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Monday, February 28, 2022

Life After the ' Hopefully Gone' Pandemic: Tips on Surviving the Aftermath of a Global Crisis

March 1, 2022, is a day full of hope for many Filipinos. After battling the pandemic for almost two years, the government is finally lowering the quarantine restrictions down to Alert Level 1 for many parts of the country. 

Though the threat is still there, this signifies that our current situation is better. As of today, the COVID-19 cases are lower and some industries would be allowed to open again.

Private offices can now operate at 100% full capacity. This means that those suffering from "no work, no pay" can have their jobs back. We can now go to church and hear the Holy Mass, visit our favorite restaurant or even have the most-deserved pampering session from our favorite spa and salon. 

Though our lives will never be the same, the pandemic has taught us many lessons. 

As someone who tries to see everything through the lens of gratitude, I realized that there are also good things that happened due to this health crisis. The so-called digital revolution transformation process was been fast-tracked as most people were forced to transition to online and digital means. Recent studies show that it is estimated that more than 76.2 million Filipinos are online users. 

Government transactions are more streamlined and can now be made online. This has been long overdue and finally due to the current need, government institutions were able to adapt and invest more in their online and digital systems. As of today, government services had been more efficient. One of the notable achievements in this undertaking is the Central Business Portal (CBP) which business owners can use for business registration.

E-commerce also grew significantly by 76% in 2020 and by 80.2% in 2021. Based on a recent study conducted by Statista Research, 62.5% of Filipinos have at least purchased a product or service online. It has totally altered the way we shop and this may fully change the course of the traditional brick-and-mortar store in the next few years.  

So, what exactly happens to us after the pandemic? 

Are we going back to our old ways? How do we move forward? 

Here are Tips on Surviving the Aftermath of a Global Crisis

1. Maintain Health Protocols - Health protocols such as wearing masks, frequent handwashing, and regular sanitizing are there to stay. We should not forget that the threat and danger are still out there. We can still get sick. According to medical experts, the virus is not going away. We just have to learn how to live with it. 

Our experience has taught us how cleanliness and hygiene can save our lives. Thus, it is ideal that we continue practicing all these health protocols. 

Learn when and how to properly wash hands

2. Online Shopping - M
any Filipinos have already discovered the perks of online shopping, thus, this preference of the consumers is not expected to change anytime soon. Imagine just making a few clicks and voila, you receive your purchase right outside your doorstep. With the increasing prices of gas, you'd rather just order online than drive around town to purchase something. 

Thus, if you are a business owner, it is encouraged that you continue to adapt and shift to digital. The market is gearing towards this direction. Invest in your online presence. 

3. Cashless Transactions - Doing financial transactions has never been easier and cheaper. The pandemic has definitely taught us that it is possible to pay our bills, send money, transfer funds with just a few clicks. 

It is expected that the use of digital wallets will continue to rise in the next few years. More merchants both online and offline are turning to online payment as a convenient buying method. 

As a cash-based society that has security concerns, it important is that you find a provider that is reliable and easy to use such as BDO Pay. 

Through BDO Pay, you can Scan to Pay in stores, Send and Request Money, Pay Bills, and more all conveniently through your mobile phone. The best part? You even simply link this directly with your existing BDO savings account. 

Thus, if you haven't tried using BDO Pay for your cashless transactions, it's time to download the app and start making your life so much easier. 

4. Telehealth or Telemedicine

Telehealth or Telemedicine has made it more accessible for Filipinos to have quality medical care. Medical consultations are now more affordable. Some companies even offer unlimited consultations. Thus, we don't have any excuse now to neglect our health by not seeing our doctor. 

5. Be Minimalist - Another significant lesson that we have is that we don't really need to have so many pairs of shoes, bags, and other material things in order to survive. Being in quarantine for so long made us realize this. 

Learn to invest in more worthwhile. Keep an emergency fund or plan for your retirement. It's very important to be smart about our personal finance because we don't know what the future may bring. Things may change within a snap of a finger. 

How about you? How do you envision our lives will be this new normal? 

Feel free to share tips in the comments section below. :) 


  1. This is such a great information in this crisis we are experiencing

  2. We need to help each other so the pandemic will be fully gone

  3. These tips are informative andhelpful on how we should face our everyday life after the pandemic. And about the question, I envision our lives this new normal to be challenging, since shifting from our quarantine life where we're always home will be hard, because we'll have to live also at the outside world like before, but now with some restrictions. Of course, just like I said, it's hard, like from modular learning to being in face-to-face again, but now there's social distancing and wearing masks. But still, it's enjoyable. Doing shifts and different than your usual doing in your life is challenging, but it's enjoyable and the results can be beautiful. We could learn so much, just as like how we learned so much this pandemic.


  4. These are really helpful. I could totally agree especially in Cashless Transactions. It is very convenient.

  5. Indeed, the pandemic has brought us to a new perspective on life. It made us realize that life is, in fact, uncertain. The effects of COVID-19 have caused massive changes to our daily lives. Changes that are hard to cope with since they happened suddenly. As a student living in this new normal, it's very hard to adjust, especially when learning online. However, it also made me productive in many ways, specifically in utilizing technology and the internet. I totally agree with this blog. This proves how modern ways help us adapt.

  6. While all of these are very helpful, I can't help but feel the struggle of changes after changes. It's true that we must adapt in this 'new normal' era. Looking back at the last two years, it was truly hard but these stuff happens and although there were so many negative things that had happen, there were also positive outcomes— ways to make things easier and accessible. We'll always persevere.
    — Kasia

  7. This is a good help for us because it contains information or advise on how to cope up with the aftermath of the Global Pandemic. I just hope na kahit lumuwag ang gobyerno we should still follow the health protocol for our own sake and also for the people around us. So yeah that's it. Keep safe guys!

  8. This is a good help for us because it contains information or advise on how to cope up with the aftermath of the Global Pandemic. I just hope na kahit lumuwag ang gobyerno we should still follow the health protocol for our own sake and also for the people around us. So yeah that's it. Keep safe guys!