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Friday, August 3, 2018

Top 5 Reasons Why You Should Start Reading Magazines Again

With everything going digital, I can't help but miss the feel and excitement whenever I get a new printed copy of a book or the latest issue of my favorite magazine. I remember spending most of my school allowance on Seventeen, BOP, and Cosmo. The new information and the latest updates and trends that I get from reading was definitely worth every penny. 

Unfortunately, when they started creating websites and making all the content available online, I no longer found the reason to grab my favorite magazines. Instead, I just read its digital copies. It was free and convenient.  

However this 2018 -- I discovered Southwall Magazine during its launch in Bacolod last July 17 at the Gallery Orange and I have found all the reasons why I should start my magazine subscription again. 

Top 5 Reasons Why You Should Start Reading Magazines Again

1. Southwall Magazine has a great layout with really nice glossy pages. It has the same feel and vibrant pictures that I have always loved. I can imagine myself reading one while enjoying a cup of tea on a Saturday afternoon. 

2. You can relate to it. The magazine is focused on the best that southern living has to offer. For someone who is residing in Visayas, it is our joy to see and read about the things we love about our place. It is our pride to share what we have.  

3. They feature "real" people with really inspiring and amazing accomplishments. Just like in its sophomore issue, the magazine's cover featured no other than Bacolod's very own,  Mr. Jonathan Lo, the CEO of CM & Sons Food Products, Inc., makers of our favorite Merzci pasalubong products.  

They also featured other eminent male business and community leaders in the south such as Richard Gomez, John and Bunny Pages, Derek Hytian, Henrik Yu, Jason Atherton and Leo Locsin Jr. 

4. It is made with love and the content is curated well. Since Southwall Magazine started as a passion project in 2005, readers can expect great content that showcases a resplendent line-up of important personages, noteworthy luminaries and the best that the southern scene can offer. The Southwall Magazine is available quarterly starting February 2018. 

5. Lastly, it is very affordable. It was such a surprise that this glossy 120+ pages magazine only costs Php 200 per issue. Definitely, a steal! 

So, if you also like to start reading magazines again -- you can order a subscription by contacting (032) 4140736 or by sending them an email at Also, don't forget to follow them on Facebook and Instagram for updates. 

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  1. Nice tips and ideas that everyone can follow to improve their reading skills.