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Tunog Transcom Tayo is now on its 2nd year

Transcom Worldwide Philippines offered its employees a world-class Musicfest dubbed as Tunog Transcom Tayo . Now in its second year, the event was conducted in three different venues to allow employees from Transcom's different sites all over the country to take part in the celebration.  For Bacolod, Tunog Transcom Tayo  was held at the SMX Convention Center last September 22. The event  was graced by live performances from popular bands such as Ebe Dancel, Mayonnaise and This Band.  The "Batang 90s" enjoyed old-time favorites such as Hari ng Sablay , Ipagtawad mo,  and Laklak while the millennials had a blast with This Band's performance featuring songs such as Kahit Ayaw Mo Na and Di Na Babalik .  It was indeed a night of fun and entertainment exclusive to Transcom employees and their family and friends. According to Mark Lyndsell, Transcom's CEO for Global English Region, "As we have been transforming our business in the rec

5 Easy Steps to Invest in Your Health

The question of investing in your health may seem like a no-brainer for many— after all, who doesn't want to be healthy? But the reality is that you might not be doing as much for your own health as you think you have been. The Philippine Statistics Authority reports that Filipinos' out-of-pocket health expenditures are on the rise , hitting Php 372.8 billion in 2017. In order to avoid falling into the trap of spending too much on hospitalization fees, it's important to keep on top of your health. Here are some ways to do that below. Eat Healthier The Asian Diabetes Prevention Initiative says that 60% of diabetics living in Asia , and without further lifestyle changes that number may soon be on the rise. Diabetes isn't the only disease related to diet: depending on what you eat, you may be at risk for obesity, cardiovascular disease, cancer, dental disease, and osteoporosis. In order to avoid these, the best thing to do is to be more mindful of what yo

Discover what’s standing between you and your success in preventing hair loss

There comes a time in your life that you have to stand up and say, “Enough is enough.” And that’s the day when you decide to change your life for the better. Who doesn’t want to become accomplished? Even the “gifted” and brilliant ones have to pay the price so as to realize their goals in life. When we fail to eat on time, get enough exercise or sleep between seven to nine hours a day, we’re compromising our health and wellness as we reduce the maximum extent that our body must function. Consequently, the effects in our body may extend and manifest as early warning signs of hair loss. Take it from celebrity beauty and salon expert Fanny “TF” Serrano, who once personally experienced such an ordeal. For him, avoiding harsh synthetic solutions and choosing to use the right products with natural ingredients is a must and still the best way to deal with mane problems like losing or thinning of the hair.  With this in mind, embracing natural healthy lifestyle is so impo

Do you want to be a World Gratitude Ambassador?

Do you consider yourself a grateful person?  Do you want to inspire more people to adopt the attitude of gratitude? We have always believed that GRATITUDE is a way of life and the key to happiness. Thus, a global movement on GRATITUDE will kick off on September 21, 2019, during the World Gratitude Day. It aims to inspire and encourage individuals to start adopting the attitude of gratitude. As part of the initiative, the search is now on for GRATITUDE AMBASSADORS all over the world who's willing to: Adopt the attitude of Gratitude in your personal and professional lives Actively share the message of gratitude in your social media accounts and email newsletters Invite family and friends to join the WORLD GRATITUDE SUMMIT Inspire others to be more grateful through your examples. As a GRATITUDE AMBASSADOR, selected individuals will be eligible for the following: Recognition and title of World Gratitude Ambassador (for your country/state) - We will