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Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Book Review: Break Free by Don Soriano

2017 is a promising year for me. I have claimed that it is going to be a great year to start building our dreams and working on our life goals. Goals which included career growth, passion projects, addressing business needs, family plans and most importantly personal growth and development. 

Our goal is not really about getting filthy rich but it's about living comfortably, having genuine peace of mind and breaking free from the financial worries. In 2016, I learned the having a proper mindset is the key to a successful life. Thus, I have committed to invest in myself more by following inspirational people and reading self-help books. 

Break Free by Don Soriano

I was fortunate enough to get a copy of Don Soriano's book, Break Free. It talks about the principles to get from employee to employer in 3 years or less. I said to myself, "This is perfect. Just what I exactly needed." 

Readers are expected to read the book in 1 hour though was able to finish it in 45 minutes (Yes, I timed it. + you wouldn't want to stop reading it until you finish the book.)  

Though it's a quick read, the book provides very helpful and practical tips. It is very straightforward making it a perfect gift to stubborn and lazy readers. 

The book is not only about giving you tips on what to do but it also makes you think and realize your current situation, unacceptable excuses while inspiring you that you can still change your life and break free. (So, yes if you are stubborn and full of excuses, then this book would talk some sense into you.) 

I believe that everyone should read this. We should all realize the value of financial education and proper money management. 

Don Soriano's Break Free will teach you:
  • Why you should not quit your job now? 
  • What is the key to happiness? 
  • How can you learn and grow more?
  • How will your environment affect your success in life?
  • And a lot more 
Currently, they are not yet available in major bookstores but you can order it online at for only Php 300.

About Don Soriano
If you are wondering, Don Soriano is a successful businessman who is a part owner of a branch of an international restaurant franchise and the franchisee of several Mr. Softy Ice Cream food carts. He is also a trainer and speaker who empowers people in business, personal finance, investments, and leadership. 

Visit if you would like to invite him as speaker in your future events. 

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