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Monday, September 2, 2019

Do you want to be a World Gratitude Ambassador?

Do you consider yourself a grateful person? 

Do you want to inspire more people to adopt the attitude of gratitude?

We have always believed that GRATITUDE is a way of life and the key to happiness. Thus, a global movement on GRATITUDE will kick off on September 21, 2019, during the World Gratitude Day. It aims to inspire and encourage individuals to start adopting the attitude of gratitude.

As part of the initiative, the search is now on for GRATITUDE AMBASSADORS all over the world who's willing to:
  • Adopt the attitude of Gratitude in your personal and professional lives
  • Actively share the message of gratitude in your social media accounts and email newsletters
  • Invite family and friends to join the WORLD GRATITUDE SUMMIT
  • Inspire others to be more grateful through your examples.

As a GRATITUDE AMBASSADOR, selected individuals will be eligible for the following:

  • Recognition and title of World Gratitude Ambassador (for your country/state) - We will be sending an official poster/ badge that you can use.
  • VIP Access to the World Gratitude Summit (online summit)
  • Be part of the exclusive FB group of Gratitude Ambassadors
  • Opportunity to earn through affiliates

This is open to any age, race, and occupation. If you are interested, you may send your application via this

The WORLD GRATITUDE SUMMIT which is an online summit will be happening on October 19, 2019. Some of the confirmed speakers during the WORLD GRATITUDE SUMMIT are:

1. Jack Canfield
2. Dr. John Demartini
3. Joy and Kim of The Grateful Box
4. Margie Warrell - Bestselling author of Find Your Courage
5. Georgian Benta of The Gratitude Podcast
6. Pritesh Sankhe of the Gratitude app
7. Pam Grout - NY Times bestselling author of E-Squared and Thank and Grow Rich
8. Shaen Yeo - Happiness Scientist
9. Lisa Ryans - Bestselling author and award-winning speaker
10. Dr. Peggy De Long - The Gratitude Bracelet
11. Bavani Periasamy
12. Jason Evert
and so on.

So, what are you waiting for? Deadline of application is on September 5, 2019.
Apply via this link:


  1. This is something to look forward to.. a good initiative for the millenials who seem to becoming more focused with their gadgets.

  2. How can I become an ambassador in 2021