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‪#‎LetsSpreadHappy‬ Everyday!

I have always believed that happiness is a choice. Our decisions in life and the consequences that we are willing to take are the key factors in our personal happiness. It's either about being contented of what we have or about reaching our dreams and goals in life.  The only most important thing that we have to remember is that we have to begin with ourselves to be happy. I am very grateful that I found my true bliss and passion in life. At the age of 30, I was able to figure out what I want to do.  I am not an office girl with her dream job. I am actually a work-at-home professional and I can say that it is not as easy as it seems. I have several (currently 4) part-time jobs that never makes me bored.  I used to work for international clients I met through Upwork however late last year, I have decided to work for Filipino clients instead. I believe that our talents should be shared to others in helping their businesses grow and I guess it is about time, we help out s

Novuhair Launches Enhanced Formulation Made of 19 Natural Ingredients

Hair loss and unhealthy scalp are one of common concerns nowadays experienced not by the oldies but rather those from the 30-40 age group. Upon consultation with a medical professional, I was told that there are several factors causing this condition yet the most common one is STRESS.  It is pretty crazy that the problem that's stressing you out is caused by stress itself. For both men and women, getting bald is definitely stressful. So, how do you do you fix that?  Well, we can now all say goodbye to hair loss and scalp problems with the newly-enhanced formulation of Novuhair.   With 19 natural ingredients, the leading medicated topical scalp lotion is now almost 100% natural.  The Novuhair Topical Scalp Lotion used to only have 12 natural ingredients. Its improved formulation has a much better fragrance and a cool and minty feel. It also has anti-dandruff properties, as well as nourishing and moisturizing effects on the hair and scalp,” said Sheila Mae Velilla,

Great Summer Calls for Great Photos

Photographs are considered as integral part of man’s existence since its inception back in the 1800’s. A  breakthrough that gave a portraitist and its subject time saving and an ease to a consistently excruciating pose to achieve such perfection of a desired imagery.  This is as they say is all about "Capturing the precise moment." We are lucky to have been born in time where cameras are available. It is such joy to reminisce the past by looking at our birthday photos, first times in our lives and other important events.  We are the generation that grew up transitioning from traditional cameras (the ones with films) to digital which ranges from an ordinary point-and-shoot digicam to SLRs, DSLRs, camera phones and now the popular action cams.  With the given technology, one need not be a superb artist nor professional photographer to capture precious family bonding moments,  summer outdoor activities and amazing rendezvous, on or below sea level. Facilities offeri

Puppies, Death and Moving On

I have been a pet parent to Crumpy for 10 years. Having only one furbaby at home, I was not really concerned about having puppies until the time we rescued and adopted, Cheesecake. (See separate story about the rescue, here .) Well, we really did not want another puppy since we all know that having one is a lifetime commitment however, we can't really stop the "uncontrollable" especially that we have one male and one female dog. (You know what I mean.)  I just took note of the date when it happened so that at least if Cheesecake gets pregnant, I would know when to expect her delivery. Well, she really got pregnant and last  March 5, 2016, was the big day. I was excited and scared at the same time. Cheesecake started panting and was very uneasy. She did not want to stay in the whelping box we prepared. (I guess it was my fault since we really did not train her to stay there and she's so used staying on the little bed we made for her inside our room.) I was so l

No More Hassles for Home Improvements

You're ready to tear your hair out. You're tired of looking at the same arrangements in your home and you are ready for a change. You have an extra bedroom that make a great office. You think it's time to add one more bathroom to give everyone in the family more flexibility. The kitchen is another priority. You want to enhance this space that acts as the heart of your home. That's all well and good, but you have no idea where to get started. Be Specific About What You Want If you are going to give your home an overhaul, you don't want to be vague about it. Whether you review magazines, look online, or get home improvement books, take a look at your alternatives. Find exactly what you want for your home. This will give you a starting point. It will also help you when you are dealing with contractors. If you are going to get a good idea of what will be involved in your project, you need to know where you are going.  Compare Contractors Don't jump at th

Filipino meets Mark Zuckerberg and had My Facebook Friends Day Experience

I have always wondered what is it like to meet one of the geniuses of our time.  Last January 31, 2016, fellow Filipino Abby Asistio was very lucky to fly to San Francisco and have the wonderful opportunity of being chosen as one of the eighteen invited by Facebook on their 12th Anniversary Friends Day celebration with California-based Alopecia awareness advocate, Rachel Regal.   Alopecia is an autoimmune condition which results in partial or total head and body hair loss.   Abby Asistio have had it since she was four while Rachel just developed it sometime in 2012, the same year she discovered that her 10-year-old daughter, Eliana, had it, too.   Six inspiring stories were picked by Facebook among its 1.64 billion users and Abby’s friends were all amazed when they’ve found out that Abby’s Alopecia story was one of them.   Isn't it amazing? Abby and Rachel met each other through the double A hand sign campaign that Abby started in 2012, and They've been "con