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Wednesday, January 14, 2015

10 Things To Do and Places to Visit While in Cebu - Part Two

4. Edge Coaster, Crown Regency Hotel and Towers, Fuente Osmena Blvd., Cebu

Are you looking for an adventure you'll never forget? If yes, then you should not miss the Edge Coaster Experience. The Edge Coaster is taking your adventure to the extreme by going around the edge of the tower on the 38th floor while being locked into a rail seat.

The crazy thing about it is that you have the option to tilt it to 55 degrees and face the streets 130.84 meters above the ground. 

Was it scary? YES
Was it worth it? Ofcourse! I was shouting the whole time but it was fun. Though, this is not recommended for the faint-hearted. 

As a reward, you also get to have a certificate that you survived the adventure. Isn't that cool? 

5. Kartzone, F. Cabahug St., Cebu

Want to drive without traffic and no speed limits? Take time to experience Go-Karting in Cebu.

It is safe since they conduct driver's orientation to make sure that everyone is aware about the rules and regulations while in the track.  Definitely, it is a fun way to spend time with family and friends. 

Watch about for Part Three. 
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Saturday, January 10, 2015

Christmas House of Lights

One of the highlights of the holiday season was our visit to the House of Lights.  The House of Lights is one of the beautiful houses inside Filinvest, Antipolo which they opened to the public. Both the interiors and exteriors of the house were decorated with lights, christmas ornaments and statues both big and small. 

At the main entrance, you have to register your name, address and contact number. There are no registration fees. Visiting them is absolutely FREE and Santa Claus is there to welcome you. 

Inside, you can find a Christmas Village with moving trains and pieces. 

There are also giant Santa Clauses around more than 6 ft tall. 

You cannot go inside the house but you can still see the decorations and it so beautiful. 

This place is not just all about decorations but they also made a beautiful Christmas belen which symbolizes the true essence of Christmas. 

There are still so much to see inside this place and I thank the owners for sharing their home. This place can definitely help you feel the Christmas spirit. Lastly, I love that they also play Christmas songs. This place is so perfect. 

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