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Tuesday, April 30, 2019

How to Create a Paypal Account?

Paypal is one of the most popular payment platforms used worldwide. It's secured, fast and convenient. It may not be the best in terms of fees and conversion rates but it gives us flexibility since most clients and business require this form of payment method. 

If you are just starting as a freelancer, business or affiliate marketer, then you may be required to have a Paypal account. Here's how you can create a Paypal account and withdraw money from it as a Philippine user. 

Step #1: Sign up at for FREE. 

Step # 2:  Make sure to sign-up for a PERSONAL account. Select “Buy with Paypal” 
** Personal accounts are recommended since it's less complicated (no business documents required.) You may need to upgrade to a business account if you are receiving a large amount of money frequently. 

Step # 3:  Enter your information such as Name, Email address (This will be your Paypal email address) and Password. 


Make sure that the name on your PayPal account matches your bank account name. 

Step # 4:  Verify your Paypal Account by entering your credit and debit card number. (Optional but required if you want to make withdrawals) 

Verification increases the security of our payment network for sellers and buyers. Verification gives PayPal additional evidence of a member's identity and lets others know that you have completed this process. You can use your credit card, debit card, or your bank account to verify your PayPal account. When your account is verified, the withdrawal limit on your PayPal account will be lifted. Account holders become Verified when they complete our verification process.


Please keep in mind that linking your credit card or bank account has two purposes. 
  • To verify your Paypal account
  • For withdrawals or receiving money
In the Philippines, here are our suggested options on what to link to your Paypal account

Option # 1: Your Existing Credit Card + Savings Account. 
  • Please note that credit cards cannot be used for withdrawals. This means that you also have to link your existing bank account or savings account so, you can get your money. 
  • We really do not suggest this option for security reasons. 
Option # 2: BPI Prepaid Debit Card + Savings Account
  • If you don't have an existing credit then you might want to consider getting a prepaid card through BPI. Click this link for more details
  • Just like the first option, prepaid debit cards cannot be used for withdrawals thus, you still need to link your existing bank account or savings account. 
  • This may entail additional expense to get a BPI Prepaid Card (approx Php 450) 
Option # 3: GCASH Mastercard

  • The GCash Mastercard is a reloadable prepaid card linked to a GCash wallet that can be used to shop at stores that accept Mastercard payment. You can also use this card to withdraw money from GCash.
  • We're currently using this option since you can use this card both for verification and withdrawals. 
  • They also have a feature that allows you to link your Paypal account to your GCASH account and get your money real-time. 
  • If you still do not have a GCASH account, you may create one here and get a Php 50 bonus as a new user. Sign up here:
Option # 4: Unionbank EON

  • The EON VISA Debit Card is UnionBank's Internet-based deposit account that you can also use for verification and withdrawals. 
  • You can get one from any Unionbank branches, Lazada and 7/11 stores. 
  • For more details about the EON card, you may visit their website.
And once you have verified your Paypal account, you're good to go! 

Disclaimer: Terms and Conditions of use may be subject to change without notice. We are no way liable or responsible for any transactions that will be made using this platform. 

Road Trip: Manila to Bacolod

When Val and I relocated to Bacolod to say goodbye to the crazy pollution, endless traffic, and fast-paced Metro Manila life, I admit it was not easy. Moving away meant we are letting go of our current jobs and the many opportunities that we have in  Manila. Not to mention that we'll be missing our friends and loved ones too. 

But hey, we are so ready to take our married life to the next level and get ready for a new adventure! 

Our whole new adventure starts with our "epic" journey. It is the longest land trip I have ever taken. Normally, it should take you 18-20 hours only however, Val and I made a lot of stops thus, our trip was a bit longer than usual. 

We left around 12:30am bound for Batangas via SLEX and Star Tollways. We wanted to leave a bit late to avoid the traffic in EDSA since we're from way up North. We arrived at the Batangas port around 4:00am but we were late for the RORO trip and waited for the next one at 5am. While waiting, we just decided to have some breakfast. 

We left Batangas port around 5:30am bound for Calapan, Mindoro. It was actually the best time to travel since we are in the middle of the sea during sunrise, Watching the sunrise was a liberating experience as it marked the beginning of our new adventure. 

Even Crumpy enjoyed the trip since you can feel the wind brushing against your skin.

We arrived at Calapan Port around 8:30am and we are up for another 3-hour drive going to Roxas City port. This is our first time in this place and honestly, do not have any idea where to go. Our game plan was just to follow the signs (which was sufficient and very helpful) plus our handy google maps. The road condition is good. Kudos to the nautical highway project! 

We passed several small towns and stopped for drinks and gas along the way. 

We reached Roxas City port around 11:30am but unfortunately, the next RORO bound for Caticlan will leave by 3:30pm. I guess that means we have ample time to rest and eat before the next trip. Since we barely know the place, we opted to have lunch at Andok's (quite a popular food establishment in Metro Manila and Visayas) and we had a simple rice and bbq meal. Andok's is just very near the port. 

During our trip, the sun was scorching hot and we felt really uneasy. So, Val and I decided to use the port's shower room for Php 20.00/head and that was really helpful. 

Our trip from Roxas to Caticlan was quite long (approximately 5 hours) via Montenegro Shipping Lines. We were already tired and sleepy but had no place to really rest. It was actually very crowded, especially in the canteen area. Anyway,  Val and I decided to stay on the uppermost part of the ship.

We are were also very lucky to see the beautiful sunset in the later part of the trip.

We arrived in Caticlan around 8:30pm and we decided to stay overnight there. Unfortunately, all hotels and inns are fully booked because of the APEC Summit and we did not have any reservations. We tried to ask a few locals for suggestions and they recommended that we travel all the way to Kalibo proper to get a room.

It took us approximately 2 hours to get to Kalibo. The roads are too dark and no light posts are available. There wasn't any signage on the road (unlike the ones in Mindoro.) On the brighter side, there were checkpoints and PNP outposts every 1 km because of the APEC Summit. So, at least we were able to ask for directions every now and then.

You would know that you have reached Kalibo once you pass by the famous Kalibo bridge. Unfortunately, I was so tired and it was dark that we weren't able to take pictures. We were lucky enough to find a pet-friendly inn immediately during the night. I made a separate review of the inn, here.

Thank God we were able to rest from that super long trip! We've been awake for more than 24 hours already. :) 

Around 10pm the next day, we decided to continue the drive going to Dumangas port. It is best to travel during the day because the roads are quite confusing with all the turns and no signages. You'll be able to pass by Capiz before you reach Iloilo. We actually had lunch in Capiz since there's a Mang Inasal and Deco's in Mambusao proper.

We reached Dumangas port around 3PM and did not expect the problem getting into the RORO. Apparently, one of the ships of Montenegro broke down and Tristar would need a reservation a day before. Our only chance is cancellations of reserved slots or no-shows.

We spent the afternoon chatting with other travelers and I can say we had made friends along the way. We learned that some of them have been there for a week but can't get their trucks on board because it's fully booked. Just like us, they are on the waitlist. Being on the waitlist, not only means "first come first served" but they are also considering the size of your vehicle. We got lucky and got on board around 8:00pm and then finally, arrived in Bacolod around 11:30pm.

About the fees and expenses, here's what we actually paid (prices as of May 2015)

Toll Fee ( SLEX)  - Php 164.00 + 96.00
Toll Fee ( Star Tollways) - Php 67.00

Batangas Roro Terminal Fee - Php 129.00
Additional Passenger (Terminal) - Php 30.00
RORO Fee via Asian Marine (Batangas - Calapan) - Php 1,440.00

Roxas Roro Terminal Fee - Php 129.00
Toll Fee (Roxas City) - Php 50.00
Coast Guard Fee - Php 20.00
Entrance Fee - Php 30.00
RORO Fee via Montenegro (Roxas - Caticlan) - Php 3,840.00
Additional Passenger (RORO) - Php 408.00

Dumangas Port Roro Terminal Fee - Php 129.00
RORO Fee via Tristar - Php 800.00

Bacolod/BREDCO Terminal Fee - Php 375.50

Well, it was costly and tiring but the experience is all worth it. Indeed, it was "our adventure of a lifetime." 

If you would like to get a copy of the screenshots of the map we used, then send us a message
Planning your next road trip or have any questions, just leave a comment below.  

UPDATE: I lost my hard drive and no longer have access to the screenshots of the maps. However, if you have questions, just send me a message. Have a great and safe trip! :) 

Preparing a Challenging Curriculum for 21st Century Learners

When we work together to build for a better future, there are needs and problems that we have to address, especially when it comes to securing a better future for our children. Today, more than ever, there is a need to prepare young learners to participate and become engaged in a rapidly changing world. 

At REX, we work to bring quality learning solutions to the young Filipino learner and help make sure that they are prepared for success in school and beyond, every step of the way. We do this by challenging them with dynamic and engaging content that help them gain a more comprehensive grasp of their curriculum.

By providing frameworks and indicators that serve as guides for proper assessment and decision making based on results, we encourage young learners and stakeholders of education to achieve a set of strategic and evidence-based goals and outcomes. From both the public and private spheres, every activity that a young learner engages in, whether it is extracurricular, co-curricular, or community-based, should be designed as experiences that would later on influence and shape their success in higher education, for their careers, and for their role as citizens of our nation.

Based on the Whole Child approach, we involve everyone in the community and foster an open and free environment for learning. This way, a challenging curriculum can be promoted, where every instruction provides equal opportunity for learners to hone their critical thinking and reasoning skills, problem-solving competency, and proficiency with technology. This holistic approach also means that schools are encouraged to collect and make sound use of both qualitative and quantitative data crucial to supporting the academic excellence and personal growth of every young learner. 

While a challenging learning environment would mean that the curriculum, instruction, and assessment have a higher degree of expectation for every learner, it must also be balanced with an insight into how the education they receive today will reflect and shape their lifelong success. The result is a young learner whose achievements as an individual and as a responsible citizen are blended with global awareness and competencies, and a deep appreciation of language, history, and culture.

Through our efforts with the Whole Child Approach, we hope to shift the focus of education from strictly academic achievement and extend our understanding of holistic learning into one that sets sight on each young learner's long-term development and success. We do this by involving everyone: teachers, schools, parents, communities, and the young learners themselves, all working together to make the process of learning an enjoyable and worthwhile experience.

Learn more about how we work together to prepare and challenge today’s young learners here:

John Lloyd's New Endorsement - Is He Back in the Limelight?

Photos and videos of matinee idol John Lloyd Cruz have been surfacing after being on hiatus from the showbusiness since 2017. 

John Lloyd, one of the most bankable actors of the Philippine cinema and very effective endorser once again proved that his fans are still waiting for his return. In a teaser video, which lasted only for a few seconds and only shows the back shot of Cruz’s, and posted in the Facebook page of the number one selling shawarma Turks a few weeks ago had been viewed 3.2M times, shared almost 800 times and gained a huge number of comments. 

Without any clue in that teaser video, his fans already assumed that it was him in the video. Actress Bea Alonzo on her Instagram also posted a screenshot of that teaser video, which garnered almost a million likes. 

This Monday morning Turks finally revealed in the 1-minute and 17 seconds video of Cruz showing the actor walking through different destinations, which somehow depicts Cruz’s sojourn. The video is very simple, yet there’s drama the way it was created, and in a very subtle shot, he stopped and took a bite of a Turks pita doner. 

The rugged look of Cruz in the Turks video titled Ang Pagbabalik is way too far from his guy-next-door image and a lot of people in the industry are asking if this signals his return to the limelight. His fans are still wondering about the life he’s been living since his hiatus. 

According to Turks president, Gem L. Zenarosa during the course of his talks with Cruz, they never talked anything about his showbiz career or plans. He added that he got Mr. Cruz as the latest ambassador of Turks because of his great confidence working with Cruz. 

“I am really grateful that John Lloyd trusts our company, he is a brilliant and very creative young man. Aside from acting, we have discovered some of his remarkable talents,” Zenarosa stressed. 

The Ang Pagbabalik according to Zenarosa is actually about Turks Small Pita Doner, which will be available again in all its branches. 

“John Lloyd is the best endorser for this because like him, despite his absence in the show business for a couple of years, the warmth and love of his fans for him never dwindles. With our Small Pita Doner, we believe that our customers will be happy to know that it is back in our menu,” Zenarosa explained. 

Just like Cruz who is seen to have a different image since he last appeared in the big screen, a clear indication that the actor is recreating himself and exploring different grounds, Turks is also doing the same thing to keep its customers excited whenever they visit a branch. 

In time for the release of Cruz's endorsement video, Turks also released to the market its newest offering --- Turks Rice Bowl, which is a complete meal. You can choose beef or chicken for your rice topping, and it is priced at P50. The Small Pita Donner, on the other hand, is priced at P35. 

"To keep up with the demands of our customers, Turks continues to improve our menu and offerings to satisfy the discriminating taste of our loyal patrons," Zenarosa stressed. 

John Lloyd Cruz now joins the roster of endorsers of Turks such as Piolo and Inigo Pascual.  

Here's the video of Ang Pagbabalik: 

You can also watch the video on Turks' Facebook Page

Monday, April 29, 2019

Giveaway: Celebrate Mothers Day With Home Spa Items From Rengora (US only)

Celebrate this Mothers Day with at home spa items from Rengora. Their line of body brushes, bath bombs and rose quarters face rollers are just what a mother would love this holiday. She can relax in the comfort of her own home with high-end products to create her own at-home spa experience.


Enter for your chance to win a spa set from Rengora which includes (1) set of bath bombs, (1) dry skin brush and (1) rose quarts roller. Value of $55.

Rengora Bath Bombs

  • 6 large aromatic bath bombs for your different moods and needs.
  • The bath bombs will leave your skin moisturized, soft and glowing!
  • Organic & Cruelty-Free: Made with essential oils and tested to ensure maximum quality.

Dry Brushing Body Brush

  • daily use of this exfoliation tool can improve softness and glow
  • Detoxify your body: stimulate the lymphatic system - brush from feet upwards - always towards heart
  • Relaxing at-home spa experience - use dry brushing to improve circulation + optimal skin glow

Face Roller & Rose Quartz Gua Sha Scraping Massager Set

  • Reduce puffiness under your eyes - apply your serum, use the small stone, and gently massage the area
  • Brighten your complexion - increase circulation and remove harmful toxins which can dull your skin.
  • Chase away fine lines - massaging your forehead and eyes releases tension stored in facial muscles.

So, what are you waiting for?  Giveaway runs from April 29 - May 13. Announcement on winners will be on May 14th. Open to US only

Giveaway Hosted By: MamatheFox

Co-Hosted by: Sonya's Happenings

Prize Sponsored by: Rengora

MamatheFox and all participating blogs are not held responsible for sponsors who fail to fulfill their prize obligations.

Cebu Pacific Cancels 58 Flights from May 1-10

As part of the ongoing effort to improve on-time performance and reduce inconvenience to their passengers, Cebu Pacific and Cebgo will be canceling 58 round-trip flights starting May 1 until May 10, 2019.

Passengers on cancelled flights may opt to:

1. Rebook flights for travel within 30 days from original departure date, free of charge

2. Reroute to / from alternate airports for travel within 30 days, subject to availability of seats

3. Get a full refund

3. Place the full cost of the ticket in a Travel Fund

Furthermore, passengers on cancelled flights will receive one round-trip travel voucher which they can use for future flights.

Here's the List of Affected/ Cancelled Flights

May 1 (Wednesday)

5J551/5J552 Manila-Cebu-Manila

5J623/5J624 Manila-Dumaguete-Manila

5J983 Manila-Davao

5J639/5J640 Manila-Puerto Princesa-Manila

5J504/5J505 Manila-Tuguegarao-Manila

May 2 (Thursday)

5J473/5J474 Manila-Bacolod-Manila

5J569/5J570 Manila-Cebu-Manila

5J983/5J984 Manila-Davao-Manila

5J455/5J456 Manila-Iloilo-Manila

5J891/5J892 Manila-Caticlan (Boracay)-Manila

May 3 (Friday)

DG6503/DG6504 Manila-Cebu-Manila

DG6241/DG6242 Manila-Caticlan (Boracay)-Manila

DG6663/DG6664 Cebu-Zamboanga-Cebu

DG6987-DG6988 Zamboanga-Tawi-Tawi-Zamboanga

5J984 Davao-Manila

5J 791/5J792 Manila-Butuan-Manila

5J 859/5J860 Manila-Zamboanga-Manila

5J 901/5J902 Manila-Caticlan (Boracay)-Manila

5J 631/5J632 Manila-Dumaguete-Manila

5J 579/5J580 Manila-Cebu-Manila

May 4 (Saturday)

DG6509/DG6510 Manila-Cebu-Manila

DG6462/DG6463 Cebu-Bacolod-Cebu

DG6515/DG6516 Cebu-Dumaguete-Cebu

DG6241/DG6242 Manila-Caticlan (Boracay)-Manila

5J 791/5J792 Manila-Butuan-Manila

5J 859/5J860 Manila-Zamboanga-Manila

5J 621/5J622 Manila-Bohol (Tagbilaran)-Manila

5J 327/5J328 Manila-Legazpi-Manila

5j 861/5J862 Manila-Zamboanga-Manila

May 5 (Sunday)

5J641/5J642 Manila-Puerto Princesa-Manila

5J 859/5J860 Manila-Zamboanga-Manila

5J 621/5J622 Manila-Bohol (Tagbilaran)-Manila

5J 327/5J328 Manila-Legazpi-Manila

5J389/5J390 Manila-Cagayan de Oro (Laguindingan)-Manila

May 6 (Monday)

5J641/5J642 Manila-Puerto Princesa-Manila

5J 859/5J860 Manila-Zamboanga-Manila

5J 629/5J630 Manila-Dumaguete-Manila

5J375/5J376 Manila-Roxas-Manila

5J377/5J378 Manila-Cagayan de Oro (Laguindingan)-Manila

May 7 (Tuesday)

5J 781/5J782 Manila-Ozamiz-Manila

5J504/5J505 Manila-Tuguegarao-Manila

5J389/5J390 Manila-Cagayan de Oro (Laguindingan)-Manila

5J471/5J472 Manila-Bacolod-Manila

5J461/5J462 Manila-Iloilo-Manila

May 8 (Wednesday)

5J641/5J642 Manila-Puerto Princesa-Manila

5J463/5J464 Manila-Iloilo-Manila

5J389/5J390 Manila-Cagayan de Oro (Laguindingan)-Manila

5J395/5J396 Manila-Cagayan de Oro (Laguindingan)-Manila

5J579/5J580 Manila-Cebu-Manila

May 9 (Thursday)

5J991/5J992 Manila-General Santos-Manila

5J635/5J636 Manila-Puerto Princesa-Manila

5J 857/5J858 Manila-Zamboanga-Manila

5J 327/5J328 Manila-Legazpi-Manila

5J981/5J982 Manila-Davao-Manila

May 10 (Friday)

5J991/5J992 Manila-General Santos-Manila

5J 859/5J860 Manila-Zamboanga-Manila

5J 629/5J630 Manila-Dumaguete-Manila

5J389/5J390 Manila-Cagayan de Oro (Laguindingan)-Manila

5J395/5J396 Manila-Cagayan de Oro (Laguindingan)-Manila

Exciting Birthday Await Kids at the Jollitown Theme Park

A fun and exciting birthday await kids at the Jollitown Theme Park In Jollibee, there is one place that’s always filled with extra excitement-the Jollibee Kids Party (JKP).

Its newest party theme, the Jollitown Theme Park, can let kids experience the joys and thrills of the most fun and memorable birthday ever. Kids are being called aboard the fun train to the Jollitown Theme Park where Jollibee and his Friends excitedly await to welcome them to the newest place to spend lasting memories. 

With this latest addition to the various JKP theme options, parents have, their children can imagine the ultimate theme park adventure through the party’s amusement park activities, games, entertainment, and party favors. “For most kids, visiting a theme park is definitely one of the most exciting and memorable experiences and we want to bring this joyful experience to our Jollibee Kids Party. We imagine Jollitown Theme Park to be the most fun destination for kids and this newest theme offering would definitely give the most unforgettable birthday which kids can only get from the jolliest place closest to their hearts, Jollibee,” shared Jollibee Brand Manager for Kids Marketing Malot Augustin.

A day of thrills at the Jollitown Theme Park Media friends and their children were invited to the official launch of the Jollitown Theme Park party at Jollibee Biopolis Macapagal, Pasay City. Each corner of the Jollitown Theme Park party was filled with classic amusement park activities including the Face Paint station and an interactive photobooth to simulate riding a ride with Jollibee. As soon as the party began, even more, games were played like Hetty’s Color Match, Popo’s Power Ball and Jollitown Tower.

After all the exhilarating activities at the Jollitown Theme Park, the kids got to recharge with a yummy feast of their Jollibee favorites while enjoying a special performance from Jollibee and his Friends. All the fun led to the special culmination a candle-blowing ceremony for all April celebrants present.

The kids went home with loot bags full of goodies and memories of an awesome day in the Jollitown Theme Park. Jolltown Theme Park Is the latest addition to Jollibee’s growing line-up of fun Kiddy party themes. 

Give your kids the jolliest birthday yet by choosing among JolliRace, Fairytale Land, Hello Kitty Fun Carnival, and now, the Jollitown Theme Park. The Jollibee Kids Party is available for both in-store and outside parties and has a “Create Your-Own-Package” that gives parents that option to customize their food packages. Check out your nearest Jollibee Party Store for more details.

Thursday, April 25, 2019

Make Your Vacation Worthwhile with Nimo TV

Summertime has just begun, and most students are looking for activities to make their vacation worthwhile.

Nimo TV, one of the country's leading video game streaming platform, is an excellent past time for students who love gaming and learn new skills at the same time. It offers 8 – 12 MP quality live streaming and can be accessed via mobile or PC make it easier for everyone to start live streaming as a hobby and eventually, make it a career.

Nimo TV’s unique ecosystem, which consists of streamers, viewers, brand sponsors and celebrity players can help newcomers discover different techniques in starting their channel. It has a chat feature where streamers and viewers can communicate with one another and exchange tips on how to win a game they play in.

Games like Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG), Mobile Legends, Dota 2, Rules of Survival and Counter-Strike: Global Offensive are some of the exciting content that streamers can play via the app.

Nimo TV’s presence in Southeast Asian countries like Malaysia, Indonesia, and Thailand will also help you increase your fan base making it easier for every newbie to grow their channel and interact more with other gamers.

Download the Nimo TV app at Apple app store and Google Play store by clicking the link here and start streaming your way to the top.


About NiMO TV

Nimo TV is a leading global platform that allows millions of gamers from all around the world to play and broadcast their games to other like-minded players building a community of players, gamers, and fans that drive conversation, and allows peer-to-peer rewards and recognition. Utilizing a high-quality interactive technology, audiences can interact with streamers, and gain access to exclusive esports events and tournaments, along with unprecedented access to the top streamers from across the region.