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Sunday, May 28, 2017

Road Trip: Bacolod to Don Salvador

Summer vacation is almost over! Since classes are starting on June 5, Val and I decided to have a quick getaway this weekend. (If you just met us or just discovered this blog, my husband, Val is a teacher in one of the public schools in Bacolod City.) 

Since we wanted to just have a quick getaway without breaking the bank, we opted to visit Don Salvador Benedicto. They call it the "Baguio" of Negros but we think it's more of the "Tagaytay" of Negros. It has a cooler climate and one can expect to see lots of greenery and pine trees. It is approximately a one-hour ride from Bacolod City. The roads are good and cemented. If you plan to commute, there are a lot Ceres buses that you can take from the terminal.

When going to Don Salvador Benedicto, you will take the Bacolod-Murcia highway (The same one that you would take when you are traveling to Cebu by land which I will share in a separate post.) Your first stop is the lion's statue that welcomes you to the municipality. 

Also, take time to visit the viewing deck as you can see mini rice terraces below.  

Restaurant choices in Don Salvador Benedicto are quite limited. Since we wanted one that has a good view, we had our lunch at the Mountain View Resort Bar and Restaurant. 

Estimated budget is Php 300-500 per head. Though there is nothing really fancy or special about the food at the Mountain View Resort Bar and Restaurant,  it's definitely clean and reasonable. 

Another stop is the Malatan-og falls viewing deck. It is where you can enjoy the cool breeze and wonderful view. If you are lucky, there's also fog that you can enjoy. Malatan-og falls viewing deck is also where we buy locally made banana chips for pasalubong. It is only Php 10 per pack and it is really good. 

There are other resorts in Don Salvador Benedicto such as Balokon Spring Resort which was a bit crowded when we checked as well as Jomax Peak where we never had luck securing a booking. Well, you don't really need a reservation or resort accommodation to enjoy Don Salvador Benedicto. The place on its own is already a treat. We even saw others just parking their car along the road, brought food and enjoyed the surroundings. 

Also, let us share with you one last tip: When heading home, don't forget to drop by the pine trees lining the road with the not so visible I LOVE DSB sign. It is a great place to have your souvenir picture taken. 

How about you? Do you have other quick getaway recommendations in Negros? 

Monday, May 22, 2017

How do you view your facebook birthday video?

I had a blast celebrating my birthday and overwhelmed by the birthday greetings from family, friends, and clients. Though we may say that facebook was primarily responsible for reminding them about your day, still I am very grateful that they took the time and effort to send me a private message or write in my timeline. I even have one client and friend, Sha Nacino who is a well-known inspiration speaker and author, the Founder of the 90 Day Book Writing Challenge who took the time to shoot a video for me. I am so touched. :) 

I would also like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who sent their gifts. I couldn't be more blessed. Anyway, going back to the original purpose of this post is how to view your facebook birthday video. 

Technically, it is a video from facebook that will show on the top of your timeline the day after your birthday to highlight photos and messages from friends. Though it will automatically show on your timeline, one may realize that after viewing it, you may have no idea how to view it again. 

So, thank you Facebook for the wonderful birthday video. You have indeed become a big part of how people celebrate birthdays over the years.