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4 Ways to Build Customer Relationships with Email

Last December 8, I had the opportunity to attend a workshop organized by the Negros Online Workers (NOW) about Business Development and Digital Marketing. One of the main points discussed was email marketing and how it can help businesses grow. The speaker mentioned that email marketing still the most effective strategy wherein one can use it to create influence, relationship, and rapport among subscribers and followers. Once this is established, sales and marketing will be easier.  I have been following global speakers, authors, and coaches such as Tony Robbins, Sha Nacino, James Taylor and Brian Tracy. I have noticed that all of them are using email marketing to reach out their target audiences. What I like about the emails that they send is that these are  not direct sales emails wherein they simply ask us to purchase a product or a service but instead, they are focused on sharing their stories, tips, and experiences. Reading their emails seems personal as if it was sen

Home based career seminars for Negros Online Workers happening this December 2018

The Negros Online Workers, together with Dojo 8 Coliving Space is holding a series of workshops and talks in Bacolod City this December 2018. JUMPSTART 2019 is a 4-part series of learning events that will help freelancers and aspiring individuals become successful in their online careers. Beginners will learn the basics on how to start their home-based career including basic digital skills while experienced freelancers will have up skill learning sessions. “This is in line with our advocacy in promoting more earning opportunities in places where there are limited jobs offered as well as to provide support to parents especially women who are not able to work due to family obligations,” says, Ma. Clarice Lao, Founder of Negros Online Workers. Participants will learn the different work-at-home career options, tips on getting started, and information on where and how to apply. “We would also discuss current trends, pay rates and challenges faced by online workers,” added Lao