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Wednesday, November 9, 2016

How to get a copy of your NSO Birth Certificate and NSO Marriage Contract?

Val and I will be renewing our passports next month and as a requirement, we need to submit a NSO copy of our birth certificate since we still do not have e-passports. Also, since I will be updating my name to my married name, I also would need to submit a NSO copy of our marriage contract. 

For those who will be getting their NSO documents here in Bacolod, please take note that they have moved from the back of the Capitol/ Plaza. The new National Statistics Office (NSO) here in Bacolod is located at the back of Mcdonalds East near Eastwest Bank. 

The process of securing the documents is very fast and easy. 

1. First, fill out the request forms. Request forms for birth certificates are colored white while forms for marriage contracts is pink. 

Some of the information that you need are the following:

A. Birth Certificate

1. Name
2. Date of Birth
3. Place of Birth
4. Father's Name (including middle initial)
5. Mother's Maiden Name
6. Is it late registration? 
7. Purpose of Request

B. Marriage Contract

1. Name of Husband
2. Name of Wife
3. Date of Marriage
4. Place of Marriage
5. Purpose of Request

2. Make a payment. Fee for NSO copy of birth certificate and marriage contract is Php 140 each.

3. After payment, wait for your name to be called at the releasing section. Based on our experience, it only took us 20 minutes before we got our documents. 

IMPORTANT REMINDER: Make sure that you have a government issued ID to be presented upon claiming. 

1. Come in early as they are giving out numbers. 
2. In the afternoon, they can still accommodate clients even if they don't have numbers provided that there are only few people waiting to be served. On most cases, cut off time is at 4pm. 
3. Don't forget to bring a valid ID. In cases that the request will be made through a representative, make sure to send an authorization letter and both your valid IDs. 

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