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Thursday, February 28, 2019

The Difference Between Glasses & Goggles

The eternal question for most motorcycle and MX riders is goggles or glasses? Protective motorcycle glasses and goggles offer different advantages both in functionality and style. While some riders prefer the visibility eyeglasses offer, others want more full-face protection. Though much of this comes down to personal taste, here is a quick comparison between the benefits of motorcycle glasses and goggles.

Seeing Is Believing

Eyeglasses offer a multitude of benefits for riders at all times of the day. Lenses can have different tints, polarizations, photochromic coatings, and prescriptions, all of which offer a better vision in a variety of light conditions. Additionally, photochromic transition lenses can adjust to changing light levels as you ride. Finally, like your favorite motorcycle jackets, riding sunglasses add undeniable flair to your look. Yet, most eyeglasses do not protect the sides of your eyes. For better coverage, you need full-face goggles.

Protection From the Elements

Unlike glasses, motorcycle goggles provided full coverage, preventing wind and dust from getting into your eyes. Using foam padding and a wide lens, goggles create a seal over your eyes, block wind and debris. To reduce glare, many goggles also use UV polarized and tinted lenses, much to the same effect as eyeglasses. However, you can’t insert prescription lenses to improve vision.

The Best of Both Worlds


Many riders, especially off-roaders, opt to use a combination of both glasses and goggles. Over-the-helmet goggles leave enough space to fit eyeglasses underneath. This gives the rider the chance for better glare resistance and prescription vision with the protective qualities of goggles. Bear in mind that you need goggles designed to fit frames underneath. Both should fit snug without rocking or sliding in use. 

Eyewear is one of the most important pieces of safety gear for any rider. Order a new pair of goggles or glasses that maximize visibility and protection against high winds and dust.

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