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Road Trip: Bacolod to Cebu

I was so surprised to discover that traveling from Bacolod to Cebu by land is very easy. We were used to flying so, it was only last Mother's Day weekend that I decided to give it a try.  Our route was Bacolod to San Carlos Port (by land), San Carlos to Toledo (via RORO or water taxi) and Toledo to Cebu (by land.)  If you plan to bring your own car, the fastest route going to San Carlos Port is through the via Don Salvador Benedicto highway. Travel time is approximately 2.5 hours though you might be interested in spending a few hours in the area to enjoy it. You may read about our short Don Salvador Benedicto adventure, here .  If you plan to take the Ceres bus going to Cebu, then you have two options:  A. Take a direct trip (BCD - Cebu)  This means that you don't have to transfer buses and purchase your RORO ticket separately. However, travel time is longer since they take the slower RORO. Estimated travel time by direct trip is 7-8 hours.  Here is t

Where to buy discounted Hongkong Disneyland Tickets?

It's been a few months since we went to Hongkong Disneyland and despite our research before the trip, there are still a lot of things that we discovered once we got there thus, making us excited to go back soon.  This includes the best place where we can get discounted Hongkong Disneyland tickets. If you remember, we got our 2-Day Hongkong Disneyland Tickets from Klook  which I mentioned from my previous post .  As of March 2018, Klook's offer for the 2-Day Hongkong Disneyland is still one of the best deals you can ever find. You can purchase the 2-day pass for only HKD 676 under the Traveler Shop and Play Package (this includes $30 shopping voucher) at Klook . Then, you can purchase using this link or use the code: B6K8X to instantly get HKD 25 off. Bringing the ticket rate down to HKD 651  Let me share this to  give you a better picture of the price comparison. This is now updated as of March 2018.  TWO-DAY HONGKONG DISNEYLAND PASS Park Regular Ra

The Correct Way to Get Wildlife Out of Your Home

Since humans interact with homes every day, they can quickly find the exits when necessary. Wildlife, on the other hand, can be confused by the sounds and smells indoors to the point where some don’t recognize an open door when you give it to them. There are also situations where wildlife removal is difficult because the creatures simply want to stay in this warm place with plenty of food. Here are some things to avoid and some to do when you have an unwanted guest. Do Open Doors and Windows Even though some wildlife will not recognize the exits you're offering, it is often better to have them than not. Certain rodents, once they feel trapped, may lash out at anything that moves. Once you've called an exterminator in Houston, TX , ask for other recommendations until arrival. Don't Trust Old Folk Remedies It can seem tempting to use plants, candles or other remedies to "urge" wildlife to leave your home, but most of these are better at preve