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The Best Way to Lock your Mobile Phone

Every mobile device has a built-in capability to screen lock for security reasons. Most of us set our device to automatically lock when it goes to sleep to avoid accidentally calling someone or delete important apps or files. Also, we don't want other people to readily have access to our devices.  But have you thought about what is the best way to lock our phones?  Whether you choose to set a PIN, Pattern or Swipe, one should opt to lock his or her phone screen in a way it would allow them to get free mobile load or gift certificates.  Is this even possible and legit? Yes, definitely. PERA SWIPE is the latest popular mobile app available for Android users. You can download it for free at Google Play Store .  PERA SWIPE aims to provide an efficient all-in-one lock screen platform for Filipino smartphone users. PERA SWIPE will also bring added value to content and promotions by rewarding users with points that can be redeemed for mobile load and other pr

FREE Premium Bus Rides and Shuttle Transfers from NAIA

Public transportation has drastically improved because of the availability of premium buses. Due to the traffic and high fuel prices, I  personally prefer not to be picked up at the airport whenever I am in Manila. Instead, I just take these P2P buses. After all, it's safe, convenient and very cost-effective. So if you haven't tried this service or if you love taking these NAIA shuttle transfers, you are in for a treat! Here's how you can get a free ticket/ ride:  Go to: Use code: EXPLOREHOME Pick a bus schedule that's most convenient with your arrival time and choose among many premium bus options.  Aside from non-stop travel from the airport to your choice of destination, these buses are also equipped with Wi-Fi to keep you connected while on the road. No need to worry about your time of arrival as a new bus will come every 30 minutes.  Bus Service Routes and Schedule: NAIA to/from Century City Mall Makati

[NATIONWIDE] Where can you donate your old clothes?

Did you know that you can donate your old clothes to H&M? H&M Philippines encourages customers to bring and donate their old clothes (whether in good or bad condition) in exchange for store discount vouchers. This is their way of helping lessen the garbage brought about by the fashion industry. After all, fashion is too precious to end up in the landfills.   How to donate? There is no minimum number of pieces. You just have to fill a paper bag with old clothing ( no matter what brand or condition ) and bring to any H&M store nationwide.  However, please take note that there is a limit of only 2 vouchers per customer per day regardless of how much clothes you are donating. (Approximately one bag full of clothes is equal to one 15% discount voucher)  If you are curious what does H&M does with these donated clothes, these old garments are collected by their partner, I:Collect. These are then sorted into three categories:  Rewear – old clot

FREE Trampoline Park PH Admission Tickets

If you're based in Manila, here's your chance to visit the Trampoline Park in Mandaluyong for FREE. Trampoline Park Philippines is like a huge playground where you jump on the 60 interconnected trampolines on the floor and walls! You can fly high and dive into thousands of foam cubes waiting for your softest landing ever or you can play with or against your family and friends in an aerial game of dodgeball or volleyball. If you're feeling a bit adventurous, go slam dunking and get free parkour training from well-trained staff.  Source: Trampoline Park FB Page Now, here's the best part -- you can get FREE Admission tickets (1-hour Weekday Flying Adventure.)   Go to:   Use code: EXPLOREHOME Here are some important reminders:  Valid for new accounts only.  Just choose Dragonpay/ OTC-Bank as the payment method. Since order total is zero. The order will be automatically be confirmed. Love promos like

Skip the line. Transfer funds through GCASH’s Instapay to Bank

Being a work-at-home professional is the best thing that happened to me. It gave me an opportunity to work at the comforts of our home while avoiding the stress of the daily commute. Though freelancing has gained popularity over the years, still I am often asked, “How do you get paid?” There are actually a lot of payment options available for online workers but I prefer GCASH for many reasons including its latest feature,  Instapay to Bank* .  GCASH is like a "central unit" for all my payment/ financial transactions. It can be readily used for online and in-store purchases, I can make withdrawals through my GCASH Mastercard, and I can readily transfer funds to my bank account. Instapay to Bank allows users to deposit/ transfer funds without any additional cost to over 30 partner banks nationwide. A transaction can be completed in just 2-3 minutes. I bet you heard stories about people lining up inside the bank for 4-5 hours just to make a deposit. So, this option is tr