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Monday, November 28, 2022

How To Choose The Best OTC Cough Medicine

For many people, coughing is one of the most annoying symptoms of a cold or flu. Naturally, we seek relief to end our discomfort and feel better. But which over-the-counter medications are the most effective? This short guide explains what you need to know about colds, flu, and coughing. You'll also learn about options in homeopathy medicine for dry cough.

Why We Cough When We're Sick

You may be surprised to learn that coughing does have a purpose. Its primary job is kicking out foreign invaders. Our central nervous system triggers the coughing reflex when it detects unwanted stuff in our airways — stuff like smoke, dust, pollen, food particles, and excess mucus.

When nerves in our airways detect foreign bodies, they send signals up the vagus nerve to the brain stem, which then signals back down the vagus nerve to activate the diaphragm and muscles near the ribs. Those muscles contract, the lungs fill will air and the epiglottis closes. Once the pressure in the lungs is at its highest point, the epiglottis reopens. That built-up air exits through the airways and the mouth, taking the foreign bodies out with it.

Consider Your Symptoms

Symptoms don't occur without causes, especially with upper respiratory infections. Coughing is meant to protect us from foreign invaders, including viruses and bacteria. These pathogens are extremely small, some measuring less than 0.1 microns in diameter. So, how does coughing help? Well, it's not coughing alone that does the job: Coughing plus mucus equals an eviction notice for viruses and bacteria.

Our immune systems prompt our bodies to produce more mucus in the upper respiratory tract, effectively sweeping up pathogens in a sticky tide of water, salt, proteins, lipids and loose DNA. Wet coughing expels all this mucus plus the microbes trapped inside. By comparison, dry coughing results from irritation in the airways. Wet coughing is productive: Dry coughing is not.

As you browse through cough pills online, you'll want to keep your symptoms in mind. Unproductive dry coughing can be addressed with a cough suppressant plus an antihistamine to calm overactive immune system responses. If coughing isn't the only reason for your discomfort, a multisymptom medication may be your best bet. Besides coughing, they also target congestion, running noses, watery eyes and body aches.

Understanding Labels

Checking out medication labels is always a good thing, especially with cough suppressant drugs. Traditional over-the-counter medications contain compounds like dextromethorphan, a common cough suppressant, and guaifenesin, an expectorant that thins and breaks up mucus. However, some of these come with side effects such as drowsiness, dizziness and stomach upset. Other compounds, such as the vasoconstricting decongestant pseudoephedrine, aren't recommended for people with chronic illnesses like cardiovascular disease or diabetes.

Fortunately, alternatives to standard OTC meds can provide symptom relief without side effects. Some contain botanicals like echinacea and eucalyptus to target symptoms and boost immunity. Others, like Cough Control from Brillia Health, use antibodies to substances our bodies manufacture. Cough Control includes antibodies to bradykinin and histamines, two chemicals that can trigger coughing and chest congestion. Targeting these substances not only reduces symptoms, but they can also speed up recovery.

Super Christmas Sale for Car Accessories!

PartsPro is holding its very first in-person Christmas Clearance Sale at Met Live Mall in Pasay City on December 4, 2022.

Expect amazing deals and discounted items from so many brands! Items are priced for clearance, with as much as 80% off!! It’s the perfect place to do your holiday shopping for yourself, or if you have friends and family who love cars and car accessories.

Deals will be available from AutoClinic, Gyro Fuzion, AutoPerformance, GW2 Trading, Trading Corp., NMCI Trading Corp., Waido Marketing, Eneos, Rota, Autoplus, Imprint Customs, Riken, Aisin, Amsoil, Partshub, Chemical Guys, and PartsPro themselves will be there selling super sale items from 11am to 10pm.

Here's a sneak peek at what's on sale this December 4. 
Make sure to check back from time to time since we will be updating the list. :) 

Also, PartsPro is sponsoring a one-of-a-kind InterClub meet, with Grupo Toyota, Civic Club, Mazdatech, WRX/STI Club, 86/BRZ Club, Montero Sport Ph, Kicks Club, Navarra Nation, TACP, Altis Club and Legends of the 90s. Look out for the Drive-Thru Car Show wherein clubs will have their best cars rolling through the Show & Go. 

This will be live-streamed on PartsPro's Facebook page.

It's an all-day event for the whole family. There is a great selection of food and drink options in the mall, and one of the largest kiddie play areas. 

So, make it a family Sunday outing at the PartsPro Christmas Clearance Sale and see you there! 

Tuesday, November 15, 2022

Shopee brings joy to Filipino users and businesses during Shopee’s 11.11 Mega Pamasko Sale

Shopee recently concluded one of its biggest sales of the year, the 11.11 Mega Pamasko Sale, by giving users a rewarding shopping experience and providing a platform for success for businesses of all kinds. Local sellers experienced a 4 times uplift in sales versus a regular day, while shoppers enjoyed a total of ₱62 Million in savings on 11 November alone as they start their Christmas shopping. 

Martin Yu, Director at Shopee Philippines shared, “Our aim is to give a sense of joy through Shopee – for shoppers to have the most rewarding shopping experience, and for businesses to find success on our platform. The goal is for more Filipinos to experience the convenience of e-commerce so sellers and brands can connect to them whether through mas mura deals, livestreams or our exciting new initiatives, such as Shop to Win Gold.”

Sales grew for local sellers and brand partners this 11.11 Mega Pamasko Sale

● The 11.11 Mega Pamasko Sale aimed to stimulate sales for local brands and businesses, and connect businesses to Shopee’s digital ecosystem on the platform. One local seller saw a 7 times uplift in sales during 11.11. Local shops that proved to be the favourites among users were Luckiss, Mumu and Willet.

● Shopee Mall also saw an uptick in sales across the board as shoppers were enticed by exclusive deals. This is especially so for the essentials and personal care products category, with Uni-Care, Unilever Beauty and Cblue PH registering the top spikes in items sold on 11.11.

Holiday trends among shoppers in the Philippines focus on getting Mas Mura Deals

● Along with the overall big savings, one Filipino user was also the most wais when it came to their early Christmas shopping, recording over ₱45,000 worth of savings in a single checkout.

● Home & Living, Health & Personal goods and Women’s Apparel were the leading categories as Filipinos improved their homes, replenished essentials and treated themselves to fashionable clothes.

● Women's shoes, dresses and face masks were the most-searched keywords, showing that users were already planning ahead for their holiday get-togethers.

Big prizes, entertainment and convenient cashless payments drove even more users to the Shopee app

● There were over 2.7 million entries for Shop to Win Gold as users got excited to get a chance to bring home gold bars, or claim a year’s supply of groceries or electricity.

● Users were also treated to thousands of hours of livestreams with over 115 million viewers watching all over the country during the campaign to interact with and claim deals from their favorite local sellers and brands.

● More Filipinos made the most of the convenience and perks of ShopeePay, with the platform seeing a 2.5 times uplift in shoppers who paid using ShopeePay for the first time and over 3 times more orders paid via ShopeePay compared to a regular day.

Bring more joy to your Christmas shopping when you download the Shopee app from leading app stores and follow Shopee Philippines on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, TikTok, and YouTube.

Monday, November 14, 2022

Stop Being Anxious About the Small Things

I have been worried about missing the bus or being late to work.
I have been worried about losing my cell phone or simply misplacing my keys.
I have been worried about forgetting to return a call or failing to reply to an email.
I have been worried about missing a deadline.
I have been worried whenever I had to decline a request no matter how valid the reason is.
I have been worried that I do not meet other people's expectations or that others wouldn't like me.
I have been worried about what other people might say and many times I stop myself from doing what I want.

Anxiety is an emotion characterized by feelings of tension, worried thoughts, nervousness, and inability to relax.

I know that feeling anxious is normal and that I was dealing with it okay.

However, the past few weeks allowed me to experience a different kind of anxiety. The fear of losing a loved one is such a dreadful feeling. Seeing them sick each day is just awful and worse, there is nothing you can do about it. It's heartbreaking. The fear was real.

This experience made me realize that I have been anxious about so many little things in life when in fact, these are just material things or temporary concerns that we can fix or change. Petty things as some will call them.

I realized that it is time to go easy on ourselves. Learn to let go of the small, irrelevant concerns that cause you anxiety. Let your efforts be enough. Life doesn't have to be perfect. You don't even have to please everyone.

It is important that we learn to choose our battles because there are far bigger monsters and challenges that we should be worried about.

Friday, November 11, 2022

Filipinos turn to Shopee’s 11.11 Mega Pamasko Sale as over 150M deals were up for grabs in the Philippines

With Christmas quickly approaching, Filipinos turned to Shopee for irresistible deals and exciting rewards during this year’s 11.11 Mega Pamasko Sale. Local sellers and brands were eager to give shoppers much to look forward to as they offered over 150 million deals on the platform.

Local shopping trends early into the 11.11 Mega Pamasko Sale:

● Filipinos jumped at exclusive mas mura deals for their favorite Mobile Gadgets, Home and Living, and Health and Personal essentials just in time for the holiday season.

● In the first two hours, local sellers found success during the highly-anticipated sale with 15x uplift in items sold as compared to a regular day with one local seller completing almost 40,000 orders of face masks.

● Residents from Metro Manila, Cavite, and Bulacan were especially eager to take advantage of the best deals this 11.11. 

Filipinos can look forward to even more exciting deals with the best value-for-money all throughout the 11.11 Mega Pamasko sale until November 13. For more details on the sale, visit Shopee’s Mega Pamasko Sale

Content creators David Guison, Nins Po unlock success, new goals with Lazada's LazAffiliates

In making things work against all odds and seizing every opportunity to turn them into success, Filipinos take deep pride in being resourceful or “madiskarte”.

Lazada's newly launched LazAffiliate app provides access to features that enable content creators to easily identify trending products that resonate with their audience, so they can focus on generating engaging content to grow a community while also earning commissions. LazAffiliate partners can also track generated orders and earnings through the app.

"Lazada continuously works towards opening up more opportunities in the digital ecosystem and encouraging creativity. With the new LazAffiliate app and revamped program, our goal is to enable existing and aspiring content creators to generate income while creating more personalized and meaningful content to connect with their audiences,” says Ricardo Ortuoste, Head of User Growth at Lazada Philippines.


Successfully monetizing their creativity and social reach through the LazAffiliate program, which now offers increased commissions for LazAffiliate partners, are content creators Nins Po, also known as “Mommy Nins”, and David Guison.


Mommy Nins, a makeup artist turned mom-influencer, has been a LazAffiliate since 2019.  She shares that LazAffiliate allows her to build a brighter future for her child. At the same time, it lets her help small brands thrive by recommending their products to her followers. According to Mommy Nins, the LazAffiliate program is an easy way to earn some side income.

“I get a lot of questions from moms, asking if I earn from the simple affiliate links ko sa bio. I tell them yes, and I also teach them how to become a LazAffiliate as well. Lalo na ngayon na may app na, it’s so much easier,” Mommy Nins says, adding that her very first Lazada Affiliate link created in 2019 continues to bring in commissions for her today. “Even if you’re a full-time mom, it’s made simpler now kaya easy to earn more with LazAffiliate.”

Meanwhile, David, a lifestyle and fashion influencer, credits the program for reigniting his passion for content creation, while helping him make extra income. “I can definitely say that it really helped me bring back the fire in content creating,” David says. “And now it’s made even simpler, especially with the new LazAffiliate app. This is a huge motivation for me, and I’m sure it will be for other content creators as well.”

Anyone can participate in the LazAffiliate program and kickstart their affiliate journey with Lazada. Simply select from thousands of brands and MSMEs offering a wide and trendy assortment, and generate unique Lazada affiliate links to include in your content posts sharing #LazadaFinds with friends, family, and followers on your favorite social platforms. A portion of every successful purchase made using the links you promote is then granted as commission.

The LazAffiliate app was launched in the Philippines this October at Kondwi Makati, Manila. Close to 200 guests were taken back to the 90s and early-2000s, as everyone dressed up in their best 90s- and Y2K-inspired fits and enjoyed the era’s defining music. Aside from David and Mommy Nins, the event was attended by some of the most prominent content creators including Laureen Uy, Camille Co, Bella Racelis, Marj Maroket, and Janina Vela. Lazada Philippines CEO, Carlos Barrera, officially opened the first-ever LazAffiliate in-person event, which was followed by an exciting party with KatDJ spinning tracks to hype the crowd. The event also served as Lazada’s expression of gratitude to its loyal affiliates and an opportunity to meet newer members of the growing LazAffiliates community.

The LazAffiliate app is currently available for android users. It will be available for IOS in November 2022.

Sign up now on and become a LazAffiliate today! For more information, visit, or click on the LazAffiliates icon found in the Lazada app Account section.

 #AddToCartAddToLife by shopping on #LazadaPH at

Wednesday, November 9, 2022

Why HONOR 70 5G’s Solo Cut Mode Feature makes it the #BestVloggingPhone

Aside from having strong support from Google, the HONOR 70 5G is the first camera phone to use the latest camera sensor of Sony, the Sony IMX800 Super Sensing Dual Main Camera with Solo Cut Mode for vlogging. The HONOR 70 5G brings remarkable videography innovations. Launched last October 18 for only Php 26,990, this vlogging phone has been making a buzz in the industry because of its feature not present yet in any smartphone. Not to mention it comes with a free JBL Flip 5 Bluetooth Speaker worth Php 6,999. 


 *Khalil Ramos enjoying the use of Solo Cut Mode* 

How does Solo Cut Mode upgrade vlogging experience?

The newest HONOR 70 5G features a 54MP Dual Main Camera with Sony IMX800 Image Sensor, Dual 1080P HD videos, and a 3-stop zoom full view that captures every corner. The powerful camera is equipped with the industry’s first Solo Cut Mode perfectly made for content creators, wanna-be vloggers, and even students with intense video deliverables at school. 


Solo Cut Mode is so simple and easy to do. When opening the camera, you just have to select ‘more’ then select ‘solo cut.’ Pick your subject and make the most of the Solo Cut Mode. You may click the link below to see how it works:

Khalil Ramos - 

Multi-videos for One Take Recording

Sanya Lopez using the multi-video recording: front and rear cameras

The HONOR 70 supports multi-video recording, with its 1080p video shooting and a resolution of 2520 x 1080 pixels. With just one shot, users can now use the front and rear cameras simultaneously or choose from the following modes to make the vlogging experience fun, exciting and engaging.

  • Front to Rear Seamless Recording: Users can switch between the front and rear cameras when recording video content.

  • Dual View Recording (Front & Rear Cameras): Users can record on the front and rear cameras at the same time. Dual-view shows what is captured by both cameras side by side.

  • Picture-in-Picture (Two Rear Cameras): Users can record simultaneously with the Super Sensing Camera and the Ultra Wide Angle Camera. Dual-view shows what is captured by both cameras side by side.

  • Fast-Slow-Motion Recording: This mode supports both fast and slow-motion recording, allowing users to be creative and record content in both fast and slow motion. This brings a unique format to video content.




The HONOR 70 5G delivers 4K video recording in 30fps in standard video recording that allows its users to produce portrait vlogs. Equipped with an exceptional Dual Main Camera featuring a 54MP IMX800 Super Sensing Main Camera with the industry’s first 1/1.49-inch sensor, a 50MP Ultra-Wide & Macro Main Camera and a 2MP Depth Camera, the HONOR 70 delivers an advanced imaging experience. 


Bringing remarkable videography innovations, HONOR 70 delivers 4K video recording in 30fps in standard video recording that allows its users to produce portrait vlogs. Equipped with an exceptional Dual Main Camera featuring a 54MP IMX800 Super Sensing Main Camera with the industry’s first 1/1.49-inch sensor, a 50MP Ultra-Wide & Macro Main Camera and a 2MP Depth Camera, the HONOR 70 delivers an advanced imaging experience. 

With HONOR’s Person Re-Identification and Person Temporal Tracking Technology, this breakthrough feature allows users to spotlight specific persons in group videos. Even if your subject is out of frame, it can automatically return even if the subject being spotlighted leaves the frame while recording, taking your creative vlogging to a whole new level.

Stunning Immersive Viewing Display

Delivering unmatched visuals, the HONOR 70 comes with a 6.67-inch OLED 58o Curved Display and 1.51mm ultra-slim bezels on both left and right frames, bringing users an exceptional screen-to-body ratio. The screen supports 1.07 billion colors, 100% DCI-P3 and HDR 10+, this screen provides users with vivid colors and immersive entertainment experiences with sharp, crisp details.

Revamped Dual Ring Camera Design 

As a tribute to Rolleiflex's classic twin-lens reflex cameras, the HONOR 70 5G continues the classic N-Series Classical Dual Ring Design and features an axisymmetrically Evolved Dual Ring camera design. The top ring has a 2MP depth camera and a 54MP Super Sensing Main Camera, while the bottom ring has a 50MP Ultra Wide and Macro Main Camera and a flashlight.

GMA Artists: Khalil Ramos and Bela Padilla unveils the Classical Dual Ring Design

Ultra-Long Battery Life and with Powerful HONOR SuperCharge

HONOR SuperCharge: 60% in 20 minutes

The HONOR 70 is packed with an ultra-large 4800mAh battery to deliver a full day of uninterrupted use for all-day productivity. The HONOR 70 delivers a fast-charging experience with the 66W HONOR Wired SuperCharge technology, users can juice up HONOR 70 to 60% from 3% in just 20 minutes using the included charger, ensuring users can rapidly power up their device.  

Pricing and Availability

Designed with advanced coating technologies to deliver a premium look and feel, the HONOR 70 5G is available in 2 splendid and fashionable color options of Midnight Black and Crystal Silver. 

Customers can still pre-order the HONOR 70 5G and get a FREE premium JBL Flip 5 Bluetooth Speaker worth Php 6,999 until October 28, 2022 in the following stores:

Home Credit also offers 0% interest up to 18 months, for as low as Php 1,082.07 / month.

Tuesday, November 8, 2022

MR.DIY to celebrate its 300th store milestone in PH packed with exciting games, raffle prizes and promos

MR.DIY, one of the country’s largest one-stop shop home improvement retailers is set to create a significant milestone as it celebrates its 300th store this November 18 at the SM City Sucat, Paranaque City.

Bringing fun, great value for money, and a source of bonding among friends and families, MR.DIY kickstarts its 300th store milestone celebration with festival-themed exhibits, thrilling raffle prizes, and exciting deals. On top of that, the retailer will also roll out month-long special promos spreading across all its branches nationwide.

Dubbed “Always Fun for Everyone”, on November 18-20, various festivities and fun-filled activities can be enjoyed during the grand celebration.

Below is a snapshot of what to expect!

House of Fun ala Carnival!

A carnival-themed interactive exhibit packed with exciting and fun activities along with an all-day free photo booth, games, special demos, snacks, and themed booths are innovatively curated for household items, hardware components, computer & HP accessories, stationery kits, and toys within the SM Sucat Activity Center.

Lucky Gifts, Promos & Deals for Lucky Customers

Special prizes and deals await lucky customers to spice up their shopping experience during the Grand Opening weekend. Anyone can test their luck with the following exciting promos:

● The 5th Wheel Promo - Every 5th customer paying at Cashier 1 will get Php 300 Cash Voucher

● Sana All Raffle Draw - 30 lucky customers will take home small appliances through raffle draw

● Lucky Shoppers - Spend P1000 on November 19 & 20 and get a mystery gift and a rainbow umbrella.

Moreover, each of the 300 MR.DIY stores will also give the Yellow Basket of Love filled with goodies and assorted items to one lucky family.

‘Til Year-End Festivities & Holideals

MR.DIY extends its 300th store milestone festivities until the end of the year in all its stores nationwide. Cashless transactions from November 15 to 30 worth P600 and up are qualified for an instant MR.DIY voucher bonus. On top of that, one lucky winner with a single receipt worth PHP 500 can also take home a brand-new iPhone 14 Pro Max. Shoppers just need to scan and register at their website. Promo will run from November 1 to December 31, 2022. 

MR.DIY welcomes the holiday season in high spirits and invites everyone to head to any of its outlets for a fun, hassle-free, shopping experience and take advantage of its exciting Holideals!

For more information about MR.DIY and their products, visit You may also follow them on their social media accounts /mrdiyPH for Facebook and @mrdiy.philippines for Instagram and TikTok and be updated on their upcoming promos. 

Wednesday, November 2, 2022

HONOR Releases its Most Affordable Smartphone with eXtra features

Global technology brand HONOR recently launched its most affordable smartphone, the HONOR X6. Completing the lineup of its entry-level X series, the HONOR X6 is impressively equipped with expandable storage up to 1TB, a 5000 mAh battery, and a 50MP main camera fit for the budget-conscious tech savvy.

Capture the wonderful moments of your life with a 50MP Main Camera

Providing clear captures and vivid photos, HONOR X6’s main camera is supported by 50 MP. It has a depth lens to capture main subjects accurately with smooth background blur. Another lens is also for macro photography, perfect for zoom shots. It allows customers to observe the miniature world in subtle detail.

EXtra large capacity 5000 mAh battery

The high-capacity battery provides plenty of power to last you all day. The battery is designed to avoid power anxiety for on-the-go people and travelers. HONOR 70 5G can run up to 17 hours of online video playback or 31 hours of online music playback.

EXtra Large Expandable Storage up to 1TB

With 128GB max storage, users can download their favorite content at any time, without ever having to delete their beautiful photos and videos.

Pricing and Availability

The HONOR X6 is now available in Lazada and HONOR stores nationwide for Php 7,490 in 2 color options: Titanium Silver and Midnight Black.



HONOR is a leading global provider of smart devices. It is dedicated to becoming a global iconic technology brand and creating a new intelligent world for everyone through its powerful products and services. With an unwavering focus on R&D, it is committed to developing technology that empowers people around the globe to go beyond, giving them the freedom to achieve and do more. Offering a range of high-quality smartphones, tablets, laptops and wearables to suit every budget, HONOR’s portfolio of innovative, premium and reliable products enable people to become a better version of themselves. For more information, please visit the HONOR official social media pages:

Don't forget to check out their flagship store this 11.11 Lazada's Biggest Sale! 
Here's the link:

Tuesday, November 1, 2022

How to Make the Most of Galaxy Z Flip4 at Every Angle

Personal needs, styles, and preferences constantly evolve in today’s modern world. As such, customers deserve devices that can go with the flow: smart mobile experiences that are as diverse and adaptable as the users themselves. The newly launched Galaxy Z Flip4 is exactly that kind of device, fine-tuned to express its user’s style through its design, features and even angles. Equipped with an iconic form factor that can be positioned at different degrees to unlock a trove of innovative features, this is a smartphone designed to deliver the most personalized experience.

Samsung Newsroom has put together this guide for users, breaking down every angle to showcase how Galaxy Z Flip4’s unique form factor provides tailored user experiences, inside and out.

0 degree: Unlock the Full Potential of the Cover Screen

Galaxy Z Flip4 offers a full smartphone experience that folds into half the size for compact pocketability. Even when folded, it fits smoothly in users’ pockets. What’s more, plenty of its diverse features are even optimized to be used without flipping it open. For instance, with Quick Setting, you can turn on and off airplane mode or flashlight and easily adjust the screen’s brightness. Easily reply to messages, make a call or access your Samsung Wallet — all from Z Flip4’s 1.9-inch Cover Screen. You can even easily pick the widgets you want to use right on the Cover Screen, making the Z Flip series even more convenient and accessible.

By simply pressing the side button twice, you can activate Quick Shot. This feature allows users to take high-resolution selfies by using the main cameras of Z Flip4 right from the Cover Screen. With the enhanced Quick Shot that now supports a preview on the Cover Screen reflecting the actual photo ratio as well as Portrait Mode, you can snap top-quality photos whenever and wherever you are. You can even use the closed Z Flip4 as a mirror to quickly check your look before heading out.

75 degrees: Craft Your Own Photoshoot Experience With FlexCam

Capture photos and videos from different points of view with bolder angles than ever before with Z Flip4. With FlexCam, you can use your Galaxy Z Flip4 cameras at different folded angles, opening up a broad range of new perspectives never before possible on conventional smartphones — giving you more control than ever over your selfies.

The high-resolution main cameras and the Cover Screen photo previews do more than enable great selfies. These features can work together with Z Flip4’s wide spectrum of angles to provide dynamic, full-body shots, transforming your smartphone into an adjustable tripod that fits right in your pocket. Take total control of your image and get stylish, flattering angles without needing to carry around accessories or ask others to take photos for you. You can even angle Z Flip4 at 75 degrees and place it on the ground for bold, stylistic shots that wouldn’t be out of place on the cover of a fashion magazine.

Out with friends and want to take a group photo? With Z Flip4, nobody needs to be left out. Just place your device at the angle you want on a nearby surface and strike your poses. FlexCam lets you trigger the camera by holding up your palm, all without needing to press a button on the camera itself. The shutter sound lets you know your photo has been successfully taken. Take camera timers and random pleas to strangers out of the equation for natural group photos without the hassle.

90 degrees: Camera Features That Power Content Creation and Versatile Photography

Today, more users than ever are creating and enjoying short-form video content, like Instagram Reels and YouTube Shorts, and Galaxy Z Flip4 is the perfect companion for it. Designed with the preferences of Millennials and Generation Z in mind, Z Flip4 allows you to conveniently create online content. For example, you can take a vlog using the high-quality video recording in Quick Shot mode and then seamlessly switch to Flex mode to continue recording hands-free — all without ever stopping the video.

For handheld shots, Galaxy Z Flip4 can be held like a camcorder. Soon, users can also try out bird’s eye view photos by holding up the smartphone while folded at 90 degrees.

Z Flip4 is also perfect for capturing nighttime scenes when out for an atmospheric evening walk. Z Flip4 is equipped with a 65% brighter image sensor than its previous generation, enabling high-quality nighttime photos, even when the sky is pitch-black. The Nightography mode is optimized for using the camera in these conditions and minimizes the washed-out, blurry effect that is used to make nighttime photography harder to achieve. Now you can get bright, sharp photos with less image noise.

115 degrees: Divide Up Your Screen Space to Suit Your Multitasking Needs

With its fourth generation, the Z Flip series has taken its Flex mode to the next level with further enhanced features. Z Flip4 adds a touchpad within Flex mode that lets you control the mouse cursor for pausing, rewinding, or playing videos without picking up the device.

Multitasking is also more intuitive and easier to activate, thanks to new swipe gestures. Simply swipe up on the screen with two fingers to split your screen in half or swipe to the middle from the top two corners to instantly switch full-screen apps to pop-up windows. With multi-window, you can watch a film on the top screen while taking notes on the bottom screen, all while chatting with friends on a message thread and planning your route to meet them simultaneously.

180 degrees: The Ultimate Self-Expression Tool With an Array of Colors and Combinations

Our smartphones can play a big role in expressing our individuality, and Galaxy Z Flip4 is no exception — you can complement your style with premium design in legacy colors, including Bora Purple, Graphite, Pink Gold, and Blue. With the slimmer hinge, refined edges, contrasting haze back glass, and glossy metal frames, the new design is our most refined yet.

The Cover Screen is the focal point of Z Flip4’s surface: it is the part of the phone that gets the most exposure and acts as a window into its user’s personality. For instance, comprehensive display customization options include the ability to change the backgrounds in various formats such as images, GIFs, and now even video on the Cover Screen. You can take advantage of Z Flip4’s various creative camera features to craft the perfect Cover Screen background, then add the clock style of your choice from the expanded list of clock designs to complete the picture.

From the moment you open up Galaxy Z Flip4, a new experience in mobile technology unfolds right in front of you. From 0 to 180 degrees, it’s a panoramic device designed to fit perfectly with your unique lifestyle.

To learn more about the Galaxy Z Flip4 and Z Fold4, visit