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Friday, February 5, 2021

3 Easy Tips To Keeping Your Home Summer-Ready

Summer can be a little tough in the Philippines. At its peak, temperatures can reach 32°C,  peaking at almost 36-38°C due to humidity! One of our best refuges is our home, blasting our air conditioning units and electric fans.

However, our homes aren’t safe from the scorching heat of the sun either. Summers can cause damages to our houses, which can lead to some serious problems later on. 

Before the summer hits, make sure you keep your home summer ready! Here are some of the best ways to prepare for the summer.

1. Change your curtains

If you want to keep your home cool, change your curtains to light-colored ones. Hanging dark-colored curtains can absorb and retain more heat. It’s a simple hack to keep your home summer-ready.

While you’re at it, install curtain ties too! This opens your windows further to let more of the cool breeze into the home. If you want to all-out, lose the curtains! Although, it may not be ideal especially if you live closely with your neighbors.

2. Clean the fans and aircon

To keep you and your home cool for the summer, you’ll likely use your fans and air conditioning units to the max. While doing this is efficient to keep the temperatures low, it may easily collect dust and other small particles that can clog the filters.

So, clean the fans and aircon at home before the summer regularly. It makes your home cool, plus cuts down the expensive utility costs! There are several tutorials on how to clean them properly — but if you don’t get it, better consult an expert.

3. Check the maintenance of the roofing

Unlike other home maintenance that can be done whenever the maintenance of the roofing is best conducted during the summer. You don’t have to worry about the suddenly getting rained on when you clean the gutter and remove fallen leaves.

Since it’s the sunshine all day long, conduct your roofing fixes during the summer too! This includes covering small holes with sealants as well as changing the overall roofing. It’s an easier and less costly choice for you.

Ensure the quality of the house you’re purchasing

Summer or not, ensure the quality of the home you’re purchasing. This includes checking not only the obvious things like the finishes and paints, but also the trivial things like roofing, piping, wiring, and more! They’re often overlooked, but they’re one — if not the most important — aspects of buying a home.

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