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Monday, December 5, 2016

Overseas Bills Payment Through Bayad Center Online

I don't have to pay bills for my brother anymore! 

Well, I am not really the one providing the funds but since he is based in KSA, he sends me money to pay for their home utility bills here in the Philippines. He would have to send money to my bank account which I would have to withdraw then, pay in a nearest Bayad Center. 

Though I do it together with my own errands, it is such as relief that we do not have to go through the hassle of sending money, withdrawing from the bank and paying at a payment center. 

BAYAD CENTER with the advantage of technology and innovation wants to applaud and honor these overseas Pinoys, considered as our modern heroes with a service that would enable them to do seamless transactions in aid of their families and loved ones in the country.

BAYAD CENTER Online will allow not just overseas Pinoys but also those who rely on e-commerce in paying their bills. Transactions are made easier and faster via this web-based facility. Overseas Pinoys can access, whereas domestic customers can transact thru

BAYAD CENTER is the Philippines’ pioneer and leader in the bills payment collection industry backed by Meralco's seal of service and integrity. It accepts 170 types of bills in its system, covering Electricity, Water, Landline, Internet, and Cable.

Aside from home or office based computers, consumers can also view and do their transactions using their mobile phone 24/7 as long as they have a valid email account and an internet service. Payments are transacted thru Paypal and are accepting all major credit/debit cards.
This service also aims to override the limited operating hours of remittance centers that often creates a hassle.

Consumers will benefit from easier record keeping as a receipt will be sent thru email both from Paypal stating that your card has been charged as well as an email from Bayad Center stating that your payment has already been posted.

With BAYAD CENTER, every Filipino, wherever they may be, can always be assured of #TatakSigurado! This is a testament of millions of Filipinos using the service. Paying bills has never been easier.


  1. Online payments really have made our lives easier. Instead of queuing and wasting an entire day, all you need to do is click some buttons! I guess what I also appreciate is that it allows us to go paperless. No need to print out multiple forms!

  2. Ooooh I didn't know Bayad Center allows online payments now! Super convenient for our overseas workers! however, paypal tend to charge so much I hope to contract an alternative payment portal that has very minimal fees hehe

  3. This is indeed super less the hassle! I love it when brands and services do extra mile to be of better service to its customers. They think of new ways and use technology to their advantage. I bet your brother is as happy as you.

  4. I didn't know about the Bayad Center so it was so interesting to read about it! However, I love when brands do the extra mile to make the benefit worth the fees, and even if they are minimal!