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Friday, February 5, 2021

3 Easy Tips To Keeping Your Home Summer-Ready

Summer can be a little tough in the Philippines. At its peak, temperatures can reach 32°C,  peaking at almost 36-38°C due to humidity! One of our best refuges is our home, blasting our air conditioning units and electric fans.

However, our homes aren’t safe from the scorching heat of the sun either. Summers can cause damages to our houses, which can lead to some serious problems later on. 

Before the summer hits, make sure you keep your home summer ready! Here are some of the best ways to prepare for the summer.

1. Change your curtains

If you want to keep your home cool, change your curtains to light-colored ones. Hanging dark-colored curtains can absorb and retain more heat. It’s a simple hack to keep your home summer-ready.

While you’re at it, install curtain ties too! This opens your windows further to let more of the cool breeze into the home. If you want to all-out, lose the curtains! Although, it may not be ideal especially if you live closely with your neighbors.

2. Clean the fans and aircon

To keep you and your home cool for the summer, you’ll likely use your fans and air conditioning units to the max. While doing this is efficient to keep the temperatures low, it may easily collect dust and other small particles that can clog the filters.

So, clean the fans and aircon at home before the summer regularly. It makes your home cool, plus cuts down the expensive utility costs! There are several tutorials on how to clean them properly — but if you don’t get it, better consult an expert.

3. Check the maintenance of the roofing

Unlike other home maintenance that can be done whenever the maintenance of the roofing is best conducted during the summer. You don’t have to worry about the suddenly getting rained on when you clean the gutter and remove fallen leaves.

Since it’s the sunshine all day long, conduct your roofing fixes during the summer too! This includes covering small holes with sealants as well as changing the overall roofing. It’s an easier and less costly choice for you.

Ensure the quality of the house you’re purchasing

Summer or not, ensure the quality of the home you’re purchasing. This includes checking not only the obvious things like the finishes and paints, but also the trivial things like roofing, piping, wiring, and more! They’re often overlooked, but they’re one — if not the most important — aspects of buying a home.

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Tuesday, February 2, 2021

How Essential are Essential Oils?

Essential Oils have been around for many centuries. For ages, many cultures around the world rely on the reliable uses of essential oils for many of man's ailments and conditions. From Africa to Asia to Oceania to Antarctica, essential oils have been permanent fixtures in many home medicine cabinets. It really isn't a medicine, but wise 'medicine folks' in the rural areas around the world have been known to use it as an age-old alternative medicine and therapy.

In the Philippines, a growing herd of believers and users have been observed over the years. But since time immemorial, essential oils have been known to be used by "Mangagamots" or "Manghihilots" (medicine men and women), whether for massaging or traditionally called 'Hilot' or touch therapy. I think this also how the word "oilbularyo" was coined. 

With essential oils, a wide range of uses would come to mind. Such as remedy from snake bites, relief from bee stings, high fever, sprained ankle or wrist, assistance in childbirth, and even to such extremes as curing a said person suffering from the possession of an evil spirit. 

In the advent of the Covid-19 pandemic, another age-old Philippine traditional medical practice has been resurrected, and that is the 'Tu-ob' or steam inhalation. Nowadays, people mix a few drops of essential oils in a bowl of freshly boiled water and immediately inhale the steam while the head is entirely covered with a towel. The vapors give instant relief from colds, sore throat, and cough. 

But what are essential oils? It is the purest form of a substance derived mostly from flowers, plants, trees, and seeds. Essential oils are the concentrated compound that imparts the scent and herbal essences from which it was sourced from. 

Today, essential oils come in many different variants. Here in the Philippines, the most common essential oils are Lemongrass and Citronella since they’re the easiest to grow and require the least maintenance, and very abundant. However, Casa de Lorenzo under its flagship brand CDL Naturals has pioneered the introduction of other essential oils from native plants and trees of the Philippines and is working to create and discover more essential oils from the country. 

  • CALAMANSI ESSENTIAL OIL – From the peels of the beloved Calamansi we use as refreshments or as part of cooking, CDL extracts Calamansi Essential Oil by distillation. The aroma of the essential oil is distinctively Calamansi. The scent of Calamansi has been suggested to help alleviate depression and anxiety. It is also among the few aromatics that not just mask the bad smell but completely neutralizes them, making the essential oil a great additive to cleaning products. It is also an excellent additive to skin toners or blended with other essential oils in a massage blend.
  • DALANDAN ESSENTIAL OIL – Just like Calamansi, the sweet citrus of the Philippines’ oil is extracted from its peels via distillation. Unmistakably citrusy and sweet, Dalandan Essential Oil is among the all-time favorites. Aside from feeling really good after smelling Dalandan Essential Oil, this can also be used as the oil from Calamansi.
  • ELEMI ESSENTIAL OIL – A world-renowned oil because of its benefits, Elemi Essential Oil has been popular to the rest of the globe but to us Filipinos, it seems we are just slowly being familiar in spite of the world’s supply coming from our country. There are 2 types of Elemi Essential Oil, the first one and the most popular, comes from the resin of the Canarium luzonicum tree or the Manila Elemi. The 2nd one comes from the resin of the Canarium ovatum tree or the Pili tree, which have yet to gain popularity as an alternative. Dubbed as “poor man’s frankincense,” Elemi Essential Oil is basically the more abundant and readily available substitute for Frankincense. Well known for its skin rejuvenation benefits, Elemi Essential Oil is also an amazing anti-inflammatory, a great additive for massaging strained or tired muscles provides relief to respiratory troubles, and a great stress reliever.
  • ALMACIGA ESSENTIAL OIL – Known to the world as Manila Copal, it's globally traded as an ingredient in making varnishes. Traditionally, Almaciga is used as a fire starter, caulking for boats, smudge for mosquitoes, and incense for religious ceremonies. There are documented evidence that the resin is burned and smoke is inhaled for asthma and other minor respiratory troubles. The Almaciga Essential Oil is extracted by distilling the resin from Agathis philippinesis trees, which are native to the Philippines. Not much is known for the use of its essential oil because of its extreme uniqueness and it is virtually unknown up until its creation by CDL. The Almaciga Essential Oil’s aroma falls in-between Elemi and Frankincense making it another potential alternative to Frankincense.
Essential Oils can also be used as aromatic oils in the form of candles and used in Aromatherapy. Essential Oils can also found in water bath essentials such as Castile soaps and their purest form placed in diffusers to perfume the entire room with a relaxing scent and calming effect. Thus, essential oils have been used as a topical agent and aromatic ingredient as it acts as neurotransmitters via breathing and suggests an instant gratification to the brain.

Essential Oils are helpful physically, physiologically, psychologically, and mentally. This almost spiritual experience is not yet liberally focused and touched by science but it is something that touches man's very core and encompasses the bliss this world has known. After all, essential oils are the closest to what Mother Nature can offer.

Now, here's the best part? Since we have established that essential oils are indeed essential, We would love one of our readers to win this set of Castile soap and essential oils for CDL Naturals. 

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