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Sunday, December 15, 2019

How to cope with loss of a loved one?

Losing a loved one is the hardest and most painful reality of life. It is something that we cannot control nor even predict. There is no cure or medication to ease the pain. For most of us, only time can heal the wounds. 

Losing your spouse, parents, children or anyone from your family may be the most challenging since aside from the emotional loss, confusion, and grief, there are a lot of practical decisions that you have to make. There is paperwork that needs to be fixed including hospital bills that need to be settled. Just imagine you have to do this in just a few hours despite the fact that you just want to lay down and cry. 

So, the big question is how can you prepare for this? How can you make it easier for you and your family? 

No one can be fully prepared about death but let me share some tips on what you can do: 

1. Talk about it - Though the topic of death may be taboo for the majority, it is just practical to discuss it with your family. The concept of "The Bucket List" is a good way to start the discussion. Talk about the things that you want to do or achieve before you pass on. Later, you can also share the things that you want in case something happens to you. 

Giving them the direction on how you want things to be done will give them comfort as they follow your lead. It is easier for the surviving family to think that they have granted your final wishes and preferences. 

2. Tax and Estate Planning - This is not just for wealthy families but also for middle-earners or investors who are very keen on planning their family's future. 

Some of the reasons why you should consider estate planning are the following: 
  • Protection for your children. Making sure that it goes to the right person or the appropriate trustee is assigned. 
  • Avoids family conflicts. Whether we admit it or not, family disputes arise when money is involved. Much more huge amounts from inheritance. 
  • Minimize cost and taxes. Tax and Estate Planning helps you minimize cost and taxes when transferring the estate or property. 
3. Know where you can get support and guidance on what needs to be done - when you feel lost or overwhelmed what you do, find a service provider that can assist you in making funeral and burial arrangements. In Bacolod, there is a company that stands out among service providers because they provide excellent customer engagement whose main goal is to make things easier for their clients in their moment of grief.

Teresa Development Corporation has been in the business for more than 50 years. According to TDC's funeral director, Albert S. Montelibano they understand that their clients are anxious, worry a lot and don't know what to do. Thus, TDC will help you throughout the whole process such as processing death certificates, provide guidance on what do to before and during the wake, etc. TDC ensures detailed assistance, guidance in all the preparations and the promise to make things easier for their clients. 

4. Check your options and make practical decisions

As mentioned, one cannot be fully prepared to die but there are things that we can decide as early as now such as: 

  • Should I get a memorial life plan?
  • Do you consider cremation or would you like the traditional way? 
  • Where would you like your final resting place to do be? (This is true for those who reside in a new city but most of their family is in the province.)
Personally, I have believed that the land is for the living and thus, I personally prefer cremation and then they, can just scatter my ashes in the forest or throw it in the sea but Val's question hit me hard. "Mommy, what if I miss you so much and want to visit you?"

To be honest, I had no answer until I learned about TDC's newest project, Christ the Redeemer Columbarium Complex. It is the perfect place where they can store the ashes of your departed loved ones. 

And this is not just your typical columbarium, it will have viewing chapels, a restaurant, beautiful lobby, high ceilings, etc. 

In this way, families can celebrate life in style. They can visit and celebrate the life of their dear loved one who passed away in style and comfort. Here's a sneak peek on what you can expect from the Christ the Redeemer Columbarium Complex.

The Amethyst features the vault where urns will be placed. 

The family suite features a family room, restroom, and kitchenette for those who want more privacy. 

For more information about Teresa Development Corporation and the Christ the Redeemer Columbarium, you may contact them at (034) 434-5555 or follow them on FB at Teresa Development Corporation Funeral Services


  1. Thank you for this practical insights. I lost my granny over a year ago and it's true that losing someone you love dearly is so hard to move on from. I am just at peace with the fact that she's not in pain and suffering anymore. Emotional support system is a huge help in coping with any loss and I'm glad I have friends and family for it.

  2. This is life's reality, better prepare for it.

  3. true, better be prepared. Great insights.

  4. Very informative article. I agree with you that we need to prepare when it is time for us to meet our Creator. It is practical to have medical and funeral plan so your immediate family member wont have problems during hospitalization or worst during your final moments in this world. I see the christ redeemer colambarium everytime I travel along the street where The Ruins is located. Now I knew that this is a crematorium. Thought before that this is a church...another info for me.