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Friday, May 6, 2022

Huawei Band 6: A SMART Choice for a Budget-Friendly Smartwatch

Do you get bored wearing the same old watch, over and over again?
Do you need to monitor your vital signs?
Do you track your daily workout routine?

If yes, watch this video to find out why getting a SMARTWATCH like Huawei Band 6 is indeed a SMART choice.

Initially, I thought that smartwatches are expensive, a luxury, and unnecessary. After all, I already have my favorite regular watch. Little did I know there are so many things I can do with my Huawei Band 6. 

What are the features of the Huawei Band 6? 

  • It has a 1.47-inch 64% screen-to-body ratio glass AMOLED LCD display which is a great change to the Huawei Band series.
  • Dust-resistant and water-resistant up to 5 meters.
  • It has a clear 194 x 368 pixels resolution and features a full-screen touch + side button
  • Weight is approximately 18 g (without the strap)
  • Bluetooth: 2.4 GHz, BT5.0, BLE connectivity

What can we expect from this smartwatch? 

S - Stylish

The Huawei Band 6 is available in 4 different colors, Graphite Black, Forest Green, Amber Sunrise, and Sakura Pink.

Though the body of this device is plastic, the matte finish makes it looks like real metal. The face of your Huawei Band 6 can be changed using the Huawei app in case you don't want to wear the same watch over and over again. There are so many choices and you can simply pick one based on your style, mood, or choice.

Just like the face of your Huawei Band 6, straps are also interchangeable which you can purchase separately. By the way, the original strap is made of skin-friendly, UV-treated silicone rubber. 

M - Monitoring

Though the Huawei Band 6 is not medical-grade equipment and cannot be the basis for medical analysis. It can work as an early warning device, it gives us an all-day estimated measurement of our Heart Rate and Oxygen level in our blood.

Heart Rate
The Band 6 heart rate monitoring results also gives a +/- 3 difference from the medical-grade equipment. It may not be that accurate but knowing your heart rate zone is a smart move before starting your workout.

Experts say that a 20 to 25-minute cardiovascular exercise while maintaining your heart rate zone produced much better results in losing weight and increased cardio capacity than working out for more than one hour without a heart rate target.

Huawei Band 6 will show you your heart rate to ensure that you are in your target zone.

The SpO2 monitoring feature of this device is not for medical use. Based on the multiple tests we conducted, the Huawei Band 6 has a +/- 3 difference from the medical-grade oximeter.

Stress Test
Use the Huawei Band 6 Stress test to check your body's reaction to your everyday challenging tasks or pain-staking demands. 

Activity and Workout Monitoring
Check the number of steps, distance, or calories burned during indoor or outdoor running, walking, or biking. Monitor your workout record to see if you are close to or within your goals.

Sleep Monitoring
Set your sleep hours goal and allow your body and mind to recharge with style. Good sleep makes you alert and refreshed when you wake up. 

Calendar Cycle
The calendar cycle is also available in Huawei Band 6. Unfortunately, it requires a Huawei Mobile Service Core 4.0 or a later version to make it work.

Breathing Exercise
Use the breathing exercise feature of your Huawei Band 6 to help your lungs increase your oxygen levels. Just press the button on your Band 6, swipe, and follow the breathing pattern to help you breathe better.

A - Affordable

If you are looking for a budget-friendly smartwatch, the Huawei Band 6 is for you. With its various functions and uses, it is worth every penny. 

R - Rechargeable and Long Battery Life
The Huawei Band 6 is rechargeable and may last up to 14 days depending on usage. Using its fast-charging magnetic thimble, this band only takes 90 minutes to fully charge.

T- Tactical and Other Features

Text Messages
Check and read your text messages using your Huawei Band 6. No need to get your phone and be distracted from your workout. Your Huawei Band 6 will vibrate every time you receive a text message.

Unexpected power interruption? No worries, Huawei Band 6 has a flashlight feature. It may not be as bright as the real one, but it’s powerful enough to let you see in the dark.

Phone Finder
This one is our favorite. If you lost your phone to a pile of papers, books, gadgets, etc., the Huawei Band 6 has a phone finder feature that can help you. Because of this feature, you don’t need to turn your room upside down to find your phone. All it needs are a few taps, and your phone will sound, helping you find it.

Music and Volume Control
Control the music on your phone easily. Adjust the volume and change the song playing on your phone using Huawei Band 6.

Using your Huawei Band 6, you may also check the weather forecast in your area.

Stopwatch / Timer / Alarm
Huawei Band 6 has a stopwatch, timer, and alarm feature. So, if you want to know how fast you can do a task or you want to wake up on time without disturbing anyone. Huawei Band 6 can help you.

How to Order? 

It’s about time to live and work smarter. Let a stylish, multi-functional, affordable, and reliable tool like Huawei Band 6 help you stay fit and healthy as you go through your everyday activities. 

You may order your own Huawei Band 6 via this link:


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