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Kids Can Watch Movies For FREE at SM Cinema

Family bonding has never been better. Kids can now watch movies for FREE in SM Cinemas nationwide.  Get a complimentary movie pass for every movie ticket purchase.  Kids 4 feet and below in height can avail of the free ticket. No need for IDs or birth certificates as long as your child can meet the minimum age requirement.  Here's the list of the remaining movie schedule for the year. Promo is valid until December 4, 2018.  November 7: The Nutcracker and the Four Realms November 7: Luis and the Aliens November 14: Marnie's World November 28: Ralph Breaks the Internet: Wreck It Ralph 2 So, what are you waiting for? Head now to the nearest SM Cinema in your area. For more details, just check out this  link .

REX Book Store now globally recognized as official Philippine partner of ASCD

One of the many reasons why we implemented the Digital and Online Tech Advocates Program for Senior High School students is the reality that a lot of school materials and the current curriculum are outdated. There is a huge gap between what is taught in school and what is needed by the industry.  Thus, we are very happy to know that REX Book Store, a premier learning solutions provider partnered with a global non-profit organization to foster new developments in educational transformation. We believe that l earning constitutes many things and an enduring commitment to transforming and innovating on what it means to learn and teach in the 21st century. Gladly, this is something that the country's foremost learning solutions provider is trying to do. Here's a little background on the recent developments:  Late last year, REX Book Store was announced as the preferred distributor of publications and services by the Association for Supervision and Curriculum Develop

When Your Healthcare Plan is Not Enough

When I started online freelancing in 2014, I tried to make the transition as smooth as possible. For someone who's always sick, that meant getting my own healthcare plan and building an emergency fund.  Freelancing has its own perks such as having a flexible schedule, unlimited earning opportunities, the absence of daily commutes and enjoying full control over tasks and projects. However, it also meant you have to file your taxes yourself, pay the full SSS contribution (no more employer share) as well as getting your own healthcare plan which unfortunately is more expensive compared to corporate plans.  Since I was trying to be smart and practical, I thought that I was already safe and fully-covered. Not until I got sick and unable to work for 2 months straight.  Yes, my healthcare plan took care of my hospital bills and medicines, however, being unable to work meant no income for me. I was able to get my sickness benefit from SSS which is way below than my regular

4 Important People To Have In Your Life Aside From Your Family and Friends

It is said that we start to remember people and build relationships with others as early as 5 years old. On an average, we meet or interact with at least 3 people a day. So, if we grow old and reach the age of 70, then we can assume that we have met around 71,000+ people in our lifetime.  A substantial number would be comprised of our family while some become our lifelong friends. Others are simply acquaintances while a few would be the ones whom we build our professional relationships with.  No matter how many people we meet, here are the 4 important people to have in our lives aside from our family and friends:  1. Family Doctor -- It is very ideal to have a family physician who knows our medical history. It is very convenient if we do not have to repeat ourselves all over again every time we go for medical consultations. Also, most family doctors feel responsible for monitoring your health thus, they would require you for annual physical examinations and regular

My wife was rushed to the hospital... because of her brassiere

I know that it is unusual for a guy to blog about brassieres but this experience is very important and worth sharing in order to help women avoid the same health concern that my wife had a few months ago.    It was in early February when Clarice started complaining about chest pain. This would last for 2-3 days then the pain would disappear. After a few weeks, she would experience again the pain in her chest and on her shoulders and there are also instances where she has difficulty breathing.   Fearing that it is something serious and a possibility of a heart attack, we rushed her to the hospital where she underwent an electrocardiogram (ECG) and some other laboratory tests to find out if her heart is working normally. However, her cardiologist said that all tests are normal.  Then, her doctor noticed some red marks under her bust line. Her doctor suspected that the chest pains were due to an ill-fitting bra. Then, my wife remembered that, yes it is possible that her br