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Tuesday, May 1, 2018

The Correct Way to Get Wildlife Out of Your Home

Since humans interact with homes every day, they can quickly find the exits when necessary. Wildlife, on the other hand, can be confused by the sounds and smells indoors to the point where some don’t recognize an open door when you give it to them. There are also situations where wildlife removal is difficult because the creatures simply want to stay in this warm place with plenty of food. Here are some things to avoid and some to do when you have an unwanted guest.

Do Open Doors and Windows

Even though some wildlife will not recognize the exits you're offering, it is often better to have them than not. Certain rodents, once they feel trapped, may lash out at anything that moves. Once you've called an exterminator in Houston, TX, ask for other recommendations until arrival.

Don't Trust Old Folk Remedies

It can seem tempting to use plants, candles or other remedies to "urge" wildlife to leave your home, but most of these are better at preventing them from getting inside in the first place. You are better off trusting a professional to advise you that "old wives."

Do Check Local Laws

In some states, a permit is required to remove wildlife from a home or the surrounding areas. There are also laws against releasing wildlife on government property. Snakes, in particular, sometimes have laws against even releasing them in your neighborhood as they are legally classified as a nuisance. Another note is bees usually require relocation instead of destruction.

Don't Go In Blind

Just because you have a cat does not mean you are ready to tackle a raccoon and toss it outside. Wildlife extraction should never be attempted by a novice. Even if you have experience with wild critters, it is a good idea to do some research before attempting anything risky.

Do Move Your Pets to a Safe Space

Wildlife that gets indoors might try to attack a domestic cat, dog, bird or other pet. It's a good idea to move your pet somewhere safe with a door you can close. Large pets or ones that feel a need to be involved in everything might balk at this imprisonment, but it prevents possible injury.

Handling wildlife removal is something best left to professionals. These tips can help protect you, your family and pets while you wait for someone more qualified for the job. A qualified exterminator can also tell you about any laws regarding your particular pest.

Saturday, April 7, 2018

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