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Monday, May 30, 2016

What is a diary?

I started having a diary when I was 10. It was a simple notebook where I share my thoughts and ideas. As a little girl, I have always wanted to write the highlights of my day. This includes both happy and sad incidents. 

As I grew a little bit older, my diary became my secret keeper. I spent writing about boys, crushes, after school dates and a lot teenage stuff. From a simple notebook, I opted to have one that is more secure -- a journal with lock. 

Now that I am 30ish, I still have a diary but in a form of a planner. It is journal of the things that happened for the day featuring important events and highlights. It is a place where I keep reminders and notes that may come in handy in the future. My diary also has a lot of stickers and clippings. I also write inspirational quotes in my diary.

What is really the purpose of a DIARY? 

A diary is important avenue for self-expression. It is like a friend that you can share everything with 24/7. There is no judgement. A place where you can share your successes and misfortunes. 

A diary is also a place for motivation. It is where you can certain find lessons from your past. Some diaries (like mine) includes a collection of my favorite quotes and sayings. 

A diary is also a record of the important things that has happened in your life. My diary includes my medical records as well as meetings and professional commitments that happened.  

I believe that I would be forever keeping a diary. For the past 20 years, it has been an important part of me that I am not comfortable if I don't have one. Given the opportunity to print my own diary, the perfect diary will include the following:
  • Planner type calendar, date, days
  • Inspirational quotes and sayings
  • Mood board
  • Medical Record
  • The Blessings List
  • Dreamboard
  • Lots of writing space

How about you? Are you also keeping a diary? Tell me more about it. 

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