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Monday, September 20, 2021

More High 5 Things About European Higher Education Fair 2021

The European Higher Education Fair, one of the biggest education fairs in the country, returns on 1-2 October to again give Filipinos everywhere the EUnique opportunity to connect with dozens of institutions in the EU.

Who can join?  

The Fair is open to Filipinos interested in pursuing higher education in the EU. And it doesnt matter where you are in the Philippines. The Fair is virtual, so whether youre in Aparri or Jolo, you can join so long as you have an internet connection. Even your Pinoy friends who are currently abroad can join. The more, the merrier, especially when you eventually get to study in the EU together.

Do I have to attend the entire 2-day virtual fair? 

Participants are highly encouraged to maximize their time in the fair by exploring as much as they can. There are loads of information to take in and activities to attend that will be very helpful to start the journey to Go Higher with EU. That goes for all participants, those who already have a particular field of study or EU member state in mind as well as those who havent quite settled on something yet. The Fair happens only once a year, so its best to take full advantage of this EUnique opportunity.

What can participants expect?

A lot. Dozens of higher education institutions from across the EU are participating this year and they have packed the 2-day Fair with activities. Participants can expect to be fully loaded and raring to Go Higher with EU after the event.

Webinars on research programs, mobility opportunities, and postgraduate degrees

Country presentations from participating EU member states

Live chats with representatives, alumni, and scholars from participating institutions

Virtual meeting rooms for Philippine institutions and their EU counterparts

Is there an age limit for the participants? 

Learning in the EU knows no age, so theres no limit to joining the Fair. Its open to all Filipinos who have finished an undergraduate course, whether here or abroad, and are intending to take higher education.

What programmes are available? 

Astrophysics, Biotechnology, Business, Chemical Engineering, Football management, Geography, Green energy management, History, Information Technology, International Relations, Languages, Law, Literature, Medicine, Sociology, Teaching, Tourism, Zoology, and much more.

You can also avail of study programmes with a modular structure that allows you to build a personalised programme by choosing several different modules or units of study each year. For example, if you are studying Fashion, you might choose one module on Fashion Marketing, one module on Textile Design, and one module on Ethical Textile Production.

Registration is free. Thus, you are interested just visit 


  1. This looks like a brilliant way to find out more about studying in Europe and all the opportunities it brings.

  2. I've always dream of studying abroad but never had that courage though haha. This is a very interesting event. I think virtual fairs are now the new normal replacing those real-time conventions and seminars.. Thank yoi for sharing

  3. So convenient that the fair is being held virtually. The opportunities are impressive, there's really something for everyone.

  4. Such an amazing program that gives opportunity to everyone. I'll have to share this with my family and friends. Thank you!

  5. I am glad I came across this post. My son would be very interested in this. He has a degree in computer engineering and information technology. I will share the link to this post. Thank you so much for the info.

  6. Sounds like a wonderful opportunity. It is interesting to learn about different programs that are available.

  7. I'm sure there are still a lot of Filipinos who would like to study abroad. This will be helpful to them.

  8. That's awesome! I hope this program can help a lot of people and give them a chance to study.

    Fransic -

  9. This is great! they have so many programs available. Great opportunity for us to learn new stuff. I`d share this to my friends. Im sure many would be interested

  10. I used to attend events like this. I hope I can check out European Higher Education Fair 2021. Seems like a great opportunity.

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