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Saturday, December 4, 2021

Gadget Review: Samsung Galaxy AO3s

Are looking for a nice gift for your family or friends this Christmas?
Perhaps a user-friendly smartphone for your kids or grandparents?
Are you looking for a budget-friendly smartphone with a good camera and longer battery life?

Then, the new Samsung Galaxy AO3s is for you.

What are the features of this smartphone?
  • The Samsung Galaxy AO3s has a 6.5" Infinity-V Display on 720 x 1600 (HD+) 
  • It runs on the latest Android 11
  • This unit has 4GB RAM with 32/ 64GB Internal mass storage, expandable up to 1TB
  • It has a dual nano sim slot, the network connectivity is up to 4G LTE
  • It has a built-in 5000 mAh battery. This provides the user a longer battery life despite multiple active applications
But what makes it different from the older Samsung models?
  • The Samsung A03s now has a 13Mega Pixel rear TRIPLE cam which includes the additional 2MP Depth camera that lets you adjust the depth of field in your photos. This can help you easily fine-tune the background blur behind your subject allowing you to take better photos. 
  • It is has a fingerprint/ power button mounted on the side of the phone which I find more comfortable to use. 
  • It is also lighter compared with the other budget smartphones. The Samsung A02s weighs 196 grams only while Samsung M12 and Samsung A02 weigh 212g and 206g respectively. The difference in weight may seem small and insignificant but if you use your phone all the time then you can actually feel the difference. 
Should I buy the Samsung A03s?

Given this price point, having 4GB RAM makes the Samsung A03s a smart choice. This will ensure a smoother user experience with no lags or unresponsive apps. Though it's not for hardcore gaming, it ran smoothly when we tried playing games such as mobile legends and call of duty.

The triple camera with additional settings such as PRO, Food, Panoramic, and Hyperlapse mode will allow you to enjoy and capture precious moments using this phone. 

Here are some sample shots: 

As you can see even the small details and the texture are captured well. 

If you are thinking of getting this for your grandparents or for someone who is not so techie, the Samsung A03s is very user-friendly and it already comes with pre-installed apps such as Facebook, Twitter, Messenger, LinkedIn, Spotify, Netflix, YouTube, Internet browser, and many more. 

If you are planning to get a new phone for your kids, then you'll love the Parental Control feature. This helps you protect your kids from inappropriate content and excessive usage. 

By simply setting up the Parental Control through Google's Family Link, you can supervise your kid's phone remotely, set a screen time limit, and add restrictions to google services like apps approvals or content filters on Google Play.

So to answer your question - YES, the Samsung A03s is worth buying. :) 

Anyway, you can watch the full video review here

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  1. Your review helped me to choose "Samsung Galaxy AO3s" for my brother. The triple Rear camera is fantastic and beyond my expectation.