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Friday, June 1, 2018

App Review: PERA SWIPE

It has been a week since I have downloaded the latest popular app, Pera Swipe. If you have no idea what I am talking about. Pera Swipe is an efficient all-in-one lock screen platform for Filipino smartphone users where they reward users with points that can be redeemed for mobile load and other prizes. You can read more about it here.

Some may say that Pera Swipe seems too good to be true but it is actually a win-win solution for both users and advertisers. A definite innovation in digital marketing that is easy, rewarding and actually helpful.

Like last Monday, we were thinking what to buy for dinner and was having a hard time deciding. Thanks to Pera Swipe, I saw their post and we got ourselves lechon manok from Andoks. Pera Swipe shows its users relevant and useful ads. 

However the ads are not the best thing about it. Instead, the points that can be redeemed for rewards is the main reason why you should download the app. 

And there are several ways to earn points aside from swiping. Based on my experience, I was able to earn 1,200+ points in 3-days enough to get me a Php 10 prepaid load. Thus, I can say that getting rewards is very attainable. Just remember to always check the EVENTS Tab in order to participate in different promotions to earn additional points. 


Here are some questions raised by other readers about Pera Swipe. 

1. How do they earn from it? 

This is not confirmed but I believe Pera Swipe earns through product advertisements shown through the app. 

2. Does it load up your phone with unnecessary stuff? 

The good news is it doesn't load your phone with unnecessary stuff. I did not notice any changes to the performance of my device. 

3. How long has the app been around? 

The app’s grand opening was last June 1, 2017 but it has been around a couple of months before. It is now on its version 2.0

4. Can I still use this app even if I am a postpaid user? 

Yes, definitely. Aside from prepaid load, you can also redeem Sodexo Mobile Passes that you can use for shopping and dining. 

5. How was the redemption process? 

The redemption process is easy but is on a limited schedule. Prepaid load can only be redeemed from 9AM-9PM.

Sodexo Mobile Pass are redeemed manually. You just have to fill out a google form. Redemption cut-off is every Tuesday (11:59PM) and codes will be sent by Friday. These are delivered to the mobile number and email address provided during the redemption process. 

Also, here are my other observations about Pera Swipe. 

  • You need internet connection to use it. 
  • It does not work on rooted devices. 
So, what are you waiting for? Download now at and sign-up using this referral code: mymetrolifestyle and get 500 points instantly!  

Update: You can now get 555 bonus points if you use the code: mymetrolifestyle

Do you have any questions, feel free to comment below. 


  1. Now everything become easier by the minute - enjoy! I love collecting points and later get freebies!

  2. Fun application , now we can collect point and redeem it.

    1. Yes, I have never spent a single penny on cellphone load because of this app.

  3. Nice application, I hope Malaysia also have this app ;)

  4. Sounds like a rewarding app to use. I am waiting for its arrival in Malaysia.

  5. this is interesting.. it is always fun collecting points in exchange for rewards....

  6. I bet my husband will love this as it uses the points rewards. Is this available in Malaysia?

  7. Cool App! I think there a few other apps doing the same thing too. Nevertheless, would love to find out which app is the best ;)

  8. This ia interesting. A great way to earn while on your phone for most of your time.

  9. What an interesting apps! Is really good to collect points and exchange for more rewards!

  10. not applicable in Malaysia right? Hope to get this in Malaysia market too!

  11. This app look interesting. I hope i can use this in Malaysia.

  12. bakit d naman dumadating load ko

    1. Make sure your mobile number is the same on the profile and the app is updated.