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Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Colored Candles and Their Meanings

Whenever we go to church, Val and I see to it that we offer our prayers and light a candle. We do not bring our own candles since these are readily available. Normally, they sell either white or yellow candles. However, some churches especially monasteries sell different colored ones.

I found out that different colors have different meanings and we can simply choose what color we need depending on our prayer intentions. 


Gold is for healing. (good health, recovery, spiritual and prayers for the family tree) 
Green is prosperity and success. (exams, study, finances, business) 
Blue is perseverance. (employment, career, assignment, promotion) 
Violet is achievement. (plans in life, struggles, journey, voyage) 
Red is love. (unity, family, friendship, relationships) 
Yellow is peace. (courage, strength, hope) 
White is purity. (enlightenment, guidance, right path) 
Orange is reconciliation. 
Pink is thanksgiving. (happiness, joy)
Black is souls. (forgiveness, pardon) 
Brown is vocation. (marriage, God's servant, single blessedness) 
Gray is deliverance. (bad ways, things, spirits) 
Cream is conversion. (faith) 


  1. Thanks for sharing.. Me and my workmates are discussing these colored candles during lunch time.. Mashare ko nga.. =)

    1. Thank you for visiting my blog. Happy to know I am not alone being curious about these colored candles. :)