Tuesday, August 13, 2019

Why Freelancers Need to Start a Blog?

Here are TOP 4 reasons why freelancers or online workers should start a blog: 

1. INCOME - You can earn from blogging through sponsored posts, ads like Google Adsense, and affiliate marketing. 

2. INDUSTRY - It gives you a better insight into the blogging industry. From there you can be creative on what services you can offer as a Virtual Assistant. Currently, I handle reader engagement for an Australian client who's a blogger. I got accepted because I told them I also have a blog and I am familiar and knowledgeable of what they need because I personally do it for my own blog. 

3. PORTFOLIO - If you want to add content writing to your list of services, then your own blog is the perfect portfolio for you to showcase your skill and writing style. When applying for writing jobs, I simply send them the link to my blog.

4. EXPERIENCE AND PRACTICE - Not yet an expert? Blogging is a multi-faceted activity. It is the perfect place for you to practice not just your writing skills but also your SEO, social media marketing, graphic design and a lot more. It's the best hands-on experience you can ever have to improve your craft. :)

How about you? Can you share what other reasons why freelancers should have a blog? 

Monday, August 12, 2019

The Downside of Freelancing - Are you Guilty?

I love working at home. If you have been following my blog, you may have read my story on why we took the leap from the corporate world to freelancing. However, despite the good things and perks of working at home, one cannot deny that there is also a downside to our story. 

One of the common health problems of freelancers is brought about by our sedentary life. Without the need of a daily commute, one may just jump out of his/her bed and directly to his/her workstation. Exercise may easily be neglected where walking has been very minimal.

Aside from the lack of exercise, having a regular and healthy diet has been challenging. With no fixed schedule, skipping meals then binge on snacks after the shift has been a part of many freelancers' daily routine. 

And guess what? I am 100% guilty. 

After getting sick and realizing that health is indeed wealth. One must never too busy for a healthy lifestyle. We should never forget that our body needs regular exercise and a balanced diet. After all, it takes time and commitment to stay healthy. Here are some tips on how we can have a healthier life as freelancers. 

1. Exercise for at least 10 minutes a day - Ten minutes of push-ups, squats and lunges a day can help. Consistency is very important so do it on a daily basis. 

2. Eat small meals - Instead of skipping meals, try to eat five (5) small meals divided throughout the day. 

3. Have healthier food choices - Eat more fruits and vegetables. Replace processed white bread and pasta for whole wheat bread to increase fiber intake. 

4. Get more dietary fiber daily - As recommended by the Philippine Food and Nutrition Research Institute, adults need 20-25 grams of dietary fiber daily. Since I have very limited access to fiber-rich food, we can also take dietary fiber supplements. 

So, no matter how comfortable we are at home, don't forget to choose a healthier lifestyle. 

BPI opens biggest flagship branch in Northern Metro Manila

BPI marks its 168th anniversary with the opening of its biggest flagship branch in Northern Metro Manila. 

From left, BPI COO Ramon Jocson, BPI President and CEO Cezar Consing, Head of Sales and Service Channels An-an King and Division Head for Northern Metro Manila Branches Rally Jereza. 

The Bank of the Philippine Islands (BPI) today formally opened its biggest flagship branch in Norther Metro Manila to date—the BPI Shangrila-Shaw branch and Preferred Center in Mandaluyong City, as it marks 168 years of building a better Philippines.

The new flagship branch follows the design of BPI’s other flagship branches in Ayala Insular and Makati Stock Exchange. BPI Shangri-la Shaw showcases the most modern and innovative designs that will complement the Bank’s aim to provide trusted financial advice, and seamless and convenient client experience. “This new flagship branch, like similar ones in Metro Manila, represents how technology and brick and mortar can be combined to enhance the customer experience. Today’s Filipino customer wants and deserves more, and a modern branch like this one is one way that we can respond,” said President and CEO Cezar P. Consing. 

Shangri-la Plaza is a prime spot located in the heart of Mandaluyong and Ortigas, which is why it was chosen as the location of Northern Metro Manila’s first and biggest flagship branch. Mandaluyong and Ortigas are two of the biggest central business districts in the country. The St. Francis Shaw branch was relocated and named BPI Shangri-la Shaw when the site of the old branch was sold to Shangri-la. The branch is the first in Metro Manila to stay open seven days a week, from Mondays to Sundays. Enhanced customer experience BPI Shangri-la Shaw houses the first multi-purpose Preferred Center, a venue for client engagement activities with facilities that enhance experience and deliver convenience and value to clients. 

With this latest branch feature, BPI reinforces its commitment to enhance overall customer experience, both online and offline by providing easy access to relevant financial solutions for every Filipino. “The two-floor multi-purpose events venue located in the branch’s Preferred Center is what makes BPI Shangri-la Shaw unique compared to the other flagship branches,” said Rally Jereza, Division Head for Northern Metro Manila Branches. 

In line with its digitalization efforts, BPI also added an interactive self-service screen in the new branch. A large video wall also displays informational videos for clients. “Digitalization is about enhancing the client experience. This requires that we make the experience of our clients seamless as they move from physical branches to our digital channels, such as the mobile app and website. Our digital transformation journey allows for an omni-channel experience, with clients being able to start a transaction in one channel, and complete it in another,” explained Jereza.

As for the overall branch design, the Bank drew inspiration from the map of the Philippines. The irregularly shaped ottoman seats at the center of the room represent the Philippine archipelago. The swirling lights in the ceiling evoke images of the Philippine climate and the ever-changing winds that sweep over the country. BPI hopes to build a better Philippines by providing easy and convenient access to relevant financial and enhance the overall customer experience in both online and offline channels.

Wednesday, August 7, 2019

Reminders to all Online Workers and Freelancers

Some realizations about life, work, and sickness. :)

  • Do not overwork yourself. Health is wealth. The money that you worked for will just go down the drain once you get hospitalized.
  • Get enough sleep. Lack of sleep weakens your immune system. If you have a weak immune system, everything else follows.
  • Have PHILHEALTH coverage, it helps with the hospital bills. If you can get an HMO, then it's much better.
  • Inform your client, let them know your situation. They will understand. 
  • Be prompt with your tasks, make sure you don't have backlogs. So that in cases that you have a bit of "downtime," it's still manageable.
  • Lastly, build your passive income streams. Find a way to earn even if you're not really "working." There are a lot of options such as financial investments, affiliate marketing, blogging, etc.

Wednesday, July 31, 2019

Surprising Perks for Senior Citizens in Bacolod

Getting old isn't really so bad. One of the best perks when you reach dual citizenship (a.k.a. Senior Citizen) is that you get special discounts and privileges. 

Some of the law-mandated and government-initiated privileges include: 

  • Discounts and VAT Exemptions on medicines, medical tests and procedures, medical supplies and equipment, food and basic commodities, hotels and transportation fees, recreation centers and in places of leisure such as cinemas, parks, museums, etc. 
  • Automatic PHILHEALTH coverage under the Senior Citizen Category
  • Exemption from paying terminal fees at all ports owned and operated by the Philippine Ports Authority (PPA) nationwide. 
  • Priority lanes in government offices and commercial establishments
  • Free dental and medical services in government facilities
But that's not all --- In Bacolod City, senior citizens get extra privileges aside from the ones mandated by law. Some of which are: 

1. Lopues Centre - 10% discount on selected dry goods. We were able to try in at Lopues East only and I have yet to verify if it is the same in other branches. 

2. Ayala Capitol Central Cinema - Free movie every Monday during its first screening. Make sure to just present your Senior Citizen ID issued by the City of Bacolod. Other SC cards issued from another city are not honored. Only 20% discount will apply. 

Source: Ayala Malls Capitol Central FB Page

3. Azta Urban Salon, Ayala Capitol - 20% discount on all services

Source: Azta Urban Salon FB Page
** If you visit on a Monday (perhaps, after watching a movie) for only Php 200, you can get a haircut and a FREE Loreal Hair Spa. The FREE hair spa offer is valid until August 15, 2019.

4. Waxcuvado Salon, Ayala Capitol  - 20% discount on all services

You can read more about their services, here

Do you know any other special privileges available for Senior Citizens? Feel free to comment below or send us a message at www.facebook.com/mymetrolifestyle so, that we can add it in this post. 

Tuesday, July 30, 2019

Free Mcdo Regular Fries and Solo Big Mac for Samsung Users

If you are an owner of a Samsung Galaxy S10e | S10 | S10+, Note9, A30, A50, and A20 then you're in for a treat! 

Get FREE Regular Fries every Friday and FREE Big Mac every Payday via the Samsung Members app.

How to redeem:
1. Visit any McDonald's branch near you.
2. Tap on 'Redeem' button at the counter upon payment. 
3. Show your Samsung Galaxy phone with Samsung Members voucher code to the merchant to redeem the reward.
4. Staff will verify and record the redemption code.

** The FREE regular fries promo is valid until October 18, 2019 while the Big Mac promo is valid until September 15, 2019. 

Important Reminders: 

1. Customers can redeem their McDonald's treats at participating McDonald's stores (except McDonald's Boracay stores, NAIA Terminal 3, and KidZania).
2. Promo is valid for front counter Dine-in and Take-out orders only. Dessert Centers, Drive-thru, and McDelivery are not included.
3. One (1) McDonald's treat code is equivalent to one (1) free McDonald's treat. The McDonald's treats code may only be used once and cannot be reissued.
4. Customers can only redeem a maximum of three (3) free McDonald's treat per transaction, per store visit, per day.

Friday, July 26, 2019

City Mayors who bring hope for man's best friend

As a mom of 3 dogs, I have always been concerned about animal welfare. My heart bleeds every time I see a dog or a cat abandoned, abused or worse, killed. As an individual, I can only do so much - like adopting or fostering a dog, donating to animal shelters and volunteering. 

For many years, I have always wondered what the government is doing to protect these poor creatures. There are a lot of stories where city dog pounds are just like "hell." The LGU workers assigned do not really care about the dogs. Many would even say that the dogs in the pound do not have food because the city does not have a budget. We also heard a lot of horror stories as to how the city dog pound euthanizes the dogs. They do not really care about how much pain they suffer. What matters is that they get rid of the dogs. For me, it was inhumane. 

Don't you think these poor voiceless creatures also have the right to live? Are they the ones who should pay for the irresponsible actions of their previous owners? Why is the government not doing anything for their welfare? 

However, today I found hope when I read the story circulating online about a dog slaughtered and eaten near the port area in Tondo, Manila. It is such a relief that this time the government did not turn a blind eye on the incident. Mayor Isko Moreno through some PNP men responded in less than an hour and the suspect was apprehended and is currently detained. 

Source: Isko Moreno FB Page

Last July 26, Mayor Isko had a meeting with some animal rights group and he gave an assurance that "There will be a place for them" while showing the plans for a new city pound. 

Here in the Visayas region. we learned that the newly elected Mayor Gerald Anthony “Samsam” Gullas Jr. has ordered department heads to make Talisay City, Cebu a pet-friendly city. 

Source: Office of the City Mayor
The huge open area at the Talisay City Hall is now open to our pet dogs and cats for them to get some exercise. Mayor Samsam believes that the welfare of our pets is also important. Pet owners just need to get a pet pass from the City Veterinary Office by showing their dog's unexpired vaccination records for them to enjoy the city hall grounds.

While researching, we also learned that the Talisay City LGU has been implementing other projects for our dearly beloved pets. They also offer FREE spay and neuter services (which is uncommon for most LGUs because they say it is expensive and there is no budget), FREE rabies vaccination, deworming and even vitamin supplementation. 

They even celebrate a Pet Day headed by the City where there are free veterinary services, a pet blessing, pet fashion show and IEC campaigns on animal welfare. 

Now we can't help but think: what if we have more government officials like this? Can the world be a safer place for both humans and animals? We currently do not have the answers but we are just so happy to find an ally with these local chief executives. We can now start hoping for the best for our furry friends.

If you know any outstanding local government initiatives for our pets, feel free to message us at www.facebook.com/mymetrolifestyle so, we can add and update this post. 

Feel free to share this post to inspire others especially government officials. Thank you! 

Thursday, July 25, 2019

Do you want to be a World Gratitude Ambassador?

Do you consider yourself a grateful person? 

Do you want to inspire more people to adopt the attitude of gratitude?

Here's your chance to be a part of this global initiative. Write Conversations Publishing and Consultancy is organizing The World Gratitude Summit, an online summit and a global movement that advocates adopting the attitude of gratitude. The World Gratitude Summit is happening on September 21, 2019. Just in time for the celebration of the World Gratitude Day. 

Some of the confirmed speakers are Jason Evert, Dr. John Demartini, Margie Warrell, Joy and Kim of The Grateful Box, Georgian Benta of The Gratitude Podcast, and many more. 

WCPC also believes that one person can make a huge impact on his or her respective local community. They also started a worldwide search for the WORLD GRATITUDE AMBASSADORS. This is open to any age, race, and occupation. WCPC will choose at least one Gratitude Ambassador per country/city.

If you are interested, you may send your application via this link:

As a World Gratitude Ambassador, you will be eligible to get the following perks: 
  • VIP Access to World Gratitude Summit (valued at USD 197)
  • 50% affiliate commission for your VIP Referrals 
  • Be part of the exclusive FB group for the World Gratitude Ambassadors. 
Chosen World Gratitude Ambassadors are expected to:
  • Actively promote the World Gratitude Summit in your social media accounts and email newsletters.
  • Adopt the attitude of Gratitude in your personal and professional lives
  • Inspire others to be more grateful through your examples.
So, what are you waiting for? Deadline of application is on August 15, 2019.
Apply via this link: bit.ly/WorldGratitudeAmbassadors

Why Mommy Support Groups are Important?

There are a lot of definitions of what Motherhood is with endless adjectives to describe it. It is certainly wonderful however, they also say it is messy, noisy and sometimes crazy. 

According to Donna Bell of www.todaysthebestday.com,

It is a 24/7 job with no rest days. There can never be a perfect mother yet there a million ways to be a good one. However, in this age of time where technology has certainly made our lives easier through unlimited access to information and resources, one cannot deny the fact that Mommy Support Groups online are very important nowadays.

Though it is a challenge to find one where you can be yourself without being judged, I am happy to discover quite a number of online support groups that had been my home. Whether you're tired, happy or nervous, you certainly have someone to share this to aside from family and friends. 

And now, I would like to invite you and other mommies to join our newest community, Filipino Moms Who Budget and Save

In this group, we believe that being a mom is hard but budgeting is even harder. Thus, this growing community is a place for moms and moms-to-be to share the things that can help you in budgeting and how to save money. It is also a great place to get updated with the latest promotions, deals, and freebies (a.k.a. Tipid Hacks) 

So, join this growing community and become a "wais mom" as they call it. Feel to invite your other mommy friends too. See you inside. :) 

P.S. Here's the link to the group - https://www.facebook.com/groups/BudgetandSavePH/ 

Wednesday, July 24, 2019

Best Venue for Small Meetings in Bacolod and Iloilo

Last July 20, we planned to have a small meeting with some members of the Negros Online Workers community. Since many opt to have a live coaching session plus an opportunity to get out of the house, we decided to meet over coffee and snacks. 

Usually, we just meet at coffee shops. However, it was a Saturday and it may not be a good idea since these places are usually crowded. It is also rude to stay for a long period while ordering a single cup of coffee only while there are a lot of customers waiting to be seated.  

Thus, we are so happy to discover the best venue for small meetings in Bacolod and Iloilo. Here are the top 5 reasons why we think you should hold your afternoon meetings at Seda. (By the way, this is not a sponsored post.) 

1. Perfect Ambiance

Seda Misto provides the perfect ambiance for meetings. The place is well-lighted, has comfortable chairs and tables and it is usually not crowded. The tables are spaced adequately that you don't disturb the people on the other table. 

2. Value for Money

Seda Misto offers Saboroso merienda buffet. It includes an indulgent selection of sandwiches, savory and sweet treats, and an assortment of afternoon coffee and tea.

During our visit, we were able to enjoy tuna canape, salmon canape, ham and cheese canape, chicken canape, puto and dinuguan, chicken nuggets, macaroni salad, fruit salad, mango pannacotta, and assorted pastries. They also alternate serving batchoy and lomi every other day. 

Rates are at Php 350 per head for Bacolod and Php 250 per head for Iloilo. I believe this is quite reasonable compared if we go to a coffeeshop. Drinks usually costs Php 150- 180 and cakes around Php 150 so that's pretty much around Php 300 - 330 which is almost just the same. The only difference is that you have more choices with unlimited food and drinks. 

3. Delicious Chocolate Drink 

Yes, you read it right. If you're not a fan of hot drinks like me, you can ask for a chocolate milk drink from the attendants. It's also unlimited. :) 

4. Free Wifi 

Though the internet connection may not be as fast as the ones in coworking spaces, they do have a pretty decent wifi connection that you can use to check your emails, browse the internet and check your social media accounts. Just ask the attendants for an access code. 

5. Additional Discounts

If you are a SEDA Edge member, you are eligible for a 10% discount (Classic) and 15% (Premier) on your total bill. I believe ARC members also get the same privilege. 

So, if you are looking for the best venue for small meetings in Bacolod and Iloilo, then you should definitely consider Seda Misto. 

For reservations, you may contact them at: 

Seda Capitol Central, Bacolod 
Lacson Street cor. North Capitol Road
Bacolod City 6100, Philippines
T: +6334 703 8888 / +6334 488 7100 
F: +6334 703 8891
E: capitol@sedahotels.com

Seda Atria, Iloilo 
Pison Avenue, Atria Park District
San Rafael, Mandurriao
Iloilo City 5000, Philippines
T: +6333 506 8888 | +633 330 7555
F: +6333 506 8889
E: ilo@sedahotels.com

Monday, July 22, 2019

How to Refund Your Airport Terminal Fee?

Are you someone who gets excited during seat sales from Cebu Pacific, books a flight immediately but finds out later on that you cannot make the trip or flight because of an emergency or a sudden change of plans? 

Well, I am guilty. In fact, it happened twice already. 

Just like last December 2018, I was able to book roundtrip tickets from Bacolod to Davao for only Php 600+ for July 2018 (7 months in advance) but later on canceled due to workload. (boo!) 

I know that it's just a small amount but getting it refunded is very much welcome. Unfortunately, the cancellation fee or the rebooking fee (if allowed) is much higher compared to the purchase price, which means it is more practical if you just forfeit the ticket and let it go. 

If you are lucky, there are instances that Cebu Pacific also have sudden changes in their flight schedule or cancellations. If these cancellations are initiated from their end, this makes you eligible for a full refund of the ticket price, however, if you're the one who canceled, then technically there will be no refund.  

But wait....  not everything is lost. :)  

Many of us forget that our airline tickets for domestic flights already include terminal fees in the amount that we paid during booking. Terminal fees are collected by Cebu Pacific at the time of booking and payment of flights on behalf of the airport authorities for the use of the terminal facilities. This means that since we did not take the flight, we are actually NOT required to pay the terminal fee. 

According to Manila International Airport Authority (MIAA), passengers with unused Cebu Pacific (CEB) and CebGo tickets from Feb. 1, 2015 to the present may refund their terminal fees.

Based on my experience, I was able to refund the terminal fee for my canceled July 2018 Cebu Pacific trip in full and with no administrative charges. I have yet to check if we can also do this with PAL. 

Anyway, here's how you can request/ process the refund of your terminal fee: 

Option # 1: Go to the Cebu Pacific website and fill-out the Guest Feedback Form
Under the Type of Feedback, select "Request" 
Under Category, select Refund of Taxes for Unused Tickets" 

After submitting all the information, you will receive an email confirmation with a reference number that you can use to follow-up. 

Option # 2: Contact the Cebu Pacific hotline at +632 702 0888 for Manila or +6332 230-8888 for Cebu) This is not really advisable due to the long wait time. If you are not based in Manila or Cebu, calling these numbers would also entail long distance charges.  

Tip: If you have an internet connection, you may also call their US toll-free number via Skype at +1-8555-232722. It is available from 7am-10pm (PH local time), daily. No long-distance charges. :) 

Option #3: Through the Travel Agent where the ticket was purchased. 

To manage your expectations, the processing of refunds usually takes 4-8 weeks. The refund will be made directly to the passenger's credit card, Paypal account, via the travel agent, or in form of cash, depending on the form of payment that was used to purchase the ticket. I was able to get mine after a month while Val's refund is still on the process even though we sent it the same day. 

Please keep in mind that they will only refund this upon request. It would be ideal to request a refund of your terminal fees as soon as you can. 

If you have any experience refunding your terminal fees, feel free to comment below. 

Friday, July 19, 2019

My Sad Experience about my SM Advantage Card

UPDATED: July 19, 2019 (11:45 PM) 

It has been 5 years ago when I wrote the original blog post about my SM advantage card. Since I do not frequent SM as much as we did before, it is only a few months ago that I was able to use my SM Advantage Card again. 

Some of the recent changes with our SMAC membership is their insurance provider which is now Pioneer Insurance. It is now accepted in more (new) stores such as Uniqlo and Miniso. 

Sadly, despite the changes, the problem of missing SMAC points is still happening. I checked my May and June 2019 purchases and I found out that there are four (4) transactions not posted. 

This is very disappointing since the issue has been happening for more than 5 years. Apparently, SMAC is still very unreliable compared to other rewards card whose points are credited real-time. Right now, I can just imagine how many shoppers do not really check their points. Unknowingly, they were deprived of the rewards/ points due to them. 

Now, this makes me question - why does SM keep on creating different rewards card (Ace Hardware, Watsons, etc) when they can't even fix their existing one. 

Anyway, I have sent an email 2 weeks ago but still did not get any response. Will update you once I hear from them. 


I am a fan of rewards cards. I almost have them all (Happy Plus, Mercury Suki Card, Robinsons Privilege Card, etc.) So many that I already have a separate wallet just for them. For consumers like me, a rewards card is important because it is a way for us to get something back from our purchases. Despite having to pay for the annual fees, I still get value for my money because my points are greater than the registration fees. 

One card that I have truly maximized is the SM Advantage Card. It is accepted in different stores such as SM Supermarket, SM Store, Savemore, Shell, Forever 21. The great thing about SMAC is that you can keep track of your transactions and points by simply signing-up online. 

It was May 2014 when I first discovered that points from my purchases from Shell were not credited to my account. It was by accident that I was sorting out my receipts and it says "Points will be Awarded within 3 days." I was just curious and I decided to check if it was really credited. I was surprised to see none of my transactions was credited to my account.

It may not be a huge amount but if I multiply it with the number of receipts I had during that time, the amount is substantial.  After all, 1 point = 1 peso. 

So, I immediately sent an email to SMAC and they asked me to scan my receipts so that they can verify. After a week, they were able to credit the points and they even sent me an email notification that my concern was resolved. (Good job!) 

Unfortunately, after a month, I noticed that I am once again missing some SMAC points, which prompted me to send an email again and go through the same process. 

By October, I had the same concern with them again and went through the whole process to have the points credited to my account. 

Then last month (December) I had the same concern but this time with my purchase from Watsons. I went through the same process but as of the time of writing, my concern is not resolved nor I was given an update. Unfortunately, I have reported this over a month ago and have sent 2 follow-up emails. 

So, what exactly do you need to do to get your missing points credited to your account? 

1. Scan your receipts. (So, it's best to make a habit to keep your receipts for future reference.)
2. Send an email to: mbr.care1@sm-mci.com 
3. Provide the following information: 
  • Name of Store
  • Date and Time of Transaction
  • Amount
  • Sales Invoice Number
  • Your SMAC Account Name
  • Your SMAC Number
  • Scanned copy of the receipt
4. Wait for a reply in 24-48 hours. Their customer support is very helpful though there are times that they no longer credit the points in case the receipts are already erased and unreadable. 

I still hope the SMAC Management can take a look at these lapses since this is no longer an isolated issue as some readers had also shared the same experience. As a member, I have experienced these for more than 10 times already. 

How about you? Have you checked your SMAC points? Please feel free to share below. 

Local and Foreign Drivers saved in a boat accident using Samsung Galaxy S8

Local news outlets recently reported about an accident involving a group of 20 local and foreign divers whose boat capsized off the waters of Bogo City in Cebu. The passengers immediately scrambled for their smartphones to get a rescue. After about 30 minutes, a Samsung Galaxy S8 was found under the boat submerged in seawater that was still functioning well, which enabled them to contact their rescuers and to provide GPS information that determined their location.

“I really hope my [thank you] can make it to the engineering team as honestly it really saved us all. Only my S8 was able to connect…and worked all the way until we made it to land. It stayed alive for much longer than I thought possible and it really made the difference,” explained Jim Emdee, a Canadian national who owns the smartphone.

Accidents can happen every day. It might seem the most unlikely of heroes but smartphones have become a necessity that they are rarely left at home. These devices enrich one’s lifestyle, enable productivity and connectivity, and in some cases, even save lives.

SAMSUNG shares tips on how to use your Galaxy smartphone in the event of an emergency:

  1. Pre-installed emergency hotline
Knowing who to contact is paramount in the event of an emergency especially life-threatening situations such as fire, explosion, road accident, and national calamities.

In partnership with the Philippine National Police, Samsung developed a mobile application called Samsung 321. Galaxy smartphones issued in the Philippines come pre-installed with this app—a database of emergency services including police stations, fire stations, national disaster hotlines, medical assistance, even motor, and traffic assistance.

  1. In-pocket locator
Always notify an emergency contact of your current location. When on vacation, users are strongly encouraged to turn on their Global Positioning System (GPS) in their Galaxy smartphones to determine their location particularly when traveling alone or going to off-grid places.

  1. SOS messaging and emergency alerts
Galaxy smartphones have the ability to send SOS messages to identified emergency contacts. Simply go to Settings > select Advanced features > turn on Send SOS messages. By pressing the power key three times, a quick SMS alert to your emergency contacts will be automatically sent.

Local telecommunication networks have also enabled emergency cell broadcast systems that allow for quick dissemination of emergency alerts. These have been proven useful in times of national calamities. To check if this function is enabled, go to Messages app > go to Notifications > check Emergency Alerts.

“Putting our customers first is a top priority for Samsung. It is incumbent upon us as a tech leader to find ways to enhance the lives of our customers. We take it as our responsibility to ensure that our products are not only well-made to stand the demands of daily use but must also be equipped with features to help users who find themselves in dire situations,” said James Jung, president of Samsung Philippines.
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