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Saturday, December 3, 2016

The Perfect Gift for Every Pet Lover

I have been talking about holiday gift suggestions in several blog posts and so far this is my favorite. 

A planner is not just an ordinary journal or notebook. It has evolved to something that is aligned to our current lifestyle. Thus, we now have BDJ Planners for young professionals and the BDJ Campus Planner specifically for students, Mom 24/7 of Mommy Mundo for mommies and not to mention the numerous coffee franchise planners. So, for someone like me who can't live without a planner, this is definitely a practical and useful gift.

As a Fur Parent, my heart jumped with joy when I learned about The Pet Planner. I believe that this is the perfect gift for every pet lover. 

There are several things I love about The Pet Planner. 

1. The inside pages have a generous amount of writing space which is very important.

2. It includes tips about keeping your pet healthy. 

3. It has a list of food to avoid and I just learned that walnuts are bad for them. :( 

Also, they have included the following:
  • Animal Welfare Act
  • Directory of Veterinarians in Metro Manila
  • Signs your pet needs to be seen by a Vet
  • Tips for traveling with your pet
  • Pet Health Record
  • Coupons for your furbabies
For more pictures of the inside pages, click here

And that is not all, the best thing is that The Pet Planner project was made for the benefit of the following groups:
  • Save Animals of Love and Light (Save ALL) fights for animal welfare, rights, and protection. The group started as the Effort to Save 20 Dogs on Death Row last December 2013. Since then, the nonprofit group has saved about 100 dogs and cats. 
  • The Deparo Shelter Project has been established by a group of animal welfare advocate that aims to help the dogs, Ronald de Castro rescued. He is an independent rescuer, who also assists in operations of other rescue groups such as SAVE ALL, Hope for Strays and more. The shelter houses a total of 35 dogs in Deparo, Caloocan City.
There is really no reason for us not to get this perfect planner. Aside from getting something really nice, you get to do it for a beautiful and worthy cause. 

The Pet Planner will be more just a planner to me but a constant reminder that we should do something for the other poor furbabies. In our own little way, we could all help. 

So. order now directly via this link. The Pet Planner costs Php 400 + Shipping Fee. You may pay through bank deposit, money remittance or PayPal. 

Or you may also purchase through Pawstura via Shopee at They offer FREE Shipping and Cash-on-Delivery. 


  1. I don't have a pet but I sure know people who have 'em and I think this would the perfect Christmas gift for them. This would be even better and more meaningful for them than the usual planners because it would remind them of their favorite furry friend.

  2. This is most definitely a lovely gift for pet lovers. Though I'm surrounded by animals and birds a lot and I feed a few stray mongrels here, I don't own a pet. I guess if it also has a section to remind the dates for the vet visit and shots it would be great.