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Univet Nutrition and Animal Healthcare Company (UNAHCO), the agribusiness unit of pharmaceutical leader Unilab introduces its newest products under the Doggiessentials line. Doggiessentials is not just another dog or pet care product but they aim to look after the total well being of our furbabies. The newest line includes  dog food under the Yum Yum brand, dog shampoo under the Bubble Bath brand, and Dextrolyte Powder, a ready-to-mix dextrose powder with electrolytes to help animals fight stress and dehydration.  Doggiessentials Brand Manager Chester Subagan said UNAHCO recognizes the huge potentials of pet products due to the growing number of people who consider pets as perfect companions whether at home or outdoors.  Being a pet parent to my furbabies, Crumpy and Cheesecake, I am excited to hear about affordable and quality products that ensures not only good looks but for the overall health and well being of our beloved pets. With a company that share my same vision a

7 Ways to level up your Sinulog experience with the Smart Life

We all know that January is the best time to visit Cebu because of the Sinulog Festival. For all those heading to the Queen of the South or wanting to go, check out these suggestions from Smart on how to level up your Sinulog experience.  1. For those who do not have tickets yet or have no budget for a vacation, get a chance to win a roundtrip ticket not just for yourself but for the whole barkada of 5.  Smart is giving you a chance to Sail on a party ship to Sinulog  by posting your best squad photo on Instagram with the hashtags #SmartSinulog and #SmartLife and win a roundtrip ticket to Sinulog for 5 via Oh Ship!, the biggest cruise party headed for Sinulog! On top of that, you and your friends get to stay at an Airbnb accommodation as well as attend the hottest Sinulog parties for free! Oh Ship!’s maiden voyage sets sail on Jan.15, and will feature all-night beats from top DJ and Producer Andy Caldwell and Smart ambassador Nix Damn P, along with some of the country’s

Packing Delicious: Pre-packed Food Delivered to Your Doorstep

Since I started working at home, it's quite obvious that I have greatly minimized my trips to the mall and other public places. All errands needs to be planned and have to be completed at one "go." This also paved the way for me to love online shopping and even food delivery.  Thus, whenever I see a new merchant available, I get excited. Unfortunately, this new online marketplace is not yet available here in Bacolod but I'd like to share my latest discovery to my readers in Metro Manila.  PackingDelicious  is a marketplace website and delivery logistics service for pre-packed food, which includes canned, bottled or frozen food. These home-grown favorites from local and artisan food producers are delivered directly to the customer’s doorstep. They provide a centralized approach to marketing and sales for these vendors plus the logistics capacity to pick up items from their pick up point and ensure same-day or next-day delivery to the end-customer via our i