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Back to School Giveaway

   Soon our kids are heading back to school (woohoo!!) but in the meanwhile, we need to spice up their education by engaging them in fun activities at home that will kick start them back into school mode. MamatheFox teamed up with some amazing brands who want to offer you the chance to win some of their products! Come back daily to increase your chances of winning this amazing giveaway.   Open to US residents only - Over $145 in prizes   Hosted by: MamatheFox Co-Hosted by: Reviewz and Newz, Parenting Healthy , Miki's Hope , Tabby's Pantry & Sunshine and Roller Coasters   One person will win: Thames and Kosmos - I Dig It! Dinos - T. Rex Excavation Kit - RV $12.95 Play the role of a paleontologist and excavate a replica of a dinosaur fossil relief all by yourself. Use the hammer and chisel to go on a hunt for Tyrannosaurus rex, the dangerous prehistoric giant. Excavate the skeleton relief from the surrounding soft plaster block. The kit includes the skel

Chicken Deli growth spurs partnership renewal with Pepsi Philippines

Val is a big chicken  inasal fan. I remember when we were still in Manila, one of our go-to places was the newly opened Chicken Deli branch in Ayala Fairview Terraces. The food is delicious yet very affordable. Not to mention they also serve unlimited rice.  During Val's 30th birthday, we celebrated it with family and friends by enjoying the authentic  Chicken Inasal plus other local favorites such as Kare-Kare and Pork Sisig. Thus, we consider Chicken Deli a significant part of the life of an ordinary Filipino like us.   So, when we arrived in Bacolod in 2015 -- we were actually surprised that this humble family diner is big in the City of Smiles . We had no idea that the restaurant actually originated here in Bacolod and we are very happy and proud of the success of our favorite inasal restaurant.  Now on its 35th year, Chicken Inasal is celebrating a renewed partnership with bottling firm, Pepsi-Cola Products Philippines Inc., (PCPPI) the "Bidang Inasal ng Bac

#GrowOldWithMyDog: 4 Things You Should Never Feed Your Dog

We are starting a new blog series called #GrowOldWithMyDog. It will feature stories about responsible pet ownership, tips on how to properly take care of them as well as fun and exciting experiences of being a dog parent.  Just a heads up -- I am not an expert nor a licensed veterinarian but rest assured that we will be sharing only information from reliable sources including my personal experience as a fur parent to my 13-year old Maltese, Crumpy, my adopted Shih Tzu, Cheesecake and my little 1.5-year-old furball, Cinderella.  --------------------------------------- For our first post, we will be sharing about the 4 Things that We Should Never Feed Our Dogs.  Experts say that dogs grow much faster than humans and thus, it is ideal that they get the sufficient amount of nutrients through specific nutrition made for them (a.k.a. dog food) However, whether we admit it or not, there are times that we can't help but share our table food with them especially when y

Top 5 Reasons Why You Should Start Reading Magazines Again

With everything going digital, I can't help but miss the feel and excitement whenever I get a new printed copy of a book or the latest issue of my favorite magazine. I remember spending most of my school allowance on Seventeen, BOP, and Cosmo. The new information and the latest updates and trends that I get from reading was definitely worth every penny.  Unfortunately, when they started creating websites and making all the content available online, I no longer found the reason to grab my favorite magazines. Instead, I just read its digital copies. It was free and convenient.   However this 2018 -- I discovered Southwall Magazine   during its launch in Bacolod last July 17 at the Gallery Orange and I have found all the reasons why I should start my magazine subscription again.  Top 5 Reasons Why You Should Start Reading Magazines Again 1. Southwall Magazine has a great layout with really nice glossy pages. It has the same feel and vibrant pictures that I ha