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Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Book Review: Mommy Loves You Just The Same by Teresa Dumadag

Have you ever heard stories about older kids wishing that their new baby brother or sister be back in their mother's womb?

Well, I have and it happened within my own family. I am the youngest of the 3 siblings and with a 6 and 8-year gap. They said that my brother was a bit jealous and wants to stay as the "baby" in the family even though he is already 6 years old. He kept on bugging my mom to put me back where I can from. Well, it's funny but true.

So when I found this upcoming children's book by Teresa G. Dumadag entitled Mommy Loves Me Just The Same, it reminded me of that story. The book was written while she was pregnant with her 3rd child to help inspire moms to breastfeed continuously (tandem feed if needed) and to involve the older kids in caring for their younger sibling. The book provides ideas for older siblings on how they can bond with the coming baby even while still in their mother’s womb and what they can do to help when the baby arrives. It's also a great tool that moms can use to assure their older children that their love for them remains the same even with an additional child in the family.

I believe that this can benefit other moms and families. It is highly recommended for moms who are expecting another child or who gave birth to another child not so long ago. It will help moms assure their older kids that their love for them remains the same even with the coming of another baby. It also provides ideas on how the older sibling can help prepare for the baby's coming and take care of the baby when the baby arrives.

It is a good read for both moms and older children. The message has been captured in a simple yet meaningful approach that was brought to life through the beautiful illustrations by Jia Rubio- Monserrat.

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