The book was written while she was pregnant with her 3rd child to help inspire moms to breastfeed continuously (tandem feed if needed) and to involve the older kids in caring for their younger sibling. The book provides ideas for older siblings on how they can bond with the coming baby even while still in their mother’s womb and what they can do to help when the baby arrives. It's

Mothers and Babies from the South Gathered for the Great Cloth Diaper Change

The Great Cloth Diaper Change (GCDC) by South PiNanays (SPiN) was held at Festival Mall, Alabang last April 23, 2016. It was a great success with 69 mommy and baby pairs who simultaneously changed baby diapers to celebrate this worldwide gathering.. This event was done in partnership with Modern Cloth Nappying Pinays (MCNP), Breastfeeding Pinays, Mommy Talk Philippines, and Newlyweds@Work. Source: Ingente-Valencerina Photography The GCDC is an annual worldwide event created by the Real Diaper Association that aims to spread awareness about the benefits of cloth diapering, advocating cloth diapers as an environment-friendly choice for families. This year, there were 235 registered GCDC events in 19 countries, eight were held in the Philippines, one of which was the SPiN event in Alabang. Aside from the actual diaper change, there was also a mini-bazaar featuring small mom-owned businesses that offered family-friendly products. There were also talks about cloth diapering, breast

Go Green and Practical with California EcoBike

With crazy heat and the scary weather patterns, we no longer need more evidence that the ill effects of climate change is here.  Though some say that the effects are irreversible, I am encouraging everyone that we can still do something about it by not making it worse.  The use of eco-friendly energy source like solar panels as well as eco-friendly transportation alternatives is a must nowadays. Not to mention that the fuel prices continues to soar every week, add that to the burden of motorists and commuters alike as horrendous traffic in the metro persist. Thus, the use of electronic bikes is a smart choice.   These E-bikes can either charge on an electrical outlet or completely off-grid through solar charging. These should lower fumes on the road caused by petroleum type fuel and considerably cheaper if not free.  With the steady growth of e-bike followers, California Ecobike is gearing towards its mission to improve transportation in an eco-friendly way, one e-bike