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Tuesday, March 15, 2022

IVORY: You know it's real when it floats!

Did you know that Shopee Supermarket carries Procter and Gamble USA products? 

Well, I just found out and I am happy that now,  I can easily order authentic imported Ivory soap with no hassle. I have been a lot of sellers online but I am a bit hesitant since there are also a lot of fakes. 

Why Ivory Soap? 
Ivory Clean is 99% pure and is free from harmful chemicals (dyes and perfumes) that are common in most commercial bath soaps. This has been trusted for many generations. Personally, I have been using these for years and it is also recommended by my dermatologist. 

Even without the fragrances, it smells really nice. It has the same distinct smell of ivory soap over the years.

It's so gentle and mild that you can use this for your face or your body. It is a soap that you can trust for the whole family. 

Are you sure it's authentic? 

Aside from the guarantee that Shopee Supermarket provides, one way to know if your ivory soap is legit is to test it. You know it's real when it floats! 

So, I did the test and yes, it floats! 

Anyway, here's the link if you want to order ->

It's currently at 40% off today! So, don't miss this chance to hoard. 

Shop at the 3.3 - 3.15 Shopee Consumer Day where you can enjoy Free Shipping with zero minimum spend, Piso deals, and 10% off daily. 

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