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Don't miss this GrabCar User Life Hack!

I am such a huge fan/ loyal user of GrabCar. With a lot of promotions, safe and reliable rides, one cannot deny the fact that it is more practical to just use the app than drive your own car (in most cases.)  If you are not familiar or not sure what I am talking about Grab is Southeast Asia's leading ride-hailing platform. It solves critical transportation challenges and makes transport freedom a reality for 620 million people in Southeast Asia. If you are interested, you can download the app for free from Google Play or IOS store. Click here to download the Grab app.  Now, here's the fun part. As I mentioned, grab has a lot of promotions and you can check the notifications tab in the app these promo codes as well as your phone messages since Grab also sends SMS for updates. For new users, you may use this Grab promo code: GRABFREE (not sure if it's still valid but this code gives you a free ride up to Php 300 off)  And that's not all, did you k

How to disable video autoplay in facebook?

With the constant updates and new features introduced in Facebook, most of us are left with no choice but to simply accept the changes.  One change that I really did not like was the autoplay feature of the videos, Since I am a scaredy cat, I could not help panic when horror clips play automatically. I hate it more when the spammy adult content videos circulating the network would also play on its own. I could not imagine when kids borrow phones and can see adult content. It's just too risky and scary for parents.  So, if you are wondering if you can disable the autoplay feature of our facebook video? Well, I am so glad that yes, we can and it actually pretty simple.  Just follow these steps: From the top right of Facebook, click and select Settings. Click Videos in the left menu (normally below the support inbox link)  Check Autoplay Videos settings and select Off. Is it easy to display the autoplay feature? If yes, please share this post.  Do you have an

Road Trip: Bacolod to Don Salvador

Summer vacation is almost over! Since classes are starting on June 5, Val and I decided to have a quick getaway this weekend. (If you just met us or just discovered this blog, my husband, Val is a teacher in one of the public schools in Bacolod City.)  Since we wanted to just have a quick getaway without breaking the bank, we opted to visit Don Salvador Benedicto. They call it the "Baguio" of Negros but we think it's more of the  "Tagaytay" of Negros.  It has a cooler climate and one can expect to see lots of greenery and pine trees. It is approximately a one-hour ride from Bacolod City. The roads are good and cemented. If you plan to commute, there are a lot Ceres buses that you can take from the terminal. When going to Don Salvador Benedicto, you will take the Bacolod-Murcia highway (The same one that you would take when you are traveling to Cebu by land which I will share in a separate post.) Your first stop is the lion's statue that w

How do you view your facebook birthday video?

I had a blast celebrating my birthday and overwhelmed by the birthday greetings from family, friends, and clients. Though we may say that facebook was primarily responsible for reminding them about your day, still I am very grateful that they took the time and effort to send me a private message or write in my timeline. I even have one client and friend, Sha Nacino who is a well-known inspiration speaker and author, the Founder of the 90 Day Book Writing Challenge who took the time to shoot a video for me. I am so touched. :)  I would also like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who sent their gifts. I couldn't be more blessed. Anyway, going back to the original purpose of this post is how to view your facebook birthday video.  Technically, it is a  vi deo from facebook that will show on the top of your timeline the day after your birthday to highlight photos and messages from friends. Though it will automatically show on your timeline, one may realize that after v

Top 5 Things to Instantly Glam Up Your Look

Since it's my birth month, Val had been surprising me with my favorite things including a dinner date last week. Since we were a bit in hurry and it was totally unplanned, I just had to quickly prepare myself before we go out thus, I am thankful for t hese tricks that can instantly glam up one's look.  After all, whatever the occasion is, one must not forget to prepare oneself because every woman deserves to be beautiful.  Here are the top 5 tips to instantly glam up your look: 1. Add sparkle by wearing some jewelry Whether you choose to wear, earrings, bracelets or necklaces, adding these little accents to your outfit can instantly glam up your look. Though my personal favorite is a pair of pearl earrings that can definitely brighten my face.  2. Tie a scarf to your bag.  Use some old scarves to give your bag a makeover. Just simply tie it around the handle. Voila! You get a new-looking handbag.   3. Wear a belt A perfect way t

The Future is Awesome: Samsung Happy Home

The Back to the Future Movie Day was celebrated in the US last October 21, 2015. Who would have known that the 1989 movie will give us a glimpse of what our future will look like? Flying cars and floating highways maybe far from reality but I’m sure these pictures will refresh your memory.                                             Up-close visual experience using VR glasses  Crisp Sound and Visual Effects Extra Large TV Screens Put them all together, just like what Doc said, "Great Scott! Here is the Samsung SUHD ." VR glasses may have its limitations, but   the visual up-close experience, crisp audio, and size of the screen will definitely bring the house down.  Samsung Ultra High Definition  is a new range of 4K Ultra HD TVs. SUHD raised the bar of home entertainment solutions using nanocrystal technology to make the body of the TV lighter and thin, but yet powerful enough to produce 64 times more color expression than a regular TV. SUHD TV